Xinghai University.

Ye Xuan was accompanying Su Xiaomeng as they strolled leisurely around the sports field while chatting. He seemed relaxed and content, giving Ye Xuan a type of enjoyment.

He had never enjoyed such a leisurely and comfortable life on campus, whether it was his previous life or his rebirth.

In his previous life, he was born into an ordinary peasant family. However, an accidental fire caused his parents to die in the fire, leaving him to wander around alone.

He had gone through countless hardships and hardships from a poverty-stricken little boy. He had gotten to know a group of brothers who could go through life and death situations together in the Western Asura World. In the end, he had ascended to the throne of the Five Emperors and became the oldest emperor of the Western Asura World.

Only he and his group of friends understood the hardships and sacrifices that he had gone through …

However, they hadn't been able to enjoy their comfortable lives for long before they were betrayed by the person he trusted the most. This led to his death, the displacement of many of his brothers, and the disappearance of their homeland.

That tragic battle was something that even Ye Xuan wasn't willing to reminisce about.

This quiet and comfortable campus life was a stark contrast to his life's suffering.

Here, there were no worries, no killings, and no grudges. It was warm and full of sunlight that allowed Ye Xuan to relax.

He had forgotten how long it had been since he had been so free.

Looking at Ye Xuan walking on the field side by side with Su Xiaomeng, and seeing how intimate he was with Su Xiaomeng, quite a few people in the field sighed. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised envy.

In their eyes, Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng were a pair of intimate male and female friends.

Su Xiaomeng was a goddess in the hearts of countless men. Now that she was so close to Ye Xuan, how could they not be jealous of her?

Some of them could not help but comment in whispers, "Hey, isn't that this year's freshman, Su Xiaomeng? Who is the man walking with her? I don't think I've ever seen one in school before! "

"Who else could it be? Of course it's her boyfriend …"

"Are you for real?" Such a cute girl like her has a boyfriend. Tsk tsk, I'm so envious of that guy. I wonder what virtue does he have to be able to seduce the goddess that I just accepted today … "

"What virtue and what ability? Do you see the three swordsmen kneeling in the middle of the field, singing their song of conquest? "It was said that they wanted to hit on Su Xiaomeng, but ended up getting taught a lesson by her boyfriend..."

"Holy shit, that kid is that awesome?"

"What do you think? "Who could be so good as to not have any tricks up their sleeves?"

Hearing the whispers of the people around her, Su Xiaomeng's cute face blushed a little. It was especially seductive.

The reason she took Ye Xuan on such an intimate walk in the sports field was to use him to announce that she, Su Xiaomeng, had a boyfriend.

"Ye Xuan, what are you thinking about?"

Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan, who'd fallen into silence, then turned her head to look at his perfect profile as she asked in confusion.

"It's nothing..."

Ye Xuan lightly smiled and shook his head.

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed and he teased, "I say, Xiao Meng. How does it feel to have a boyfriend?"

How could he not know Su Xiaomeng's thoughts?


"Then... That. Help... If I don't, there'll be a lot of people bothering me. "

Su Xiaomeng was greatly shocked when she heard Ye Xuan's question. Her hand that was holding onto Ye Xuan's arm tightened as she spoke in a low voice.

"Hey, Little Meng, what a coincidence that you're here too!" This person beside you is? "

Just as Su Xiaomeng finished her sentence, a clear and melodious voice rang out.

Following the voice, a well-behaved and beautiful figure appeared in Su Xiaomeng's line of sight.

She had a head full of fresh short hair, and her exquisite and beautiful face was covered with a refreshing smile. Her curvy body was wrapped in a set of white and blue school uniform. She was simple, generous, and full of youth, giving others a very comfortable feeling.

Her name was Clove, and she was Su Xiaomeng's counselor.

Clove's eyes were filled with curiosity as she looked at Ye Xuan, who was standing beside Su Xiaomeng.

"Ah... Senior Lilac, he … He's my boyfriend, Ye Xuan. "

Seeing the incoming lilac, Su Xiaomeng was obviously shocked and quickly replied.

"So you already have a reputation as a flower owner. I'm afraid that this will disappoint many male classmates …"

"Hello, I'm Su Xiaomeng's senior, and I'm also her counselor. My name is Clove."

A faint smile appeared on Clove's delicate face as she extended a hand towards Ye Xuan.

"Hello, I'm Su Xiaomeng's elder sister …" Boyfriend Ye Xuan! "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan lightly smiled. He stretched out his hand and lightly held the clove of lilac. After touching it for a while, he didn't feel any greediness from his soft hands.

However, he had almost said that he was Su Xiaomeng's brother-in-law. If Su Xiaomeng hadn't secretly pinched him...

At that moment, Ye Xuan had scared Su Xiaomeng to the point that her face turned green.

"How about I be your tour guide for free and bring you guys around the school?"

Looking at Su Xiaomeng's expression, a trace of craftiness flashed across Little Cai's eyes as she teased her.

"Alright... Sorry for the trouble, Senior Lilac. "

Su Xiaomeng quickly agreed so she wouldn't feel awkward.

Ye Xuan smiled in a very casual manner.

Under Clove's lead, Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng strolled around the campus ….

"Xiao Meng, this Ye Xuan isn't your boyfriend, right?"

Clove put her mouth close to Su Xiaomeng's ear and whispered.

"Senior Lilac, he …" He really is my boyfriend. "

Su Xiaomeng quickly agreed.

"Look at how nervous you are, I don't believe you. Also, he seemed to have said something about your sister just now …"

Clove looked at Su Xiaomeng's flushed cheeks and teased.

"That's not it, Senior Lilac is really my boyfriend …"

Su Xiaomeng firmly said, holding her jade-like hand tightly.

"Alright, since you're so persistent, then I'll just treat him as your boyfriend."

Clove smiled, then turned her head to look at Ye Xuan. She teasingly asked, "Ye Xuan, how long have you known Xiao Meng?"

"About a month..."

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"You've only known each other for about a month and yet you've already developed into a couple?"

Clove was obviously shocked by Ye Xuan's answer, and she didn't believe in his relationship with Su Xiaomeng at all.

Su Xiaomeng was even more infuriated by Ye Xuan's nonsensical reply.

Can't you act along with me?

"That is indeed fast, but you also know that love at first sight isn't something that can be determined with certainty. Xiao Meng, what do you say?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. He put his arm around Su Xiaomeng's shoulders and smiled like a child.

"Yes, yes, yes …" Senior Lilac, I fell in love with Ye Xuan at first sight. I can't envy him at all! "

Su Xiaomeng secretly praised Ye Xuan's witty reply, nodding her head like a chick pecking rice.

"Damned girl, who's jealous of you?" "No," Clove replied snappily.

"How did you two meet?" Clove's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as she asked curiously.

She kept having the feeling that there was something about this man that he couldn't see through.

"This... It's a bit embarrassing to say it, but actually, we met on the Sky Bridge. At that time, I was practicing the piano on the Sky Bridge, but she was enchanted by my music and gave me a bunch of flowers, so … "

Ye Xuan thought for a moment before replying with a serious expression.

F * ck, Ye Xuan, can you make up a story a bit better?

The heck, you were enchanted by the sound of your zither, and you even sent a bunch of flowers to you?

F * ck you, can't you be more reliable!

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply, Su Xiaomeng felt like she was going crazy.

"Wow, that's amazing …" So you can play the piano? "

Lilac said excitedly.

"Cough cough …" To be honest, whether it's singing, playing the piano, guitars, guzheng, lute, or something like that, I know. "Actually, I am omnipotent, an omnipotent musician!"

Ye Xuan extended a hand to adjust his collar as he smiled.


Damn it...

You're the only musician?

How can we not make it up?

Su Xiaomeng was about to vomit.

If you're talking about a music fanatic, why would you talk about a musician?

Is it because the musician is tall?

"Musician? No wonder Little Meng likes you! "

A flash of understanding appeared on Clove's face as she gently nodded her head.


Clove's words made Su Xiaomeng let out a long sigh of relief.

No matter what, he had managed to get away with it and made her believe him.

However, what Lilac said next completely stunned Su Xiaomeng.

"Eh, what a coincidence, the music hall is right in front … "Musician, I'm sure you wouldn't mind showing us your talent and offering me a song, would you?"

Clove pointed at the music gallery in front of them, smiling expectantly.

"This... "There's no need for that, Senior Clove..."

Su Xiaomeng replied with a sad face.

Who would believe that Ye Xuan was a musician?

In Su Xiaomeng's eyes, Ye Xuan was an incompetent person. If she told him to go to the music hall, wouldn't she immediately reveal his true colors?

"What's wrong? Xiao Meng, you don't look well.

Clove asked with concern as she looked at Su Xiaomeng's crying face.

"Then... That. Senior Lilac, my stomach is not feeling well, I want to go to the washroom! "

Su Xiaomeng said with a troubled expression.

"Haha …" That's great, there's a washroom in the music hall ahead! "You can still watch your boyfriend's performance after you're done …"

Lilac replied with a smile.

"Xiao Meng, didn't your stomach feel uncomfortable and you want to go to the bathroom? "Hurry up and go!"

Seeing that Su Xiaomeng was frozen, Lilac took her hand and walked towards the music shop.

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng wanted to die.

It's all Ye Xuan's fault. What are you bragging about? What should we do now?

"Cough cough …"

Feeling Su Xiaomeng's murderous gaze, Ye Xuan coughed twice and followed her with large strides.

In order to boast, it seemed that he had no choice but to perform today.