Music Hall.

Su Xiaomeng anxiously looked at Ye Xuan, who was sitting in front of the piano. Her eyes were filled with deep worry and helplessness.

If he hadn't announced that he was a musician, he wouldn't have been forced onto the stage by Clove to perform in front of so many people.

Su Xiaomeng had long since hated Ye Xuan to death.

Why are you pretending to be a musician?

"Xiao Meng, why do you look so nervous?"

Clove asked curiously as she looked at the nervous Su Xiaomeng.

"No …." "No, in front of so many people, I was worried that Ye Xuan would be nervous and go crazy."

Su Xiaomeng swallowed her saliva and pretended to be calm.

"Don't worry, he's a musician..."

Lilac comforted him with a smile.

"Pfft …"

When the word "musician" landed in Su Xiaomeng's ears, she felt as if a knife had stabbed into her chest, almost causing her to spit out blood.


On the stage, Ye Xuan let out a breath of air and slowly stood up. His gaze fell on Su Xiaomeng. A charming smile appeared on his handsome face as he spoke in a magnetic tone.

"A song 'Thousand Chances' was given to the most lovable girl in my heart, Su Xiaomeng!"

Ye Xuan lightly placed his ten fingers on the piano as he finished speaking.

"Clang …"

The ear-piercing sound of the piano rang out, causing the people in the music hall to cover their ears subconsciously.

It was too unpleasant to listen to, too ear-piercing!

Su Xiaomeng covered her face with her hands. She looked like she was about to cry.

This guy really didn't have any dry goods.

Lilac also frowned slightly …

This was clearly breaking the record.

Ye Xuan, who was on the stage, frowned. This voice isn't right!

Was it because he wasn't used to having these hands after his rebirth?

"Duo …" "Doe, doo, doo …"

Ye Xuan moved the keyboard once more, but the sound it produced still wasn't ideal.

The bellows of the piano are broken!

"Pfft …"

"Duo duo duo, what are you doing?"

"Doe doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo I see that this brother is not going to play "Thousand and Thousand Chance" but is going to play "Trembling to Burkina Faso" to all of us? "

"Haha …"

"If this bro doesn't have any skills, then don't play cool and pick up girls …"

The people in the music hall who were looking forward to this could no longer hold themselves back, and some could no longer hold back their laughter.

Su Xiaomeng's face turned red. She was ashamed. Ten million mud horses roared in her heart.

She felt utterly humiliated.

Clove, who was standing beside her, couldn't help but laugh as she covered her mouth …

Ye Xuan didn't pay attention to the reactions and discussions of the crowd below him. He was only testing the music and was already accustomed to having such a bad piano.

The current him had already completely entered a state of mind …

His fingers moved lightly on the keyboard.

The thin sound of the piano was drowned by the discussions and laughter of the people, without the slightest bit of ripples, as if a stone had fallen into the ocean …

However, as Ye Xuan's fingers continuously moved about, a melody that caused sadness and emptiness quietly sounded out, causing the originally noisy concert hall to gradually quieten down. It caused the originally clamoring crowd to simultaneously shut their mouths and stop their movements.

The moment they heard the zither music, their hearts inexplicably trembled. A wordless sorrow filled their hearts, causing them to blankly stare at Ye Xuan, who was gracefully playing the keys on the stage …

At this moment, Ye Xuan was like a completely different person. He sat there like an untouchable bubble painting. His eyes narrowed as a deep grief suffused his body, completely intoxicated by his own music.

The speed of his ten fingers moving the zither keys was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but every time he moved them, it would always move the heartstrings of others, causing their hearts to tremble …

No one in the music studio let out any sounds. They were completely intoxicated by the sad story of Ye Xuan's zither music. Their hearts inexplicably trembled, they inexplicably wanted to cry, and for some reason, they couldn't extricate themselves …

Their moods rose and fell along with the zither music, constantly changing. They seemed to have crossed over time and space, experiencing an indescribable journey …

They hated this feeling a lot, but they were completely intoxicated by it and could not extricate themselves from it!

It was as if he was curled up under a blanket in the dark, and could not help but think of that person in his mind.

That heart was clearly in pain. It was so painful that it was tearing up. It was as painful as a needle stabbing into a needle.

But he still couldn't help it: he missed her!

Thinking of her …

Thinking of her …

Or was he thinking of her …

However, just as everyone was immersed in the image of Ye Xuan's zither music, Ye Xuan's entire demeanor changed. The rhythm of his ten fingers suddenly changed ….

The melodious sound of the zither suddenly became impassioned. The scenes that had appeared in everyone's minds were suddenly shattered by the rolling waves …

Wu wu wu …

She could no longer hold back her tears as they rolled down people's cheeks …

Strange, why am I crying? Why am I crying?

Everyone was filled with doubts as they felt the wetness on their faces …

"This …"

Clove stared blankly at the figure on the stage playing alone. She wiped away the tears on her face, unable to speak for a long time …

Su Xiaomeng cried even more like a child. She covered her mouth with both hands to prevent herself from crying. She stared blankly at Ye Xuan as she listened to his playing. She didn't know how to describe her current mood …

Ye Xuan didn't know anything about the outside world because he was completely engrossed in his own story.

The passionate voices gradually calmed down, and the people's tense hearts also gradually calmed down.

Just when everyone thought that everything was about to end, Ye Xuan's right hand fiercely tapped the keyboard.

"Clang …"

That ear-piercing sound rang out once again, but this time, everyone clearly felt that this sound was different. It was as if lightning struck their hearts, causing their bodies to tremble.

Before they could regain their wits, the zither music engulfed them like a wave, sucking them into the seabed to experience the wonderful journey … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Just when everyone was completely intoxicated by the sound of the zither, a beautiful figure gently pushed open the door of the music hall. She blankly stared at Ye Xuan, who was playing on the stage, and her heart was filled with unprecedented shock.

She was attracted by the sound of this sad yet magical zither!

She was the top musical genius in this academy …

and the youngest music master ever,

A specially hired professor of music in the music department of Star Sea Academy.

Her name was Qian Mo Xue.

She listened to a lot of great musicians,

But there had never been a person whose music could fill her heart with such heavy sorrow …

To be able to draw out a story that she had completely forgotten from the bottom of her heart, it made her want to cry …

She carefully walked onto the stage and picked up her flute, wanting to perform with Ye Xuan.

But Ye Xuan's style changed once again …

It was no longer "Thousand Creations", but a tune she had never heard before …

Even if she wanted to compose an impromptu performance with Ye Xuan, she didn't know where to start. She had to put down the flute in her hands …

She looked at Ye Xuan's hands that fluctuated on the keyboard as he listened to a song she'd never heard before.

Qian Mo Xue's tears fell like rain.

She stood beside Ye Xuan and slowly closed her eyes. As she listened to his song, the sadness in her heart spread out, allowing her sealed memories to unravel in her mind one by one …

After Ye Xuan finished his performance, the entire concert hall went silent!

There was no applause, no laughter, no shouting …

There were only unspoken feelings of gratitude and tears flowing …

Ye Xuan's performance brought them an unprecedented feeling and experience.

As Ye Xuan's finger slowly left the keyboard, he gradually came back to his senses.

Looking at the crowd below, his handsome face couldn't help but reveal a bitter smile.

There was no applause, no laughter, no shouting …

It seemed that no one understood his performance, and no one understood either.

However, this was f * cking … The one who is truly a master of music!

Ye Xuan comforted himself!

"Pah pah pah …"

"Splash, splash, splash …"

Just as Ye Xuan was about to step down from the stage, an earsplitting applause howled through the air.

This sudden round of applause undoubtedly frightened the defenseless Ye Xuan and nearly made him jump up in anger. "What? "You scared me!"

"Aooo …"


"That's great! "Really, this is definitely the most wonderful performance I've ever heard …"

"It's been so many years since I've cried. I've never even broken up with my girlfriend. But now, I, as a man, am crying like a demon. The pen was the same! "Brother, which class are you from? Can we be friends?"

"I've also heard of Grandmaster Jiushi's' Thousand Chance. 'However, I didn't feel this way back then. You sure played it well …"

"Too lucky! Being his girlfriend is too lucky! I've decided! I want to chase after him!"

However, Ye Xuan's response was met with excited cheers and cheers.

Clove extended her hand to wipe away the tears on her face. She stared blankly at Ye Xuan with eyes filled with adoration.

"Xiao Meng, congratulations on finding such an outstanding boyfriend. "At first, I thought he was just bragging, so I wanted to force him to perform and help you test him out. I didn't expect him to be a true musician, and a true musician at that!"

Clove turned her head and looked at Su Xiaomeng, who was covering her face with her hands. Her eyes were filled with envy, and she smiled.

Su Xiaomeng didn't reply, but her cute and beautiful face was covered in smiles. She was smiling like a child, a stark contrast to her moist eyes and the tears on her cheeks …

Thank you, Ye Xuan.

Thank you for not letting them poke holes in my lies!

Thank you, Ye Xuan.

Thank you for not humiliating me.

Thank you, Ye Xuan!

Thank you for giving me a different experience.

At this moment, this day would be deeply engraved in Su Xiaomeng's memory.

"This is the first time I've heard of such a thing!" The old Daoist nun's eyes lit up as she looked at the scene in front of her. She did not know what to do, but she knew that it was time for her to give up.