"Ye Xuan, what are you doing?"

"Ye Xuan, hurry up and let go of me. It's too tight." I can't breathe... "

Ye Xuan's sudden action caused Su Xiaomeng to be stunned. She immediately began to struggle violently because she couldn't breathe anymore.

However, Ye Xuan didn't respond. Instead, he drew closer and closer.

Su Xiaomeng opened her mouth to say something, but the wetness on her shoulder surprised her.

This … Were these tears?

Did Ye Xuan cry?

Is he hugging me and crying?

She didn't know why, but at this moment, Su Xiaomeng felt an indescribable pain in her heart. She subconsciously extended her hand to tightly embrace Ye Xuan's body.

She felt an unspoken pain and sadness.

Did this pain come from Ye Xuan?

He … What did he go through?

Su Xiaomeng's eyes gradually became moist, and tears began to flow uncontrollably down her cheeks.

I... I'm crying?

Why am I crying?

This … What was going on?

After a long time, Ye Xuan finally let go of Su Xiaomeng's hand.

"Ye Xuan, what happened to you?" Why are you crying all of a sudden? "

Su Xiaomeng raised her head and asked puzzledly as she saw the tears on Ye Xuan's face.

She didn't understand why Ye Xuan would suddenly lose control and start crying.

In her heart, Ye Xuan was a man who could prop up the heavens with his hands.

He was a hooligan.

He had no desire to advance,

But not only was he wise, he was strong.

He could reverse the situation and lead her to victory.

He was able to stand up in times of crisis, not caring about his own life or death.

He was able to use a pair of iron fists to make a gang like the Wild Dragon Society submit.

In Su Xiaomeng's heart, Ye Xuan was an omnipotent being. He was a man she could rely on in this world.

However, she didn't expect that such a man would hug her and cry bitterly.

So he also had a weak side to him?

"I'm fine, it was just sand in my eyes just now."

Ye Xuan extended his hand to quickly wipe away the remaining tears on his face as he smiled.

"I forgot myself just now. I'm sorry …" It didn't hurt you, did it? "

"Also … "It's still okay!"

Su Xiaomeng quickly wiped the tears off her cheeks and shook her head.

She didn't ask why Ye Xuan had lost his composure and cried.

"Xiao Meng, give me your phone."

Ye Xuan carefully sized up Su Xiaomeng, then said after pondering for a moment.


Su Xiaomeng asked, puzzled.

"I'll give you something so that you can contact me anytime."

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

Su Xiaomeng nodded and handed the phone over to Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan fiddled with it for a bit before returning it to her. "In the future, if you encounter any danger and are unable to notify me of the urgent situation, I'll know when you press the volume button on the side of your phone. Hurry over."


Su Xiaomeng nodded obediently.

When Ye Xuan and Su Xiaomeng returned to the Starlight Villa after eating lunch, they found the villa's door wide open. It was a mess inside, as if someone had forcefully broken in.

As for Leng Qingcheng, she too had disappeared.

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. His expression was extremely ugly.

He quickly took out his phone and called Leng Qingcheng, but the notification he got was that his phone was off. Even if he searched for her phone, he couldn't find any trace of her.

Ye Xuan didn't need to think to know that something had happened.

"Ye Xuan, did something happen to my sister?"

Su Xiaomeng couldn't help asking.

"Xiao Meng, this place is safe for now. Wait for me at home. Call me if you need anything. I'm going out."

Ye Xuan expressionlessly walked into the study to the side. He switched on the monitor screen and carefully checked the recording. Cold words came out of his mouth.

"Where are you going?"

Su Xiaomeng asked, puzzled.

"Evil Wolf Gang headquarters!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied.

From the surveillance he had set up in the house, it was clear that the members of the Evil Wolf Gang had come here to kidnap Leng Qingcheng.

The entrance of the Evil Wolf Gang's headquarters!

"Who is it?"

Over ten guards stood there majestically, looking at the figure that was approaching with killing intent. They then let out a stern shout.


However, what responded to them was a sky full of attacks.

Following the sound of a muffled collision, the ten plus guards at the door were sent flying like kites with their strings cut off. They heavily smashed into the wall, emitting a deafening sound. They had already fainted!

Ye Xuan looked at the tightly shut entrance of the Evil Wolf Gang's headquarters. There wasn't the slightest bit of emotion in his eyes, only endless coldness.

He didn't even have the time to find the Evil Wolf Gang and settle the score, yet these guys actually took the initiative to come here and kidnapped Leng Qingcheng!



"Dong, dong, dong, dong …" "…"

In the next moment, Ye Xuan fiercely flew up and kicked the heavy door with fierce force.

With each kick, the sound of his feet hitting the door was like a war drum. As his feet moved faster and faster, the sound like a war drum became more and more urgent. In the end, it spread throughout the entire Evil Wolf Gang headquarters, startling all of the members!

"What's wrong?"

"What's going on? "Where's the drum coming from?"

"Don't just stand there. Let's go take a look..."

With the sound of battle drums, a large number of members of the Evil Wolf Gang held their weapons as they rushed towards the gate.

"Bam bam bam!"

When they rushed to the main gate of the headquarters, what appeared before their eyes was a shocking scene.

More and more cracks appeared on the door that the wolves had spent a large amount of money to create. Finally, it exploded with a loud bang, turning into wood shavings that scattered in the wind like bubbles, raising up a cloud of dust.

Amidst the dust and wood scraps that filled the air, a figure slowly appeared.

He's Ye Xuan!

"You … "Who are you?"

As they watched Ye Xuan slowly walk out filled with an intense baleful aura, the members of the Evil Wolf Gang subconsciously gulped. After taking two steps back, their mouths started trembling as they started speaking.

The man in front of them was too imposing. Even with so many of them, they couldn't suppress him, so they could clearly feel the disparity in power.

"Get the Wolf King out here to die!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied with an expressionless face.

"F * ck, what the f * ck are you? How dare you ask our boss to come out …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, one of the members of the Evil Wolf Gang fiercely grit his teeth and furiously roared!

"Swish …"

However, before he could finish his words, he felt something flash before his eyes, a saber light flashed past, and a fine line of blood appeared on his neck before he fell to the ground with a loud thud, dead.

This bloody and ruthless scene caused the expressions of many Evil Wolf Gang members to greatly change. They once again took a few steps back and did not dare to move forward.

"Where is Leng Qingcheng?"

To be able to easily kill a member of the Evil Wolf Gang, Ye Xuan coldly spoke with an expressionless face.

"Since our brothers are all dead, what the hell are you all still standing there for?"

"Why are so many people afraid of him alone? "F * ck, do it, do it!"

Seeing that they were forced back by Ye Xuan's aura, some of the people in the crowd couldn't withstand the pressure anymore. They roared as they charged towards Ye Xuan with axes and sabers in their hands!

"F * ck!"

With someone taking the lead, the others instantly found the backbone. With an angry roar from their mouths, they brandished their weapons and crazily charged at Ye Xuan, fiercely surrounding him.


Killing intent flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he charged into the crowd like an angry dragon.

For Ye Xuan, this was a merciless massacre!

Even though this place is the headquarters of the Wolf Gang and has countless members, no one is a match for Ye Xuan.

No one could block one of his punches.

No one could stop him from kicking once,

Furthermore, no one could block his Eastbreak Wind Break!

The cold wind blew and the slaughter did not stop.

One after another, the members of the Evil Wolf Gang fell at Ye Xuan's feet.


Dull collision sounds rang out. Dozens of members of the Evil Wolf Gang were like dead dogs that had been flung into the air, heavily smashing on the hard ground and extinguishing their breath.

This time, Ye Xuan didn't show any mercy.

Anyone who blocked his path would either be seriously injured or dead!

He was like a demon god bathed in blood, looking down upon the world with disdain.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Even the many members of the Evil Wolf Gang who were addicted to war had completely lost the courage to fight him in the end.

When Ye Xuan took a step forward, they retreated ten steps.

When Ye Xuan took two steps forward, they retreated twenty steps!

Ye Xuan had already taken a dozen steps back to the entrance of the main hall.

Ye Xuan took another step forward. They had no way out, so they could only grit their teeth and fiercely charge towards him.

"Bang …"

However, in the next instant, they flew back at an even faster speed.

For a moment, no one stopped Ye Xuan.

The members of the guards outside the Feral Wolf Gang were all put down by him.

From a distance, there were at least a few hundred people.


Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he kicked open the tightly shut door of the headquarters.

They had a bald head, with arms folded over their chest, and they stood tall and imposing. They were the core members of the Evil Wolf Gang, and they had extraordinary strength, and they came from the Shaolin Temple. Their body's toughness was extraordinary, and they were known as the eight great King Kong, and they could be said to be the strongest members of the Evil Wolf Gang.

"Where is the Wolf King?"

Staring at the Eight Great Vajra, Ye Xuan expressionlessly spoke, his voice cold and indifferent.

"If you want to see our Sect Leader, you have to first ask us about our fists."

Ye Xuan's reply was the eight Vajra's powerful and cold words.


As the sound of their voice faded, they took a step forward. A terrifying aura exploded forth, transforming into a cage that trapped Ye Xuan in the center.


In the next moment, all of them angrily roared as they brandished their whips and legs to surround Ye Xuan.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan's face turned pale, and the Absolute Soul Saber in his sleeve came out of its sheath.

Enemies from all directions attacked him from all sides, and a single ray of saber light broke through the Nine Prefectures!

"Puchi …"

The blade flashed by. The eight Vajra bodies that were originally attacking Ye Xuan suddenly froze ….

"Aooo …"

In the next moment, terrifying blade energies exploded in all directions. A large amount of blood sprayed out of their mouths as they let out miserable shrieks and wails before crashing to the ground.

Instant kill!

Complete instant kill!

This scene landed in the eyes of the severely injured members of the Evil Wolf Gang outside the door, causing their expressions to change drastically. Their faces were filled with unconcealable fear, as though they had seen a ghost.

The Eight Great Vajra, which had an extraordinary status and power in their hearts, was actually killed by Ye Xuan in a single move. They didn't even see how Ye Xuan attacked.

"Wolf King, come out and die!"

After easily killing the eight vajra bodies, Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face. His gaze swept the surroundings and an angry roar came from his mouth.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the sound of rustling footsteps came from the side hall.

Three sharp figures slowly appeared within Ye Xuan's line of sight as he coldly spoke.

"A bunch of trash can't even deal with a homeless dog!"