The next morning at five o'clock, Ye Xuan woke up early.

He first did some warm-up exercises in the garden below the district. After performing a unique set of boxing techniques, he then headed to the wetland park on the riverside for two hours of running and exercising.

After all, the body that he had reincarnated into was simply too weak. Although it was not a problem for him to deal with Black Wolf and the others, there would still be some problems if he encountered something even more powerful.

Therefore, Ye Xuan had to intensify his training to make this body stronger. He hoped that within three months, he'd be able to recover 10% of his strength to its peak.

At that time, even though there were countless masters in the sea of stars, he was not afraid at all.

When Ye Xuan finished his morning practice and returned to the river bank, Leng Qingcheng had just finished washing her face and rinsing her mouth.

Seeing Ye Xuan return from outside, a trace of astonishment flashed through Leng Qingcheng's eyes. She obviously didn't expect him to leave so early.

However, she didn't inquire any further about her cold and arrogant nature.

"Qingcheng, today is the weekend. You went out so early, did you eat breakfast?" "Here, I brought you breakfast …"

Ye Xuan didn't care about Leng Qingcheng's cold personality. Instead, he raised the breakfast in his hand and teased her.

Today, Leng Qingcheng had her long hair rolled up, her slender and sexy figure was wrapped up by a white dress, and the pair of blue high heels she was wearing perfectly accentuated her unique temperament, making people's eyes light up.

"No need, I'm going to a meeting for the time being. I'll be leaving first."

Leng Qingcheng's beautiful face did not change at all, as she walked out of the room with her bag in her hands after saying that …

"If you encounter any problems that you can't solve, remember to call me! Call me whenever you want!"

Ye Xuan said with a smile as he gazed at Leng Qingcheng's enchanting back.

Leng Qingcheng didn't reply, and disappeared from Ye Xuan's sight …

Su Xiaomeng didn't seem to have woken up yet. Ye Xuan sat on the sofa at home, bored. He was watching TV.

Not long after, he heard some noises coming from the bedroom next door. It was Su Xiaomeng who had woken up.

"Kacha …."

Following the crisp sound of the door opening, Su Xiaomeng, who was wearing a child's pajamas and looked extremely cute, walked out from the room sleepily …

"Ye Xuan, I'm hungry. Do you have breakfast?"

She stretched out her hand and rubbed her sleepy eyes as she looked at Ye Xuan, who was on the sofa.

"The soy milk and youtiao that I packed are on the table …"

Ye Xuan lightly replied.

Su Xiaomeng answered with an "Oh" and started to eat the bun.

She seemed to have thought of something and asked: "Right, aren't you going to work?"

"Working? "Sorry, I'm a jobless person now, why would I still need to work?"

Ye Xuan shook his head as he indifferently said.

"Hey, hey, hey …" "As a man, don't you feel embarrassed speaking in such a righteous manner?" Su Xiaomeng said unhappily.

"What's there to be embarrassed about!" Ye Xuan acted as if it was natural.

"If you don't go to work and look for a job, do you intend to let my sister support you for the rest of your life?" Su Xiaomeng said in a bad mood.

"Do you know what sort of life Sister Qingcheng led in the past, and what kind of life she's leading now?"

"What was your sister's life?" Ye Xuan asked curiously.

My sister used to be the most famous beauty in the capital, the young miss of the Leng Clan! But after I married you?

Her parents had died for no reason. She had been expelled from the Leng Clan and transferred from the capital hospital to this run-down hospital, Star Sea Hospital, to be a vice principal.

From a young miss with a lot of money to having nothing, even the place she's staying at right now is rented. Before, she even had to pay the medical fees for you, what kind of life do you think she's leading? "

The more Su Xiaomeng said, the angrier she got. "Do you know what those famous families in the capital are saying about her behind her back? They called her a loser, saying that she married a trash! "

"Tell me, why did you make my sister marry you all those years ago?"

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's question, Ye Xuan fell into deep thought.

Having lost part of his memories, he was also very curious about the reason why Leng Qingcheng had married him and why he had become a vegetable, causing both of their parents to die for no reason.

It seemed that he needed to find Leng Qingcheng and have a good chat with her.

"Alright, stop nagging. Can't I just go out and find a job?"

Ye Xuan felt a headache when he saw that Su Xiaomeng was still talking. He stood up and walked out of the room …

"That's more like it."

Su Xiaomeng nodded in satisfaction.

After exiting, Ye Xuan went straight to the talent market …

"Save me …" "Someone come quickly …"

Ye Xuan hadn't even reached the talent market yet, but his anxious voice sounded in his ears, causing him to frown as he turned his head to look towards the source of the voice …

A thirty year old woman dressed in a professional secretary uniform was anxiously crying out for help. Beside her, a mature and intelligent beauty was lying on the ground, her hands covering her chest. Her face was deathly pale and filled with pain, making her look extremely uncomfortable.

Even so, her mature body that seemed to be able to drip water still emitted an unconcealable charm.

This woman could be said to be extraordinary.

Many people in the crowd were discussing, but no one was willing to step forward and help.

After all, anyone could tell that this woman was on the verge of death!

"Beauty, do you need help?"

A trace of helplessness appeared on Ye Xuan's face when he saw this. He lightly sighed, walked over, and asked.

He couldn't just sit by and watch a beauty die tragically on the street, could he?

It would be a waste if he said that.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the female secretary hurriedly said as if she'd found her lifeline, "Sir, I beg of you to quickly send our Miss to the hospital. We will definitely reward you handsomely …"

She had already called an ambulance, but there was no traffic on the way. She was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

"To the hospital? It's just a heart failure caused by a congenital heart disease. Is there a need to go to the hospital? "

Ye Xuan said indifferently.

"You … How do you know about Director Lan's illness? " Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the secretary had an expression of disbelief as she let out an astonished voice.

"I am a dignified First Generation Medical Saint, so it is only natural that I would be able to see through this trivial problem. "Don't worry, let me see."

Ye Xuan knelt in front of the beauty and placed his hand on her wrist. He carefully felt her pulse and his expression gradually turned serious.

The beauty in front of his eyes was in especially trouble. Heart failure due to congenital heart disease had an abrupt attack. If he didn't treat her and cause the heart failure to come to a sudden stop, he would definitely lose his life.

"Doctor, how is it?" The secretary looked anxious.

"Don't worry. Although heart failure due to congenital heart disease is very troublesome, it's easy to keep her alive." Ye Xuan lightly said.


As he spoke, he pulled out a nine-inch needle from the strap of his watch.

"You … What do you want? "

The female secretary nervously asked as she looked at the nine inch needle in Ye Xuan's hand.

She was well aware that most doctors only used silver needles by an inch or two. Physicians with great medical skills would usually use needles with three inches or so. Nine inch needles like Ye Xuan's were simply too rare.

"Of course it's to save people! "Your young mistress' heart has failed, and now she is having difficulty breathing. Once her heart stops beating, she will be done for!"

"Now you have two choices. One is to let me do acupuncture. "The second is to wait for an ambulance. However, I don't know if this beauty will be able to last until the ambulance …"

Ye Xuan said calmly.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the secretary sank into silence and thought. If something were to happen to Miss, she wouldn't be able to bear the responsibility.

"Lan …" Sister Lan... Let. Let him try. I believe in him! "

While the female secretary was hesitating, the woman opened her eyes with much difficulty, and weak words came out of her mouth.

"Good!" Just go ahead and treat him. "

The secretary nodded slightly.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and moved the hand away from the beauty's chest. He spoke in a calm tone, "Next up, I'll give you a needle. It might hurt. Endure it a little …"

"Hmm …"

The beauty nodded with difficulty.


Just as she finished speaking, Ye Xuan abruptly raised the silver needle in his hand and pierced it into the left side of her chest.

A needle to the end!

The long, nine-inch needle pierced into the woman's chest, leaving only a small piece behind, causing the surrounding people to jump in fright.

This was simply killing people!

Ye Xuan didn't pay attention to the discussions and opinions of the surrounding people as he seriously treated her.

Traces of life force and energy flowed through the silver needles into the beautiful woman's body.

"Hmph …"

The beautiful woman let out a painful groan as traces of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth …

"What are you doing?" "You madman."

This scene caused the female secretary's expression to change drastically …

Just as she was about to stop Ye Xuan, the beauty's weak voice sounded out, "No …." It's fine, Sister Lan. I... I feel a lot more relaxed. "

"Don't waste your energy speaking. Concentrate your mind and feel the area where my silver needle is piercing through..." Ye Xuan said coldly.

As Ye Xuan's words rang out, the beauty focused and felt it. She felt a warm current flowing from her chest and spreading throughout her body, allowing her to recover quite a bit of strength …

He opened his sleepy eyes and looked at Ye Xuan, who was using the needle seriously. A light smile appeared on the beautiful face. "Thank you, Mister …"

"No need to thank me. Just remember to pay the treatment fee!"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head, withdrew the silver needle, and lightly said, "The treatment is over. Your illness shouldn't recur for a short period of time."

"I have to leave first. Remember to give me the treatment fee the next time you see me!"

After speaking, Ye Xuan turned around and left, disappearing from the sight of the beautiful woman and the secretary …

"Sister Lan, I'm fine now. Let's hurry to the talent market. There's still a group of people waiting for me there."

After Ye Xuan's treatment, the beauty looked much better than before. She stood up and smiled.

"But Director Lan, your current condition …"

"Don't worry, I'm fine now..." The beauty smiled and shook her head.

Just as she finished her sentence, the ambulance finally arrived …

"Director Lan, look, the ambulances are here. Let's go to the hospital first to check before heading to the talent market."

Sister Lan tried her best to persuade him.

In the end, the beauty could not refuse. She nodded and got into the ambulance with Sister Lan's help …

It was hard to imagine the shock and shock on their faces when they felt that the hospital review had been reported.