"All of you, attack together!"

As Ye Xuan's voice sounded out, the expressions of Luo Tianhu, Gui Ying, and the others all became extremely unsightly. Their expressions were as gloomy as water, as if they'd eaten a dead child.

"Brat, I want to see how you will die today!" "Let's do it..."

Luo Tianhu's expression was ice-cold. He coldly stared at Ye Xuan as he gnashed his teeth.

"Swish …"

But before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan abruptly flung the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand away, causing it to turn into a ray of light that shot towards the center of Luo Tianhu's brows, causing his expression to drastically change.


Unable to dodge or evade, Luo Tianhu's hands shot out from the tiger claw and grabbed onto the Soul Breaking Sword, causing it to stop less than half a meter away from him.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Even so, he was knocked back several steps by the powerful force of the Soul Breaking Sword before he managed to stabilize himself. Furthermore, the Soul Breaking Sword's sharp sword Qi made a fine sword scar appear between his eyebrows.

The sword qi was pressing, pointing at the Nine Heavens!

"Swish …"

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He suddenly swung the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, and a powerful force exploded out.

The Absolute Soul Sword that Luo Tianhu had grabbed with both of his hands had broken free from his grasp and was slicing towards his throat.

"Swish …"

Luo Tian Hu's expression was cold as he reacted quickly. He retreated backwards to avoid the Soul Breaking Sword's attack, causing the Soul Breaking Sword to cut past his eyes and cut off the hair on his forehead …


The instant Ye Xuan attacked Luo Tianhu, Spiritshadow and the others took advantage of this opportunity to rely on their unique movement techniques to speed towards Ye Xuan and launch a powerful surprise attack.

One of them stuck close to the ground and moved like a crocodile. The sharp blades in their hands appeared and slashed horizontally at Ye Xuan's lower body.

A person flew high up into the air like a Kun Peng, then fiercely dove towards Ye Xuan. Not only were there two blades in his hands, but he also had a short blade in his mouth. It looked extremely dazzling, as if he was about to execute three blade strikes!

His right eye was crimson red, and all of the energy in his body was being poured into his right arm, causing his right arm to feel as if it was on fire. He wore a unique set of gloves on his hand, and the flames on his fist burned as he angrily smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan.

Crocodile skin! Three Blade Slash!

Rhino cannon!

The moment they attacked, Spiritshadow and the other two used their finishing blows. They were bound to kill or injure Ye Xuan on the spot, and it could only be described as fierce.

Not only that, a large number of experts rushed up the stage from the surroundings, closely followed the three of them, and started to surround Ye Xuan.

His voice was like a group of dragons.

Upon seeing this, the corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly, and a cold smile appeared on his blade-like face.

These guys came up together better, saving him a lot of trouble.


The instant the crowd attacked, Ye Xuan swung the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand. The Soul Breaking Sword Chains formed into chains that wrapped around Leng Qingcheng and him, forming a airtight chain wall.


The instant the attacks from Spiritshadow and the other two arrived, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with killing intent as he coldly and mercilessly spoke.

"Boom! Boom!"

As the sound of his voice faded, his body shook violently, his wrist jerked, and a terrifying aura spread out in all directions with him as the center. The chains protecting him and Leng Qingcheng also started spreading out like a huge tornado!

"Puchi …"

"BOOM!" "Ahh …"

In the next moment, muffled collision sounds, along with miserable screams, and the sound of blood spraying from their mouths could be heard at the same time.

Whether it was Spiritshadow's group or the experts that attacked Ye Xuan, they were all sent flying by the terrifying power of the chains or the explosive power of Ye Xuan's moves … …

Some were shaken to death, some fell off the high platform, some were killed on the spot by the terrifying force, some were hit by the chains, their bones shattered to pieces, some fell on the high platform, screaming and wailing …

"Puchi …"

Even the Ghost Blink, who possessed extraordinary strength, was ruthlessly smashed into the cross in the middle of the stage, causing him to vomit blood and die on the spot.

In just a single move, all of the enemies on the stage apart from Luo Tianhu were heavily injured by Ye Xuan!

Not a single one could fight!

Not only that, the gale created by Ye Xuan's attack expanded like a tornado, knocking over many of the enemies in the plaza before dissipating.

This is the martial skill that Ye Xuan created himself, the strength that he's currently exploding out with!

Although the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand could not be compared to the Dragon Blade, it did have the same effect. He was able to wield it flexibly.


However, just as Ye Xuan's powerful technique cleared out the enemies on the high platform, a sinister voice abruptly sounded out.

It was Luo Tianhu who'd leapt into the air without anyone noticing. His hand carried the tiger claw as it disappeared, and in its place was a dazzling cyan saber that carried an intense killing intent as it furiously slashed down towards Ye Xuan.

"Kill Tiger King!"

This attack was Luo Tianhu's strongest killing move. He had once used this move to cut a thick piece of steel into two. It was extremely ferocious.


Looking at Luo Tianhu's descending slash, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with a cold light. He narrowed his eyes and abruptly swung his hand, releasing the Soul Breaking Sword's chain.

"Chi! Chi!"

Before Luo Tianhu's attack could land, the Absolute Soul Sword was like an angry dragon that soared into the sky as it was pulled towards the sky by the chain.

In the next moment, the sound of a sword piercing through flesh rang out.

The Absolute Soul Sword pierced through Luo Tianhu's chest and exited from his back.

Not only did the Absolute Soul Sword pierce his internal organs, it even broke his spine.

Luo Tianhu, who was originally violently attacking Ye Xuan, suddenly froze. His face paled and large amounts of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

He lowered his head to look, but to his horror, he discovered that his body had unknowingly been penetrated by the Absolute Soul Sword.

"How... How … How could that be? "Puchi …"

A voice filled with disbelief came out of Luo Tianhu's mouth. At the same time, his body trembled as large amounts of blood and broken organs sprayed out from his mouth …


Ye Xuan was expressionless as he fiercely swung the chain in his hand.

The chains that connected the Soul Breaking Sword and the Soul Breaking Sword retracted back into the sword hilt, causing the Soul Breaking Sword to fly back into Ye Xuan's hands.


Luo Tianhu's body slammed heavily onto the stage, producing a dull thud.

His eyes were wide open and his face was still filled with shock and disbelief!

He died with grievance!

Ye Xuan didn't show the slightest emotion on his face as he looked at the miserable death of Luo Tianhu. His gaze fell upon the expressions of the enemies that were continuously rushing toward him. His expression was as cold as ice as he forcefully kicked Luo Tianhu's body off the stage.

"Bang …"

"Ahh …"

Luo Tianhu's corpse was like a cannonball that flew into the square. Not only did it smash a few people to death, it also severely injured many!

Of course, when people clearly saw the appearance of the corpse that came descending from the sky, their expressions couldn't help but greatly change. Dense fear emerged into their eyes and words of disbelief came out from their mouths.

"This... This is Luo Tianhu's sect master? "

"This... This … How was this possible? The leader of Luo Tianhu is dead? "

"Luo Tianhu is dead?"


While everyone was still in shock over Luo Tianhu's corpse, Ye Xuan's expression turned ice-cold. He kicked the corpses of Ghost, Shadow, and the others off the stage heavily, smashing them into the square below.

"This... They are the Ghastly Shadow's group of three, and they are dead too? "

"Look, this is our guild leader Kuang Shi. He's dead as well?"

"That's the guild leader of Tmall Club and Owl. They're both dead now?"

"This... "What the hell is going on?"

Seeing the corpses of the three people, Ghost Shadow, and the others who fell down, the faces of the people on scene changed greatly and waves of shock and shock rose from the bottom of their hearts.

They turned around and looked at the corpse on the high platform. Ye Xuan stood upright as a spear in the center of the high platform, emitting a peerless elegance and an endless amount of sharpness.

A domineering voice came from his mouth.

"Luo Tianhu is dead, Ghastly Shadow and the other two have been wiped out. Guild Leader Tian Cat, Guild Leader Kuang Shi, President Owl and the others have all died. Do you want to fight or surrender?"

The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, he fiercely swung the nine foot long blade in his hand.

"Swish …"

"Ahh …"

Under the shocked and frightened gazes of countless people, the Absolute Soul Sword in Ye Xuan's hand transformed into a ray of light as it fiercely charged towards the wolf king that was battling the charming demon. Moreover, it precisely struck him, and under the chain in Ye Xuan's hand, it forcefully chopped off one of the wolf king's arms!

"Hiss!" "Goo!"

This scene in front of everyone's eyes caused them to stare with wide open mouths and widened their eyes. For a long time, they were unable to say anything. Only the sound of swallowing saliva and inhaling cold air could be heard, shocking and terrifying to the extreme.

What kind of killing technique was this?

"Clang clang …"

"Pata …"

"Ding dong..."

In the next moment, everyone felt as if all their strength had been sucked out of them. The grip on their weapons loosened, causing them to fall to the ground with a crisp sound.

"Fight or surrender?"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he spoke in a strong voice. A terrifying pressure and aura emanated from his body.

Following the eruption of Ye Xuan's terrifying aura and pressure, the expressions of everyone present changed. They only felt an enormous pressure spreading from their hearts.

The man standing on the platform was no longer a single person. He was a demon that ruled over the world, a devil that controlled billions of lives and deaths!

They could only submit before him and not die!

"Plop …"

"Plop …"

In the next moment, the thousands of people in the plaza all knelt down towards Ye Xuan. Their voices couldn't help but tremble with fear.

"We acknowledge allegiance and pay our respects to the Demon Lord!"