Buried Soul Mountain, in the dense forest a few hundred meters away from the square.

Master Long and Kuang Tie brought a group of brothers from the Wild Dragon Gang and carefully approached the square.

"Hiss …" "Goo!"

When they looked through the moonlight and saw the dense crowd of people and the black mass of human heads, their expressions couldn't help but change and they sucked in a breath of cold air.

Master Long had heard from Ye Xuan that he'd met with some trouble and asked him to bring his men over.

They didn't think that Ye Xuan would be in a small trouble, but a huge one.

There were at least a few thousand people on the huge square in front of him, and this time, he only brought a few dozen of his brothers with him.

A gust of cold wind blew past. They could smell the bloody scent left behind by the fierce battle in the air.

They carefully searched, but didn't find Ye Xuan. They only saw the unloaded wheels on the Mercedes-Benz.

They guessed that Ye Xuan had probably already been captured, causing their expressions to slowly turn grim.

"Master Long, there are at least thousands of people in the square. We only brought a few dozen people, what should we do now?"

Mang Tie carefully said as he swallowed his saliva.

Master Long's face was unsightly. He carefully sized up the crowd on the square, but found out that he didn't know most of them. They shouldn't be gangs in the Star Sea City.

"Older brother Xuan and the rest have a deep affection for our Wild Dragon Association, and we brothers owe him a favor as well. Now that he's met with danger, we can't just ignore him without a sense of loyalty!" Call Qing Yu and tell him to bring his brother here! "

"Brothers, take out your weapons and prepare to attack together with me. Bring out our Wild Dragon Guild's aura. Today, we'll risk our lives to fight with them!"

Master Long's eyes flashed with a murderous light as he spoke with determination.

"That's right, fight with him!"

"What's there to be afraid of?" What's there to be afraid of?

Hearing Master Long's words, everyone present nodded and spoke decisively.

"Brothers, raider, come with me!"

Master Long's eyes flashed with ferocity. Taking a deep breath, he took out a cigar from his pocket, lit it up, and put it in his mouth. He exhaled smoke as he led Mang Tie and his men fearlessly toward the square!

"F * ck!" Who the fuck dares to touch my big brother Xuan? "

Along with the deafening sound coming from the square, under the gazes of all the members of the gang, Master Long, with his coat draped over his shoulders and cigar in his mouth, puffed out smoke as he walked over like a big boss, carrying the air of a berserk iron brother.

Every single one of them had a determined look on their faces. Their eyes flickered with a strong and vicious light, and their entire bodies emitted a terrifying aura. It gave off the feeling that a large group of super big bosses had appeared together, shocking the eyes of everyone in the square!


Master Long domineeringly threw the cigar in his hand to the ground, threw the coat over his body, and removed the machete at his waist. He gave off an imposing air to the crowd in the square.

Mang Tie also brandished his spiked club and followed beside him. The other brothers also raised their weapons at this moment.

Seeing Master Long's group of people approaching with a saber in their hands, the people in the field were slightly surprised. Their faces were filled with surprise and puzzlement.

Look at me, look at you, I don't know what the f * ck is going on!

"I know him. He is the Dragon Lord of the Raging Dragon Association, the one the Demon Lord spoke of …"

When a voice came from the crowd, a deep understanding appeared on the faces of everyone present.

"Greetings, Lord Dragon!"

"Greetings, Lord Dragon!"

"Greetings, Lord Dragon!"

As Lord Dragon drew closer and closer to the crowd with Mang Tie and the others, under the astonished and shocked gazes of Lord Dragon, Mang Tie, and the others, all of the people present kneeled down towards them, respectfully and tidily speaking out.

His voice was like a rainbow, deafening and muddleheaded. The group of people holding sabers suddenly froze.

The heck, what is going on?

F * ck, so my name, Long Er, was actually this awesome?

Haha... F * ck, Master Long is indeed domineering!

As expected from Master Long. Just this aura alone was enough to scare the thousands of people in the square to the point of peeing.

At this moment, many thoughts flashed through the minds of Lord Long and Wild Iron.

Master Long felt as if he was about to ascend to the immortal realms, in high spirits and in high spirits.

"Haha …" I never thought that I, Long Er, would actually have such a resounding and domineering reputation! "

Seeing the many powerhouses kneeling down in front of him, Master Long couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Haha …" Master Long is domineering, Master Long is mighty! "

Kuang Tie and the other brothers behind Lord Long all looked at him with shining eyes, full of admiration.

I didn't expect Lord Dragon to have so many fans, so many minions, and so domineering!

Seeing the laughing Dragon Lord and the mad iron men behind him, the kneeling crowd looked at each other. They could see the strangeness in each other's eyes.

Could it be that the Demon Lord sent a lunatic to take over them?

"Come, get up! Oh right, what's your name, Little Muddy? Why did you all gather here? "

Master Long stretched out a hand to help a thin man kneeling in front of him up, smiling as he spoke.

"Muddy? I'm sorry, but I'm not a fool. We only came here under the orders of the Demon Lord, Lord Ye Xuan, and waited for you to take over. "

The thin man looked at Master Long with a strange expression.


Master Long's face was full of surprise as he subconsciously asked.

"We're members of the Wild Lion Association..."

"We are from the Owl Society..."

"We are members of the Celestial Cat Association …"

"We're from the Black Hole Society..."

"We are here under the orders of Lord Devil Lord Ye Xuan, waiting for Lord Long to arrange for us to be taken in!"

Everyone cupped their fists and spoke in a deep voice.

"Puchi …"

Hearing everyone's words, Master Long was shocked. He felt as if his heart had been pierced by an arrow. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He had undoubtedly suffered ten thousand points of critical damage …

He originally thought that these fellows before him were subdued by Lord Dragon's aura and feared his fame. He didn't think that all of this was because of Ye Xuan …

Madiron and the others behind him were instantly petrified...

"What's going on?"

Master Long quickly came back to his senses, looked at the crowd, and spoke in a low voice.

"Master Long, it's like this!" We were summoned by the Wolf King, Luo Tianhu, and the others to a grand meeting … In the end, the Wolf King, Luo Tianhu, and our guild leader were all killed by the Demon Lord, Lord Ye Xuan … "

"We are completely convinced by Lord Ye Xuan's extraordinary and powerful strength and sincerely accept him as our subordinate! However, Lord Ye Xuan didn't have the mood to manage this, so he left a message for us to wait for a person called Master Long to come forward to receive the arrangements … "

Everyone looked at each other as they recounted the details of the matter.

"This …"

Hearing their words, Master Long, Kuang Tie, and the rest all opened their eyes wide, mouths wide open, faces full of astonishment. Their hearts were shocked to the extreme, and they were speechless for a long time.

Originally, they thought that Ye Xuan was in trouble due to the thousands of people here, so they decided to risk their lives to fight these fellows. However, they didn't expect that the trouble Ye Xuan was talking about was only about how to deal with these people, which was why he called them over …

Thinking about how they had almost started a fight with these guys, thinking about how he had thought these guys were subservient to his fame, thinking about how he had been full of pride just now, he felt extremely ashamed and ashamed …

If word of this got out, it would become a huge joke in his life.

"Haha …"

In fact, Master Long had already heard Mang Tie and the rest's devilish laughter …

"Older brother Xuan's way of doing things and his way of thinking are indeed not compatible with common sense. This is truly admirable …"

Master Long sighed from the bottom of his heart, as words of praise and admiration came out of his mouth.

When Ye Xuan brought Leng Qingcheng back to the Starlight Villa, it was already 3 in the morning. Su Xiaomeng didn't sleep, but instead cleaned up the messy villa and sat on the sofa in the hall by herself, absent-mindedly playing games.

"Sis, Ye Xuan, you're finally back!"

"I was so worried. I thought something had happened to the two of you..."

Seeing Ye Xuan return, Su Xiaomeng was instantly enlivened. Her face was filled with excitement as she threw herself into Leng Qingcheng's arms …

"Don't worry, we're fine..."

Leng Qingcheng smiled lightly, stretched out her hand and patted Su Xiaomeng's head as she comforted her.

"Hmm? Elder sister, who is that woman? "

Only then did Su Xiaomeng let out a long sigh of relief. She was just about to speak when her cold gaze suddenly fell on the succubus that stood respectfully behind Ye Xuan.

Under Ye Xuan's instructions, the charming demon had already changed into a new outfit. She had long hair, wore a white skintight garment, and wore black skintight pants at the waist. Not only did it perfectly expose her fiery hot figure, but it also withdrew her seductive temperament, giving her the feeling of being above everyone else.

"Hello, I'm Cui Li Ji, Lord Ye Xuan's maid. From now on, I'll be responsible for your safety."

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, the succubus smiled and walked to Su Xiaomeng's side. She extended her hand towards her and smiled.

"A maid?"

Su Xiaomeng frowned as she looked at Ye Xuan with suspicion.

As for Leng Qingcheng, she didn't say anything and just headed straight to her room upstairs …

"Hey, sis …" Won't you say something? "

Upon seeing this, Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but shout out.

However, Leng Qing closed the door without looking back.

"You stay in the room beside Qingcheng. I'll leave the safety of this place to you …"

Ye Xuan yawned, lazily stretched, and walked towards his room …

"Understood, my lord!"

"Good night, my lord!"

As she watched Ye Xuan's leaving figure, she gracefully bowed.

Su Xiaomeng was shocked, petrified on the spot...