"Ye Xuan, what took you so long? I've been waiting for you at home for so long."

Ye Xuan had just returned to the Starlight Villa when he received Su Xiaomeng's scolding and complaints.

"I didn't ask you to wait for me."

Ye Xuan sat on the sofa and said unhappily.

"You … "This is so infuriating!" Su Xiaomeng pouted, making her appearance especially attractive.

"Right, where's your sister?"

Ye Xuan's gaze swept the surroundings, but didn't find Leng Qingcheng. He couldn't help but ask in confusion.

"She and Sister Reggie are away on a business meeting." Su Xiaomeng replied with a cold snort.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. He didn't say anything more and instead took out his phone to play with it.

"Uhm … Ye Xuan …" Do you have time tomorrow? "

Su Xiaomeng pouted as she secretly observed Ye Xuan. She couldn't hold it in any longer, so she asked.

"There shouldn't be any problems tomorrow." Ye Xuan thought for a moment before replying.

"Really? I have a class reunion tomorrow night, why don't you come with me! "

Ye Xuan's answer undoubtedly made Su Xiaomeng especially happy and excited.


Ye Xuan nodded as he looked at Su Xiaomeng's happy expression.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, the second night arrived.

Royal Entertainment KTV, Galaxy's most famous entertainment venue.

By the time Su Xiaomeng and Ye Xuan arrived, a large number of tourists had already gathered at the KTV's entrance.

"Xiao Meng, over here!"

A group of beautiful young girls and handsome young men with the aura of youth waved towards Su Xiaomeng.

"Xiao Meng, why did you only just arrive? It caused everyone to be waiting for you!"

Looking at Su Xiaomeng walking towards him, a very mature lady dressed in a long lace dress, who was extremely alluring, could not help but scold her.

Her name was Xu Mei. She was Su Xiaomeng's classmate and was very popular in the class.

Beside Xu Meidou stood a handsome man wearing a Gucci brand. His eyes were small and he wore a pair of glasses. He looked refined and refined, but he exuded an aura that stood out like a crane amongst a flock of chickens, appearing extremely conspicuous.

He was Xu Mei's boyfriend and the class monitor of Su Xiaomeng's class. He was the host of this reunion. He was the leader of this group, and his name was Li Wenxuan.

It was said that his family owned several hotels and restaurants, and they were especially rich.

Of course, other than the two of them, there were also over ten males and females. The females were all quite pretty and the males wore famous brands. With a single glance, one could tell they were rich second generations.

Ye Xuan had even seen one of the beauties before, the one he met when buying the car, the car salesman Hua Qianqian.

"Xiao Meng, why did you bring an outsider to this reunion? Who is he?"

Xu Mei's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan, who was beside Su Xiaomeng, as she spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

"He's my boyfriend, Ye Xuan!"

Su Xiaomeng said calmly.

"What?" He's your boyfriend? The musician who performed at the school's music hall? "

"I heard that a lot of people who heard him play were moved by his music and cried!"

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, Li Wen Xuan, Xu Mei, and the rest were all stunned. Many of the young beauties present had faces full of excitement as they looked at Ye Xuan with eyes full of fire.

"Ye Xuan, nice to meet you! I'm Liu Xiaoman!"

"Musician, you are quite famous in our school. Nice to meet you. My name is Zhang Xiaoxiao!"

"Handsome musician, can you give me an autograph?"

"Mr. Ye, we meet again. My name is Hua Qianqian …"

There were even many little beauties who went up to shake hands with Ye Xuan, causing many of the rich second generations, led by Li Wenxuan, to be ignored.

"I'm very happy to get to know all of you little beauties. Please take care of me and have fun."

Ye Xuan didn't expect him to be so popular. His face was full of smiles, and he was very polite.

"Tsk, isn't he just a musician!?"

"Exactly, what's so great about that!"

The rich second generation called Xu Xiaowen and Zhang Xiaofei said in annoyance as they watched the crowd surround Ye Xuan.

"Alright, since everyone knows each other now, let's go in and play..."

Li Wenxuan smiled. He didn't care about it at all. He led the group of more than ten people into the KTV.

Once they arrive at the KTV, they naturally have ways to deal with Ye Xuan.

"Hello, Young Master Zhang …"

As he walked into the KTV lobby, the manager welcomed him with a smile and respectful words came out of his mouth.

"Let's arrange a meeting for today's reunion. Do you still have anything else?"

Zhang Xiaofei asked in high spirits, obviously he was a regular customer here.

"Apologies Young Master Zhang, I've already used Brother Dong's room to entertain your esteemed guest today. How about I arrange for the empress room to be given to you?" The manager said apologetically.

Zhang Xiaofei frowned slightly and turned his head to look at Li Wenxuan. He nodded slightly and said, "Alright, let's go to the empress's office."

Very soon, the group was led to the Queen's box by the manager of the hotel. They ordered some snacks and dishes, two boxes of green beer, and five bottles of 82-year-old Romani red wine.

This red wine market should have around seventy to eighty thousand bottles.

After ordering a few more princesses, the manager was beaming with joy.

If he played this round, he would have to spend at least tens of millions, and just the commission alone would cost tens of thousands.

KTV was simply a home ground for Ye Xuan. Under the request of Su Xiaomeng, Hua Qianqian, and many other beauties, Ye Xuan sang two songs that caused the atmosphere in the room to explode, causing the girls to be filled with stars.

Ye Xuan had already become the person with the highest popularity in the room, being surrounded by beautiful young girls …

"This damned bastard!"

"F * ck, we actually gave this kid the money to show off and have fun …"

"Damn it, if this goes on, we brothers will all be partners tonight. We won't get chicks …"

"Young Master Li, do you have any ideas?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, Zhang Xiaofei, and Xu Xiaowen, who were surrounded by Su Xiaomeng, Hua Qianqian, and the other beauties, Li Wenxuan couldn't help but ask as he lowered his gaze and drank his wine.

The reason why they hosted this reunion was to flirt with girls, with beautiful girls like Hua Qianqian and Su Xiaomeng. Who would have thought that Su Xiaomeng brought Ye Xuan along and was so popular? She completely stole their limelight and made them sit on cold stools.

"Xiao Fei, you go..."

Li Wenxuan raised his head and downed all the wine in the cup in one gulp, then crooked his finger at Zhang Xiaofei as he whispered into his ear.

Zhang Xiaofei nodded and walked out of the box.

After a while, Zhang Xiaofei came back.

Not long after, the private room's door was forcefully pushed open. Two robust men walked in and interrupted the fiery atmosphere within the private room. "Who is Ye Xuan here?"

Following the resounding voice, Su Xiaomeng, Hua Qianqian, and the others were stunned. Their puzzled gazes fell onto Ye Xuan.

Why are these two robust men looking for Ye Xuan?

"What's the matter?"

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he coldly replied.

"Bring him in!"

The brawny man said with an ice-cold expression.

Following his words, a woman with messy hair and an extremely mature and fiery figure was brought into the private room by two strong men.

"You know a woman, don't you?" The leader said coldly.

"I don't know him!" Ye Xuan lightly shook his head.

"You … You. You still dare to say that you don't know me? That night you slept and didn't give me any money, causing me to break the rules and end up like this! "You damned heartless …"

The mature woman's face was filled with anger as she wailed and cursed.


Hearing her words, whether it was Su Xiaomeng or anyone else, they were all shocked and looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment.

"F * ck, so you are such a person!"

"Damn it, Xiao Meng is really blind to have you as her boyfriend..."

"Look, this is the musician you are chasing after..."

"He's simply a beast, scum …"

Li Wen Xuan, Zhang Xiao Fei, Xu Xiao Wen, and the others pointed at Ye Xuan and cursed him.

"Ye Xuan, is this matter true or false?"

Su Xiaomeng couldn't help asking.

"How can I lie when he's already gone to sleep?"

The mature woman was even more furious and her eyes were filled with tears. It could be said that she was extremely wronged.

"If you scram now, I can pretend that nothing happened!"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he swept his gaze over the female and the few muscular men. His voice was filled with an ice-cold tone.

"F * ck, you dare to admit it, but you're still pretending? What are you all standing there for, kill him for me! "

The leader said in a deep voice.

"Well... "Brother Zhuang, give me some face and don't fight here, otherwise I might scare my friends."

Seeing that they were about to make a move, Zhang Xiaofei stood up and said with a smile.

"You are?" The leader's eyes turned cold.

"Zhang Xiaofei from the east!" Zhang Xiaofei said proudly.

"So it's Young Master Zhang. Alright, let me give you some face!" "Kid, we'll wait for you outside!"

The sturdy man nodded and led his men out of the private box.

"Xiao Meng, wait for me in the room. I'll be right back!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he stood up and walked out of the room …

Zhang Xiaofei, Li Wenxuan, and Xu Xiaowen looked at each other as a smile appeared on their faces.

They thought that their methods were especially brilliant and successful. Not only did it tarnish Ye Xuan's reputation, they even ruthlessly taught him a lesson …

"Ah, who would have thought that the musician would be this kind of person. Xiao Meng, Qianqian … Let's continue to sing, for scum like him, we don't need to bother about him at all. "

Li Wenxuan teased.

"That's right. Come, let's continue singing!"

Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Xiaowen, and the others echoed his words.


However, just as they finished speaking, the room door opened again and Ye Xuan walked back in.

"Ye Xuan, you …. Didn't you get called out by Big Brother Zhuang and the others?

Seeing Ye Xuan walk back unharmed, Li Wenxuan, Zhang Xiaofei, and Xu Xiaowen were all greatly shocked. They felt as if they'd seen a ghost as astonished words came out of their mouths.

"There won't be a next time!"

Ye Xuan coldly swept his gaze over Zhang Xiaowen, Li Wenxuan, and the others as he coldly spoke.

It was clear that the one being taught a lesson was not him, but the group of Zhuang brothers, and he roughly understood what had happened!

"Xiao Meng, let's go!"

After he finished speaking, his gaze fell onto Su Xiaomeng as he spoke in a low voice.

"Kid, you dared to touch my men in my territory, and you still want to leave?"

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a voice filled with killing intent quietly sounded out.