"Brother Kuang, you finally came, Brother Kuang!"

Watching the arrival of Kuang Ba with his elite subordinates, Dong Yin had an excited look on his face as he spoke, as if he had found his last resort.

Seeing Dong Yin who was heavily injured and kneeling on the ground, Kuang Ba frowned. His eyes flickered with a strong light, and a raging fire burned in his heart.

Even though Dong Yin was once a member of the War Tiger Gang, after the War Tiger Gang was destroyed, many territories would be taken over by the Wild Dragon Society. Dong Yin would be considered half a member of the Society.

But now, someone had actually beaten Dong Yin to such a state. Wasn't this clearly showing that they didn't want to give face to the Raging Dragon Gang and didn't want to put them in their eyes?

How could the hot-tempered Kuang Ba not be angry?

There was already a ball of fire burning in his heart.

Brother Kuang, you have to avenge me. Ever since I joined the Raging Dragon Society, I've worked hard for the Raging Dragon Club, and now that I've been beaten to such a state by that bastard, you must stand up for me!

Dong Yin said with a snot and tears in his eyes.

"Don't worry, whoever dares to make an enemy of my Kuang Long would be the first to kill him if he were to make a move on my people!" "Where is the man?"

He suppressed the anger in his heart and calmly said.

"Brother Kuang, it's that brat … It's fine that he insulted me, but he also called you a fool. Forcefully, I completely don't place you in my eyes. He even scolded the members of the Raging Dragon Guild for being a bunch of useless trash without any seed … "

"He even scolded our leader Elder Brother Xuan as a wild dog, a complete and utter trash …"

"Brother Kuang, you have to teach him a lesson. For the sake of our Kuang Long Guild, let that bastard know the power of our Kuang Long Guild!"

Dong Yin rubbed his eyes while gritting his teeth.

"Don't worry, leave it to me! "Where is that kid?"

Kuang Ba clenched his fists tightly. With a fierce glint in his eyes, he forcefully suppressed the rage in his heart and spoke in a low voice.

"Brother Kuang, look, it's that kid …"

After receiving Kuang Ba's affirmation, Dong Yin inwardly let out a long sigh of relief. He extended his finger and pointed at Ye Xuan, who was in front of him, as he spoke venomously.

Kuang Ba gently nodded his head in the direction of Dong Yin's finger. What appeared in his line of sight was Ye Xuan's face, which wore a meaningful smile on it, causing Kuang Ba to freeze.

"Brother Kuang, what's wrong? "Brother Kuang!"

Looking at the stunned tyrant, Dong Yin asked doubtfully.


However, in the next moment, the scene that shocked everyone at the scene quietly happened.

Under their incomparably shocked and incomprehensible gazes, the imposing Kuang Ba bent his knees and directly knelt before Ye Xuan. His hands clasped together as he respectfully said those words.

"Kuang Ba greets Brother Xuan!"


After Kuang Ba kowtowed to Ye Xuan and heard his firm and respectful words, the crowd was shocked and burst into an uproar.

Everyone had their eyes wide open and their mouths wide open. Their faces were filled with disbelief as they dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan. Their hearts were inexplicably shocked, and they were unable to recover from the shock for a long time.

This … What was going on?

Dong Yin, who was waiting for Kuang Ba to take revenge for him, was so shocked that his eyeballs almost fell out. He stared blankly at the Kuang Ba who was kneeling down, and his heart was a mess.

"This... "What the hell is going on?"

Li Wen Xuan, Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Xiao Wen, and Xu Mei looked at Ye Xuan, who was playing with his gun and looking relaxed, as if they'd seen a ghost. They couldn't believe what they'd just heard.

The shock of the scene in front of them could no longer be described with words.

Never in their dreams had they imagined that the Third Master of the Wild Dragon Association, Kuang Ba, would actually kneel before Ye Xuan and submit completely, even calling him Brother Xuan, even though he was famous in the entire Underground World.

Wasn't he just a musician?

Were our eyes playing tricks on us?

Li Wen Xuan, Zhang Xiao Fei, and Xu Mei struggled to rub their eyes, but the scene before them remained the same.

This was not an illusion, but a real existence.

Hua Qianqian, who originally wasn't worried about Ye Xuan's situation, was also inexplicably shocked. She blankly stared at him, unable to say anything for a long time.

Although she knew that Ye Xuan had some background when he bought a car, she never imagined that his identity would be so domineering.

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he coldly looked at Kuang Ba, who was kneeling down on one knee. His cold face did not have the slightest expression and he could not say anything for a long time.

Since things had gotten to this point, he needed Kuang Ba to give him an explanation. Furthermore, it was an explanation that would satisfy him.

Seeing that Ye Xuan still hadn't made his move, Rampage's heart surged with immense and intense pressure.

He could not help but think of what he had said to Dong Yin when he came here, and also of what Dong Yin had said.

This damned bastard had actually tricked me.

It was obvious that most of what Dong Yin had said before was his own fabrication, purposely provoking the hegemony and making him stand up for it.

Ye Xuan was the older brother Xuan that Dong Yin spoke of. How could he possibly say that he was a wild dog and a complete trash?

"Please rest assured Brother Xuan, today I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation!"

Kuang Ba endured the pressure and spoke again.

"Stand up!"

Ye Xuan replied indifferently.


Kuang Ba felt the pressure on his entire body lighten. He let out a long breath, stood up, and fixed his gaze on Dong Yin.

"Brother Kuang, this..."

Sensing Kuang Ba's gaze, Dong Qing swallowed hard, and hoarse words came out of his mouth.

"F * ck!"

However, before he could finish his words, Kuang Ba ruthlessly kicked him in the chest.

"Puchi …"

A terrifying force exploded, and Dong Yin was sent flying backwards like a cannonball, heavily crashing into the wall and spitting out a large amount of blood.

"Brother Dong …"

Seeing this, Dong Yin's lackeys couldn't help but let out a cry of concern.

"Cough cough …" Brother Kuang, what do you mean by this? "

Dong Li Yi clutched his chest and coughed twice. With much difficulty, he raised his head and looked at Kuang Ba, muttering some words.

"You dare to f * cking ask me what this means, you dare to even f * cking offend Brother Xuan, you really want to die!"

Just as Dong Yin finished his sentence, Kuang Ba stepped on his shoulder with his foot, as an angry and cold voice came out of his mouth.

"Elder brother Xuan?" Which Brother Xuan? "

Dong Yin asked doubtfully.

"Are you f * cking pretending? Which Brother Xuan are you talking about? Of course it's our Wild Dragon Society's true leader Brother Xuan! "

Kuang Ba stomped on Dong Yin's shoulder and said furiously.


"Puchi …"

Dong Yin's face suddenly changed. His face was ashen as a mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth.

He never imagined that Ye Xuan would have such an identity.

It had to be known that their Battle Tiger Gang was destroyed by the Raging Dragon's Association's leader, Elder Brother Xuan alone …

In the hearts of the remaining members of the War Tiger Gang, Brother Xuan was like a nightmare to them, but he was completely blind and had completely offended them …

Li Wen Xuan, Zhang Xiao Fei, and Xu Mei, who were standing on the side, had even paled and lost all color in their expressions. They blankly stared at Ye Xuan, and their hearts were filled with undisguised fear.

They had heard countless rumors about the head of the Wild Dragon Society, Elder Brother Xuan. He had single-handedly charged into the headquarters of the Evil Wolf Gang and went up the Soul Burying Mountain by himself, making many gangs submit and become known as Demon Masters …

However, they were secretly trying to trick him …

Thinking of this, Li Wenxuan, Zhang Xiaofei, and the others all felt a strong sense of fear. They took a few steps toward the entrance of the private box …

"Brother Xuan, I, Dong Yin, have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. I have offended you, please forgive me …"

In the next moment, Dong Yin quickly returned to his senses. He knelt in front of Ye Xuan, kowtowing as he begged for mercy.

"Elder Brother Xuan, please forgive us!"

Following Dong Yin's action, many of his subordinates all knelt down towards Ye Xuan, kowtowing and begging for forgiveness.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was like a high and mighty king, causing them to have no choice but to bow before him.

However, Ye Xuan remained expressionless as he coldly looked at the scene in front of him. He didn't say anything.

Kuang Ba's expression chilled when he saw Ye Xuan's cold expression. A bad premonition flashed through his heart. It was obvious that the matter hadn't been settled properly.

He stared coldly at Dong Yin and his men as he said furiously, "Screw you all have to explain to me exactly what happened and how you all offended Brother Xuan?"

"This... "This Brother Kuang, I only know that it's because my Brother Guang was beaten up by Brother Xuan, so I brought someone over."

Dong Yin trembled as he opened his mouth with much difficulty.

As his words fell, everyone's gazes descended onto Brother Guang.

"Brother Kuang, I … I only brought my subordinates over after hearing about them being beaten. "

Brother Guang's face was deathly pale as he struggled to open his mouth to point at his subordinate that was beaten up by Ye Xuan.

"This... This … Brother Guang, Brother Dong, Brother Kuang … I... I was only following Manager Liu's instructions. He said that Brother Xuan had slept here and didn't pay the money and told us to come here to collect the debt … "

That lackey was so scared that he was about to cry and said with a sullen face.

"F * ck! Bring that bastard Liu Xiangfei over here!"

His eyes were burning with anger, and an angry roar came from his mouth.

As soon as he finished speaking, a subordinate immediately went to bring in the manager, Liu Xiangfei, who had received Zhang Xiaofei and the others at the beginning.

"Brother Guang, Brother Dong …" "You all …"

When Liu Xiangfei was brought in to see the situation within the private box and saw the kneeling Dong Yin and Brother Guang, his expression changed drastically.


However, just as he finished speaking, one of his subordinates kicked him, causing him to kneel in front of Ye Xuan.

"Liu Xiangfei, you're f * cking looking for death, aren't you?" Did you tell these brothers that older brother Xuan played with women here and didn't give them the money to get them to come over and collect their debts? "

An ominous glint flashed in Dong Yin's eyes. He glared at Liu Xiangfei as if he was a tiger that was about to devour him. Angry words came out of his mouth.

"This... This … "This Brother Dong …"

"Brother Dong, this... This wasn't my idea, it was that Young Master Zhang and the others found me and gave me this idea, telling me to call a few of my brothers to find trouble with Brother Xuan, to ruin his reputation, and to make it so that Zhang Shao and the others can pick up girls. I saw that they had some status and they were very expensive, so … "

Sensing Dong Yin's piercing gaze, Liu Xiangfei naturally knew that he had caused a disaster. He pointed his finger at Zhang Xiaofei, and trembled as he spoke.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaofei's face was pale with fear!