"Zhang Xiaofei?"

Brother Dong's cold gaze fell on Zhang Xiaofei as he spoke coldly.

"That's right, it's Zhang Xiaofei! He was the one who told me that Brother Xuan didn't have any background, and he saw that Brother Xuan stole his limelight so he was very unhappy. Thus, he came to find me and came up with this idea to ruin Brother Xuan's reputation, and wanted us to teach him a lesson … "

"Brother Dong, seriously … "It really isn't me. If I knew that this is Elder Brother Xuan, I definitely wouldn't have let my subordinates do this."

Liu Xiangfei insisted on Zhang Xiaofei's decision, pointing at him with a resolute and decisive tone.

"No …" "It wasn't me, Brother Dong, listen to me, it was me who came up with this idea …"

"F * ck, let's kill him first!"

Zhang Xiaofei's face was pale, his body trembling in fear as he tried his best to defend himself.

But before he could finish, he was interrupted by Dong Yin's angry roar.



As soon as he said that, one of Zhang Xiaofei's lackeys made a move and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying out and crashing into the liquor cabinet, blood spurting out of his mouth.

"Bang … …" "Crack!"

That Liu Xiang Fei even grabbed a wine bottle and smashed it onto Zhang Xiaofei's head, knocking him out of his mind.

"Dong... Brother Dong, it really isn't me, although … "Even though I really don't like big brother Xuan, but I really didn't come up with this idea, really, ah."

Zhang Xiaofei had never experienced such devastation; therefore, he narrated the entire story in full detail while pointing at Li Wenxuan.

"Brother Dong, Brother Xuan, Brother Kuang, this …" It was all Li Wenxuan and Xu Xiaowen's idea. They saw that Brother Xuan was unhappy and had stopped him from picking up girls, so they thought that Brother Xuan definitely wouldn't be able to get these girls into bed, so they came up with this idea. It really wasn't my idea … "


"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

Li Wenxuan and Xu Xiaowen's faces were filled with fear. Their minds were completely blank as their legs went limp and they directly kneeled down. Their lower bodies even sprayed out a large amount of light yellow liquid, scaring them to the point of peeing …

"Brother Xuan, Brother Dong, Brother Kuang …" We were wrong! "

"Brother Xuan, we had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. If we offend you, then please do not bother with us, please forgive us!"

They kneeled in front of Ye Xuan, letting their lower bodies pee as they spoke with trembling words of fear.

They watched as their behavior continued to escalate. However, they didn't stop them from doing so. Not only did they not say a single word on Ye Xuan's behalf, they were even continuously adding insult to injury. Perhaps even in their dreams, they never would've thought that they would be found out.

"What?" So all of this was caused by Li Wenxuan, Xu Xiaowen, and the others? "

"F * ck, these scumbags actually want to get me into their bed …"

"They are the real culprits …"

"Li Wenxuan, Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Xiaowen, we misjudged you. I didn't expect you to be scum like this!"

"Ha! You scum..."

"How could us sisters be together with you scum? We're really blind, I'm sick …"

Looking at Li Wenxuan, Xu Xiaowen, and the others who were kneeling in front of Ye Xuan and begging for forgiveness, as well as the many beauties who came with them, as well as the men who stood with them, were all taken aback. Their gazes were filled with rage as they furiously cursed at Ye Xuan.

Some of the beauties even kicked Li Wenxuan, Zhang Xiaofei, and the others, while some even spat at them. They felt extremely disgusted and disgusted …

"How... How could this be? "

Only Xu Meimei stared blankly at the scene before her, her beautiful face had a look of extreme astonishment, as words of disbelief came out of her mouth.

She'd always looked down on Ye Xuan the same as Li Wenxuan and stood on the same side. She thought that she'd be able to get along with Li Wenxuan and get what they wanted, but she never thought that the Ye Xuan she despised would have such a deep background and extraordinary status …

"No …" It's not like that. All of this is fake … All of you, get up. Your families are filled with rich people, so how can you just admit defeat and kneel down? "

In the next moment, a crazed voice came from Xu Meili's mouth.

"Oh yeah, Brother Xuan... "And there's also that bitch Xu Mei. She said that she wanted to invite Su Xiaomeng and the others to play with us …"

Hearing Xu Mei who had lost her cool, Li Wenxuan seemed to have thought of something and quickly said.

"That's right, big brother Xuan. The reason we're doing this is because this woman is encouraging us from behind the scenes." She looks down on you even more than we do, and has only held you in her arms all this time … "

"That's right, big brother Xuan. We were all harmed by this woman. She ordered us to do everything."

Hearing Li Wenxuan's words, Zhang Xiaofei and Xu Xiaowen hurriedly echoed him.

"You all … "Ah …"

Xu Mei's expression changed greatly. Just as she was about to speak, two of her subordinates went forward and pressed her down, kneeling in front of Ye Xuan.

"Dammit, let go of me, you bunch of scum, you group of animals …"

"You bitch, shut up!"

Xu Mei struggled violently, but it was useless. She only calmed down when Li Wenxuan heavily slapped her face and left five bloody handprints on her face …

The turn of events had gone far beyond the imagination of the people present.

Especially Li Wenxuan, Zhang Xiaofei, and the others who were in the same class as Su Xiaomeng and Hua Qianqian. Who would have thought that things would go this far?

It had to be said that Li Wenxuan and the others were courting death. After all, Ye Xuan had said before that he wouldn't hold it against them.

"You bastards, you have caused me so much trouble!"

Looking at Li Wenxuan kneeling on the ground, Zhang Xiaofei and the rest of them, Dong Yin let out an angry roar.

He knew that everything was over. He had been destroyed by these people.

If he had paid more attention and carefully investigated the cause and effect, doing things from a just angle, things might not have turned out this way.

His heart was filled with regret, but it was useless.

It was too late, too late.

No one could save him anymore.

Ye Xuan looked at everything with interest, but didn't say anything. He left everything to Kuang Ba.

"Brother Kuang, what should we do now?"

One of Kuang Ba's lackeys walked in front of him and respectfully greeted him.

Kuang Ba's expression was ice-cold. His eyes flickered with a dense, vicious light as his killing intent surged. These fellows almost caused him to commit a grave mistake.


"Kacha …."

Without saying anything, Kuang Ba grabbed a bottle of red wine and smashed it heavily on Dong Yin Bei, Guang Ge, Li Wen Xuan, Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Mei and Xu Xiaowen. Only after beating their heads and kicking their feet did the anger in their hearts subside quite a bit.

"Brother Kuang, I beg you, please save us …"

The current Li Wenxuan was extremely miserable. His pleading gaze fell on Kuang Ba, and incomparably trembling words came out of his mouth.

"Find out how powerful these bastards are and call their family members. Tell them to pay them back in two hours!"

Kuang Ba's expression was ugly as he spoke out mercilessly.

Kuang Ba was truly a ruthless person. What he meant by using money to redeem people wasn't just tens of millions or even tens of millions. It was clear that he wanted Li Wanxuan and the others to go bankrupt.

Two hours was enough time for them to gather their money.

The reason Li Wenxuan was so arrogant and daring was because his family was rich.

So tyrannical let them take what they were proud of, let them be as poor as a pauper.

"Yes sir!"

After hearing Kuang Ba's words, someone immediately went to handle it.

"Brother Kuang, I beg you, please spare me, I …" "I was wrong, I was really wrong, I am living well, I can do anything for you, please, please let me go, if there is no money in the family, I will not be able to live …"

Sensing the meaning behind Kuang Ba's words, Xu Mei suddenly began to tremble, and her mouth began to fill with pleadings.

As she spoke, she even untied her clothes, revealing her beautiful figure …


However, Kuang Ba didn't even look at her as he kicked her away with a powerful force that caused her to faint on the spot.

"As for you... "Incompetent, offending your superiors. Offending Brother Xuan, you will be sentenced to death for your crimes!"

Kuangba cast a cold glance at Dong and Du. His cold and heartless words came out of his mouth …

"No, Brother Kuang …"

Dong Tianleng's facial expression changed as he let out a cry of despair …

"And Ah Guang, cut off your own finger and downgrade yourself to an ordinary member of the Raging Dragon's Association. You will have to perform well in the future before making a decision!" The other people will not judge him for their crimes! "

"Thank you, Brother Kuang!"

After hearing Kuang Ba's words, Brother Guang and everyone hurriedly thanked him as if they had received amnesty.

"Xiao Meng, Qianqian … Let's go! "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan nodded lightly and left the room with Su Xiaomeng and Hua Qianqian …

Kuang Ba indeed did a pretty good job and gave him a satisfactory answer.

It was one thing for him to take away the thing that Li Wenxuan and the others were most proud of. He even executed Dong Zi, who had committed an offense against others. Not only did it serve as an example to others, it even helped Ye Xuan gain back his prestige.

He lightly punished Brother Guang and his subordinates who were willing to submit to Zhan Hu. They saw his benevolent side and seemed especially brilliant. It was definitely not something an ordinary person could do.

"Phew!" "Greetings to Brother Xuan …"

As they gazed at Ye Xuan's departing back, Kuang Ba and the others respectfully bid him farewell.

After leaving KTV, Su Xiaomeng bid farewell to Hua Qianqian and the others and returned to the Starlight Villa under Ye Xuan's lead.

Two hours later, Ye Xuan's bank card received several huge amounts of money. In total, it was around 250 million or so, the money from Li Wenxuan's family members who came to redeem Ye Xuan. Kuang Ba had them transfer the money directly to Ye Xuan's card.

After washing up and chatting with Su Xiaomeng, the two of them went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, a gust of cold wind blew past. The sleeping Ye Xuan seemed to have felt something and abruptly opened his eyes.

An alluring figure appeared in front of Ye Xuan's eyes.

Her angelic face was covered by a black silk scarf. Her devilish curvaceous body was wrapped in night clothes. The air was filled with a fragrance. It was a fatal seduction. It made people feel breathless. They couldn't help but want to hold her in their arms and pity her.

Under Ye Xuan's doubtful gaze, she stretched out her slender, pure white hands and gently untied her clothes, revealing her perfect figure and a large area of snow-white clothes. It was extremely alluring.

"I... "Am I dreaming?"

Ye Xuan felt as if he was in a dream and didn't want to wake up.


Along with a crisp sound, the beauty finally took off her top, exposing her perfect body, which was wrapped in a black Bra, to the air. With graceful steps, she twisted her sexy and fiery figure to arrive in front of Ye Xuan's bed …

Ye Xuan's heart couldn't suppress the flames in his heart any longer, erupting like a volcano, as he looked at the towering black Bra and the fragrance that caused him to fall asleep.

He couldn't take it anymore!