Too arrogant.

Ye Xuan's domineering words had undoubtedly angered all of the Lan family members.

This was their Lan family's courtyard. This man was arrogant. He had made all the people in their family attack him together. How could they not be angry?

This was a blatant provocation and insult to the Lan family.

"Ghost Shadow Blood Guard, cripple him!"

The anger in Lan Tianyuan and Lan Tiangyuan's heart was burning. Lan Tiangjing clenched his fists and shouted angrily.

"Yes sir!"


As his roar descended, the five Ghost Shadow Blood Guards that stood majestically behind him charged straight at Ye Xuan with dense killing intent. They were like five roaring black dragons as they whistled through the air.

A terrifying aura also spread out from their bodies.

Their speed was extremely fast, and they instantly appeared in front of Ye Xuan.

One of them brandished an iron fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan's chest.

A person's hand turned into a dragon claw and was wrapped by a powerful force as it flew towards Ye Xuan's throat.

A person appeared behind Ye Xuan in a flash. His palm struck towards Ye Xuan's back with force.

An ominous glint flashed in the eyes of both of them. They swayed their bodies, left and right, and their right legs transformed into long whips as they lashed towards Ye Xuan's head.

The attacks of the five Ghost Shadow Blood Guards were crafty and were unusually sharp. They completely sealed off Ye Xuan's escape route, so they couldn't be afraid.

These guys' strengths were equivalent to the peak of the international killer's Silver rank. Killing one of them could be said to be an easy task.

It's a pity that Ye Xuan isn't a human. He's supreme and unparalleled!

"East Wind Break!"

The powerful energy in his body surged, and violent energy surged. He straightened his waist, and his spine was like an angry dragon swinging its tail. With a slash of his arms, his body shook, and violent energy and energy formed a black demonic wind with him as the center, that spread out in all directions.

"Puchi …"

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Just when the attacks of the five Ghastly Shadow Blood Guards were about to land on Ye Xuan's body, they were struck by the demonic wind that Ye Xuan released. Their mouths spat out a mouthful of blood, and their bodies uncontrollably flew backwards.

He extended a hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, then raised his head to look at Ye Xuan with a serious expression.

They never thought that Ye Xuan would be able to use his own explosive force to force them back.

Just what kind of strength did it take to be able to do this?

"Chi! Chi!"

Although they were forced back, the five Ghastly Shadow Blood Guards didn't give up on attacking Ye Xuan. With a wave of their hands, the poisonous spikes concealed within their sleeves fell into their hands, causing their aura to become intimidating.

With a weapon in hand, their battle strength would undoubtedly increase, not to mention that they had three. Not only did the Revolving Weapon, which had been specially modified by the Revolving Weapon Technique, contain poison, it also possessed a strong killing power.


Following an explosive shout, the five Ghastly Shadow Blood Guards gripped their poisonous spikes and charged straight at Ye Xuan.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

The instant they rushed out, a large number of darts and concealed weapons flew out from their hands and enveloped Ye Xuan.

They borrowed the cover of the concealed weapons to attack Ye Xuan even faster.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"


Facing the incoming concealed weapon, Ye Xuan's face was expressionless. His body moved as both of his hands reached out to quickly grab and capture the concealed weapon that was aimed at him.

The moment the five Ghost Shadow Blood Guards attacked, he let out a loud roar, shook his body, and threw all the hidden weapons in his hand out.

"Ding ding ding …"

"Swish …"

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Ye Xuan's sudden counterattack caused the expressions of the five Ghost Shadow Blood Guards to change drastically. Facing the darts that were approaching at an even faster speed, they were only able to force themselves to withdraw from Ye Xuan's attack. They brandished their poisonous spikes to block the darts, and their bodies were even forced back.

Some of their movements were a little bit too slow after being hit by the flying dart. Their clothes were torn apart, revealing dark-red wounds on their bodies. Fresh blood flowed out …

Unfortunately, all of this was only the beginning of Ye Xuan's counterattack.

Taking advantage of the instant the concealed weapon forced the five Ghastly Shadow Blood Guards to retreat, Ye Xuan flew out like a devil dragon and instantly closed the distance.

Tianxuan Leg!

The Wind God was enraged!

Raging Dragon's Destruction!


"Bam bam bam!"

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, their attacks were constantly magnified in the eyes of the five Ghost Shadow Blood Guards and struck them. Fresh red blood spurted out of their mouths one after another, and their bodies flew out like cannonballs, smashing into the pond in the middle of the courtyard and causing muffled sounds of impact, causing countless splashes …

His body was severely injured, and he was drenched in sweat.

Only Ye Xuan stood upright in the middle of the arena. A cool breeze blew, causing his long hair to flutter and his clothes to flutter. He seemed cold and dazzling, as if he was a peerless king that had returned.

Victory or defeat would be decided in the blink of an eye.

"Like I said, your family can fight us together!"

Ye Xuan took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. He slowly exhaled the thick smoke from his mouth and looked at the Lan family members as he spoke in an indifferent and domineering manner.

"Damn it!"

"A bunch of useless trash. Are all of you just f * cking freeloading?"

Looking at the imposing Ye Xuan, Fatty Lan's mother's expression became even more hideous and unsightly. Her fists cracked as she clenched them, and words of incomparable fury came out of her mouth.

She was furious to the extreme.

The faces of the surrounding Lan family members were also unsightly. They had been bullied into coming to their doorsteps and slapping their faces.


Lan Tianyuan couldn't help but curse as he looked at Ye Xuan with eyes filled with flames.

"Other than scolding you, what else can I do? If you have the ability, then personally kill him for me! "

Upon hearing Lan Tianyuan's words and seeing his livid and angry expression, the mother of Lan Fanghua could not help but curse angrily.

"You dog and dog duo, you are very arrogant now, aren't you? I'll call the police right now and tell them to come and fuck you! "

Seeing that, Mother Orchid Flower seemed to have thought of something and spoke in anger.

With that, she took out her cellphone and made a call …

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

However, Lan Tianyuan grabbed the phone from her hands and smashed it on the ground.

There were unwritten rules among the big families and even the major powers. No matter what happened between them, the authorities would not interfere …

Furthermore, the authorities would definitely not easily intervene in the battles between the influential families. They were happy to be free …

After all, many things become especially troublesome once they've seen the light.

Fatty Leung's mother wanted to call the police. This was not only breaking the rules of the game, but also humiliating the Lan family …

If even a mere Ye Xuan couldn't solve the problem, then wouldn't the Lan family become a joke in the eyes of other families if word were to spread?

"You … "Lan Tianyuan, you heartless thing. Your daughter was killed by this dog and dog duo, and you're still f * cking angry at me. You're so cocky. Kill them all and avenge your daughter …"

"Okay, you don't dare. You don't have the balls, right? "Then I'll go, I'll go, right?"

The mother of Fatty Lan stood up with difficulty and cried.

As she spoke, her gaze landed on Lan Tianzheng, who was standing to the side and watching coldly. Her gaze was especially cold and unsightly. She then stopped at the gun on his waist. "Third brother, don't just stand there. Say something …"

"Take a look, Fat Flower has always respected you. But now, she was killed by someone, and the adulterous couple that killed her is still acting arrogantly and getting away with it …"

"Don't you have the strongest martial power out of all of you brothers? Kill them all, let them pay for it with their lives … Aren't you going to make a move? Are you afraid? "

"If you're afraid, then let me …" Let me go kill them! "

As the words of Fatty Lan's mother ended, she reached out with her palm and pulled out the gun on Lan Tianxiang's waist. She aimed at Lan Wanting beside Ye Xuan and pulled the trigger as venomous words came out of her mouth.

"Lan Wanting, you damned bitch, go and die! If you didn't find a wild man and bring this bastard back, my daughter wouldn't have died! You better pay with your life!"


An ear-piercing gunshot rang out as the sharp bullet flew towards Lan Wanting with a strong killing intent …

"And you damn little bastard, go die with me!"

"Go to hell both of you, you wretched couple!"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

After the shot, Fatty Hua's mother didn't stop. She continued to pull the trigger towards Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting, causing the sharp bullets to continuously attack and envelop them …

This woman wanted Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting to go to hell.

Furthermore, neither Lan Tianyuan nor Lan Tianxing were able to stop them. They could have stopped them at the first possible moment.

Looking at the incoming bullets and the cold expressions of Lan Tianyuan and the other clansmen, there was no trace of blood on Lan Wan's beautiful face. Her face had turned pale.

She had done her best for her family, but in the end, no one stood up for her. They were so cold and heartless …

Maybe they all want to die.

"I'm sorry, Ye Xuan. I've implicated you …."

She turned around to look at Ye Xuan as she spoke apologetically.

If it wasn't for her bringing Ye Xuan back, things wouldn't have turned out this way and Ye Xuan wouldn't have been implicated …

"Don't worry, we won't die!"

Seeing that the first bullet was about to land on Lan Wanting, Ye Xuan took a step forward. Wind and thunder surged beneath his feet as he reached out his hand to grab Lan Wanting's waist, then pulled her into his embrace and moved her to the side …

"Bang, bang, bang …"

A gunshot rang out, and a bullet struck. Ye Xuan held onto Lan Wanting as they rolled on the ground. He barely dodged the bullet attack, and pulled her back from the line of death …

When the rolling stopped, Ye Xuan was pressed down by Lan Wanting's full body. Their bodies were perfectly pressed together, and one could clearly feel their soft and powerful heartbeats …

"You dog couple are still showing your love when you're about to die. Die for my mother!"

Seeing this, Fatty Hua's mother had a savage expression. She pointed the gun at Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting, preparing to pull the trigger once again.

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold, and a berserk killing intent exploded from his eyes. He embraced Lan Wanting as he suddenly flipped over, and a sharp Soul Shattering Saber shot out from his sleeve …

"Swish …"

The sound of a knife slicing through flesh rang out …

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the head of the mother flew up and separated from her body …

Large amounts of fresh red blood spurted out from her broken neck …

He then fell heavily to the ground, turning into an ice-cold corpse. There was no more life left in him …