"Everyone stop!"

Following the appearance of this powerful voice, a burly figure rushed over at this moment.

He was around 1.9 meters tall, had a pair of dry short hair, and both of his eyes were deep like the stars. His rough face was filled with raging fury, and his robust body was wrapped in camouflage clothing.

A respectful voice came from their mouths, "Instructor Liang!"

Even Lan Tianheng and Lan Tianyuan's expressions turned ugly.

The old man's eyes slightly narrowed, and they emitted an unconcealed intent to do battle.

"Uncle Liang!"

On the other hand, Lan Wanting's beautiful face revealed an undisguised expression of pleasant surprise. She often felt relieved and smiled in her heart.

This man was none other than the instructor of the Lan family for training deathsworn and powerful warriors. He held an extremely high status in the Lan family. His name was Liang Wei.

Liang Wei was a retired soldier. When he was young, he had joined the most powerful Wolf Fang Special Forces in the whole of China and had retired from the army. He had a wide range of connections and was extremely powerful and was definitely not someone an ordinary person could provoke.

Even Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and the others treated him with extreme respect.

However, his personality was proud and aloof. Other than his close relationship with Lan Wanting, he ignored everyone else.

After all, he was Lan Wanting's father's best brother.

Lan Wanting had a certain authority in the Lan family. The reason she was in charge of the azure company was not only because of the Lan family's old man's love for her, but also because of this Liang Wei.

After all, he had trained most of the Lan family's guards and even the Ghost Shadow Blood Guards.

Liang Wei walked to Lan Wanting's side and lightly nodded. Worried words came out of his mouth, "How is it? Are you alright? "

"Uncle Liang, I'm fine. It's all thanks to you being in time."

Lan Wanting said with a smile.

With Liang Wei present, she only felt the pressure on her suddenly lighten by quite a bit.

"That's good!"

Liang Wei lightly nodded his head. His gaze swept over Ye Xuan's body and a trace of astonishment flashed across his eyes. He could feel a faintly discernible wave of powerful aura emitting from Ye Xuan's body.

This young man isn't weak.

"Liang Wei, what are you trying to do?"

Looking at Liang Wei who was standing beside Lan Wanting, Lan Tianhen's expression turned cold as he spoke in a deep voice.

"Nothing, if you want to touch Wan Ting, then do me a favor!"

Liang Wei was expressionless. With a single step forward, a terrifying aura that was like a wolf or tiger unreservedly spread out from his body, spreading in all directions and causing a fierce wind to blow in the courtyard.

A thick dark red murderous aura surrounded him like a red stream of air, causing his aura to grow even more imposing, causing even the Blood Ghastly Shadow guards to subconsciously take two steps back, feeling a great sense of pressure.

"Is this the strength an instructor should have?"

Mumbling words came out of their mouths.

"This fellow has such a strong killing intent and aura! This killing aura and aura must have killed thousands of people before it could be condensed! "

Even Ye Xuan was violently shocked by Liang Wei's terrifying aura. He didn't expect such a powerful existence to be present in the sea of stars. Even Ye Xuan didn't have any confidence in facing this fellow.

According to his estimations, this fellow's strength was probably not the least bit weaker than the 108 Divine Guard level experts below the 36 Divine Masters of the Dark World in the west.

"Liang Wei, what are you trying to do? Are they going to rebel? "

Feeling Liang Wei's imposing aura, Lan Tianhen's face slightly changed. He shouted, "Do you know that you are trying to cover for the culprit? Lan Wanting has joined forces with this kid to kill Fatty Hua and her mother …"

"So be it! If you don't accept it, then do it to me! "

However, before Lan Tianhen could finish his words, Liang Wei's domineering voice interrupted him.

"You … You. I'm so pissed off! I order you with the vice clan leader's order, immediately … "

Lan Tianxue was extremely angry. He clenched his fist so hard that it made a cracking sound. Angry words came out of his mouth.

However, before he could finish speaking, he was once again interrupted by Liang Wei's extremely domineering voice. "Vice Patriarch? "What the f * ck! If you continue blabbering like that, I'll beat you up too!"

Brother, you're so awesome!

Have a temper, I like it!

It was so right.

Seeing Liang Wei's performance and hearing his words, Ye Xuan felt incomparably refreshed. He simply liked this fellow's temper to the extreme.

He had already made up his mind that if there was a chance, he would take this fellow under his wing.

"You … What the hell are you all doing? Go and capture him! "

Lan Tianji was so angry that his whole body trembled. He pointed his finger at Liang Wei and roared furiously.

The guards of the Lan family and the Ghost Shadow Blood Guards also stepped forward as soon as Lan Tianhen finished speaking.

"BOOM!" Dong! "BOOM!"

However, at this moment, Liang Wei had taken three steps forward.

With every step he took, the hard floor would be crushed into powder, and rubble would fly everywhere.

With every step he took, his aura became even more oppressive, exuding a supreme majesty that no one dared to infringe upon.

He slowly raised the worn-out and ancient military knife in his hand and pointed it towards the crowd as he coldly spoke.

"I trained all of you, so I don't want to hurt you. If you don't want to die, you can try!"

Hearing Liang Wei's words, the numerous guards that took a step forward and the Ghost Shadow Blood Guards subconsciously swallowed their saliva. They looked at each other, then they looked at each other before obediently backing away.

They didn't have to fear Ye Xuan in the slightest, but they had to fear Liang Wei. It wasn't only because Liang Wei was their instructor, but also because of Liang Wei's explosive temper and absolutely terrifying strength.

They did not want to die. At the very least, they did not want to die fighting Liang Wei!

"You all … Trash, a bunch of useless trash, it's all for nothing! "

Looking at the cowering Ghost Shadow Blood Guards, Lan Tianhen, Lan Tianyuan, and Lan Tianjing had an extremely ugly expression on their faces. Lan Tianhen stomped his foot in anger as he furiously roared.

From his point of view, although Liang Wei was very powerful, as long as the Ghost Shadow Blood Guards and the guards attacked together, they would definitely be able to kill him.

However, these fellows didn't even have the courage to fight, losing without a fight!

"Stop shouting, if you don't accept it, then come and fuck me!"

"And what happened to Wan Ting is my business, Liang Wei's business. Whoever dares to harm Wan Ting, don't blame me for being merciless!"

Liang Wei's ice-cold gaze swept over the crowd, as he coldly and domineeringly spoke.

This guy had a soldier's pride, a soldier's straightforwardness, and a soldier's ruthlessness. No matter how Ye Xuan looked at it, Ye Xuan liked him.

"You are courting death. Do you really think that there is no one in the entire Lan family who can treat you?"

"Four Gods, what are you waiting for?"

At this moment, as the vice-head, Lan Tianheng could no longer tolerate Liang Wei's arrogance. He abruptly took out a keepsake from his pocket and crushed it as words of incomparable fury came out of his mouth.


As his words fell, the four auras that were not weaker than Liang Wei erupted from the depths of the Lan family's backyard.

Under the incomparably shocked gazes of the crowd, four figures burst out from the depths of the back courtyard like a torrent of water cutting through the darkness. They rushed towards the outer courtyard where Ye Xuan and the others were at at an incredible speed.

They were tall and sturdy, their ice-cold faces were covered by special coats, revealing only their ice-cold eyes. Their robust bodies were wrapped in special black armor, and on their arms, there was a unique tattoo of a ghost, giving them a mysterious appearance.

Some had pitch-black chains wrapped around their bodies, emitting bursts of black qi …

Some carried a heavy sword that weighed 50 kilograms and emitted a domineering might.

Some held twin sabers that were connected to chains in their hands, appearing abnormally cold.

Some carried three pitch-black swords on their backs, and their bodies were completely surrounded by the black gas, as if they were emissaries from hell.

They were the most mysterious existences in the Lan family. They were the trump cards that few people in the outside world knew about. They were known as the Four-sided Ghost Gods!



As they looked at the people from the four directions who instantly arrived next to Liang Wei and felt their abnormally cold temperament, the expressions of the people on scene couldn't help but change and they sucked in a breath of cold air.

As if they had thought of something, shocked voices came out from their mouths.

"They are the Four Directions Ghost Gods? The legendary existences of the clan. "

"Rumor has it that they have existed since the founding of the Lan family by our old man. Furthermore, they have made great contributions to the establishment of the Lan family." Rumor has it that they have existed since the establishment of the Lan family by our old man by our old man by our old man.

"They are the trump card of our Lan family. Their auras are vigorous and their auras are cold. They are like the reaper who just walked out of hell!"

"This aura isn't any weaker than Instructor Liang's, right?"

Looking at the four incoming ghosts, Lan Wanting's expression changed drastically. She never thought that these four ghosts actually existed in the Ye Family's mansion.

Their status was probably only higher than Lan Tianheng's group.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed. How could he have imagined that the Lan family of a small Star Sea would have such a deep foundation? With so many experts, they would be much stronger than the Ye Family.

There will probably be a bloody battle today.

Even Liang Wei's expression gradually turned solemn at this moment.

He had stayed in the Lan family for so many years. He had always felt that there were four faintly discernible auras of danger hidden in the depths of the backyard. However, every time he had gone there, he hadn't realized it was the four of them.

From the looks of it, they had existed for a very long time.

The Hidden Sword elder and weapon master Yun Lan, who were standing to one side, narrowed their eyes. The gazes that they used to look at the ghosts and deities in all four directions were filled with shock and bewilderment.

"Seniors, our Lan family has met with a calamity today. I, Lan Tianheng, helplessly crushed the keepsake and called for the four Seniors. May the four Seniors take action and eliminate this intruder."

Looking at the four incoming ghosts, Lan Tianhen took a deep breath. He walked up to them and respectfully cupped his fist as he spoke in a low voice.


It was impossible to see the slightest expression on the covered face of the four directions' ghosts and deities. Their ice-cold eyes flickered with a cold luster as they replied in a hoarse voice.


As soon as they finished speaking, they took a step forward and slowly walked towards Ye Xuan and Liang Wei with murderous intent.

A towering killing intent filled the courtyard of the Lan family.