"Old Xue!"

As they looked at Xue Xinchen, Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and the many members of the Lan family that had arrived, expressions of great surprise and joy appeared on their faces. Their respectful voices also came from their mouths.

"Old Xue!"

"Old Xue!"

The Ghost Shadow Blood Guards, as well as the ghosts and deities from all four directions, also clasped their hands and greeted him respectfully.

One could imagine how high Xue Xinchen's position in the Lan family was. It was definitely not something an ordinary person could compare with. Even as the vice clan head, Lan Tianheng.

Of course, this was not only because Xue Xinchen had accompanied the Lan family's old man for dozens of years, but also because he was his sworn brother.

Perhaps no one else knew, but Lan Tianhen knew very well that the Lan family's old man had once told him that the Four Directions Ghost Gods had once served under Xue Xinchen.

Even though Xue Xinchen looked old and white-haired, unlike Liang Wei and the others who had powerful auras and auras, he still radiated an invisible aura, causing people to feel a sense of pressure.

This was one of the manifestations of the state Xue Xinchen was in, where he was able to freely control his own strength and aura.

His eyes were sharper and more profound than an eagle's eye. It was as if his eyes contained the stars of time, which was not something an ordinary person could possess.

His intuition told him that this guy in front of him was very strong.

Not just any ordinary expert, but ridiculously strong.

Even if Ye Xuan were to enter the bewitched state, he would only have a 10% chance of victory when fighting this fellow.

Xue Xinchen walked over slowly. He looked around before his sight landed on Yun Lan. He spoke with an ancient but dignified tone, "Little girl, are you saying that you want to become enemies with my Lan family?"

Even with Yun Lan's strength, she could feel the great pressure and danger from Xue Xinchen's gaze. It caused her face to turn icy, and words that were neither humble nor arrogant came out of her mouth.

"I do not wish to become enemies with the Lan family, but I want to state my position!" If you want to fight for a mere two evil women, then fight! "

As Yun Lan's words fell, an even colder aura burst forth from her body, as if it was going to freeze the entire world, causing people to feel a bone-piercing chill.

"Little girl, it seems like I'll have to suffer a little bit with you today …"

Xue Xinchen's expression turned cold. His shriveled hand casually slapped towards Yun Lan.


Yun Lan let out a cold snort. She did not dodge, but extended her lily-white hand to meet the palm, directly colliding with Xue Xinchen's shriveled hand.


"Puchi …"

A dull collision sound rang out. Yun Lan's body stopped and her face quietly paled. A mouthful of bright red blood sprayed out from her mouth as her graceful body flew backwards like a cannonball …

Who would have thought that Xue Xinchen's casual palm strike would possess such terrifying power?


"Tap, tap, tap …"

As he watched Yun Lan's body fly out and collide with the wall behind him, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. He took a step forward and appeared beside Yun Lan. He extended his hand to embrace her slender waist, ignoring the soft sensation coming from her hand …

The powerful force still shook him until he retreated a few steps back before stabilizing his body.

"How is it? Are you alright? "

After putting Yun Lan down, Ye Xuan said in a low voice.

Yun Lan gently shook her head. She stretched out her hand to wipe the blood on the corner of her mouth and raised her head to look at Xue Xinchen with a serious expression …

Earlier, she had only used 10% of her strength to probe, but she had not expected that old man to not hold back at all!

"Leave it to me!"

Seeing that Yun Lan was about to attack again, Ye Xuan stopped her.

Although this woman wasn't weak, she was clearly no match for Xue Xinchen.

Ye Xuan didn't want this woman to die.

"Leave it to you?" "You're very strong?"

A trace of coldness appeared within Xue Xinchen's eyes when he heard this. A cold light appeared on his face, and he clenched his hand into a fist, directly smashing it towards Ye Xuan.

"Dragon Rage!"

"Dragon Breaking Fist!"

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. Energy exploded from his entire body. He poured the energy from his body into his fist and angrily smashed it towards Xue Xinchen.


In the next moment, Ye Xuan's fist collided with Xue Xinchen's fist, causing a huge explosion to erupt.

"Eh? He can actually block one of my fists?"

After Ye Xuan blocked his attack, a trace of surprise flashed on Xue Xinchen's face.

"The wrath of the Wind God!"

However, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He transferred all of his strength into his whip-leg and fiercely kicked Xue Xinchen.


"Tap, tap, tap …"

But Xue Xin Chen's reaction was too fast. He didn't even look before smashing his fist towards Ye Xuan's leg whip attack, colliding with Ye Xuan's foot.

A muffled explosion sounded out, causing Ye Xuan's entire body to be blasted backwards. He was forced back several tens of meters until he crashed into a locust tree on the side of the courtyard to stabilize himself. His entire right leg was numb.

He raised his head to look at Xue Xinchen, who had been forced to retreat half a step. He let out a sigh of relief in his heart. At the very least, he would be able to put up a fight against him.


However, Xue Xinchen didn't stop to give Ye Xuan any breathing room. Instead, he dashed towards Ye Xuan at an extremely fast speed, and his withered hand transformed into a dragon claw as he charged towards Ye Xuan's throat.

"Grandpa Xue, don't …"

Lan Wanting's expression changed when she saw this. She quickly stood in front of Ye Xuan, stopping Xue Xin Chen's attack.

Xue Xinchen's gaze was cold as he stared at Lan Wanting. He said in a stern voice, "Wanting, although your grandfather has always liked you, today you did something like this with him. Even if your grandfather wakes up, he will still be angry and he will definitely punish you …"

"If you step aside now and let this kid take responsibility for what happened today, then I can guarantee that you'll continue enjoying your former status in the Lan family. You'll still be responsible for the Blue Ocean, or else …"

"Chi! Chi!"

Killing intent flashed in Xue Xinchen's eyes. He waved his hand and slashed out like a long blade.

An invisible force exploded from his palm, transforming into a wind blade and slicing a large tree not far from his courtyard.

This fellow's strength was unexpectedly so strong that it shocked everyone present to their eyeballs.

"Grandpa Xue, listen to my explanation …" The reason I brought Ye Xuan back was because he was able to cure grandfather's illness and wake him up. But Fatty Lan kept making things difficult for Ye Xuan, and even wanted to kill him. Ye Xuan really couldn't help himself, and just now … "

When she heard Xue Xinchen's cold and emotionless words, a strong feeling of helplessness appeared on Lan Wan's beautiful face. She hurriedly opened her mouth to explain.

"What did you say?" He can cure your grandfather's illness? "

Lan Wanting's words caused a great joy to appear on Xue Xin Chen's face. His excited voice came out of his mouth.

"Mm, I think he should have a great assurance in being able to recover. After all, he was the one who helped control my illness and improved it later, that's why I brought him back …"

Lan Wanting turned around and her gaze fell onto Ye Xuan. She lightly nodded at him before slowly opening her mouth.

"Nonsense. Old Xue, don't listen to her nonsense. This kid's name is Ye Xuan, the trash who was kicked out of the Ye family. He isn't a doctor at all. How could he possibly treat the old man's illness?"

Seeing Xue Xinchen's change in attitude, Lan Tianheng hurriedly spoke up.

"Yes, that's right! Old Xue, this fellow was kicked out of the Ye Clan in a car accident three years ago and became a trash. He is not a doctor at all. "

Lan Tianyuan and the others also joined in.

"You know medicine?"

Xue Xinchen completely ignored the words of Lan Tianheng and the others. Instead, his gaze descended upon Ye Xuan as he spoke in a low voice.

"None of your business!"

However, Ye Xuan replied with an extremely impatient tone.

"You …"

Xue Xin Chen didn't want Ye Xuan to reply like this and was extremely furious.

"Cut the crap. If you want to fight, then fight!"

Unfortunately, his words were interrupted by Ye Xuan's cold voice.

This Xue Xinchen made him extremely unhappy, but he was not in the mood to give this fellow the slightest bit of face.

"Old Xue, look at how arrogant this kid is. Don't waste words with him, just directly kill him!"

"That's right. Elder Xue killed this kid …"

"Kill him!"

Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and the others shouted when they saw Ye Xuan's arrogant attitude.

"You're courting death!"

Even Xue Xinchen's expression turned cold. His palm carried a sharp intent to kill as it smashed towards Ye Xuan. He was determined to kill Ye Xuan with a single palm strike.

"You've been severely injured, but you haven't recovered from your injuries. Every time it rains, the fifth rib on the right will ache, and your lungs will become heavy. When you're seriously injured, you will also feel shortness of breath, and your entire body will feel powerless …"

"When night comes, your mind will become abnormally excited and you will be unable to sleep. Many images from the past will appear in your mind and you will even hallucinate! Old thing, I don't want to kill you. It's not because I'm afraid of you, but because you're already a dying man! "

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he looked at Xue Xinchen's furiously approaching palm. Calm words came out of his mouth.

"Impudent! Old Xue, quickly kill him! This boy is actually cursing you to die!"

"Kid, you dare curse Old Xue, you're dead for sure!"

Looking at Ye Xuan's calm appearance and hearing his words, Lan Tianheng's heart was filled with rage. At this moment, they all spoke out in anger.

"Swish …" "Bang!"

However, the next moment, something that shocked Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and the people around them quietly happened.

Xue Xinchen, who wanted to kill Ye Xuan with a single palm strike, seemed as if he'd been struck by lightning. He stood dumbstruck on the spot and stopped his attack on Ye Xuan.

He looked at Ye Xuan as if he'd seen a ghost, and words that made him lose his composure flowed out of his mouth.

"You … How do you know? "

He never imagined that Ye Xuan would be able to tell him where the illness in his body was and tell him all of the torture he'd endured all these years …

Ye Xuan grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth as he calmly spoke.

"Because I'm a genius doctor!"