"Are you a genius doctor?"

Xue Xin Chen stared blankly at Ye Xuan as he subconsciously asked.

"That's right, I'm a genius doctor, and in terms of medical skills, I'm ranked second in the world."

Ye Xuan had an arrogant expression as he lightly replied.

"Then who's the best in the world?"

Xue Xin Chen asked again.

"My master is the Medical Saint Ye Xuan!"

Ye Xuan replied with a face full of pride.

"Medical Saint Ye Xuan?"

Xue Xinchen stared blankly once again, his heart surging with unprecedented excitement.

He had heard of the famous Medical Saint Ye Xuan's name before, but in the past few years, he had long since disappeared without a trace. It was impossible for countless people to ask him for help, and if this fellow was really a disciple of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan, then his medical skills were definitely extraordinary.

"Old Xue, he's lying. He's just a trash who was kicked out of the Ye Family. His name is Ye Xuan. How could he be the successor of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan?"

"That's right, Old Xue. He's lying to you. Quickly kill him!"

"Kill him and avenge our people!"

The faces of Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and Lan Tiangyuan changed as they yelled.

"Are you really the successor of Medical Saint Ye Xuan?"

Xue Xinchen didn't pay attention to the Lan Tianjiao trio. Instead, he used an ice-cold gaze to stare coldly at Ye Xuan.

"Of course! Do you know why I woke up from my vegetative state? It was because of the Medicine Saint Ye Xuan! That's why he used his medical skill to wake me up. Not only did he treat me, he even passed on his medical skills to me! "

"Otherwise, do you think this crappy medical technique will be able to cure me?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with wisdom, and his calm voice sounded from his mouth.

He had found a reasonable explanation for his own medical skills, and had even installed the identity of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan's successor. Not only did it allow him to become famous as a medical master, it also gave him a unique identity.

From Ye Xuan's point of view, if he could become famous as the successor of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan, then many of his former brothers would definitely come after him if they found out. This would save him the trouble of looking for others.

At the same time, he was also able to interact with them using his identity as the successor of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan felt that this idea of his was especially good. He felt that this guy could applaud his intelligence.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, even though Xue Xinchen still had doubts, he still somewhat believed him.

After all, Ye Xuan was a vegetable who'd been exiled from his family.

It was a miracle that he could wake up!

Furthermore, he had reached such a level that it was hard for him to understand what was going on …

And using the Medical Saint's successor as a reason to explain everything very well …

As for Lan Wanting, Yun Lan, and Liang Wei, they stared at Ye Xuan in shock. This fellow was actually the successor of the Medical Saint, Ye Xuan.

"Old Xue, he's making up a story …."

"Shut up!"

Seeing this, Lan Tianhen was about to speak again, but was cut off by Xue Xinchen's angry voice.

"Little friend Ye Xuan, since you're the successor of Medical Saint Ye Xuan, then can you treat Wanting's grandfather, Lan Jianqiu?"

Xue Xin Chen looked at Ye Xuan. His aged face was filled with smiles as he spoke.

This old thing changes his face faster than he flips books.

"In this world, there are no evils that I cannot cure, so there is naturally no problem! As for your hidden injuries … "

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up in a blur. His words seemed to have come to a halt on purpose.

"Little friend Ye Xuan, please come in. This isn't a good place to talk, please …"

Xue Xinchen seemed to have noticed something and hurriedly gestured, appearing especially respectful.

If Ye Xuan was really the successor of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan, then his position was something even he, Xue Xinchen, couldn't compare to.

"Then the two women that were slaughtered?"

Ye Xuan didn't leave. Instead, his gaze fell onto Fatty Hua and her mother's corpses as he lightly spoke.

"Two evil women who do not understand etiquette and etiquette. If they die, then so be it. "Little friend Ye Xuan, the wind here is strong. Come inside quickly!"

Xue Xinchen let out a cold snort of dissatisfaction as he spoke in a low voice.

Ye Xuan nodded in satisfaction and walked towards the depths of the Lan family's courtyard.

"Old Xue …"

Hearing Elder Xue's words and seeing his sudden change in attitude towards Ye Xuan, Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and the others couldn't help but open their mouths and say with a face full of defeat and unwillingness.

"Tian Hen, you should temporarily withdraw from your position as the vice head of the family." Tian Hen, you should temporarily remove your position as the vice head of the family.

Xue Xinchen's expression turned cold as he spoke coldly.

After a short pause, Xue Xinchen continued, "In addition, take back Lan Tianyuan. Lan Tianwei and the others have all the responsibilities and rights, rest well for me …"

"Old Xue!"

Xue Xinchen's words caused the expressions of Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and Lan Tianjing to drastically change. They let out cries of unwillingness.

"Yes sir!"

However, Xue Xinchen only cast them a cold gaze, causing their bodies to suddenly tremble. They could only grit their teeth and speak …

"Have all of you heard it clearly?"

Xue Xin Chen looked around before speaking again.

"Listen up!"

Many of the surrounding Lan Clan guards and clan members also spoke out at the same time.

"Greetings, Vice Clan Leader!"

The next moment, he knelt down in front of Lan Wanting.

"This …"

This scene stunned Lan Wanting.

She had never thought that things would suddenly take such a dramatic turn …

After all, with Xue Xinchen's knowledge and intelligence, he was well aware of the frightening rallying power and value of Ye Xuan as the successor of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan. If word of this got out, he would be viewed as a guest of honor by any clan.

Furthermore, he was well aware of the terrifying strength and rallying power of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan. Even if all the aristocratic families in the Star Sea combined were to face him together, he could easily destroy them with a single word …

Therefore, Xue Xinchen had to change his relationship with the Lan family and Ye Xuan. They had to befriend him no matter the cost.

Of course, if Ye Xuan were to play with him, he wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

Deep in the backyard of the Lan family, in a simple hall.

Xue Xin Chen's old face was filled with smiles as he looked at Ye Xuan with a fiery face. "Little friend Ye Xuan, how was it? How does the Da Hong Pao in front of us smell? "

"Tea is good tea, but the way to make it and the equipment... It can even be described as crude. "

Ye Xuan carefully savored a mouthful of the wine before shifting his gaze to Xue Xinchen.

"This …"

Xue Xin Chen suddenly froze and his old face turned red. He was both angry and angry in his heart …

He had an extremely high attainments in the Way of Tea, how could he not be enraged by Ye Xuan's evaluation?

"Old Xue, I was just joking with you just now. This tea is well brewed."

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he teased.

Ye Xuan was fairly satisfied with Xue Xinchen's current attitude and his previous announcement and performance. He didn't plan on bickering with this old fellow over the previous matter.

After all, this old fellow was not weak and would be a pretty good fighter in the future.

"Then, little friend Ye Xuan, when are we going to … …"

Only then did Xue Xinchen heave a sigh of relief. He felt that his face was not too bad.

"Why don't we start with you or the Lan family's old man?"

Ye Xuan put down his teacup and stretched lazily. He didn't waste any more time and teased his reply.

"Let's start with Jian Qiu. He seems to be in a terrible situation!"

Xue Xin Chen answered without thinking.

Jian Qiu was the Lan family's old man's full name, Lan Jianqiu!

"Elder Xue, you really want this piece of trash to treat the old tutor's illness?"

Seeing this, Lan Tianheng and his men couldn't help but speak up again.

"I know what I'm doing!"

A cold light flashed through Xue Xinchen's eyes as he coldly replied.

"Kid, if you can't cure the old man and lie to us, then just wait to go to hell!"

Lan Tianheng, Lan Tianyuan, and the others glared hatefully at Ye Xuan as venomously venomous words came out of their mouths.

The reason they followed them was to see Ye Xuan make a joke out of himself.

On the other hand, Lan Wanting didn't doubt Ye Xuan's medical skills in the slightest because she had a deep understanding of them.

As for the Hidden Sword elder and weapon master Yun Lan, they stood to the side without saying anything, quietly watching everything that was happening before them.


Ye Xuan let out a breath of impure air as he walked over to the bedside and set his gaze on the Lan family's old man, who was hanging up the bottle and connecting it with many instruments. Ye Xuan's brows slightly creased.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

"Beep, beep, beep …"

Under everyone's astonished gaze, he reached out his palm and skillfully threw away the instruments connecting to the Lan family's old man. This caused the apparatus to emit a series of ear-piercing sirens.

"What are you doing?"

"Old Xue, quickly stop him …"

Seeing this, Lan Tianhen and Lan Tianyuan's faces changed drastically. They could not help but curse angrily.

"All of you shut up and watch carefully."

However, the reply they got was Xue Xinchen's incomparably angry words.

He'd paid attention to Ye Xuan's method of removing the apparatus just now. It wasn't violent dismantling, but rather skillful and steady without the slightest bit of procrastination. It wasn't something that an ordinary person could do, even a few doctors and nurses wouldn't be able to do as accurately and smoothly as Ye Xuan.

Removing the machines that were connected to the Lan family's old man, Ye Xuan carefully examined his body's condition, his eyes, and his tongue before taking his pulse.

Carefully sensing the pulse on the Lan family's old man, Ye Xuan couldn't help but furrow his brows. His expression was especially unsightly and grave.

The Lan old man's pulse was extremely unstable. His life force was draining from his body. It was as if there was something constantly devouring his life force.

This is not an illness!

But Gu!

A moment later, Ye Xuan withdrew his palm, stood up, and walked towards the hall outside.

"Little friend Ye Xuan, how are Jian Qiu and the others?"

"Ye Xuan, what disease did my grandfather have? Can he be cured?"

Xue Xin Chen and Lan Wanting hastily asked.

"The old man isn't sick …"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head as he lightly said.

"Not sick? The old man is already so sick, and you still say he's not sick? "

"Old Xue, you saw it as well. This kid is lying with his eyes wide open. He lied to you and played tricks on you …"

However, before Ye Xuan could finish speaking, Lan Tianjiao and Lan Tianyuan interrupted him with incomparably furious voices.

Even Xue Xinchen's gaze towards Ye Xuan turned cold and was filled with coldness.

Was this guy really playing with me?

Ye Xuan once again spoke, ignoring Xue Xinchen's icy gaze and the ridicule from Lan Tianheng and the others.

"Although he is not sick, he has been infected by the Gu."

When Ye Xuan's voice rang out, everyone present was stunned. Lan Tianheng and the others' voices also came to an abrupt stop …