A Gu technique was a type that had existed for tens of thousands of years. Most of the common Gu techniques used a special technique that had been meticulously cultivated over a long period of time. It could be big or small, and was usually an animal or plant.

Of course, there was also the extremely mysterious and vicious method of using the grudges and grievances of humans as the Gu.

This Gu was called the vengeful spirit Gu!

They were born from the grievances and resentments that humans had accumulated for many years. After many years of careful nurturing by other people, they were eventually called vengeful spirits with a certain intelligence that corroded the human body, devouring the vital energies and blood of the human body.

The Lan family's old man had fallen victim to this extremely troublesome vengeful spirit Gu. The creature that was floating in the air and was formed from black resentment was forced out of the Lan family's old man's body by Ye Xuan.

"It's actually a vengeful spirit that has just been born with intelligence. How interesting!"

"All of you back off and be careful. If this thing accidentally takes over your bodies, then just wait for death!"

Ye Xuan raised his head and looked at the specter floating in the air. His eyes actually had a trace of fervor, and a low, low, icy-cold voice came from his mouth.

"I... I... I'll wait for you outside! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at the savage vengeful spirit that floated in the air, Lan Tianyuan's legs trembled as he spoke.

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked out of the room.

"I'll wait outside too!"

Lan Tian Wang and Lan Tian Hen spoke at the same time and walked out of the room.

These three fellows were truly afraid of death!


Seeing that Lan Tian was about to leave, the vengeful spirit let out a roar and closed the door.

At the same time, it suddenly dashed out and blocked Lan Tiangyuan, Lan Tianheng, and Lan Tianyuan's path.

"Swish …"

It flung its hand and the dark red snake that was coiled around its arm split into three and rushed towards the three of them.

"Ahh …"

That viper's speed was too fast. It instantly arrived in front of the three of them. Opening its mouth, it revealed incomparably sharp venomous teeth as it bit towards them, making it impossible for them to dodge.

In the next moment, a mournful scream rang out. Lan Tianyuan was bitten by the venomous snake, and soon after, the venomous snake strangely drilled into his body and flowed through his body, causing his expression to change drastically. His expression was hideous yet painful as he fell to the ground and continuously struggled …


As for Lan Tiannan, he kicked the snake while it was still biting at him. The power of the whip kick exploded in his leg.

Seeing that Lan Tianheng was about to be bitten by the poisonous snake, Xue Xinchen's expression turned cold. He flicked his finger and burst out with energy, killing the poisonous snake that was trying to bite Lan Tianheng.

Poor Lan Tianyuan, yet no one could save him …

"Ah... It hurt so much... Divine Doctor Ye, I beg you, please save me … "

"Save me … "Hurry up and save me..."

"Old Xue, save me …"

Lan Tianyuan struggled violently on the ground after being bitten by the venomous snake of grievances. His body continuously curled up, and patches of black veined patterns appeared on the surface of his skin. As his life force continuously drained from his body, he struggled to stretch his hand out towards Ye Xuan.

"I just said, once this thing is in my body, there's no way to save me!"

Ye Xuan coldly swept a gaze at the suffering Lan Tianyuan as he calmly spoke.

Even if he could, he wouldn't waste his energy to save Lan Tianyuan!

Even if he couldn't, he didn't want to!

If it wasn't for the fact that the vengeful spirit didn't immediately chase after him, he would've hated Ye Xuan to the core and wanted to kill him.

Xue Xin Chen also looked coldly at Lan Tianyuan. He didn't say anything, he was powerless.

"Wanting... Wanting to beg you, hurry... Quickly help me beg for mercy, and let Divine Doctor Ye save me! "

Looking at the people's expressions in the room, Lan Tianyuan's heart was filled with despair. He crawled to Lan Wanting as hoarse words came out of his mouth.

"You're possessed, so Ye Xuan won't be able to save you …"

Looking at the miserable and painful Lan Tianyuan, Lan Wanting could not help but speak in a low voice.

"You bunch of damned bastards, since you do not save me from death, then come and die with me! Lan Wanting, you damned bitch. "... People..."

Upon hearing Lan Wanting's answer, a strong black aura of resentment burst out from Lan Tianyuan's body. He suddenly stood up, stretched out his sharp claws, and opened his fangs to bite Lan Wanting to pull him onto his back...


This sudden turn of events caused Lan Wanting's face to change. She saw Lan Tianyuan rushing towards her, but his slender figure blocked her path and kicked out.

Dull collision sounds rang out. Lan Tianyuan's body was like a cannonball as it flew out and heavily smashed the door. A large amount of tainted blood sprayed out of his mouth. He raised his head to look at Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting, and his eyes emitted intense hatred.

"Tsk tsk, you've been abandoned by them. They could have saved you, but they didn't …"

"You must be very unhappy, right? The stronger your anger and resentment is, the stronger the power that you will receive. Go and kill them! "

The vengeful spirit floated in the air, coldly looking at everyone within the room as it spoke sinisterly.

"Ahh …"

"I hate you so much, I want to kill you all!"

This fellow's words were extremely provocative, causing the resentment and anger in Lan Tianyuan's heart to multiply. Even more violent black resentment was being emitted from his body, causing him to grow sharp fangs and long, sharp nails!

"Go to hell, you slut, you bastard …"

In the next moment, Lan Tianyuan fearlessly charged towards Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting with endless hatred and killing intent. He wanted to exterminate them all and send them to hell.

In just an instant, he'd arrived in front of Ye Xuan. He exerted strength into his legs, and leaped up more than two meters into the air. He waved his claws as he furiously clawed at Ye Xuan …


Seeing this, a cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes. He snorted coldly and moved his feet. The instant Lan Tianyuan grabbed him, he suddenly flew up and whipped his leg out.


"Puchi …"

Lan Tianyuan was whipped by Ye Xuan's whip leg on the spot. A large amount of tainted blood and shattered organs sprayed from his mouth. His body was like a cannonball as it flew out, smashing the door, and violently smashed into the courtyard outside …

"Ahh …"

Black cracks appeared on the surface of Lan Tianyuan's body. It was as if his body was about to explode, causing him great pain.

Ye Xuan's one strike had severely injured him. Now, his body was about to explode and die.

"What a useless trash, give me your strength …"

Looking at this scene, the vengeful spirit's eyes flashed with a vicious light. It flew to Lan Tianyuan's side as cold words came out of his mouth.

"Don't worry, I'll take revenge for you and kill them all!" "Hehe …"

The moment the vengeful spirit's words were spoken, he reached out his palm and violently aimed at the top of Lan Tianyuan's head. A powerful suction force burst out, continuously pulling out the strong air of resentment and life force from Lan Tianyuan's body … "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Ah... "No …."

Lan Tianyuan's scream of despair and unwillingness rang in the air. His body finally turned into a mummy. With a gust of cold wind, the black ashes dispersed with the wind. He was completely dead …

"Tsk tsk, such a good grievance and life force. Now it's your turn …"

The aura and strength of the vengeful spirit became even stronger after absorbing Lan Tianyuan. Its gaze towards Ye Xuan and the others was filled with undisguised passion as evil words came out of its mouth …


The instant his words left his mouth, it suddenly released a sharp whistle. The ear-piercing and terrifying sound waves whistled towards Ye Xuan, Lan Wanting, the Hidden Sword Elder, and Xue Xinchen, causing their expressions to change drastically. They felt their minds become extremely unstable.

Lan Wanting subconsciously covered her ears with her hands. There was not a single trace of blood on her beautiful face …


Taking advantage of the interference from the sound wave, the vengeful spirit charged toward Lan Wanting, who was the weakest of the group. Opening her evil mouth, she bit towards Lan Wanting, causing a strong sense of danger and fear to surge in her heart …

With her speed and reaction speed, it was simply too late for her to dodge …


Seeing that the vengeful spirit was about to bite Lan Wanting, a strong and powerful palm reached out and grabbed her slim and fiery waist. It moved to the side and barely dodged the vengeful spirit's attack.

"How is it? Are you alright? "

Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting's figures slowly emerged from the side. Ye Xuan embraced Lan Wanting's waist and ignored the soft sensation in his hands as he smiled.

"I'm fine. Ye Xuan, thank you …"

As she was embraced by Ye Xuan like this, an alluring blush appeared on Lan Wanting's beautiful face as she spoke in a low voice.

"Tsk tsk, you still have the mood to talk about love? "Go to hell!"

After missing its target, the vengeful spirit charged toward Yun Lan, evading the attack. It instantly appeared behind Ye Xuan. It opened its huge mouth, revealing its sharp fangs, and abruptly bit towards Ye Xuan's head, wanting to swallow his head …


Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. A cold light flashed through his eyes. He didn't even look at them as he swung his fist and furiously smashed it behind him.


He didn't know exactly how powerful Ye Xuan's punch was. It accurately smashed onto the vengeful spirit's forehead, causing him to fly backwards at an extremely fast speed, and heavily smashed into a wall!


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xue Xinchen finally made his move. He appeared in front of the vengeful spirit as if he had teleported, his fist carrying an invisible force as it furiously smashed down at it.

A dull sound of impact rang out. Xue Xinchen's fists smashed into the vengeful spirit's body, causing it to shriek miserably in pain. Words filled with coldness and hatred came out from its mouth.

"Damn humans, you've angered me! I will never let you off! Die!"


"Tap, tap, tap …"

As the vengeful spirit roared, monstrous demonic energy surged out from its body like stormy waves, forcing Xue Xinchen to retreat dozens of steps before he could stabilize his body …

The vengeful spirit's body continued to expand and expand at this moment. In the end, under the incomparably ugly gazes of Ye Xuan and the others, it turned into a several tens of meters long enormous vengeful spirit python that coiled in midair, emitting a frightening strength.

A strong sense of life and death crisis filled the hearts of everyone present.

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