The King's Hotel, one of Galaxy's most famous hotels.

In the most prestigious room in the King's Pavilion, Ye Xuan was sitting cross-legged on a leather chair with a glass of red wine in his hand as he looked at Lan Wanting with interest.

"Mr. Ye, let me toast you." Mr. Ye, let me toast you.

Lan Wanting slowly raised her glass. A charming and sincere smile hung on her beautiful face. Words that could cause one to be bathed in spring came from her mouth.

Her life was saved by Ye Xuan. When the doctor examined her in the hospital, he was astonished to find that her congenital heart disease was on the verge of being stopped. The fact that her heart failure had completely stopped shocked and surprised the doctor and her.

In addition to her witnessing Ye Xuan's performance in the talent market, Lan Wanting was filled with admiration towards Ye Xuan.

Her intuition told her that in the end, Qian Duoduo and Ye Xiaoli's miserable state was all thanks to Ye Xuan.

"Miss Lan, you're too polite. I just happened to pass by." Ye Xuan casually said as his wine cup collided with Lan Wanting's cup.

"However, it was you, Mr. Ye, who happened to pass by and saved my life." However, it was you, Mr. Ye, who happened to pass by and saved my life.

"Also... Mr. Ye, you don't have to call me Miss Lan. You can call me Wan Ting. "

Lan Wanting had a beautiful appearance, mature intelligence, and a scholarly aura. When she did things, she gave others a comfortable feeling, causing Ye Xuan to secretly nod his head.

"Alright, then don't call me Mr. Ye. Just call me Ye Xuan if you don't want to see him." Ye Xuan said with a smile.

"Ye Xuan, what a unique name! One Autumn Leaf, know of the Qiu, magnificent!"

This was the first time Ye Xuan had heard someone praise his name so highly.

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head and teased, "To be honest … …" "My reputation in Galaxy is extremely bad. Basically, no one treats me with respect. I'm flattered that Wan Ting treats me like this."

"Ye Xuan, you're too courteous. You've already repaid me with a drop of water, not to mention the fact that you saved my life." And in my eyes, you're not as bad as the rumors say you are. He was like a completely different person! If you don't mind, why don't we be friends? "

Lan Wanting stretched out a fair hand and caressed the bangs on her forehead. A charming smile appeared on her beautiful face.

"It's my honor!"

It had to be said that Ye Xuan liked Lan Wanting very much, so he nodded his head.

Lan Wanting lightly clapped her hands as she seemed to have thought of something. Sister Lan respectfully handed a gold card over to Ye Xuan. "Ye Xuan, thank you for saving my life. Please accept it."

However, Ye Xuan waved his hand. "Wan Ting, you seem to view me as a stranger. You and I are friends now, how can you need anything in return for helping a friend?"

"Besides, I can't cure this congenital heart disease of yours in a short period of time. I can only help you suppress it for the time being. It's nothing …"

"You … You mean I. This congenital heart disease of mine can still be cured completely? "

Lan Wanting slightly blanked after hearing Ye Xuan's words, then said with a face full of excitement.

Because of this congenital heart disease, she had been weak and sickly since childhood, and had been tormented to such an extent. Furthermore, her lifespan was much shorter than ordinary people. There was even a fortune-teller who threatened that she wouldn't live past thirty years of age …

Now that she heard that Ye Xuan seemed to have a way to cure her illness, how could she not be excited?

"Of course!"

Ye Xuan lightly said.

As the medical saint of the medical world, he did not put a mere congenital heart disease in his eyes.

"Then... What do I have to do? "How can I cure her?"

Lan Wanting was already extremely excited when she received Ye Xuan's affirmation.

"In modern medicine, you can cure it the day after tomorrow, but there's no cure for it the day after tomorrow. I think the experts in many hospitals have told you that your disease cannot be cured completely. At most, you can undergo controlled adjuvant treatment, and you will need to consume a large amount of medicine every day …"

"Although taking a variety of drugs over a long period of time can slow your heart's failure, there are huge side effects that can cause your blood to change and form a blood disease. "If I'm not wrong, you've got a minor cardiovascular lesion by now, haven't you?"

Ye Xuan raised his head and looked at Lan Wanting as he spoke in a low voice.

Lan Wanting was a little surprised. She nodded.

"Don't take those medicines. Western medicine can't cure the symptoms. First, I will prescribe a set of Chinese medicine to help you improve your body. As for the last method to cure it, I will have to go back and carefully think about it."

Ye Xuan walked to the side of his desk, picked up a piece of paper and a pen, then wrote a prescription for Lan Wanting, "One set of medicine for two days, split into three sessions, then boil them once over a small fire for 15 to 25 minutes each time. Three times a day, divided into the morning, the night and the morning! "

"Thank you, Ye Xuan!"

Taking the prescription and looking at the flamboyant calligraphy, Lan Wanting quickly thanked him.

"What is there to thank your friends for? "Oh right, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. Many thanks for the hospitality …"

Ye Xuan smiled as he waved his hand.

After Ye Xuan finished speaking, he stood up, lazily stretched himself, then turned around and walked out of the room.

"Ye Xuan, I'll drive you!"

Lan Wanting stood up and was about to send Ye Xuan off, but Ye Xuan stopped her. "No need. I'll come look for you when I think of a method to cure your illness!"

"Then leave me your number." Lan Wanting shouted.

"If fate wills it, we will meet again!"

Ye Xuan didn't even turn around and disappeared from Lan Wanting's sight.

Looking at Ye Xuan's departing back, Sister Lan couldn't help sighing. "It's still Director Lan who is knowledgeable. I can't see through this man …"

She was clearly a person who had been kicked out of the Ye Family and had nothing to lose, yet had no money or power. Not only had she rejected the invitation of her azure group, but she had never once looked at the golden card in her hands.

"Actually... "I can't see through him, it's just that an intuition is reminding me not to miss it …"

Hearing Sister Lan's words, a bitter smile emerged on Lan Wanting's beautiful face as she said those crisp words.

"Then Director Lan, are you really going to listen to him and stop taking Western medicine and take the Chinese medicine he prescribes?" Sister Lan thought for a moment before speaking.

"Help me contact Divine Doctor Luo, let her help me see if there's anything wrong with the prescription."

Lan Wanting thought for a moment, then said, "Also, use all of your strength to secretly investigate Ye Xuan …. I want to know everything about him. "

"Yes sir!"

Sister Lan said respectfully.

After leaving the Emperor Hotel, Ye Xuan hurried over to his current residence, River Gazing Shore.

"A high salary and a high level of talent are needed. Men are required to retire from the military first. Anyone interested is welcome to call 133XXXXXX …"

Passing by the electric baton and looking at the recently posted job advertisement, Ye Xuan hesitated for a moment before taking out his phone and dialing the number. After all, if he returned with no results, Su Xiaomeng might nag at him again.

"Hello, may I ask if you're recruiting here?" After the call connected, Ye Xuan asked.

"That's right, we are recruiting here. Our job is to get a security post in the hospital, so we are paying eight thousand yuan a month. Are you interested?" The person on the other side of the phone answered indifferently.

"Hospital security, eight thousand yuan a month?" Ye Xuan slightly frowned. He was extremely dissatisfied with this position.

"That's right. The security guards of Xinghai Hospital earn 8,000 yuan per month. It's easy to do the job. They are mainly responsible for the safety of the hospital to prevent people from causing trouble, especially medical problems..." The other party replied.

A security guard at Xinghai Hospital?

Ye Xuan's interest was piqued. After all, Leng Qingcheng worked at Star Sea Hospital, and her current situation wasn't safe …

At that moment, Ye Xuan opened his mouth and asked, "May I know where I can interview you?"

"There's only one security room at Xinghai Hospital. If you want it, you can interview as soon as possible!"

"Alright, I'll be there right away."

Ye Xuan nodded his head lightly and took a taxi to Star Sea Hospital …

Inside the security room of Xinghai Hospital, Wu Dachun was sitting cross-legged on a chair with several security guards standing behind him, which gave him quite the demeanor.

Looking at the slightly emaciated Ye Xuan, Wu Dachun had a face full of dissatisfaction. "Was it you who called just now?"

"Yes!" Ye Xuan nodded.

"What's your name?" Wu Dachun asked again.

"Ye Xuan, 22 years old, learned Sanda from a young age!" Ye Xuan replied indifferently.

"I see that your little body is going to fall if the wind blows, and you even want to learn to fight back when you're young. You must be bragging, right?" Wu Dachun said with disdain.

The security guards standing behind him looked at Ye Xuan with disdain. They thought he was bragging!

After all, Ye Xuan looked somewhat thin.

"Really, Manager Wu, I'm very good at fighting, I can easily take care of ten commandos. If you don't believe me, you guys can try, I'll definitely knock you down easily." Ye Xuan pointed at the security guards behind Wu Dachun with a serious expression.

"Yo, young man, you're still bragging. You can easily get rid of ten special forces soldiers?"

Ye Xuan's words made the guards unhappy, and when Wu Dachun saw the doubt on his face, he impatiently waved his hand and said, "Okay, go back. With your weak appearance and the ability to brag, you won't be able to do our job. Go back, and don't waste your energy …"

"I know, Manager Wu. I really am not bragging. Even though you look big, I only need one finger to deal with you."

Deep in his heart, he knew how difficult it was to find a job. Naturally, Ye Xuan wasn't willing to give up this job and immediately used a method of provocation.

"Oh wow, you still have some spirit!" Fine … Today, I'll give you a chance to show off. You don't even need to use one finger, no matter what method you use, even if you use your hands and feet. As long as you can take three moves from me today, this job will be yours. "

Wu Dachun stood up and clenched his fist, which made a 'ka ka' sound. He hadn't seen anyone act so arrogantly in front of him in a long time. He had already decided to teach this young man a lesson.

"Manager, you don't need to do it yourself to deal with this kind of dried cowpeas. We can do it!" The guards behind Wu Dachun said in a flattering manner.

"Hehe, you guys? I don't think much of it! Furthermore, there's no need to go through all this trouble. As long as Manager Wu can take one of my fingers, I will immediately turn around and leave. " Ye Xuan proudly said as he looked at Wu Dachun and the security guards with eyes full of disdain.

"F * ck, you have balls!" I'll be taking your finger today! "Come on!"

How could Wu Dachun endure Ye Xuan's provocation? He immediately spoke with a face full of anger …

"Alright, then you have to be prepared, Manager Wu..."

"Cut the crap. Come at me. Let me see how boastful you are …"

Manager Wu clenched his fists and assumed a standard fighting stance. Clearly, he had practiced it before.

"Manager, teach this brat a lesson!"

Seeing this, several of the security guards present shouted out.

They knew very well that Wu Dachun was no ordinary person. He was a former retired soldier and was especially good at fighting.

"Manager Wu, you must be prepared. I'm coming!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he pointed his index finger towards Manager Wu's chest.

"Such insignificant skill, look at this!"

Manager Wu had a face full of disdain as he swung his iron fist fiercely towards Ye Xuan's finger that was pointing at him …

The other security guards were excited as well. Their gazes were filled with pity as they looked at Ye Xuan. In their opinion, this punch would definitely break his finger …


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

Under the incredulous gazes of the guards, Manager Wu's fist collided with Ye Xuan's finger. A terrifying force burst forth from Ye Xuan's finger, causing Manager Wu's shoulder joints to displace. His body flew out uncontrollably like a cannonball, smashing into the wall …

"Cough cough …"

Traces of blood flowed down the corner of Manager Wu's mouth.

Even if Ye Xuan did his best to restrain his strength, he still ended up injuring him.

"Manager Wu, Manager Wu …" How are you? "Are you alright?!"

Seeing this, the security guards were stunned for a moment before quickly regaining their wits and grabbing Manager Wu's body. Then, they started talking about something that concerned them.

"I... "My hand …"

Manager Wu raised his head with much difficulty to look at Ye Xuan, whose eyes were filled with shock and astonishment, as he spoke with a pained expression.

He could feel the dislocation of his shoulder joint.

This fellow really did train in it. The power of that finger attack just now was too freaking powerful.

"No problem, let me help you recover!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled. He extended his hand, grabbed Manager Wu's arm, and pulled fiercely. "Crack." A crisp sound rang out.

In an instant, Manager Wu felt his entire arm relax and the pain disappear. He looked at Ye Xuan as if he was looking at a monster: "I didn't know that you were so formidable!"

"Then... "That Manager Wu, my job..." Ye Xuan teased.

"I'm here to report for work on Monday."

Manager Wu waved his hand and his heroic spirit surged...

"Thank you!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled, turned around, and left, leaving behind Manager Wu and the security guards, who stood dumbstruck on the spot.

Their security team had brought in a fierce person this time!