In the antique living room.

The Lan family's old man sat on a chair with a smile on his face. His gaze swept across everyone in the hall before finally stopping on Ye Xuan, who was leisurely sipping his tea.

When he came to, he'd already heard Xue Xinchen tell him everything that Ye Xuan had done to save him.

He immediately stood up and walked over to Ye Xuan's side as he expressed his gratitude.

"Divine Doctor Ye, it is all thanks to you saving this old one that this old one woke up. This old one will remember this kindness in his heart. If Divine Doctor Ye ever needs anything, just say so. This old one will definitely do his best to satisfy you."

"Lan is too polite. Wan Ting and I are very good friends. If it weren't for her pleading, I wouldn't have come to the courtyard to save you. If you want to thank her, thank her well."

Ye Xuan glanced at the Lan family's old man and lightly said.

"Godly Doctor Ye is right. Please be at ease, I will definitely give a good reward to Wanting."

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Lan family's old man teased.

"Old man, although Ye Xuan saved you out of gratitude, he killed Fatty Hua and his mother …"

Seeing this, Lan Tiannan and Lan Tianheng could not help but speak up.

Hearing that, the Lan family's old man's gaze turned cold as the smile on his face disappeared. He spoke with a cold voice, "What is going on here?" "Why didn't I know about this?"

"Old Master, we didn't dare tell you about this because you just woke up and you haven't fully recovered from your illness. Although Wan Ting woke you up when she brought Ye Xuan back, Ye Xuan had killed the mother and daughter pair, as well as severely injured Heaven's Will and many of our Lan Family's clansmen … Even Tian Yuan died because of this! "

Lan Tianhen said in a deep voice after hesitating for a moment.

"That's right, please help Tian Yuan family's three members!"

At this moment, Lan Tiannan was kneeling in front of the Lan family's old man as he spoke with a pained expression.

Seeing that the Lan family's old man was extremely grateful towards Ye Xuan and extremely appreciative of Lan Wanting, how could they allow this to happen?

"Damn it, what's going on with Xin Chen?"

The Lan family's old man's expression became incomparably cold and gloomy. His gaze landed on Xue Xinchen as he coldly spoke.

"Master, the matter is like this …" "Wan Ting kindly brought Godly Doctor Ye back to treat you, but that mother and daughter Orchid Flower purposely made things difficult for you, and even wanted to kill Godly Doctor Ye. So in order to protect himself, Godly Doctor Ye had no choice but to kill them."

Xue Xin Chen deeply looked at Ye Xuan and explained everything that had happened.

"That mother and daughter pair are indeed that vile of a couple. So what if they die? But what's going on with the heavens?"

The Lan family's old man clenched his fists and a cold voice came out from his mouth.

After all, Lan Tianyuan was his own son.

"Master, Tian Yuan was killed by the evil spirit expelled from your body by Godly Doctor Ye. This has nothing to do with Godly Doctor Ye."

Xue Xin Chen's hidden injuries and his illness were all healed by Ye Xuan. He was especially appreciative of Ye Xuan. As he spoke, he didn't twist the situation and even partial towards Ye Xuan …

"Lordmaster, it's not like this …" The reason why Tian Yuan died was because Divine Doctor Ye held a grudge against him, and refused to save him even when he saw him die! "

Lan Tianheng and Lan Tianlin gritted their teeth as they spoke.

"At that time, all of us were present. Tian Hen, the two of you were the closest to the horizon, and the only ones who could save him at the first moment are you two. If we were to say that the two of you didn't save him, it would be you two, right?"

Xue Xinchen's gaze turned cold as he coldly spoke.

"This …"

Lan Tianheng and Lan Tianlin obviously never imagined that Xue Xinchen would protect Ye Xuan in such a way, and for a moment, they didn't know how to respond.

"Grandfather, you being able to wake up this time is all because of Ye Xuan. He really doesn't have any intentions of harming others, but Fatty Hua and his daughter are actually making things difficult for you and even wanted to kill Ye Xuan to prevent him from saving you. That's why Ye Xuan accidentally killed them in order to protect himself …" As for Uncle Tian Yuan being killed by the Evil Spirit, it has nothing to do with Ye Xuan. "

"Moreover, before Ye Xuan saved you, Uncle Tian Hen and Heaven's Gaze had tried everything to stop him. They didn't want Ye Xuan to wake you up, and they even kicked me out of my house in order to kill us. In the end, it was Elder Xue who appeared and allowed Ye Xuan to save you …"

Lan Wanting spoke at the right time.

"You bastards!"

The Lan family's old man slapped the table heavily, angry and angry.

Although he had been lying on the sickbed for a long time, he was already very old. How could he not know the thoughts and plans of Lan Tianwen and Lan Tianyi?

Immediately, the Lan family's old man said without hesitation, "I declare that from now on, I will remove Lan Hen and Lan Tiangan from my family. I will no longer manage anything in the family, and I will interfere in the business of the family. All businesses within the family shall be handed over to Wan Ting to manage! "

"Lordmaster, it's not like this, it's really not like this …"

"We stopped them because we were afraid that Wan Ting would bring people back to harm you..."

Lan Tianheng and Lan Tianyue's expressions changed drastically when they heard the Lan family's old man's words. They immediately knelt down in front of the Lan family's old man and begged him.

"Men, send the two of them to rest!"

However, they were met with the cold and emotionless reply of the Lan family's old man.

As his words fell, a few guards immediately walked in and invited Lan Tiannan and Lan Tianheng inside.

"My apologies, Doctor Ye. My sons are disappointing and have let you down."

The Lan family's old man looked at Ye Xuan with an apologetic expression.

"What is Elder Lan saying …"

Ye Xuan shook his head.

"Wan Ting, I'm tired. You should also take Godly Doctor Ye to have a good rest. We must definitely properly receive and not neglect Godly Doctor Ye! "

The Lan family's old man sat in the hall and chatted with Ye Xuan and the others for a while. Then, he rubbed his temples and waved his hand towards Lan Wanting …

"Yes sir!"

Lan Wanting lightly nodded. She brought Ye Xuan out of the reception hall, leaving behind only Xue Xinchen and the Lan family's old man.

"Xin Chen, is what you said true?"

The Lan family's old man looked at Xue Xinchen and spoke with a deep voice.

"Master, what I said just now was indeed true, and it was not the slightest bit false. This time, it was all thanks to Godly Doctor Ye that you were able to wake up."

Xue Xinchen's gaze fell on the Lan family's old man as he spoke in a low voice.

"I can let him go after killing the mother and daughter, but Tian Yuan is my son after all …"

The Lan family's old man clutched his chest as he spoke with a painful expression.

Although Lan Tianyuan was disappointing, in the end he was still his son.

But now that Lan Tianyuan was dead, how could he not feel heartache?

"I was present at that time. Tian Yuan's death wasn't related to Ye Xuan in the slightest …." Furthermore, if it wasn't for Ye Xuan, all of us would've died. That vengeful spirit is too savage and powerful … "

Xue Xin Chen said solemnly.

"So you're saying that I really shouldn't blame him in the slightest, and should be thanking him instead?" The Lan family's old man's eyes flashed.

"Master, if we don't listen to him, the Lan family will have to rely on him in the future!"

A gleam of wisdom flashed across Xue Xinchen's eyes as he clasped his fists.

"Xin Chen, you have been with me for more than fifty years. You should know that I have never treated you as a servant, but as a brother! "I know your personality very well. I've never seen you praise someone so highly before. Where did you get that from?"

The Lan family's old man gazed at Xue Xinchen as he asked in confusion.

"Old master, you've been ill for the past few years. You might not know this, but Ye Xuan is just a trash who was kicked out of the Ye Family's family and removed from the family tree."

However, in the short span of a few months, he subdued the Ferocious Dragon Association, eliminated the Evil Wolf and War Tiger Gang, unified half of the underground world of the sea of stars, broke into the Ye Family and killed Ye Wen Feng, causing him to retreat unscathed.

"Furthermore, he is the descendant of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan … The future of such a person is limitless, he will definitely walk out of this small sea of stars. Not to mention becoming a person recorded in history like Lord Dragon Thorns Lan Feng from Su Hai a hundred years ago, he will definitely stir up great waves in this boundless universe and stir up great storms … "

"If we do our best to befriend such a person and strike up a good relationship with him, we will definitely reap some rewards in the future!"

If they were to be enemies with him, they would definitely end up in a horrible situation. The Ye family would be in a terrible situation right now. And all of this was just the beginning of the Ye family... "

Xue Xinchen unhurriedly recounted his views and Ye Xuan's deeds.

"I never thought that you would have such an evaluation of him. I never thought that he would actually be the successor of the Medical Saint Ye Xuan! "This time, I believe you. Send an order that no clan member is allowed to make an enemy of Ye Xuan."

The Lan family's old man nodded slightly and spoke without hesitation.

"Wan Ting is on good terms with Ye Xuan. Do you want Wan Ting to be on good terms with him …?"

Xue Xin Chen hesitated for a moment and said hesitantly.

"Let them develop their own lives over the matters of young people. They don't need to worry about it, nor do they need to put pressure on that girl, Wan Ting …"

The Lan family's old man waved his hand.


Xue Xin Chen gently nodded his head. He seemed to have thought of something and his expression gradually turned solemn. He opened his mouth and spoke in a deep voice:

"In addition, for the past few years, those fellows have been wanting our Lan family to compromise and become their pawns. However, we have always been refusing them. Old master, this time you were seriously ill because of a Gu technique, and this Gu technique is their usual technique, I'm worried that it has something to do with them. "

"If this matter is related to them, now that you've woken up, their plans have been destroyed. We are afraid that they will attack us in large numbers."

"With their personality, if they want to kill us, they'll have to do it with Ye Xuan's sabre, which would ruin their plans. What's more, didn't you say that Ye Xuan is going to clash with the Shadow Snakes as well?" That Shadow Snake is a blade in their hands! "

The old man from the Lan family revealed a meaningful smile.

"Then... Do we need to inform Ye Xuan about this matter and have him pay attention? "

Xue Xinchen hesitated for a moment before speaking in a deep tone.

The Lan family's old man waved his hand and words filled with expectation came out of his mouth.

"No need, let them fight to the death first! If Ye Xuan is truly as extraordinary as you say, then we'll take this opportunity to see his methods! "

"If he wins, we will worship him as our master from now on!"

"If he loses, then it's no longer fated for us …"

The station was so nervous. Please comfort me!