"Ye Xuan, thank you. I've really helped you a lot this time!"

Lan Wanting stared at Ye Xuan with her beautiful eyes. A moving smile appeared on her beautiful face, and she let out a melodious voice that was filled with gratitude.

"Wan Ting, we are good friends. Do you treat me as an outsider when you thank me?"

Looking at Lan Wanting's moving face, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile. He lazily stretched as he spoke in dissatisfaction.

"No... You are my best friend! "

Lan Wanting stretched out a pure white hand and caressed the bangs on her forehead, revealing her exquisite facial features.

From Ye Xuan's angle, he was able to see her perfect profile. It made his breath slow and he felt that she was beautiful.

"Since you treat me as your best friend, no matter what I do for you in the future, you're not allowed to thank me!"

Ye Xuan turned his head around, no longer looking directly at Lan Wanting's beautiful face. He raised his head to look at the sky as he calmly spoke.

"I know, I know …"

Lan Wanting smiled and nodded obediently.

She seemed to have thought of something and turned around to look at Ye Xuan. With a serious expression, she asked, "Ye Xuan, are you really the successor of the Medical Saint?"

"How can that be false?"

Ye Xuan snappily replied.

Lan Wanting still wanted to ask more, but was interrupted by Ye Xuan's words. "Your Lan family's courtyard is so large. Aren't you going to take me for a stroll?"

"No problem, this way please, my great benefactor …"

Lan Wanting smiled sweetly. She stretched out her pure white hand and made a gesture of "please".

Ye Xuan lightly nodded. Under Lan Wanting's lead, he walked around the Lan family's courtyard.

However, the two of them had only wandered around for a short while before they stopped at the artificial lake.

In the center of the artificial lake, there was a pavilion. A beauty with long hair that fluttered in the wind, wearing a white classical long robe, was sitting in the middle of the pavilion, leisurely playing a zither while giving off a dense immortal aura.

The sound of the zither was long and unhurried. Combined with her graceful, elegant, and classical temperament, she was like a fairy that had descended from heaven and was playing a zither, making it difficult for people to shift their gaze away from her.

She was none other than the weapons master, Yun Lan.

Lan Wanting and Ye Xuan looked at Yun Lan who played the zither and listened to her melody. They could see the astonishment in each other's eyes …

This song was truly touching to the extreme. It made one feel as if they were living in a paradise of clouds, becoming immortals.

"Pah pah pah …"

When Yun Lan finished playing the song, Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting couldn't help but clap …

"Grandmaster Yun Lan, your performance is really too wonderful. It makes people feel like they're in a dream, and you still wish for it to end …"

Lan Wanting couldn't help but bring Ye Xuan into the pergola as she praised.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded with a smile.

Yun Lan put away the zither and slightly smiled at Lan Wanting. She spoke in a melodious voice, "You flatter me, Wan Ting. I was just improvising from the beautiful scenery here."

After that, Yun Lan's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan. "I can't help you this time. I'll come and get the blueprints next time!"

After she finished speaking, she didn't even turn her head around. Carrying the zither on her back, she turned around and left, disappearing from Lan Wanting's and Ye Xuan's line of sight.

As the successor of the generation's weapon master, Mo Lin, and a contemporary weapon master, Yun Lan naturally had a wave of arrogance. She'd previously promised Ye Xuan that if he helped him solve the problem, Ye Xuan would give her the blueprints so she could forge a weapon for him …

However, back then, the Lan family hadn't given her this face, causing her to be unable to help Ye Xuan settle the matter. Being arrogant, she naturally didn't have the face to ask Ye Xuan for the blueprints ….

"This woman … As arrogant and as cold as Leng Qingcheng! "

Ye Xuan couldn't help but laugh as he evaluated in his heart as he watched Yun Lan's back.

"Ye Xuan, there's a boat over there. How about we row?"

Lan Wanting pointed at the boat parked by the lake and teased.


Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he nodded his head and started playing with Lan Wanting in the lake while rowing the small boat …

Starlight Villa.

Ye Xuan, where did you go last night? Why didn't you come back?

Su Xiaomeng had a ponytail and was wearing a light blue t-shirt. She wore extremely short jeans and lazily lied on the sofa as she played with her phone. She looked at Ye Xuan, who had just walked back, and asked angrily.

"None of your business!"

Ye Xuan smiled indifferently and pointed at Su Xiaomeng's forehead as he teased her.

"You … You bastard! Did you go out with another woman again? "

Su Xiaomeng stood on the sofa with one hand on her waist and the other pointing at Ye Xuan, seemingly questioning him.

This girl didn't notice how seductive her posture and action was, completely exposing her petite and voluptuous figure. There was a sexiness in her playfulness, and there was also a cuteness in her sexiness, especially when she glared at him …

"It's none of my business which woman I'm dating. It's none of your business!"

Ye Xuan yawned, stretched lazily, and walked over to the sofa to sit down.

"You …"

Su Xiaomeng was angry, but she didn't know how to express her displeasure and anger.

"What about me, little girl …" Play your game! "

Ye Xuan reached out his hand to pinch Su Xiaomeng's pink cheeks as he teased her.

"You … "You're pissing me off. Before my sister left, she told me to supervise you and quickly call for help. Where did you go last night?"

Being looked down upon by Ye Xuan, Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but hold his hand in anger.

"Come on, I don't understand your sister's personality, how could I let you supervise me?" I'm tired, I'm sleeping! "

Ye Xuan shook off Su Xiaomeng's hand, yawned, and stretched lazily as he walked towards his room …

"Ye Xuan!"

Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but shout as she watched Ye Xuan leave.

"What is it? What else is there? "

Ye Xuan asked without turning his head.

"Teacher Qianyue told me to ask you if you have time tomorrow night. She wants to invite you out for a meal."

Su Xiaomeng said as she clenched her teeth.

"Who is Qianyue?"

Ye Xuan turned around and asked curiously.

"The beautiful music teacher who wanted to acknowledge you as her teacher that you listened to in our school's Music Hall last time."

Su Xiaomeng yawned and said slowly.

"Tell her I'm not free!"

After speaking, he walked towards his own bedroom.

"You … Stop right there! Teacher Qianyue is such a good person and she's so pitiful. Why don't you go meet her? "

Su Xiaomeng pulled at Ye Xuan's clothes as she spoke in a low voice.

"What does she have to do with me? I don't even know her so I don't want to waste my time with her …" Ye Xuan snappily replied.

"Ye Xuan, Teacher Qianyue is really pitiful. Help her and meet her again!" Su Xiaomeng pleaded.

"Pitiful? Didn't you say that she is a special professor of your school's music department? She is a genius in music, and she is also so beautiful. What makes you think she's pitiful? "

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he asked in puzzlement.

"Because her husband died a long time ago, and she became a widow."

Su Xiaomeng whispered, "She was planning to start a new life, but your performance at the music studio brought back many memories of her past. It unsealed her frozen memories, so …" She wants to see you. "

Su Xiaomeng held Ye Xuan's hand and pleaded, "Ye Xuan, Teacher Qianyue is really pitiful. You should just meet her."


Ye Xuan could only helplessly nod in response to Su Xiaomeng's pleas.

"Well, this is the time and place she will ask you out tomorrow. You can go by yourself."

Su Xiaomeng handed over a slip of paper to Ye Xuan.

"You're not going?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but tease as he looked at the delicate calligraphy.

"She asked you out, and she didn't ask me out. Why would I want to go? Go by yourself! I'm warning you, do not bully Teacher Qian Mo Xue. "

Su Xiaomeng reminded him.

"Don't worry!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head before walking into the room.

The next day, at 6 PM.

Starlight Cafe.

Ye Xuan wore a white shirt and black slacks, revealing his handsome and upright figure. He punctually appeared at the entrance of the coffee shop.

This was the place that widow Qian Mo Xue had arranged for him to meet up with. It was obvious that Ye Xuan had paid special attention to changing into this set of clothes.

"Mr. Ye, over here."

Ye Xuan's gaze swept the surroundings, but he still didn't see Qian Mo Xue, who was attracted by his mature and gentle voice.

Following the appearance of this voice, a voluptuous and sexy figure entered his sight.

She had long hair and a charming smile on her delicate and gentle face. She wore a simple pure white shirt and blue tight jeans, revealing her mature figure. In her hand was a small black bag.

She was the widowed female teacher that asked Ye Xuan to come here, Qian Mo Xue.

"I'm sorry, Teacher Mo Xue has kept you waiting."

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he hurriedly walked over and extended his hand towards her, while apologetic words came out of his mouth.

"Of course not, Mr. Ye is being too courteous, please come in …"

Qian Mo Xue smiled as she shook her head. She extended her jade-like hand to clench with Ye Xuan's palm as she teased him.

"Teacher Mo Xue, please!"

Ye Xuan nodded lightly and walked into the coffee shop with Qian Mo Xue by his side …

"I'll just say this damned bitch …" Why did she always live outside? Why did she dress up so beautifully today? "So it turns out that after my brother died, she was lonely for so long. Now that she has the guts to carry me on her back, she actually dared to steal a man outside …"

"Dammit, let's see how I will teach this damned bitch a lesson today!"

A man wearing a suit and sunglasses watched as Ye Xuan and Qian Mo Xue left. Angry words came out of his mouth.

The moment he said that, he quickly took out his phone and made a call …