Just as Ye Xuan walked out of the coffee shop, he saw Qian Mo Xue being brought by Zhang Tian and his group to a van, causing a cold light to flash within Ye Xuan's eyes. He'd like to see what exactly Marshal Tian was up to.

Twenty minutes later, the speeding van stopped in front of a dilapidated residential building. Zhang Tianxiong and his entourage led Qianyue up the stairs and into a room guarded by four bodyguards.

After hesitating for a moment, Ye Xuan parked his car and silently entered the residential building.

Inside a decorated room in the 1980s, a grizzled haired woman with thin lips and a vicious face was sitting on the sofa. As she was eating melon seeds, she was coldly looking at Qian Mo Xue who appeared a little nervous while her eyes were filled with indifference and ruthlessness.

He was Zhang Tianjun's mother, Liu Wenhua.

"What is it? Now, you don't even know how to greet me? "

Liu Wenju spat out a mouthful of melon seed shell, then coldly looked at Qian Mo Xue and said in a displeased tone.

"Mom, didn't Marshal Tian say you're sick?"

Qian Mo Xue's body shuddered as she looked at Liu Wen Ju with eyes filled with fear. She gritted her teeth and spoke.

"If he didn't lie to you and say that I'm sick, would a slut like you obediently come back?"

Liu Wen Ju grabbed a handful of melon seeds and threw them at Qian Mo Xue. Angry words came out of her mouth.

The melon seeds struck Qian Mo Xue's body. The pain made her subconsciously take two steps back. The gaze she used to look at Liu Wenju became even more fearful.

"I called you back today to tell you something. Don't think that now that Tian Wen is dead, you are no longer my Zhang family's daughter-in-law. "Let me tell you, Qianyue, you can forget about walking out of my Zhang Clan's gate in this lifetime."

"Tian Shuang is Tian Wen's little brother. Since Tian Wen died, you will be Tian Shuang's wife from today onwards. You have to serve him well every day, and try to give my Zhang family a good son as soon as possible. Understood?"

Liu Wen Ju coldly looked at Qian Mo Xue and said without a doubt.

"Mom, how can this be? "This won't do, this definitely can't happen …"

After hearing Liu Wenju's words, Qian Mo Xue's face changed drastically and she quickly opened her mouth to speak.

"Pah …"

However, before she could finish her words, Liu Wenju stood up and fiercely slapped Qian Mo Xue's face with his palm: "If I say it's okay, then it's fine! "Although you are Tian Wen's wife, you are also my Zhang Family's daughter-in-law. Since Tian Wen failed and died, then you must properly serve his younger brother, Marshal Tian!"

"Although Marshal Tian does not have a perfect appearance like Tian Wen, he is still the leader of the Shadow Snake Association. If you follow him, you won't be humiliated!"

"No, this is too ridiculous. How could you say such words and make such a decision?"

Qian Mo Xue angrily asked.

"Despicable." "People, don't give me face and refuse to give it back!"

But what responded to her was a ruthless kick from Liu Wenju.

Her kick, which was filled with great strength, landed solidly on Qian Mo Xue's lower abdomen, knocking her to the ground. "Little bitch, I'm telling you, even if you don't agree today, you still have to agree. Come, open your mouth and let me drink this water …"

Without waiting for Qian Mo Xue to stand up, Liu Wen Ju extended her hand and ruthlessly pried open her mouth. She then poured the already prepared [Enchanting Potion] into Qian Mo Xue's mouth …

"Bitch, you still dare to resist. Marshal Tian …" Push her hand hard for me! "

Seeing Qian Mo Xue struggling to resist, Liu Wenju shouted angrily.

"Coo, coo..."

Following her words, Qian Mo Xue's hand was grabbed by Zhang Tian Shuai. The medicinal liquid was poured into her mouth in large mouthfuls by Liu Wen Ju, wetting the clothes around her chest collar.

Qian Mo Xue was wearing a white shirt. Currently, her collar and clothes were wet. The snow-white shirt that was wrapped in black lace was faintly discernible. It could be said to be extremely enticing …

"Cough cough …"

"Ugh …" Mom, you. What did you give me to drink? "

When the medicine was finished, Qian Mo Xue felt her entire body burning and the itch was unbearable. She clutched her chest and violently coughed as hoarse words came out of her mouth.

"What else could it be? Of course I'm here to help you. How's the love potion? Have you felt it? "

"Let me tell you, today I'm going to make you serve Marshal Tian properly. He has been coveting you for a long time, ever since Tian Wen brought you back. "Tsk tsk …"

Liu Wen Ju looked down at Qian Mo Xue from high up in the sky as he said these harsh words.

"Even what?"

Qian Mo Xue gritted her teeth as she tried to resist the burning flame in her body and the uncontrollable thirst in her heart.

"You did not hesitate to kill his blood brother, let me tell you … "If Tian Wen died, you were the one who caused it. If it wasn't because of you, how could Marshal Tian do such a ridiculous thing?"

"It's all your fault. It's all your fault, you damned slut. You caused the death of my eldest son …" It's all your fault! "Therefore, I will make you live a life worse than death. Live your entire life in pain. I will make you suffer the torment of Commander Tian, haha …"

Liu Wen Ju suddenly went mad and laughed loudly.

"What?" Was Tian Wen murdered by Commander Tian? "

After hearing Liu Wenju's words, Qian Mo Xue was stunned as her mind went blank.

She had always thought that her husband, Zhang Tianwen, had died because of an accident that saved her, causing her to constantly feel remorseful and upset. However, she didn't expect that it was actually his own brother who had plotted this … …

"That's right, it's me … That day, he saw me stealing your underwear and taught me a lesson! While I hold a grudge in my heart, it has also aroused my desire and desire for you. In order to obtain you, I did not hesitate to design an accident to kill him. Tsk tsk … You don't think so, do you? "

Zhang Tian Shuai greedily swept his gaze over Qian Mo Xue's perfect body, and evil words came out of his mouth.

"Unfortunately, after he died, you actually stayed with your colleague. I didn't have any chances to attack you, so I found an excuse to trick you back, hehe …"

"Bitch, I think my brother will be very pleased when he finds out that you have been serving me from the start, and is screaming under my crotch. After all, fat water doesn't flow to foreign lands, so it's better for me to take advantage of it than to give it to other men, don't you think?"

Zhang Tianjun slowly took off his glasses and revealed his incomparably ugly face. Combined with his extremely rare buckteeth, it was truly disgusting.

"The effects of the pill should be completely effective now. Marshal Tian, you don't need to waste any more words with this slut. Drag her into your room and torture her."

Liu Wen Ju looked at Qian Mo Xue with hatred and coldly opened his mouth.

This woman's mind was already distorted, it was incomparably dark!

"Yes!" "Thank you, Mom!"

Zhang Tian Shuai's face was filled with excitement and excitement as he quickly nodded.

As soon as Zhang Tianjun finished speaking, he stretched out his hand with a face full of greed and passion, dragging Qian Mo Xue with him as he headed towards his bedroom …

"Dammit, don't, let me go …" "You two devils …"

Qian Mo Xue's face was filled with pain as she struggled violently.

"Bitch, you still dare to resist …" It's your fortune to be able to receive your father's love. "

However, Zhang Tiancai slapped her in the face, while Liu Wenju kicked her, causing her to freeze.

She knew she was done for today.

Bitch, your body has been coveted by me for a long time. My brother has left for so many years, you have been widowed for so many years, in the eyes of others you are just a living widow, lonely and cold. Now that you have been drugged, the effects of the medicine have taken effect, stop pretending to be pure!

Zhang Tian Shuai grabbed Qian Mo Xue's hair and spoke with a stern expression.

As his words fell, he reached out his palm and brutally tore off Qian Mo Xue's white shirt, revealing her beautiful body that was wrapped in black lace. It could be said to be extremely alluring, making him salivate, and even his eyes became round.

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, he unceremoniously extended his palm towards the towering softness of Qian Mo Xue's palm. The ear-piercing sound of a collision quietly rang out.

Following the appearance of this voice, the tightly shut door suddenly burst open. Two miserable figures flew over like two cannonballs and heavily smashed onto the tea table in the living room, smashing the tea table into powder …

Fresh red blood gushed out of their mouths, causing them to faint on the spot.

"F * ck, what's going on?"

This sudden turn of events caused Zhang Tian Wen's expression to change drastically as he roared furiously.


However, the only response he got were two figures that were shooting towards him from outside the house.

"Puchi …"

Zhang Tian Shuai was smashed on the spot. He spat out a large amount of blood and was sent flying.

When he struggled to stand up and look around, he found that the four people who flew over were his four bodyguards. Moreover, they had all been knocked down and were in serious condition. They had no fighting strength at all.

This scene caused his expression to become extremely ugly. His fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard.

"Just which bastard is messing up my plan? Get the hell out here!"

An angry roar came from his mouth.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Just as he finished speaking, the rustling of footsteps stealthily sounded out. A slender and straight figure gradually appeared in his line of sight.

"You damned bastard!"

Looking at the figure that had walked into the room, Zhang Tianxiong's eyes were filled with killing intent as he gritted his teeth and spoke.

"Ye …" "Ye Xuan …."

Qian Mo Xue, who couldn't suppress the effects of the pill, stood up with difficulty and threw herself into Ye Xuan's embrace.

Rather than being ravaged and ravaged by this bastard, Zhang Tian Shuai, it would be better to give everything he had to Ye Xuan.

This was the only thought that appeared in Qian Mo Xue's mind before she lost herself.

As Qianyue threw herself into Ye Xuan's embrace, a refreshing and rich fragrance wafted from the tip of his nose. At the same time, a burst of softness continuously assaulted Ye Xuan's chest, and Qianyue's hand couldn't help but move around Ye Xuan's body, causing his body to tremble.

"Has he been drugged?"

Ye Xuan lowered his head and looked at Qian Mo Xue whose eyes were blurry, skin was slightly red, and there was a look of desire on her face.

"Qianyue, you damned slut, the moment you came here, you threw yourself into the arms of this bastard and revealed your lecherous nature. You even said that you had nothing to do with this damned bastard?"

Seeing that Qian Mo Xue actually took the initiative to hug Ye Xuan tightly, Zhang Tian Shuai's expression became sinister from his anger. He abruptly swung up a nearby bench and viciously smashed it towards Ye Xuan and Qian Mo!

"You dog and dog pair, go and die!"