In the evening, at the gate of Xinghai Hospital.

"Older brother Xuan, do your best. Tonight, you must take care of Nurse Liang."

"Older brother Xuan, nurse Liang, I hope you have a good time tonight."

"Brother Xuan, we'll be waiting for your good news later …"

Captain Zhao Da Hai, Little Wu, and the rest of the security team couldn't help but tease and shout as they watched Ye Xuan bring Little Doctor to his Mercedes-Benz.

"All of you, stop fooling around. Let's go!"

Hearing Zhao Da Hai and the others' shouts, Liangshuang, who sat in the front passenger seat, couldn't help but have an alluring blush appear on her face. Ye Xuan even smiled as he elegantly drove away with a single word.

Ye Xuan and Liang Xiaoxiao first drove to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and fish. Afterwards, they went to the hardware store to buy a light bulb and a bath before heading to Liang Xiaoxiao's residence.

By the time they arrived at Liang Xiaoxiao's residence, it was already around seven in the evening.

The room that Liang Xiaoxiao lived in was a small one room with about fifty square meters inside. The interior was very warm and beautiful, giving off a very comfortable feeling.

Ye Xuan stood in the living room and swept his gaze across the room. In the end, his gaze fell onto Doctor Liang. The cleaning up was quite good and the decorations were quite beautiful. Was it rented or his own? "

"It used to be for rent, but now it's mine."

A charming smile appeared on Liang Xiaoxiao's beautiful face, and comfortable words came from her mouth.

For her to be able to use her own efforts to rent this house in this huge city and then buy it as her own was not easy at all. 95% of the women here might not even be able to do it.

"Oh right, where did the light go off? I'll change it now. "

Ye Xuan picked up the light bulb and light tube he bought and teased.

"It's my bedroom. Ye Xuan, go change into it. Also, there's the bathtub in the nearby bathroom!" I'm cooking in the kitchen. "

Little Doctor Liang pointed to her bedroom and bathroom and teased her.


Ye Xuan nodded lightly. He took his equipment and tools to Doctor Liang's bedroom, whereas Doctor Liang carried the dishes they bought to the kitchen to start cooking.

As Ye Xuan walked into Doctor Liang's bedroom, a faint fragrance that was unique to a woman's room assaulted his senses, causing him to feel relaxed and happy ….

With the light outside, Ye Xuan could vaguely see the decorations and furnishings of Doctor Liang's room. The things inside the room were very simple: a desk, two closets, a two meter bed, and a bedside table. At the same time, the room was neatly and tidily tidied up.

Ye Xuan tried to switch on the light, but the light in the room only flickered for a moment before it quietly went out. It was obvious that the light bulb and light tube in the room had broken down.

Ye Xuan found a stool, picked up a flashlight, and started to change the lamp and light bulb inside.

He pressed the light switch, and the pitch-black room immediately lit up. He could even see the set of blue lace undergarments that the doctor had hung outside the window …

Ye Xuan smiled. He turned around and walked into the bathroom to the side and found that the bathtub was leaking. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shut it off …

After carefully inspecting it, Ye Xuan directly used a tool to open it up and then put it back on. It was an easy task.

After finishing all of this, Ye Xuan yawned, stretched, and walked towards the kitchen. He wanted to help Little Doctor Liang, but she chased him out.

Ye Xuan could only sit on the sofa in the living room and watch the boring TV.

"It's time to eat, it's time to eat, the dishes are here..."

An hour later, following the crisp and pleasant voice of Doctor Liang, she walked out with a bowl of fragrant Boiled Fish. She placed it on the table and went into the kitchen …

After a while, she came out of the kitchen with delicious dishes.

In just a short moment, a table full of fragrant dishes was placed on the table. The rich fragrance that was emitting from the table made one's appetite expand. Ye Xuan impatiently walked over to the table.

"Tsk tsk … I really want to see, I have boiled fish, braised pork, fried chicken, fried pork, spicy eggplant, sea bass with peppers... Little Doctor, with just two of us and you made such a big table, can we finish it? "

Ye Xuan couldn't help but tease as he looked at the table full of dishes.

"This is the first time I've invited you to my house as a guest. If I don't let you eat well and raise your appetite, I'm afraid you won't come next time."

Liang Xiaoxiao stretched out her pure white hands to untie the waist around her waist, revealing her beautiful figure as she joked.

"Don't worry, as long as you call for me, I'll be there right away."

Ye Xuan smiled as he looked at the dishes on the table with a greedy expression.

"Look at how greedy you are. Hurry up and move your chopsticks to try my Boiled Fish …"

Liang Xiaoxiao picked up a piece of Boiled Fish with her chopsticks and placed it into Ye Xuan's bowl, considerate and gentle.

"Um... This fish is so tender, and the taste is so tyrannical … "

"It's also great to have fat intestines. It's fragrant, but not greasy. It's very chewy …"

"This fried chicken and peppercorns are also very good. Little doctor, ever since I gave you my food last time, I knew that you cooked well, but I didn't expect you to be so good at cooking. Even the head chefs of those high-end hotels couldn't compare up to you …"

"Tsk, tsk, beautiful hearts and souls are beautiful, and you're even able to cook such good food. Only among all the women in the world can a person like you be born. This is truly rare …"

Ye Xuan praised as he savored the various dishes.

Liang Xiaoxiao was an extremely skilled craftsman. Even the Gourmet, Ye Xuan, couldn't stop praising her.

Hearing Ye Xuan's praise, Liang Xiaoxiao's heart was elated. Her beautiful face flushed red. "You, you only know how to speak so sweetly. How can you praise others like this? It makes me feel embarrassed."

"I'm not praising you. I'm just speaking the truth."

Ye Xuan picked up a piece of fried meat with salt and placed it into Little Doctor Liang's bowl. "Don't patronize me either. Hurry up and move your chopsticks …"

"Alright, then you should eat more …"

Liang Xiaoxiao also carried some food around for Ye Xuan. The two of them looked like a young couple, and they matched each other warmly.

This feeling was something that the doctor enjoyed and liked a lot …

"Dong, dong, dong …"

However, this warm and rarely seen atmosphere was quickly interrupted by a hurried knock on the door, causing Liang Xiaoxiao to frown slightly.

Who would come knocking at this hour?

"Open the door, little doctor! Quickly open the door! It's me, your cousin!"

It was only when the shouting outside the door that Liang Xiaoxiao finally understood who the people outside were.

The smile on her face disappeared at this moment and was replaced with disgust and iciness.

"Cousin, I'm already asleep. If there's anything, we can talk about it tomorrow."

She got up and walked to the door. She did not open the door, but instead spoke coldly.

"Sleeping so early? Little Doctor, quickly open the door. I have urgent business with you … "

"What urgent matter?"

Liang Xiaoxiao turned her head and indicated for Ye Xuan to hide in the bedroom. Only then did she speak in a cold voice.

"Didn't I go back to my hometown a few days ago? Your mother is in critical condition, your father told me to bring a message to you … "

"What, my mother is sick? What exactly is going on here? "

When she heard that her mother was sick, Little Doctor Liang couldn't help but open the door.

A man around 30 years old with messy hair and an old suit that looked sloppy walked in with a youth dressed in expensive clothes and with black eyes.

That slovenly looking man was Liang Xiaoxiao's cousin, Liang Xiaolang!

As for the youth dressed in expensive clothing behind Liang Xiaoluo, he was one of the rich second generations. His name was Feng Wensheng, and he was an important member of the Four Great Clans of Star Sea, the Feng Clan!

Upon entering, Liang Xiaolang looked left and right to check on the situation in the room.

As for Feng Wensheng, his gaze was fixated on Little Doctor Liang. His greedy gaze swept over her beautiful body, filled with undisguised heat.

This woman was truly as beautiful as Liang Xiaolang said. She was extremely sexy and could be said to be one of the best of the best. Even though he had played with so many women, he had never experienced such a beauty.

This transaction was truly worth it.

"Cousin, you still haven't told me what happened to my mother."

Seeing Liang Xiaolang, Liang Xiaoxiao spoke with an anxious expression.

"Little Doctor, your mother had a sudden cerebral infarction. Thanks to this Young Master Feng saving your mother in time and paying a large amount of medical fees, your mother was able to escape danger."

"Your parents specifically asked me to bring Young Master Feng to see you and to tell you that in order to repay Young Master Feng for saving my life, you will be Young Master Feng's man from now on."

Liang Xiaolang pointed at Feng Wensheng and said seriously.

"When did this happen? Why didn't I know?" With a look of astonishment, Little Doctor Liang asked in bewilderment.

"It's exactly what happened a while ago. Your mother and the others were afraid that you would be worried. This time, I brought Young Master Feng here to tell you about this. "

Liang Xiaolang said solemnly.

"Miss Liang, hello! My name is Feng Wensheng!"

Feng Wensheng also gave a faint smile and extended his palm towards the distant Little Doctor Liang.

"I don't believe it, you must be lying to me, I'll call them and ask … …"

Liang Xiaowen did not shake hands with Feng Wensheng. Instead, he quickly took out his phone and prepared to make a call …

"What are you asking for? I said that's how it is!"

However, Liang Xiaolang quickly snatched the doctor's phone away.

"Liang Xiaolang, what are you doing?" You must be lying to me, right? "

Little Doctor Liang's expression changed as he spoke in a low voice.

"Originally, I wanted to deceive you, but unfortunately, you are so smart that I am unable to deceive you!

Doctor, I'll explain it to you here! "Young Master Feng has taken a fancy to you. As long as you serve him well and obediently become his woman, from then on, you will be a rising star in the future. You won't have to work so hard to be a nurse anymore."

"As for me, your cousin, I can let you bask in some light. Do you understand?"

Liang Xiaolang's expression gradually turned ice-cold as he coldly spoke.

"Liang Xiaolang, you bastard! What did you get out of him? "

Little Doctor Liang's expression was ugly as he spoke with a face full of anger.

"Heh heh... I didn't get any benefits, just two million yuan plus the vice manager of Liu's film company's business recruitment department. Little Doctor, as long as you listen to him obediently and serve him well, you will be able to get even more. He is an important member of the Feng Clan, once you get along with him, from now on, you will … "

Liang Xiaolang's face was full of sneers as he slowly spoke.

"Shut up! Hurry up and f * ck off! "

However, before Liang Xiaolang could finish his words, he was interrupted by Liang Xiaoxiao's angry voice.

"F * ck, Little Doctor Liang, don't f * cking refuse a toast and drink a forfeit. It's your fortune that Young Master Feng has taken a fancy to …"


Liang Xiaoxiao's expression was ice-cold. He suddenly raised his palm and slapped Liang Xiaoxiao, but he was stopped by Feng Wensheng.

"Miss Liang, give me your condition. Only in what way will you be willing to play with me!"

Feng Wen Sheng stared greedily at Little Doctor Liang, forcefully suppressing the fire in his heart as he spoke in a condescending tone.

"You two, scram!"

Liang Xiaoxiao's jade hands were clenched tightly as angry words came from her mouth.

"Heh heh... Miss Liang, why did you have to do this? It's just for fun. As long as you're willing to sleep with me for a night, you'll have to struggle for at least a few dozen years! "

"How about this, this Young Master will give you 10 million for one month!" "In this one month's time, you just have to wait on me obediently. I don't know how many times stronger you are than when you were working. What do you think?"

Feng Wen Sheng gave Liang Xiaolang a meaningful glance, telling him to firmly lock the door and opened his mouth as he spoke with great interest.

"Of course, if you are not willing, then I can only use force! You are a weak girl. If you insist on resisting, you will suffer greatly! "Come on, my darling."

With that said, Feng Wensheng could no longer suppress his wolfy nature. He took off his jacket, opened his arms, and pounced towards Little Doctor Liang.

However, at this moment, a bone-chilling voice rang out.

"This young master dares to touch a woman he has his eyes on? Do you have guts?"