Seeing Liang Xiaoxiao heavily fall to the ground, especially being hit by the softness on the hard floor, Ye Xuan felt an incomparable pain. It was simply a waste of heaven's treasures.

"Doctor, how are you?"

He rushed over to Liang Xiaoxiao's side and helped her up as he spoke these words of concern.

"I... I'm fine. Ye Xuan, you should sit down and rest for a while. I'll go to the kitchen to get some tools to clean up the room … "

Liang Xiaoxiao resisted the pain from her body and spoke with a smile.

"Ahh …"

After she finished speaking, she staggered back towards the kitchen. However, before she could take two steps, her body slipped and she fell backwards. Her butt hit the ground first and she landed heavily on the floor …

"Hiss …"

As soon as she moved, the tearing pain in her body made her gasp.

Because Liang Xiaoxiao and Feng Wensheng had spilled so much leftovers, the floor had long since become incomparably slippery from the oily water. Adding to that, Liang Xiaoxiao had already fallen down once earlier, and her body was in incomparable pain.

However, this girl's actions and expression when she fell were both captivating and sexy …

"Doctor, how is it? It's okay, the floor is slippery now, and you're walking so carelessly. "

Looking at Liang Xiaoxiao who fell to the ground once more, Ye Xuan's heart was bleeding. Girl, when you fell, you couldn't tell me in advance.

In any case, Liang Xiaoxiao's entire body was natural and hadn't undergone any cosmetic surgery. Otherwise, just these two moves alone, let alone the other parts, just her perky butt and Feng Shui. His chest would be broken.

"I... Hiss … "I'm fine. Thank you, Ye Xuan, for laughing."

With Ye Xuan's support, Little Doctor Liang struggled to stand up as he smiled bitterly.

Because the floor had long since been soaked, with the fall from the front and back, her clothes had also been soaked, causing her to look soft and sexy, which could be said to be extremely tempting.

It had to be known that Liang Xiaoxiao was wearing a pure white tight suit, while the one on her lower body was a pair of white pencil pants.

Her pure white clothes and her white pencil pants were drenched, revealing the beautiful scenery underneath. Ye Xuan was able to clearly see that she wore a set of black lace undergarments …

One could even see the alluring snow-white chest that couldn't even be covered by the black lace …

This was f * cking wet seduction...


Ye Xuan's gaze couldn't help but sweep over Liang Xiaoxiao's seductive body. He felt his mouth go dry and silently swallowed his saliva. He immediately shifted his gaze away from her and smiled.

"I definitely won't joke around. I just feel my body is hurting. It's such a pity that such a good body is broken …"

This fellow had accidentally voiced the thoughts of a beast.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Liang Xiaoxiao was slightly stunned. Lowering her head to look at her wet clothes, her face instantly flushed down to her neck as she stammered.

"Ye …" Ye Xuan, you … You sit down for a while, I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … I … " "I'm too dirty, I'll go take a shower and change clothes …"

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Liang Xiaoxiao fled in panic and entered the bathroom ….

"Tsk tsk …"

Looking at the sexy back of Liang Xiaoxiao as she left, Ye Xuan was filled with unwillingness.

After all, with the fall from the front and back, and with her completely drenched white clothes, the figure of her back when she left was even more captivating. Not only could she clearly see the alluring buttoning belt of her undergarments, she could also see the black lace panties that wrapped around her plump butt …

It was simply an endless magic. That figure remained in Ye Xuan's mind for a long time …

"Let's clean up the room first!"

After lightly exhaling a mouthful of impure air, Ye Xuan quickly returned to his senses. He looked at the chaotic room, hesitated for a moment, then walked into the kitchen to take out his tools and began to pack up.

"Then... That. Ye … "Ye Xuan …."

Just as Ye Xuan cleaned up the messy room, the alluring voice of Little Doctor Liang came from the bathroom, causing Ye Xuan to take a deep breath and walk towards the bathroom.

"What's wrong? "The doctor."

He said in a deep voice as he walked to the door of the bathroom and looked through the glass of the door.

"Um …" I came in too much of a hurry and forgot to change clothes. I'll have to trouble you to help me get some clothes from my bedroom. The clothes are hanging in the closet, and the underwear is in the first and second drawers in the center of the closet. "

Little Doctor Liang's incomparably shy voice came from the bathroom.

At that time, because she felt too embarrassed, she forgot to go to her bedroom to get a change of clothes, so she rushed into her bedroom to take a bath. Now that she'd finished, she didn't have any clothes on, so she could only ask Ye Xuan for help …

She couldn't possibly walk out of the bathroom naked with a fruit body, could she?

"This... "Fine."

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then turned around and walked into Doctor Liang's bedroom.

This girl wanted him to help her take the clothes. This was practically a crime!

Ye Xuan took a deep breath as he walked to the wardrobe and opened it.

It was the first time he had opened a woman's closet.

To him, this action of his was undoubtedly opening up a brand-new door.

He opened the wardrobe and saw all sorts of clothes. There was a windbreaker, a white-collared uniform, a short skirt, leather pants, and a variety of stockings …

Fishing net stockings, flesh-colored stockings, black stockings …

Of course, the thing that attracted Ye Xuan's attention the most were the sets of nurse's clothing that varied in color and style.

Under the stimulation of so many women looking down on him, as well as the unique fragrance that filled the wardrobe, even the normally calm Ye Xuan found it difficult to maintain his composure. His heartbeat couldn't help but quicken …

This … What kind of clothes would he wear?

White collar uniform? This is home, it seems a little too much.

White shirt with black leather skirt and black fishnet socks?

Isn't this a bit too attractive?

Or was she supposed to wear the most sexy white nurse's uniform?

He was at home, not going to work.

At this moment, there were simply too many beautiful scenes and thoughts flashing through Ye Xuan's mind.

Forget it, let's choose a set of underwear first.

Ye Xuan shook his head, suppressing the throbbing in his heart.

He reached out and gently opened the first and second drawer of the wardrobe …

What appeared in his line of sight was a variety of coloured and styled underwear.

There were black lace undergarments, purple front button-down underwear, red converging undergarments, pink ones, pure white …

And all sorts of bras.

It could be said that he was dazzled and had suddenly realized what had happened.

If they continued to watch like this, Ye Xuan would explode.

In the end, he picked up a set of purple underwear, then chose a white shirt and black leather pants before leaving in a hurry …


After walking out of Doctor Liang's bedroom, Ye Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Looking at the tightly shut bathroom door, he lightly knocked and said in a deep voice, "Doctor, open the door. I'll pass the clothes in through the crack in the door …"

"Mm, okay …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Little Doctor Liang lightly nodded. She opened the door a crack, and Ye Xuan passed his clothes in …

His mood, which he had barely managed to calm down with great difficulty, was once again ignited into flames. This was because his gaze inadvertently fell through the crack in the door and landed on the mirror in the bathroom …

In an instant, a beautiful scene appeared before his eyes, causing his breathing to become chaotic …

He hurriedly passed all of his clothes to Liang Xiaoxiao, and only then did he flee …

"Huff, puff …"

Ye Xuan breathed heavily as he sat on the sofa in the living room, continuously calming his heart.

The scene he had inadvertently seen in the mirror just now was simply too alluring and stunning …

"Ye Xuan, what happened to you?"

After putting on her clothes, Liang Xiaoxiao walked out from the bathroom and looked at Ye Xuan, who was sitting on the sofa and gasping for air. Her beautiful eyes were filled with doubt. She couldn't help but ask.

"I... "I'm fine."

Hearing Little Doctor Liang's words, Ye Xuan raised his head and smiled.

However, when his gaze landed on Liang Xiaoxiao, his entire body froze, and a thick shock and amazement appeared on his face.

Due to having just taken a bath, Liang Xiaoxiao's hair was still wet. Her hair was long and loose, and her graceful figure was wrapped in a white shirt and black leather pants.

Perhaps it was because the white shirt was a size smaller, but it looked a little tight. Those two mountain peaks were like the collar on her waist that had been ripped apart. The position of her leather pants was neither high nor low, revealing her long and slender legs just in time.

Thinking about the underwear that doctor Liang wore, Ye Xuan found it difficult to control himself. He simply couldn't remain calm and continued to stay here …

"Erm, doctor, it's getting late. I still have some matters to attend to, so I'll be returning first!"

Ye Xuan quickly stood up and left after leaving those words …

"This... "Ye Xuan …."

Looking at Ye Xuan's fleeing figure and the clean room, a trace of doubt filled Liao Yu's beautiful face. Deep in her heart, she was filled with a deep sense of warmth and emotion …

What she was curious about was why Ye Xuan would suddenly leave …

The thing that moved her was that Ye Xuan actually helped her clean her room, and he even cleaned it so neatly.

Unknowingly, Ye Xuan had already planted a seed in Doctor Liang's heart.

"Huff …"

Ye Xuan finally let out a long sigh of relief after walking out of the area where Little Doctor Liang lived. Only then did the flames in his heart slowly disperse.

Just as he was about to drive away, a figure with a strong killing intent blocked his path.

Her long hair was loose, and she had a flawless face. Her slender figure was wrapped in a classical robe, and in her hand was a purple long sword. Her entire body was cold and detached, as if she was a classical beauty that had just walked out of a painting.

She was Yu Ji.

She'd come to kill Ye Xuan.