Lord Snake stood on top of the enormous python's head, looking down at Ye Xuan who stood upright. Not even the slightest trace of emotion could be seen on his cold face, only endless indifference.

He looked at Ye Xuan as if he was looking at a dead man.

The rhombus-shaped bloody snake eyes beneath his feet also stared fixedly at Ye Xuan. Its eyes flickered with an ominous light as its enormous body completely sealed off Ye Xuan's path.

One man and one beast standing in this place made people feel as if they were an ancient war god riding a wild beast to guard the border. No one could pass through the place where they were standing.

"Ye Xuan, we meet again!" Last time you were under the protection of Grandmaster Mist, you won't be so lucky this time. "

Lord Snake's cold gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke these words.

"Heh heh... I didn't have the time to look for you, but you actually took the initiative to deliver yourself to my doorstep. Interesting! "

Ye Xuan lazily stretched his waist as his fingers pressed on the deformed button on the side of the Soul-Destroying Knife's handle as fast as lightning.

"Boom! Boom!"

A resplendent black light suddenly blossomed, engulfing the entire world and turning it black. Lord Snake was deprived of his vision in that instant. His eyes were pitch-black, and he could not even see his fingers in front of him.

Just as he was about to speak, a strong sense of danger filled his heart, causing his expression to change. Without thinking, he moved to the side.

"Swish …"

Dazzling sword light blossomed in the darkness. Ye Xuan's figure flashed past Lord Snake like a bolt of lightning in the night, causing him to quietly freeze.

The originally pitch-black world instantly regained its original color. It was as if everything that had just happened was just an illusion.

Lord Snake quietly looked at his arm and frowned. Just then, he felt as if something had cut through his shoulder.

"Hmm? "Ah …"

His fingers moved without any obstruction. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, his expression suddenly changed, because he was horrified to see his arm breaking from his shoulder. Bright red blood wildly spurted out from his severed arm, causing his mouth to emit a miserable shriek …

Ye Xuan took advantage of the instant that the Absolute Soul Saber transformed into the Soul Breaking Sword to forcefully cut off one of Lord Snake's arms.

If it wasn't for Lord Snake's quick reaction just now, Ye Xuan's Absolute Soul Sword wouldn't have cut off his arm, but instead his head …

"Ah... "My hand! Ye Xuan, you shameless bastard, you've actually broken my arm! I'll kill you!"

The pain of losing an arm caused Lord Snake's expression to turn sinister and crazed. He glared hatefully at Ye Xuan as he let out an angry roar.

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the enormous python beneath his feet fiercely twisted its enormous body and opened its bloody maw to bite at Ye Xuan.

As for Mr. Snake, he ignored the pain of losing his arm, and waved the mysterious snake-headed scepter in his hand, madly slaughtering Ye Xuan.

Although the enormous python's body was enormous, its speed and reaction was incomparably swift. Every strike from its tail brought an extreme sense of danger to Ye Xuan, and every bite from its bloody mouth was enough to take Ye Xuan's life …

However, Ye Xuan wasn't afraid at all. He relied on his outstanding movement technique and agility to contend with it.

From afar, it looked like the shocking scene he saw just now in a cartoon. The mysterious war god with a severed arm controlled the gigantic python to launch an omnidirectional blockade and slaughter at a young man …


Dull collision sounds rang out. The giant python's tail strike was ingeniously avoided by Ye Xuan to the side, falling onto a heavy truck and forcefully sending the truck flying. It could be said to be incomparably brutal.

A resplendent green pillar of light suddenly erupted from the snake-headed scepter in Lord Snake's hand, causing the snake-headed scepter in Lord Snake's hand to appear extremely strange.

Ye Xuan, who was about to be smashed by the python, couldn't dodge at all …


"Puchi …"

Ye Xuan's expression was extremely unsightly as he watched the snake-headed scepter approach with its ferocious attack. He could only clench his teeth and block the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, colliding with the snake-headed scepter that Lord Snake had smashed down in anger.

Dull collision sounds exploded as a terrifying force charged into Ye Xuan's body and wantonly destroyed it, causing his body to fiercely tremble. The ground beneath his feet suddenly collapsed, and fissures as thick as a hand spread throughout the floor like spiderwebs.

A mouthful of black blood sprayed out from Ye Xuan's mouth. Obviously, he wasn't lightly injured from Lord Snake's furious attack.

"Ye Xuan, you're dead today!"

Lord Snake looked down on the struggling Ye Xuan from atop the python's head, and a bloodthirsty and ice-cold voice came out of his mouth.

He wanted to make Ye Xuan repay the pain of losing an arm a thousand times over …

"It's not certain who will live and who will die!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled. He raised his head to look at Lord Snake as he coldly spoke.

"You dare to be stubborn even in the face of death …" "Kun Python!"

Lord Snake's expression was ice-cold as he coldly spoke.

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the giant python's eyes flickered with a fierce light. It abruptly opened its mouth and spat out a mass of venom that was filled with a strong poison towards Ye Xuan.

Thundering Flash!

Ye Xuan's foot exerted force. In the instant that the poison turned into a sharp arrow that shot over, his body disappeared from where he stood and dangerously dodged this fierce attack …


When the venom landed on the car in the distance, it instantly corroded the car until there was only the frame of the car left, turning it into a pile of scrap metal. One could imagine just how powerful the venom was …

"Puchi …"

After dodging the venom, Ye Xuan was just about to counterattack, but the giant python's powerful tail shot towards him with a ferocious killing intent that descended onto his body …

Ye Xuan felt a sweet taste in his throat as he completely lost control of his body. Under the powerful impact, he flew out like a cannonball, heavily smashing into the far away wall and letting out a dull sound.

"Cough cough …"

The wall couldn't withstand Ye Xuan's force and shattered. A trace of blood flowed from the corner of Ye Xuan's mouth, causing the blood in his entire body to surge like the waves …

"Kneel down and beg for mercy, I'll spare your life!"

The giant python swam over and brought Lord Snake to Ye Xuan. Lord Snake condescendingly looked at the heavily injured Ye Xuan with a cold light in his eyes as he spoke unquestionable words.

"You want me to kneel and beg for mercy?"

"Spare me and not die?"

"Haha …"

A strange smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face when he heard Lord Snake's words. He raised his head to look at Lord Snake as he coldly and domineeringly spoke.

"You don't know who I am, do you?"


As Ye Xuan's words fell, his aura abruptly skyrocketed. Monstrous amounts of demon aura spread out from his body and caused a black, violent wind to blow over …

Demonic qi surged, blotting out the sky and blotting out the sun, as if doomsday had arrived!

"Aooo …"

"Woo …"

Even the python that Lord Snake sat on felt fear from the billowing demonic aura that Ye Xuan released. It let out a shrill cry …

Its indestructible scales that were harder than steel began to fester due to the corrosion of the demonic energy. Intense pain permeated its heart, causing its huge body to twist crazily as it continuously retreated.

It didn't stop until it was out of the range of the demonic energy's cover. It looked at the source of the surging demonic energy and its snake eyes were full of undisguised fear.

This fear did not come from the intense pain of the demonic energy corroding his body, but from its instinct, from its soul!

"Puchi …"

Lord Snake was also hit by the spreading demonic energy. His chest was stuffy and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Stabilizing his body and suppressing the boiling blood energy in his body, Master Snake raised his head and looked at the source of the evil energy. His brows were tightly knitted, and his eyes were full of undisguised seriousness.

He still underestimated Ye Xuan's strength.

Never would he have thought that this guy had such a powerful trump card.

Under his ice-cold, ugly gaze, the surging demonic aura gradually scattered. A straight figure gradually appeared in his line of sight, causing his pupils to suddenly shrink.

Right now, Ye Xuan's hair seemed to have grown a bit longer. His deep eyes flickered with a ruthless light. There wasn't the slightest bit of expression on his cold face. There was only endless indifference.

With the Soul Breaking Chain Sword in his hand, his aura became even stranger and unfathomable, as if he was a king who had walked out from hell and controlled countless lives and deaths …

"Goo …"

Seeing Ye Xuan walk over step by step, Lord Snake paled and subconsciously took two steps back. His throat rolled and he was unable to find any words to describe the incomparable feeling in his heart.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was completely different from the Ye Xuan from before.

At this moment, Ye Xuan had already been possessed!

"Do you have any last words to say before you die?"

Ye Xuan raised his head and pointed the Soul Breaking Sword at Lord Snake as he coldly spoke.

"Hiss …"

Being pointed at by Ye Xuan's Absolute Soul Sword, Lord Snake felt a chill run down his spine. His entire body was ice-cold and he couldn't make a sound …


In the next moment, Lord Snake fiercely bit the tip of his tongue and let out an explosive shout. With boundless killing intent, he madly charged towards Ye Xuan along with the giant python.

As they rushed out, a terrifying aura burst out without restraint. The giant python's entire body actually burned with illusory flames, shattering everything in its way into nothingness …

Just a moment ago, they had been frightened by the aura of this fellow in front of them. This was simply a humiliation!

Only by killing him would he be able to wash away this shame!

"Seems like it's gone!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan coldly spoke with an expressionless face.

As his words fell, he raised the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand and casually swung down …

"Ah... "No …."

A black sword aura that was five meters wide burst out from the Soul Breaking Sword and headed straight for Lord Snake. His pupils enlarged and he let out a cry of despair …

When the Sword Qi dissipated, both Lord Snake and the ferocious python had disappeared without a trace, as if they had never appeared.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan expressionlessly held onto his sword as he turned around to leave …