When Ye Xuan's cold and domineering voice sounded out, the crowd present was in an uproar.

No one thought that Ye Xuan wouldn't give Feng Wuji the slightest bit of face and directly wanted to fight Feng Wuji.

"Ye Xuan, you should know what's good for you!" "You injured my Feng Family's people, so I just want you to apologize. Is it that difficult?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Feng Wuji's expression became extremely cold. Fury surged from the bottom of his heart as he coldly spoke.

"Limitless... Ye Xuan definitely wouldn't innocently harm someone. He must have done something bad! Ye Xuan hurt him just now! "

Lan Wanting took a step forward and stood in front of Ye Xuan as she coldly spoke.

She was well aware of Ye Xuan's personality. He definitely wouldn't hurt anyone so easily. If she knew earlier, she definitely wouldn't have brought Ye Xuan here if he had a grudge with the Feng Clan.

"Lan Wanting, do you know what you're talking about? What are you doing?"

"Don't forget your identity, you are my fiancee!"

Seeing that Lan Wanting actually stood up to protect Ye Xuan, Feng Wuji's expression was extremely unsightly. He clenched his fist and angrily shouted.

"What?" "Lan Wanting's fiancee?"

"Damn, what time is this? How come we don't know about it?"

"You guys are not well-informed. It is said that the marriage was arranged long ago between the Feng family's old man and the Lan family's old man. However, because of the Lan family's old man's serious illness, no one mentioned it!"

"Tsk tsk, I didn't think there would be such a marriage. This Feng Wuji's luck with women is quite good!"

"Your luck with women is not shallow? I'm afraid that this beauty is too good to be a blessing, don't you see? Lan Wanting and Ye Xuan's relationship isn't ordinary. "

Feng Wuji's words were like a bomb to everyone's ears, causing their expressions to change drastically. They looked at Lan Wanting and Feng Wuji with undisguised shock in their eyes, and they began to discuss amongst themselves.

"Limitless, you …"

Lan Wanting's expression changed at this moment; she didn't expect Feng Wuji to make this matter public.

"What is it? Am I wrong? The marriage between us was set up by the elders of both families when we were young. The reason why I didn't mention it all these years is because I think you will understand my feelings and what you should do. "

"But now it seems... I was wrong! "Lan Wanting, you have disappointed me so much!"

"However, even so... [I will make you understand that whether you are willing or not, you are my, Feng Wuji's, woman! From the moment the marriage was set, you lost your right to freedom. "

"If you don't understand, then I'll let you understand it now!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, he quickly reached out his hand to grab Lan Wanting. He wanted to hug her and then take away his power in front of everyone …

However, Lan Wanting skillfully dodged to the side and hid beside Ye Xuan.

"Feng Wuji, let me tell you, don't go too far! That was just a joke between the two old men! I, Lan Wanting, do not like you at all, and I will never like you in this life! "

"I already have someone I like. His name is Ye Xuan!"

Who knows where Lan Wanting got the courage to take the initiative to wrap her arms around Ye Xuan's arm and say powerful words.

How could she be stupid enough to follow that so-called baby?

"You …"

Hearing Lan Wanting's words and seeing her intimately holding onto Ye Xuan's arm, Feng Wuji was angered to the extreme. His body trembled, and he couldn't even speak …

"It must be because of the green light!"

At this moment, a helpless sigh came from the crowd.

"Puchi …"

Feng Wuji couldn't hold it in anymore. He was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood …

"You bitch …"

The next moment, he gritted his teeth and swung his large ear scrape at Lan Wanting's beautiful face.


Seeing that Feng Wuji's palm was about to land on Lan Wanting's body, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. He extended his palm and grabbed Feng Wuji's palm.

"You …" "BOOM!"

Feng Wuji was about to speak, but Ye Xuan didn't even look at him and kicked him.

A dull sound of collision rang out, and a powerful force exploded forth.

Feng Wuji was the first to be hit by this attack. He spat out a large amount of blood, and like a football that was kicked away, he slammed into the bar, causing a dull sound. The glass on the bar shattered, and wine spilled out.

This scene shocked the eyes of everyone present. Who would have thought that Ye Xuan would be so valiant that he would directly kill Feng Wuji? He was truly mad to the extreme.

Wasn't this too f * cking insolent, too arrogant, and too domineering?

"Young master Wuji!"

"Second brother, how are you?" "Are you alright?!"

Feng Wen Sheng and many other members of the Feng Clan quickly ran in front of Feng Wuji to help him up, and words of concern came out of his mouth.

"Cough cough …"

Feng Wuji clutched at his chest as he violently coughed. Ye Xuan's kick had unquestionably injured him.

He stood up with much difficulty and stared coldly at Ye Xuan. "Ye Xuan, you're dead today. Even if the Celestial Emperor himself were to come, he wouldn't be able to save you!"

"Where is the Feng Family's Dragon Guard?" cripple him! "

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Following Feng Wuji's words, eleven tall Feng Clan Dragon Guards in black suits walked out from the crowd and surrounded Ye Xuan.

A vicious aura spread out from their bodies, giving off the feeling of a peerless vicious beast that had just walked out from the depths of time. It gave off a sense of oppression and ruthlessness.

People clearly knew that the Feng Clan's Dragon Guards were not ordinary bodyguards, they were deathsworn that the Feng Clan had paid a high price to send to the sect for training. They cultivated a unique Dragon and Elephant Technique, and each of them had the power of a dragon to fight against a hundred enemies.

"Ye Xuan, be careful …" "These are the death soldiers trained by the Feng Clan, they possess the power of a dragon and elephant …"

Seeing this, Lan Wanting asked with a worried face.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine."

Ye Xuan lightly smiled. He didn't care in the slightest.

"Boom! Boom!"

Just as he finished speaking, a terrifying aura exploded forth from the bodies of the eleven Feng Clan dragon guards.

Subsequently, the eleven of them, as if they'd transformed into dragons and elephants, carried with them a fearsome energy as they surrounded Ye Xuan and attacked him.

Fierce strength exploded from the three of them as they leapt more than three meters into the air. Carrying an unstoppable force, they lashed out at Ye Xuan in a triangular formation.

Four of them appeared around Ye Xuan, sealing off his four directions. They swung their fists at Ye Xuan's chest, back, and face in fury …

As for the remaining four, they were like centipedes as they charged towards Ye Xuan's lower body!

The 11 of them had a very high level of tacit understanding when they attacked. The division of labor was clear, making it impossible to guard against!

If it was an ordinary expert facing such a fierce siege, they would definitely be thrown into chaos. They would not know what to do, and in the end, be struck by their attacks until they fell into an absolutely grievous injury.

However, Ye Xuan's expression was calm. He didn't even spare a glance at their attacks. Instead, he used his left leg as a support point. His body abruptly rotated to the side and his right leg swept out with a fierce spinning force!

Eastwind Break! "Bang …"

"Puchi …"

Dull collision sounds rang out, and under the incomparably shocked gazes of the crowd, the eleven Wind Dragon Guards that were attacking Ye Xuan were whipped by his whip leg. Their mouths sprayed out a large amount of blood, and they flew backwards like kites with their strings cut, heavily smashing onto the table in the distance …

The powerful impact from their bodies shattered the dining table into pieces.

Bright red blood spurted out of the mouths of the eleven Dragon Guards. They struggled to stand up, but their seriously injured bodies could not muster up the slightest bit of strength …

In just an instant, the eleven Dragon Guards were easily knocked down by Ye Xuan.

"How... How could he be so strong? "

Looking at Ye Xuan's expressionless face, Feng Wensheng lost his composure and spoke.

He was very clear on the strength of the Feng Clan's Dragon Guards, and that was not something an ordinary retired soldier could compare with.

In his opinion, killing Ye Xuan was an easy task for the eleven Feng Family Dragon Guards. He didn't expect that they would be knocked down by Ye Xuan in a single exchange …

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he slowly walked towards Feng Wuji. His body's invisible aura caused the surrounding people's faces to change, and they automatically opened up a path for him …

"Young master Wuji, we … What do we do now? "

Looking at Ye Xuan walk over step by step, Feng Wuji's henchmen trembled as they spoke.

"What else can we do? Of course it's to roll up your sleeves and let laozi do it! "

Feng Wuji's expression was ferocious, and from his mouth came an angry roar.

"What are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and attack!"

Feng Wen Sheng shouted to his henchmen.


Hearing this, those henchmen gritted their teeth, swung their fists, and charged towards Ye Xuan.


"Puchi …"

However, in the next breath, they were like a cannonball as they flew out and smashed into the ground in front of Feng Wuji and Feng Wensheng. They vomited blood and immediately fainted with serious injuries …

"Ye Xuan, you …"

Seeing Ye Xuan walk over coldly, Feng Wensheng mustered up the courage to shout in anger.


"Kacha …."

However, before he could finish his words, Ye Xuan swung a bottle of red wine and smashed it onto his head, splitting it open.

"Ahh …"

Fresh red blood rolled down Feng Wensheng's face. He reached out his hand to feel the fresh blood flowing down from his cheek and looked in front of him. He let out a terrified and miserable cry and immediately fainted on the spot …

The only one left was Feng Wuji, who stared coldly at the devil-like Ye Xuan as he walked towards him …

"Yu Ji, is the video recording done yet?" Send it to the Feng Clan … "

Qian Mubai, who was sitting in the distance, watched the scene in front of him with interest as his mouth filled with mocking words.

He wanted to borrow the Feng Clan's strength to kill Ye Xuan!