"I want to see who dares!"

As the ancient voice sounded out, under the extremely ugly gazes of the crowd, an old man with white hair walked over, accompanied by an old man with a faintly discernible aura.

Not only that, but behind them was a large group of guards who were emitting a fierce killing intent. The entire banquet hall, even the entire restaurant, was completely surrounded.

"Old Master Lan Jianqiu!"

"Xue Xinchen!"

Looking at the two old men approaching with a powerful aura, Feng Tian Cheng, Qian YuanZhen, Ye Wen Feng, and the others' faces turned extremely serious and ugly. Their cold voices came from their mouths.


"Old Master!"

As for Lan Wanting, Lan Tianhen, and the others, their faces were full of surprise and excitement.

No one had expected the Lan family's old man and Xue Xinchen to come at this time.

Especially Feng Tian City, Ye Jianxin, and Qian YuanZhen.

After all, everyone knew that Lan Jianqiu had been bedridden for years with only half of his life remaining.

This was also the reason why the Lan family hadn't been doing well in business all these years. Sometimes, they even needed Lan Wanting to turn the tables on them.

However, the Lan family's old man, Lan Jianqiu, did not look sick at all. Instead, his face was glowing red. How could this not shock the people of Feng Tian City, Ye Jianxin, and Qian Yuanzhen?

"Greetings, Old Master Lan!"

Looking at the old man of the Lan family, Ye Jianxin, Feng Tiancheng, and Qian YuanZhen who had walked into the banquet hall, all looked at each other and cupped their fists towards him.

After all, the Lan family's old man used to have an extremely high prestige. In terms of seniority, he was far above them. His status was not any less than their respective old masters.

Not to mention that Xue Xinchen's strength was extraordinary, so they couldn't help but be respectful towards him.

"I didn't expect that during the years this old man was in bed, the three of you would have obtained pretty good status and achievements in your own family. Not bad, not bad …"

Looking at Ye Jianxin, Feng Tian Cheng, and Qian YuanZhen, the old man from the Lan family smiled and nodded while teasing them.

"Elder Lan, what are you saying!" All these years, we have been busy, and were unable to personally pay you a visit.

"Rumors have it that you, Elder Lan, is about to die. Now that we've met, we found out that those are just rumors …"

"In my opinion, it shouldn't be a problem for Elder Lan to live for another few decades …"

Hearing the words of the Lan family's old man, Ye Jianxin, Feng Tiancheng, and Qian YuanZhen all quickly spoke respectfully.

"I can still stand up and walk around … This is all because of little friend Ye Xuan. If little friend Ye Xuan hadn't treated me, I'm afraid I wouldn't have had much time left! Xin Chen, am I right? "

The Lan family's old man smiled kindly. His gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as he spoke with a polite smile.

"Master is right! If it wasn't for Godly Doctor Ye helping my old master, he probably would have already... Thus, Godly Doctor Ye was the honored tutor's savior. If everyone wishes to touch Divine Doctor Ye, then please do not give my old master any face. "

"Not giving face to my old master is also not giving face to me, Xue Xinchen. Not giving face to our Lan family …" "If that is the case, then we will have to fight with many people here!"

Xue Xinchen nodded slightly. His words were filled with authority and killing intent.


As his words fell, the auras of the many Lan Clan guards that he brought behind him erupted at this moment, creating a violent wind at the scene. It caused the expressions of the people from Feng Tian City, Qian YuanZhen, and the rest to turn extremely ugly.

At the same time, a shock wave and shock wave rose in their hearts.

The reason the Lan family's old man recovered from his serious illness is because of Ye Xuan!

The reason they're here is to protect Ye Xuan!

Dammit, Ye Xuan is just a piece of trash. How could he have medical skills and even save the Lan family's old man?

At this moment, whether it was Feng Tian City, Ye Jianxin, or Qian YuanZhen, they all fell into silence. No one knew what they were thinking.

"Little friend Ye Xuan, this old man came late. I hope little friend will forgive me …"

Ignoring Feng Tian City, Ye Jianxin, Qian YuanZhen, and the others, the Lan family's old man walked up to Ye Xuan and greeted him.

"What are you saying, Elder Lan? If you hadn't arrived in time, I'm afraid that I would not have survived today."

Ye Xuan teased.

"What are you saying, little friend Ye Xuan? Even if I'm not here, little friend Ye Xuan, I'm afraid you have other means to deal with the matter here, right?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply, the Lan family's old man said meaningfully.

Ye Xuan smiled. There was no need to explain or deny it; he'd already tacitly agreed.

His reaction caused the Lan family's old man to shiver. In his heart, he thought even more highly of Ye Xuan.

"Grandfather …"

Lan Wanting also greeted the Lan family's old man with a smile.

"Wan Ting, how is it? Are you hurt?" The Lan family's old man asked with concern.

"I'm not injured. It's all thanks to grandfather that you were able to make it in time … Grandfather, have you recovered well in the past few days? "

Lan Wanting answered with a smile as she held the old man's hand.

"With the divine medicine from little friend Ye Xuan, my recovery is naturally good …"

The Lan family's old man said with a smile.

"Old Lan, Ye Xuan is a sworn enemy of our Feng, Ye, and Qian Family!" Are you really determined to protect him, and even go so far as to declare war on our three great families? "

Just as the Lan family's old man was greeting Ye Xuan and Lan Wanting, Ye Jianxin, Feng Tiancheng, and Qian YuanZhen looked at each other and made their decision.

If the three families worked together, they would have no fear to the Lan family. They could even annex the Lan family.

Now that the Lan family's old man had personally come to take over Ye Xuan's side, this gave the three great families an opportunity and a reason to cooperate and annex the Lan family.

"Little friend Ye Xuan is my savior!" As the saying goes, a drop of water is worth a drop of water. What's more, what little friend Ye Xuan has done for me is to save my life! Today, he was guaranteed by me. "

The Lan family's old man said with a determined expression.

"So you're saying that Old Man Lan insisted on going against the three great families for the sake of a mere Ye Xuan? "Although the Lan family is powerful, once the three of us join forces, how can you withstand it? Old Man Lan, I advise you to think carefully first."

Feng Tian City gazed at the Lan family's old man as he coldly spoke.

"Think it through? This old man naturally has thought about it very clearly! But before that, don't blame me for not reminding you that the identity of little friend Ye Xuan isn't something that you three families can afford to offend … "

The Lan family's old man smiled and said meaningfully.

"What do you mean?"

Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen looked at each other and asked in confusion.

"What do you mean? You'll have to ask Ye Jianxin about this. I presume he hasn't told you about Ye Xuan's current identity, right? "

The Lan family's old man was indeed an experienced man. As he spoke, he lured the blame onto Ye Jian's new body.

"Ye Jianxin, the Lan family's old man said that Ye Xuan's identity is extraordinary, what does that mean?"

Feng Tian City and Qian Yuanzhen turned their heads around and coldly said as their gazes landed on Ye Jian.

Being stared at by the eyes of Feng Tian City and Qian Yuanzhen, Ye Jianxin took a deep breath and said coldly, "He is from the Western Asura World's Qing Di Hall, he has the Azure Emperor Token in his hands …"


Upon hearing Ye Jian's new words, the expressions of everyone present could not help but change. Shocked voices came out from their mouths.

Both Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen widened their eyes and mouths. Their minds were blank, and they were so shocked that they couldn't say anything for a long time.

Even the Lan family's old man, Xue Xinchen, Lan Tianheng, and the others had faces full of astonishment and astonishment. They originally thought that they knew all about Ye Xuan's background, but they never imagined that he was actually a member of the Azure Emperor Pavilion with an extremely rare Azure Emperor Token in his hands.

The reason why the Lan family's old man, Feng Tian City, and Qian Yuanzhen had questioned Ye Jianxin about the identity and information of him as the medical saint's successor was only because they wanted him to know about it.

Ye Xuan was actually from the Azure Emperor Pavilion, the founder of the Western Asura's World's Five Emperors. Not only that, he possessed the Azure Emperor Token.

At this moment, everyone finally understood why Ye Xuan was able to leave the Ye Family alive after forcefully killing Ye Wenfeng.

It wasn't because there weren't any experts who could kill Ye Xuan in the Ye Clan, but because Ye Xuan was from the Azure Emperor Pavilion and also possessed the Azure Emperor Token.

"This... How is that possible? "

"Damn it, how could he possibly have a relationship with the Azure Emperor Pavilion, and even possess the Azure Emperor Token?"

The crowd was in a complete mess. Their gazes at Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised panic and extreme fear.

How could they possibly be able to afford to offend such an enormous existence like the Azure Emperor Pavilion?

Even Xue Xinchen was shocked by Ye Jian's words.

He was well aware of how terrifying the Western Asura World was. He knew how terrifying the top power of the Western Asura World, the Azure Emperor Pavilion, was because he had ventured into the Western Asura World when he was young …

His strength could only be described as at the bottom of the list. He didn't have the ability to protect himself. There was no way for him to survive, so he could only withdraw …

However, Ye Xuan was from the Azure Emperor Pavilion. With the Azure Emperor Token in his hands, how could this not shock him?

He and the Lan family's old man looked at each other, determined to support Ye Xuan at all costs.

As for Qian Mubai, he was completely shocked by the news.

"Damn it, Ye Jianxin …" Why didn't you say so earlier? "

In the next moment, both Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen's gazes landed on Ye Jian's body. An angry roar came out of their mouths.

"Look at how scared the both of you are. It's merely a Green Emperor Pavilion!"

"Why do you think I would dare to attack that guy at this moment after knowing his background?" This is naturally because I have found a new backer! "

Seeing this, Ye Jianxin did not mind. With a calm smile, a calm voice came out from his mouth.

"What backer?"

Everyone looked at Ye Jianxin's body and asked in puzzlement.

Ye Jianxin lazily stretched his waist as he spoke at a moderate pace.

"Evil Emperor Pavilion!"