The Evil Emperor Pavilion was one of the most powerful forces in the Western Asura World, created by one of the Five Emperors of the Asura World, the Evil Emperor. It controlled many of the power cities in the Western Asura World, and had countless of members.

When Ye Jianxin mentioned the name "Evil Emperor Pavilion", everyone was shocked. Their eyes were filled with unconcealable shock when they looked at Ye Jianxin.

It was obvious that they did not expect Ye Jianxin to find such a huge backer of the Evil Emperor Pavilion in such a short period of time. This greatly shocked them.

Even Ye Xuan's expression changed at this moment as an extremely bad premonition arose within his heart.

Could it be that the Evil God, that damned fellow, had returned?

If that was really the case, since Ye Jianxin dared to come here, then wouldn't that mean that the Evil God was nearby?

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan's expression gradually turned serious as numerous thoughts flashed through his mind.

Although he had absorbed the resentment of the giant python and planted a seed of grievance within his body, allowing him to quickly enter the second level of the Bedevilment Realm by relying on the seed of grievance, he was definitely not a match for the Evil God.

What should he do now?

Feeling the shocked gazes of the crowd and seeing Ye Xuan's unsightly expression, a smile appeared on Ye Jian's face. He seemed to be abnormally enjoying himself.

"Ye Jianxin, are you really related to the Evil Emperor Pavilion?"

At this moment, Feng Tian City couldn't help but ask.

"That's only natural... If I didn't have the support of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, how would I dare make an enemy out of this damned brat, Ye Xuan, with the Azure Emperor Token? "After all, the anger of the Azure Emperor Pavilion is not something that the Ye Clan and I can bear!"

Ye Jianxin's eyes flashed as he teased.

"What proof do you have to make us believe you?"

Qian YuanZhen said in a deep voice.

"That's easy!"

Ye Jianxin smiled, took out his phone from his pocket and made a call.

"Lord Evil God, everyone is here, and all arrangements have been made! It's your turn to go on stage! "

Not long after Ye Jianxin hung up the phone, under the extremely solemn and ugly gazes of the crowd, a white-haired old man led a middle-aged man, dressed in blood-red armor that appeared to be extraordinary, and slowly walked in from outside …

"It's him?"

Looking at the grey-haired old man, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he coldly spoke.

The old man with the white hair was naturally the old man from the Ye family whom he had kicked out of the car that night.

As for the middle-aged man in blood-red armor, he was the Evil God that knelt before Ye Xuan when he took out the Azure Emperor Token.

However, the current Evil God's expression was icy and his killing intent was oppressing. His entire body was filled with coldness and strength, giving off an enormous pressure. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised killing intent and coldness.

"Greetings, Lord Evil God!"

When the Ye Family's old man led the Evil God to the banquet hall, Ye Wen Feng and many of the Ye Family's guards all knelt down in front of him at this moment as incomparably respectful words came out of their mouths.

"Greetings, Lord Evil God!"

Seeing this, Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen looked at each other. At this moment, they led their people to kneel down before the Evil God and spoke respectfully.

The sounds were orderly and deafening, causing one's heart to bow in admiration!

As for Ye Xuan, the Lan family's old man, Xue Xinchen, and the other Lan family members, their expressions couldn't help becoming even more serious. Some of the weaker and more cowardly ones even paled.

Who would have thought that Ye Jianxin and the Ye Family would actually find a backer, and have a relationship with the Evil Emperor Pavilion?

Now, the arrival of the Evil God clearly proved everything that Ye Jianxin had said.

"Kid, you didn't expect this, right? We meet again!"

The Evil God ignored the crowd and looked icily at Ye Xuan as he spoke in a condescending manner.

"Who was it that knelt in front of me and begged for mercy last time? If I remember correctly, it should be you, Evil God, right? Last time you left with your tail between your legs, and now you're here in a fit of rage!

If my guess is not wrong, you went back to see the Evil Emperor, and he sent you to capture me? "

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he spoke in a mocking tone.

"You're very smart!"

The Evil God's expression turned ice-cold when he heard Ye Xuan's words. He said in a chilly voice, "Unfortunately, normally, smart people can't live for long!"

"Really?" I don't think so. "

Ye Xuan sneered.

At the side, the Ye family's old man looked at Ye Xuan, who was facing the Evil God with a calm and composed smile. His gaze was filled with undisguised iciness, as well as a trace of extremely deep complexity.

If it wasn't for him making a mistake at that time, as an outstanding person, Ye Xuan would already be a member of the Ye Family. His future pillar wouldn't be their current enemy.

"Lord Evil God, this brat is very cunning. Why are you wasting your breath on him? You should have just directly killed him!"

Upon seeing this, Ye Jianxin could not help but open his mouth to speak.

"Heh heh... It was just a turtle in a jar! "No rush, let's play slowly..."

The Evil God laughed. Looking at Feng Tian Cheng, who didn't dare to get up, Qian Yuanzhen and the rest opened their mouths to speak, "No need to be so polite, all of you, stand up and speak!"

"Thank you, Lord Evil God!"

Hearing this, the group from Feng Tian City let out a sigh of relief and quickly cupped their fists as they spoke.

"Ye Xuan, Lan Jianqiu, Xue Xinchen …" What are you all standing around for? If you see Lord Evil God, why aren't you kneeling! "

The Ye Family's old man's eyes flashed as he sternly ordered Ye Xuan and the Lan family's old man.

This old thing would put on a show of might here.

"Ye Wuque, stop putting on a show here! If you really have the ability, then compete with me! "

Seeing how the Ye Clan's old man was pretending to be powerful, Xue Xin Chen said in annoyance.

The Ye family's old man paid no attention to him at all. Instead, his gaze fell on Ye Xuan as he coldly and emotionlessly said, "Ye Xuan, I told you that night …. But you didn't hear me! "

"If you obediently kneel down and beg for forgiveness from Lord Evil God right now, and also announce your withdrawal from Qing Di Pavilion, then I will plead for Lord Evil God on your behalf and have him spare your life!"

Hearing the words of the Ye family's old man, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile. He didn't have any good impressions of this old man.

"Heh heh... Begging for me to spare my life? Old thing, don't think I don't know what you're up to!

If I were to publicly announce my withdrawal from the Green Emperor's Pavilion, then I would no longer be a member of the Green Emperor's Pavilion. If I were to personally announce my withdrawal from the Green Emperor's Pavilion, then I would no longer be a member of the Green Emperor's Pavilion.

Old thing, am I right? "

"You …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Ye family's old man's expression changed. He didn't know how to reply.

He'd indeed underestimated Ye Xuan's IQ.

"Feng Tian City, Qian Yuanzhen, you don't really think that, with the Evil God supporting you, the unlucky one today will be me, right?"

Ye Xuan's gaze flashed, falling onto Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen's bodies as he continued to tease them.

"What do you mean?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, both Feng Tiancheng and Qian Yuanzhen had extremely ugly expressions. Their expressions were ice-cold as they clenched their fists tightly and spoke in an ugly tone.

The wisdom in Ye Xuan's eyes surged as he teased, "My meaning is naturally related to your current positions! Now that the Ye Family has the legs of the Evil God, it is naturally as bright as the sun in the sky. As for the status of your two great families, it is much lower than his … "

"Moreover... The one he climbed up is only an Evil God, it does not mean that he must be the Evil Emperor Pavilion! "

"But I'm different. I'm someone specially selected by Emperor Qing. I possess his Azure Emperor Token!" In terms of position, he was far above a mere Evil God!

Although there are certain conflicts and conflicts between you two clans, it is not impossible to resolve them. There are two paths ahead of you! "

"Which two paths?"

When Ye Xuan's words fell into the ears of Feng Tian City and Qian Yuanzhen, their expressions became heavy as they gritted their teeth and spoke.

"The first path is to submit to the Evil God and obey his commands. From now on, your positions are far below Ye Jianxin and the others!"

"The second way is to submit to me and fight against the Evil God and the Ye Family together. I promise you that you will become a member of the Azure Emperor Pavilion and enjoy the treatment of being an official member of the Azure Emperor Pavilion. I also promise you that you will establish the foundation of our Azure Emperor Pavilion in the sea of stars and that you will expand and annex all other forces …"

Ye Xuan said, neither too fast nor too slow.

This was simply bragging!

"Why should we believe you?"

Feng Tian City and Qian Yuanzhen looked at each other and coldly said.

"With just this!"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled and took out the Azure Emperor Token.

"Do you want to destroy our grudges with a smile and become a part of the Qing Emperor Pavilion? Or do you want to follow a mere Evil God and have a lower position than Ye Jianxin and the others? Choose for yourselves!"

After speaking, Ye Xuan withdrew the Azure Emperor Token from his pocket.

Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen couldn't help but fall into silence and ponder upon hearing Ye Xuan's words.

"Pah pah pah …"

"What a great acting, what a good estrangement strategy! No wonder Lord Emperor Qing had set his eyes on you! "

The Evil God couldn't help but laugh at Ye Xuan's words and clap.

Very soon, the Evil God's words quietly changed direction: "Unfortunately, although your words have a certain amount of truth to them, it doesn't hold, because your strength is just too weak and doesn't have the strength to convince you!"

"Ye Xuan, if your strength is similar to mine, then they would surely choose you. It's a pity that your strength is hundreds of thousands of miles inferior to mine, so …." "The result is obvious. They will definitely choose me. Am I right?"

The Evil God's eyes flashed. He turned around and looked at Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen. At this moment, he unleashed his terrifying aura.

"We are willing to follow the Lord Evil God to our deaths!"

Feeling the strong oppressive aura of the Evil God, Feng Tian Cheng and Qian YuanZhen felt as if there was a mountain pressing down on them, making it hard for them to breathe!

He promptly knelt on one knee towards the Evil God, and incomparably respectful words came out of his mouth!

"We are willing to follow the Lord Evil God to our deaths!"

Following Feng Tian Cheng and Qian Yuanzhen's orders, the guards and clansmen they brought all knelt down on one knee towards the Evil God as they spoke in unison.

"If that's the case … That's too much of a pity. Actually, I still have an identity that I haven't had the time to inform everyone about! "

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he spoke in an ice-cold, playful voice.

"What identity?"

The expressions of Ye Jianxin, the Ye family's old patriarch, and the others all changed as they asked in a low voice.

Xue Xin Chen and the Lan family's old man understood each other and spoke at the same time.

"Little friend Ye Xuan is the successor of the Medical Saint!"

Hearing their conversation, whether it was the Evil God, Feng Tian Cheng, or even the Ye Family's old man, Ye Jianxin, or the others' faces couldn't help but change as they lost control of themselves from their mouths.

"The successor of the Medical Saint?"