The Medical Saint was one of the pinnacle figures of the era, a legendary figure of the entire medical world.

His medical skills had reached the pinnacle of perfection, and he had created countless legends that were familiar to the medical world, creating countless miracles one after another.

He had treated countless numbers of experts at the peak of the era to prolong their lives, causing countless numbers of experts to owe him a huge favor!

Just one sentence from him was enough to cause countless experts to go all out for him, to go crazy for him!

Looking at the entire world, he was a mysterious existence, a legendary existence.

Few knew his true identity or face.

However, he had disappeared a few years ago.

Countless people wanted him to continue on with his life, but all of them ended up returning empty-handed.

Even the Sovereign King Palace that stood at the peak of the western dark world had sent people to search for the Medical Saint many times. However, they did not hear any news, which made many doubt that the Medical Saint had already perished.

However, the Lan family's old man, Xue Xinchen, and the rest had told Feng Tian Cheng and the Evil God that Ye Xuan was the Medicine Saint's successor. How could this not shock and shock them?

At this moment, whether it was the Evil God, Feng Tian Cheng, or Ye Jian's group, all of them had their eyes wide open as they stared blankly at Ye Xuan with their mouths wide open. Their faces were filled with undisguised shock and didn't know what to do.

"He... Is he really the successor of the Medical Saint? "

Ye Jianxin and the Ye family's old patriarch blankly stared at Ye Xuan, unable to recover from their shock for a long time.

The identity of a medical saint's successor was simply too shocking and shocking.

It was even more frightening than the Azure Emperor Token in Ye Xuan's hands.

Because … Anyone would know that all these years, the hegemon of the western dark world, the Sovereign King Palace, had been searching for the location and news of the Medical Saint.

This meant that if Ye Xuan was really the successor of the Medical Saint, then he would undoubtedly gain the favor of the Western Twilight Zone's Overlord Hall and become their distinguished guest.

If that's really the case, then even Emperor Qing wouldn't dare to offend Ye Xuan.

This was because the enormous Sovereign King Palace was not something that he, Emperor Qing, could afford to offend. It was because it was created by the strongest man on the surface, Tyrant Blue Feng, a hundred years ago.

No one knew what enormous foundation and items the legendary man left behind for the Hall of Emperor before he left Earth.

"That's right, Ye Xuan is the successor of the Medical Saint!" The reason why he was able to wake up from his vegetative state with such a heaven-shaking transformation is because the Medical Saint saved him. Not only did he impart medical skills to him, he even imparted martial skills to him! "

Seeing the shocked expressions on everyone's faces, Xue Xinchen and the Lan family's old man spoke with pride.

"Everyone knows that the hegemons of the western Dark World have been searching for the whereabouts of the Medical Saint for the past few years, and Ye Xuan is his successor. Can you imagine how they would treat Ye Xuan once they found out?"

"I think they will definitely regard Ye Xuan as a guest of honor. At that time, is he someone you can offend?"

"Evil God, although your Evil Emperor Pavilion is strong, can you compare with the Sovereign King Palace's beauty?"

"Moreover, does this mean that the Medical Saint is still alive? If you guys view the Medical Saint's successor, Ye Xuan, as your enemy, then you'll become enemies with the Medical Saint!"

Hearing the words of Xue Xin Chen and the Lan family's old man, everyone present was dumbstruck. They stared blankly at Ye Xuan and weren't able to say anything for a long time.

The identity of the Medical Saint's successor was indeed too frightening and frightening, especially since the Sovereign King Palace had been searching for news and news about the Medical Saint's whereabouts all these years …

At the same time, the Medical Saint had not fallen!

"Heh heh... If you say he is the successor of the Medical Saint, then he is the successor of the Medical Saint? "What proof?"

The Evil God's eyes flashed with a brilliant light. He chuckled and coldly said.

If Ye Xuan was really the successor of the Medical Saint, then even he wouldn't dare to rashly touch Ye Xuan!

This was not only because the Medical Saint was an extremely mysterious existence, but it was also because the western Sovereign King Palace had always been chasing after the news and whereabouts of the Medical Saint.

If he killed Ye Xuan, and if Ye Xuan was really the successor of the Medical Saint, then the news of the Sovereign King Hall and their road to life would be severed without a doubt. What awaited him would be the Sovereign King Hall's desire and fury …

This was definitely not something that he, the Evil God, could afford to provoke!

"Right, what proof do you have? How could a trash like him, who had been expelled from his family by us, possibly get the favor of the Medical Saint and be accepted as his disciple, and become his successor? "

"That's right, I don't believe it. This is just a piece of fake news …."

"That's right... He can't possibly be the successor of the Medical Saint! "

Hearing the Evil God's words, the Ye family's old man, Ye Jianxin, Feng Tian Cheng, and Qian YuanZhen all spoke up.

They were unable to accept the news that Ye Xuan was the successor of the Medical Saint and his identity.

"What other proof do you need?" We are the best proof! I, Xue Xinchen, have been suffering from internal injuries for many years. Every time it's raining, I have to beg for death, and it's extremely painful. It's exactly little friend Ye Xuan who cured my internal injuries all these years and even allowed my strength to improve … "

Xue Xin Chen took a step forward. A terrifying aura unreservedly spread out from his body, spreading out in all directions and creating a frightening wind. It caused people's hair to flutter, and their clothes to flutter.

The pressure was so strong that it made it hard for them to breathe.

The fact that Ye Xuan had cured Xue Xinchen's hidden injuries not only allowed his strength to recover, but also allowed him to improve. Even in the entire Galaxy, the number of people who could fight with him could be counted on one hand.

"I've been bedridden for years and have searched the entire world for famous doctors, but to no avail. I've already entered the gates of hell with one foot. It was little friend Ye Xuan who saved me and caused me to recover to my current state! If he is not the successor of the Medical Saint, then who should you tell him? "

The Lan family's old man said in a low voice.

He and Xue Xinchen had underestimated Ye Xuan's strength and influence. They wanted Ye Xuan to fight the Shadow Snakes to the death until Ye Xuan killed Lord Snake. Only then did they make up their minds and follow Ye Xuan.

Now they were doing everything they could to unreservedly support Ye Xuan!

Hearing Xue Xin Chen and the Lan family's old man's words, everyone present entered into a long silence. They stared fixedly at Ye Xuan, their eyes filled with undisguised shock and unwillingness.

This was especially so for Ye Jianxin. It wasn't easy for him to find an opportunity to put Ye Xuan to death and slowly torture him to death. He didn't expect an accident to happen at the last moment …

Ye Xuan actually had such an identity …

Medical Saint's successor!

This identity was an existence that made them feel despair.

Ye Xuan quietly looked at the people in front of him. His gaze slowly swept over them, taking in all of their expressions.

His identity as the successor of the Medical Saint definitely did not lie at all, nor did it have the slightest flaw to speak of. After all, in his previous life, he possessed two different identities — one was the Demon Lord, and the other was the Medical Saint!

He had accepted her as his disciple, giving her the identity of a Medical Saint. This could be said to be reasonable.

However, the only thing he was worried about was the Sovereign King Palace …

He did not know why the Sovereign King Palace would look for him. In order to conceal his identity, he could only separate the two different identities of the Demon Lord and the Medical Saint, so that the people in the outside world would think that the Demon Lord and the Medical Saint were two different people …

After this incident, the fact that Ye Xuan was the successor of the Medical Saint would surely spread out. At that time, it would definitely cause a huge commotion, and even cause the Hall of Monarchs and the Violent Soldiers Union to set their sights on him ….

Ye Xuan didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing since he didn't know the Sovereign King Palace's goal.

After all, even in his previous life, he had not made any contact with the Sovereign King Palace and had even intentionally avoided them. This was because that power was too terrifying and powerful; even as the Demon Lord, he could not afford to offend it.

Now that Ye Xuan revealed his identity as the Medical Saint's successor, he had no other choice. After all, holding the title of the Medical Saint's successor was the best way for him to rapidly rise to fame. At the same time, he could lead his old brothers to find him.

As for the Sovereign King Palace …

Since Ye Xuan didn't have enough strength or trump cards, he might as well avoid contact with them.

"Do you have anything else to say?"

Ye Xuan's gaze swept over the Evil God and Ye Jianxin's group. When he saw that they'd confirmed his identity as the successor of the Medical Saint, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he calmly spoke.

"If not, then it's my turn."

Ye Xuan's gaze flashed, then fell onto the body of the Evil God. He coldly said, "Evil God, kneel down and apologize to me!"

"You …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Evil God was angry and angry. His fists were clenched so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. His face was filled with anger and unwillingness.

"Why not? Why don't I inform the Sovereign King Palace and ask that bastard Evil Emperor to kneel down and apologize in your place? "

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he calmly spoke.

"Sovereign King Palace? You. When did you contact them? "

The Evil God's expression couldn't help but change when he heard Ye Xuan talk about the Sovereign King's Hall. He spoke in astonishment.

"My master has already reached an agreement with the Sovereign King Palace. Before he left, he gave me a method of contacting Lord Ghost Shadow Sky Eye of the Sovereign King Palace. I haven't been in contact with him for a long time. How about I give it a try?"

A playful expression surfaced on Ye Xuan's face as he slowly took out his phone from his pocket.

How could he have the contact information of the Lord from the Ghost Shadow Sky Eye of the Sovereign King Palace? However, since he had activated the posturing mode, he naturally had to act the part to the end to convince others.

As he spoke, Ye Xuan's finger lightly pressed the phone number …


Seeing that, the Evil God's face could not help but change, clenching his teeth he spoke out.

He wasn't sure if Ye Xuan had a way to contact Lord Ghost Shadow, but he didn't dare to take the risk.

If Ye Xuan really did have Lord Ghost Shadow's contact information, once he made this call, it would undoubtedly bring them countless troubles, and might even anger his boss, the Evil Emperor.

This was definitely not something that he, the Evil God, could endure, so he didn't dare to take the risk.

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he shouted.

"Then hurry up and kneel before me …"