"Young Master Xuan, I … We were wrong, we have eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai, we have offended you, and here we are representing the Feng Family to apologize to you.

Feng Tian Cheng's knees went soft when he felt Ye Xuan's gaze that was as cold as ice. He immediately knelt down towards Ye Xuan, and respectfully said those trembling words.

If the Evil God kneeled down, would they still be able to persist until they became enemies with Ye Xuan?

"Is that so?"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he coldly stared at Feng Zhenye.

"Yes sir!"

Although Feng Zhenye was unwilling to accept this, he could only clench his teeth and kowtow towards Ye Xuan as a sign of apology.

"What do you guys say about Feng Wuji's death?"

Ye Xuan coldly said.

"Young Master Xuan, my godson is useless. Feng Wuji offended you and died as he deserved!"

Feng Zhenye clenched his fists so hard that his nails dug into his flesh. Calm words came out of his mouth.

This fellow was very scheming, and very patient!

The one who died was his son, but he was still able to say such words. He was definitely a ruthless person. Ye Xuan couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

He took a deep breath, and said in a calm tone, "What a well-deserved punishment! Since he was the one who offended me, shouldn't you apologize to me on his behalf and compensate me? After all, if it weren't for him, so many things wouldn't have happened! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's arrogant words, Feng Zhenye clenched his fists tightly, bit his lips, and calmly said, "Young Master Xuan's teachings are correct! I have no way to teach my son, and so all of my responsibilities are mine, I hope that Young Master Xuan can forgive me! "

"Also, this card has 20 million as compensation to Young Master Xuan. I hope that you can accept it, Young Master Xuan!"

As he spoke, Feng Zhenye took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it over to Ye Xuan as he respectfully said those words.

"20 million?" Do you take me for a f * cking beggar? "

Hearing Feng Zhenye's words, Ye Xuan's face couldn't help but reveal a sneer as he fiercely swung the Soul Breaking Saber in his hand!

"Swish …"

The sound of a knife slicing through flesh rang out and a fine line of blood gradually appeared on Feng Zhenye's neck …

"You … You. You. How dare you kill me? "

He covered his neck with both hands as he looked at Ye Xuan with disbelief.


The moment he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and fell into a pool of blood. He died!

This guy actually killed Feng Zhenye in front of everyone!

Of course, it was inevitable that Ye Xuan would kill Feng Zhenye. He'd killed Feng Zhenye's son. Although this guy submitted, he'd find Ye Xuan sooner or later for revenge.

Ye Xuan was better off attacking first to prevent future troubles!

"Shaking Karma!"

Seeing this scene, Feng Tian City's expression changed as he screamed out in pain …

However, Ye Xuan didn't even glance at the dead Feng Zhenye. Instead, he walked up to Feng Tian City and set his gaze on him.

"Young Master Xuan, this is the Feng Clan's intentions. There are two hundred million in here, and it can be considered our Feng Clan's intention and compensation to offend you. I hope that you can ignore the past grudges and take it!"

Feeling Ye Xuan's gaze and recalling his identity, Feng Tian Cheng endured the pain in his heart and concealed the intense killing intent within his heart. He quickly took out a bank card and handed it over to Ye Xuan as he respectfully said those words.

"Seeing that Clan Head Feng is so understanding, the grudge between me and your Feng Clan has been completely wiped out! Of course, if any of you miss me and want to kill me, come at me. "But you better not let me get any leads, otherwise, your Feng Family will be finished!"


Ye Xuan put away his bank card, coldly glanced at Feng Tian City, and slowly spoke.

"Yes, many thanks Young Master Xuan …"

Feng Tian Cheng immediately thanked Ye Xuan and ordered his clansmen and subordinates to leave in a hurry with Feng Zhenye's corpse …

"Young Master Xuan, I … We don't. I did not know that you had so many esteemed identities and offended you. I hope that you, Sir, do not take it to heart! This … There are two hundred million here, which can be considered our team's compensation and goodwill. I hope that you can accept it, Young Master Xuan! "

Seeing this, Qian Yuanzhen hurriedly knelt before him and took out the funds from his bank card. He handed them over to Ye Xuan with respectful words.

Currently, Ye Xuan's identity was definitely not someone they could afford to offend. Didn't he see that even a figure like the Evil God would be defeated? Did he even die because of Feng Zhenye?

He, Qian Yuanzhen, still wanted to live a little longer!


Ye Xuan didn't take the bank card. Instead, his gaze fell onto Qian Mubai who was standing there.

"Mu Bai, quickly kneel down and apologize to Young Master Xuan!"

Feeling Ye Xuan's gaze, Qian Yuanzhen pulled Qian Mubai's hand and shouted at him.

"Young Master Xuan, right … "I'm sorry..."

Qian Mubai had an unwilling expression on his face, but he still kneeled down as hoarse words came out of his mouth.

"You can live by crippling one of your arms!"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he coldly spoke.

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and feeling his ice-cold gaze, Qian Mubai could only clench his teeth and cut off his left arm with a machete …

"Ahh …"

As his left arm was chopped off, a miserable shriek came from Qian Mubai's mouth.

"Young Master Xuan, have you been satisfied that your anger has subsided?"

Cold sweat broke out on Qian Mubai's forehead. His face had turned hideous due to the pain as he held onto his severed arm and spoke painfully.

Ye Xuan didn't say anything. Instead, he turned his head around and looked at Black Mountain Daoist.

"Xuan... Young Master Xuan! "

The Black Mountain Daoist cupped his fists towards Ye Xuan and respectfully said.

"Pah …"

"Pah …" "Clap, clap, clap …"

Killing intent flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he grabbed the long whip in his hand and fiercely lashed it onto his body.

The whip landed on the body of the Black Mountain Daoist, causing his flesh to be lacerated, leaving streaks of blood that were deep enough to pierce bone.

But he didn't dare to resist at all. He could only grit his teeth and silently endure!

When Ye Xuan stopped, the Black Mountain Daoist raised his head and looked at him. He spoke in a neither humble nor arrogant manner, "Young Master Xuan, my Ancient Sword Sect will remember your kindness …"


Ye Xuan threw the whip to the side, took the bank card from Qian YuanZhen, and coldly replied.

"Thank you, Young Master Xuan …" "Let's go …"

Only then did Qian Yuanzhen let out a long sigh of relief. He hurriedly left with Qian Mubai, the Black Mountain Daoist, and many of his subordinates.

As the Qian and Feng Families quickly left, the banquet hall, which was originally packed to the point where not even a drop of water could trickle through, became empty. Only the Ye Family stood there alone, looking at Ye Xuan with a complicated gaze.

Old Man Ye blankly stared at the incomparably cold Ye Xuan as low words came out of his mouth. "Ah Xuan …"

"Shut up!"

However, before he could finish speaking, Ye Xuan's cold voice interrupted him.

"Ye Xuan, let me tell you, don't go too far. At the end of the day, you also have the Ye Clan's bloodline in you. You're actually so unreasonable to the old man. You're deceiving your master to exterminate our ancestors …"

Looking at Ye Xuan's expression, Ye Jianxin pointed his finger at him as he furiously yelled.

"Pah …"

However, Ye Xuan slapped Ye Jian's face, interrupting his words.

"You … You dare to hit me? I... I am your uncle! "

Being caught off guard by Ye Xuan's slap, Ye Jianxin angrily spoke.


Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but sneer. "Are you worthy?"

The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, his right leg abruptly exerted force to kick at Ye Jianxin.


Seeing this, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the Ye family's old father. His figure moved, and his withered hand swiftly shot out like lightning to grab onto Ye Xuan's foot. From his mouth came an ancient and ice-cold voice.

"Xuan, we're all family!" "You better not go overboard, in case others laugh at you..."