Modern business hotel.

A grand medical procurement exchange was being held.

When Leng Qingcheng brought Ye Xuan here, a large number of people of all kinds had already gathered there.

Not only were there medical cooperation agencies, medical companies, and procurement representatives, but there were also hospital directors, experts, and even headmasters.

After all, the hospital needed the specialists of the directors of the major hospital departments to purchase all the drugs. The professor would submit them and after discussion with the head of the hospital, he would decide which drugs to purchase, which medical companies to cooperate with, and so on.

"Dean Leng!" "You're finally here. This way, please!"

When they saw Leng Qingcheng bring Ye Xuan over, the person in charge of the general assembly immediately went up to greet her, and respectfully greeted her with some words.

Leng Qingcheng lightly nodded her head before following the person in charge to the auction site with Ye Xuan.

Although it was not the time for the convention to begin, the hall was already packed with experts, professors and leaders from the major hospitals, representatives from the major medical companies, and department managers.

Some of them sat in groups of three or four and chatted familiarly, while others gathered together to discuss something …

Whether it was because Leng Qingcheng's temperament was too cold or because of some other reason, the originally noisy venue gradually quieted down when Leng Qingcheng and Ye Xuan walked in.

Numerous gazes, each with different intentions, swept over Leng Qingcheng's body. Evidently, they had long heard of this famed beauty, the Principal.

"Principal Leng, you're finally here..."

"Dean Leng, I've heard a lot about you. I'm the manager of the Bikang Medical Company..."

"Dean Leng, I am the director of Wan Kang Pharmaceutical Company..."

After a short period of silence, the managers of the various medical companies immediately went up to welcome them, smiling as they spoke.

After all, Leng Qingcheng was the vice principal of Star Sea Hospital. This time, she was here as the deputy principal of Star Sea Hospital.

However, Leng Qingcheng only gave them a polite nod before walking to her seat.

"Oh, Vice President Leng sure has a high profile!"

Seeing how Leng Qingcheng was rejecting everyone, a middle-aged lady who had a good relationship with the medical companies started to mock her.

She was already forty years old, but she had maintained herself well. She looked to be in her thirties, and she was dressed beautifully, as if she was the second spring of her life …

Her name was Fang Hua Hua, and she was the director of the purchasing department of the First People's Hospital of Xinghai. She was previously deputy director of the purchasing department of Xinghai Hospital, and was demoted by Leng Qingcheng after being reported of having an illicit relationship with the hospital's leader.

Who knew that Fang Hua would lose her job because of her dissatisfaction with Leng Qingcheng's punishments. Relying on her outstanding social skills, she had even managed to enter the city's First Courtyard and become the Chief of the Procurement Division.

Towards that day when Leng Qingcheng punished Hua Hua, she had always harbored hatred in her heart, wanting to find an opportunity to take revenge.

Now that she saw Leng Qingcheng, she naturally wanted to make things difficult for her.

Faced with her opponent's provocation, Leng Qingcheng did not care about it at all. Instead, she sat down on her seat and started reading the meeting list carefully.

As for Ye Xuan, he was sitting beside Leng Qingcheng, boringly playing with his phone.

Seeing that Leng Qingcheng did not even bother with her, Fang Hua's countenance turned extremely unsightly. She continued to provoke her, "Vice Principal Leng, are you dumb or sick? You don't even know how to speak?"

"Tsk tsk … "In the past, you always brought a bunch of people from your hospital to this procurement meeting. Why are you here alone today?"

As if she had thought of something, Fang Hua slapped her forehead and said with a face full of regret, "Oh, look at my eyes …. I missed the dog next to you. "

"Today, Vice Principal Leng actually brought a dog to scream in pain. This Exchange was truly magical …"

It was obvious that Fang Hua Hua's provocation towards Leng Qingcheng had no effect and she'd shifted her attention to Ye Xuan, who had arrived with her.

"It must be because Vice Principal Leng has been alone all these years, appearing lonely and cold, that he found a dog to accompany him?"

Hearing this, a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. Although Leng Qingcheng could endure, that didn't mean he could.

Now this woman called him a dog, how could Ye Xuan not be angry?

Just as he was about to speak, Leng Qingcheng slowly put down the conference table in her hands, stood up and started walking towards Fang Hua …

"Yo, I was right. Vice Principal Leng is angry?"

Seeing this, not only did Fang Hua not feel any fear, she was instead extremely proud and arrogant. Her gaze towards Leng Qingcheng was filled with a thick sense of playfulness and mockery.

After all, she wasn't the only one who came. It was one thing to have two Headmasters by her side, and behind her was a large group of people from the purchasing department.

On the other hand, Leng Qingcheng only had one person and a dog, Ye Xuan.

What was she afraid of?

As for the surrounding people, they watched the scene in front of them with great interest and did not speak up to stop them.

Leng Qingcheng didn't reply, but her countenance was ice-cold as she walked towards Fang Hua Hua at an even faster pace.

"Vice President Leng, although you have been stabbed in the heart by me, don't be angry, I am doing it for your own good. After all, we have so many good men here and so many leaders. "Why did you find a dog like that …"

Fang Hua Hua had a playful smile on her face, looking at the approaching Leng Qingcheng with interest as she spoke at a moderate pace.

"Pah …"

"Ahh …"

However, just as she finished her sentence, Leng Qingcheng raised her hand and slapped her face heavily.

The clear sound of a slap and Fang Hua's piercing scream resounded clearly in the venue, causing everyone to be stunned. Everyone looked at Leng Qingcheng in astonishment and shock.

The heck, how can this woman be so ruthless?

From start to finish, she didn't utter a single word and just slapped Fang Hua's face.

Even they felt heartache when they looked at it.

After being slapped by Leng Qingcheng, Fang Hua's rosy cheeks instantly swelled up and turned red. She covered her face with her hands, staring blankly at Leng Qingcheng. Her face was filled with shock and disbelief, she had never thought that Leng Qingcheng would actually dare to hit her.

Fang Hua Hua pointed his finger at Leng Qingcheng, and his angry voice came out of her mouth: "You … You. You bastard. Someone actually dares to hit me? "


However, just as she finished her sentence, Leng Qingcheng's backhand slap landed on her other face, causing her to freeze on the spot.

"You damned bitch. "Men, you actually dare to hit me, I'll fight it out with you …"

"I'm going to tear your face apart …"

After being slapped twice by Leng Qingcheng in front of so many people, Fang Hua Hua's expression had turned into one of rage. She went completely mad, stretching out her claws and grabbing towards Leng Qingcheng like a shrew...


However, before she could even reach Leng Qingcheng, Leng Qingcheng had already kicked her lower abdomen, knocking her over.

She also didn't know why she was so angry today, or why she would hit someone.

She only felt that the feeling of being beaten up was very pleasurable!

"Ah... "You bitch …"

After being kicked to the ground by Leng Qingcheng, Fang Hua, with her dishevelled hair, almost went crazy as she pounced towards Leng Qingcheng. However, Leng Qingcheng merely threw a slap once again, knocking her to the ground.

"Do your best!"

Coldly glancing at the fallen figure, whose face was now as swollen as a pig's head, Leng Qingcheng didn't waste any time as she turned and walked back to her seat …

This woman is very mannerly, I like her!

Ye Xuan's eyes lit up as he looked at Leng Qingcheng. His gaze towards her was filled with unconcealed admiration.

"What are you all standing around for?" Do you still want to do it, hurry up and take that bitch down! "

Seeing that, Fang Hua was furious and shouted at the employees behind her.

All the employees looked at each other. Finally, their gazes fell on the two hospital leaders.

"Principal Liu, Principal Zhang, please help me seek justice..."

Fang Hua looked at the two academy leaders and pleaded with a pitiful and spoiled expression.

Looking at Fang Hua Hua's miserable state, and thinking of how this woman had been together with them the night before, Principal Zhang and Principal Liu from the First City Hospital both lightly nodded their heads, their gazes towards Leng Qingcheng were filled with coldness as they shouted in anger.

"Vice Principal Leng, you beat him up in front of so many people and didn't even apologize afterwards. Isn't this a bit too much?"

Following the words of Principal Zhang and Principal Liu, the people under his command started to move, surrounding Leng Qingcheng.

Ever since Leng Qingcheng had landed in Star Sea Hospital, most of the patients in their hospital had been robbed by the hospital, which led to the poor medical performance of the hospital.

The leaders of their academy had long been unhappy with Leng Qingcheng. And now, Leng Qingcheng even beat up a flower that served them the night before in front of their eyes. How could they let her off so easily?

Today, they were going to teach Leng Qingcheng a lesson, so that she would have a satisfactory answer.

"The two overseers have allowed their employees to cause trouble. I am merely acting as the overseer!"

Leng Qingcheng's ice-cold gaze swept across the crowd that surrounded her. Her gaze finally landed on the two vice principals of the First City Court. Her face was covered in a layer of frost as she emotionlessly spoke.

"Substitute it for discipline? "Hehe …"

"When did it come to your turn to interfere with the matters of our First Department, when did it finally come to your turn to discipline the Vice Principal of Xinghai Hospital?"

Hearing Leng Qingcheng's words, Principal Zhang and Principal Liu sneered. Their eyes greedily swept over Leng Qingcheng's sexy body as threatening words came from their mouths.

"If we report this to our superiors, I don't think you need to be the Vice President of Star Sea Hospital!"

"Do whatever you want!"

Leng Qingcheng coldly replied.

With that, she turned around and left, but was stopped by the people from the First Courtyard of the city.

"Out of the way!"

A cold voice rang out from Leng Qingcheng's mouth.

"Vice President Leng, they would not step aside without us! Today, no matter what, you have to give a satisfactory answer to our school! "

Principal Zhang and Principal Liu looked at each other. A meaningful smile that both you and I understood appeared on their faces.

"She can't give you the satisfaction you want. Why don't you let me give it to you?"

However, just as they finished speaking, a cold voice filled with magnetism rang out.

As the voice sounded out, Ye Xuan, who was watching from the side, slowly stood up and walked towards Principal Zhang and the others …

The cold glint in his eyes reflected the light.