"Qingcheng, why are we leaving in such a hurry?"

In the car, Ye Xuan turned around to look at Leng Qingcheng, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and asked in puzzlement.

"Are you in no hurry to leave? Could it be that you're planning to stay and have a meal with her when you see the beauty of her parents?"

Leng Qingcheng fastened her seatbelt, looked at Ye Xuan's unwilling expression, and said in a bad mood.

"No... You see, she's also kind and helped us solve our problems, so shouldn't we treat her to a meal to express our gratitude or something? "

Ye Xuan's gaze swept across Leng Qingcheng's chest, which had been tightened by the seatbelt, and asked a question in reply.

"That woman's background is not that simple. I advise you to stay away from her. Be careful not to get eaten by her until not even bones remain."

Leng Qingcheng thought for a moment before giving a kind reminder.

"His background is not simple? Wasn't she just the head of the hotel? Qingcheng, are you jealous of how beautiful and refined her qipao is? "

Ye Xuan yawned, lazily stretched, and teased.

"Do you really think she's just the head of the hotel? The backer behind her was someone very few people in China could afford to offend.

Furthermore... "She used to stay in Su Hai with me for a while, but since I was exiled to the sea of stars, she came here too. Do you think it's a coincidence?"

Leng Qingcheng glanced at Ye Xuan and said unhappily.

"So you're saying that the power backing her is the Rampage Alliance? You're saying that she might be after you?"

The wisdom in Ye Xuan's eyes surged as he spoke in a low voice.

"I'm not sure about that! Forget it, let's not talk about her. Should we find a place to eat? "

Leng Qingcheng lightly shook her head and didn't linger on this topic.

"Sure, what do you want to eat? The western cuisine is still … "

Ye Xuan's gaze descended onto Leng Qingcheng as he teasingly asked.

"You treat, you decide!"

However, Leng Qingcheng directly tossed this difficult problem to Ye Xuan.

"Alright then …" I know a good place. "

A trace of craftiness flashed across Ye Xuan's face as he drove his car towards the old city area of the sea of stars …

The car sped along. Half an hour later, it stopped at an old Hu Tong.

"What are you stopping here for?"

After Ye Xuan parked the car, Leng Qingcheng looked around the dilapidated surroundings with a slight frown on her face.

"To eat, of course. Get out of the car quickly."

Ye Xuan replied with a teasing smile.

Leng Qingcheng lightly nodded her head before getting off the car and following Ye Xuan into the alley.

After passing through two alleys, Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng finally stopped in front of a shabby little store.

The signboard at the entrance of the store had a few large, crooked words written on it: "Little Ming, string of incense".

Perhaps it was because it was still early for lunch, but there were a dozen or so round tables in front of the inn.

Even so, this place was still filled with anticipation, because the air was filled with a pungent smell.

Ye Xuan brought Leng Qingcheng to an open seat and sat down. He ordered a pot of red soup, then walked over to a shelf in the room to choose dishes with ease …

Surprisingly, Leng Qingcheng didn't put on any airs as she followed Ye Xuan to pick her dishes.

Her actions caused Ye Xuan to be slightly shocked, and his gaze couldn't help but carefully size Leng Qingcheng up …

There was no hint of falsehood in her expression. Coupled with her beautiful figure and her unique temperament, she was like a fairy that had snuck down to the mortal world to steal food. She gave off a very comfortable feeling, unlike the cold and aloof look she usually had at work in the hospital …

Ye Xuan was dazed for a moment …

"Why are you staring at me instead of picking vegetables?" Am I very shameful now? "

Feeling Ye Xuan's gaze, Leng Qingcheng raised her head to look at him and snappily said.

"I just didn't expect that you would not have the slightest bit of disgust or dissatisfaction when you eat in such a place. Moreover, I feel that you are very attractive, very beautiful, very real …"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as magnetic words came out of his mouth.

"What's wrong with this place? Do I care that I've suffered so little over the years? "Boring..."

Being caught off guard by Ye Xuan's words, Leng Qingcheng was slightly stunned. Her heartbeat couldn't help but quicken as she glared fiercely at Ye Xuan before leaving with the food in her hand …

"This girl …"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he watched Leng Qingcheng's alluring back as she left. He recalled the beauty she'd revealed earlier and followed her with the food in his hand …

Not long after, the two of them sat at the table and enjoyed the fragrant incense …

"Mhmm, Ye Xuan's family really smells good. How did you notice?"

Leng Qingcheng picked up a piece of beef with pickled peppers and put it into her mouth. Instantly, she was overwhelmed by its unique deliciousness, as shock and enjoyment surfaced on her face, praising as she opened her mouth …

"I ate here a long time ago …"

However, the smile on his face looked bitter, and a beautiful figure couldn't help but appear in his mind.

He had once promised a girl that he would bring her here to eat the most delicious incense stick in the world, but he had never been able to do so …

"Ye Xuan, what happened to you?"

A woman's sixth sense had always been sharp. Leng Qingcheng clearly felt Ye Xuan's abnormality at this moment. She raised her head, looked at him with a serious expression, and asked in concern.

"I'm fine! Qingcheng, the taste of this spicy ribs is also very good, try it … "

Ye Xuan lightly smiled, shook his head, and quickly returned to his senses. He picked up a string of spicy ribs and passed it to Leng Qingcheng.

"Thank you! "This spicy beef, this spicy duck intestines is also very unique. You should try it too..."

A smile appeared on Leng Qingcheng's beautiful face, and she handed the scalded beef and spicy duck intestines into Ye Xuan's hands. She seemed so pure and happy …

Perhaps this was her true self after removing her disguise.

"Ok, let me tell you, this restaurant has a history, and every dish of theirs is unique, there will be a lot of people coming to eat when they arrive later. If we arrive later, let alone having no seats, even if we have to queue up to kill them. Last time I brought a friend over to eat, we queued for four hours, but there were more than a thousand people waiting for her …"

Ye Xuan teased as he savored the delicacies.

However, when he finished speaking, his expression gradually turned dark and his voice became softer …

Idiot, what are you doing?

Are you having dinner with the other girls?

Why was it important to remember her, to mention her?

"She must be very beautiful. You must like her very much. You love her very much, don't you?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing his dejected expression, Leng Qingcheng was slightly surprised. She didn't know why, but she still smiled as she spoke.

"Boss, bring me a Mountain City beer!"

Ye Xuan didn't reply and instead shouted towards the bustling boss.


Not long later, the boss brought a beer over …

"Coo, coo..."

Ye Xuan opened up a bottle of beer and gulped it down without a word.

Alone, there were too many sorrows in his heart to speak of.

Leng Qingcheng already had an answer in her heart when she looked at Ye Xuan, who was drinking his own beer. She didn't ask why Ye Xuan had become so sentimental, but instead picked up a bottle of beer and poured it into her mouth.

The ice-cold beer did not make Leng Qingcheng feel any discomfort at all. On the contrary, it gave her a sense of satisfaction, as if the pain in her heart had dissipated quite a bit …

She finally understood why so many people liked to drink.

This thing could indeed numb him and make him forget many things …

Ye Xuan dried a full bottle of beer in one breath before feeling slightly better.

When he raised his head and saw Leng Qingcheng, who was also pouring beer into his mouth, he couldn't help but quickly grab the beer...

"What are you doing?"

Perhaps it's because of the wine, Leng Qingcheng's exquisite cheeks slightly flushed, seeming to be slightly attractive. Looking at Ye Xuan who snatched his wine, she spoke in dissatisfaction.

"I want to ask you, what are you doing?"

Ye Xuan sternly asked with a face full of displeasure.

"Of course I'm drinking with you! Isn't it supposed to be a match for beer? "

Leng Qingcheng smiled sweetly as she snatched the wine bottle from Ye Xuan's hands.

"You haven't drunk any alcohol before, so your body won't be able to take it anymore. It will hurt your stomach, so I won't allow you to drink like this!"

Ye Xuan's face was stern as he said this in all seriousness.

"Can't take it? How could that be! Do you think I've been drinking too little all these years? "

"Let me tell you, I'm not drunk at all!"

Leng Qingcheng smiled coldly, picked up another bottle of beer and started to drink.

During the three years that Ye Xuan had been a vegetable lying on the sickbed, Leng Qingcheng had experienced too many things by herself. No one had spoken of her worries and bitterness, and she had nowhere to vent them out.

She couldn't hold on any longer. When she couldn't find a place to vent her anger, she could only use the alcohol to numb herself …

"Come, Ye Xuan, let's drink!" I'll toast you! "

Leng Qingcheng raised the beer bottle in her hand towards Ye Xuan as she spoke.

"Alright …"

Looking at Leng Qingcheng's appearance and hearing her words, Ye Xuan didn't stop her. Instead, he picked up the wine bottle and touched it with her and drank with her …

"Come, Ye Xuan. This bottle is for us. We wish that we can all find our blessings …"

"Ye Xuan, I toast this bottle to you. Thank you for taking care of me during this time …"

Time passed bit by bit. One beer after another was taken away by Leng Qingcheng and Ye Xuan. Leng Qingcheng was obviously slightly drunk, but she was still drinking …

"Sigh... The furthest distance in the world is when you love him and he doesn't love you … "

The old owner of the store couldn't help but sigh helplessly as he looked at Leng Qingcheng and Ye Xuan who were constantly drinking.

"Heh heh... "After so much trouble, I finally got my chance."

On a dilapidated building in the distance, a man whose entire body was enveloped in darkness was staring coldly in the direction of Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng.

"My Black Vulture will take revenge for Lord Evil God."

"Ye Xuan, you're finished!"

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