Fortunately, Su Xiaoming jumped in fright, but didn't pay any attention to him. Instead, he hurriedly closed the door and left, allowing Ye Xuan to breathe out a long sigh of relief.

This guy thought he was alone at home, so he forgot to lock the door. In the end, he made such a mistake.

A gust of cold wind blew outside the window, causing Ye Xuan to subconsciously shiver. He hurriedly put on his clothes and walked out of the room.

"Ye Xuan, you bastard, hooligan …" "Damn pervert!"

"I didn't expect you to be such a despicable person..."

Just as Ye Xuan walked out of the room, Su Xiaomeng scolded him loudly, causing him to feel helpless and embarrassed.

"Hmph, when my sister comes back, I will definitely tell her about this. You're actually alone at home … "So disgusting, so abnormal …"

Seeing Ye Xuan's silence, Su Xiaomeng continued to curse as she sat on the living room's sofa, her face as red as an apple.

Thinking about what she saw just now made her feel disgusted …

Ye Xuan was actually home alone …

"Abnormal? How am I abnormal? I'm just taking a bath at home. "But you actually peeped at me. It was you who was so disgusting, okay?" Student Su Xiaomeng, can you teach us some logic?! "

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's angry mutter, Ye Xuan said in annoyance.

[This little girl spied on me, and she still wants to reason with me?

"A bath? Is that a bath? You didn't know you were going to the bathtub in the bathroom, and you were still in the tub. "Clearly, you are …"

"No wonder you didn't do anything to my sister. You actually had such a good mouth …" I was wrong about you! "

Su Xiaomeng's gaze was fixed on Ye Xuan as she spoke with a face full of anger.

"Holy shit, my dear lady …" What's going on in your head? I f * cking submit, I'm really taking a bath, and I'm taking a healing bath. What are you thinking about? "

Ye Xuan was stupefied by Su Xiaomeng's words. The little loli was currently so open-minded, yet she knew so much?

I'm really taking a bath, not what you think, okay?

Ye Xuan felt that he wouldn't be able to wash away his emotions even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

His glorious and heroic image.

"You still have the nerve to ask me what's going on in my head? I would actually like to ask you, what are you doing, you beast, hooligan, shameless bastard … "So disgusting …."

"Hurry up and disappear from my sight, I don't want to see you, much less live with a disgusting guy like you."

Su Xiaomeng pointed at the door of the villa and shouted angrily.

"... "Alright, I'll go!"

Ye Xuan wanted to explain, but he had no way. He helplessly spread his hands and walked out of the villa.

Anyway, it was about time for him to go to work.


Looking at Ye Xuan's departing figure, Su Xiaomeng's face was full of anger, and her nose emitted a cold snort of dissatisfaction.

How could Su Xiaomeng not be angry when she saw so many beauties living with him and he was at home alone?

This simply overturned the beautiful image of Ye Xuan in her heart.

She didn't know why, but she felt disappointed and upset at the moment...

One had to know that she'd treated Ye Xuan as her idol after her constant contact with him. Yet, he'd done such a despicable thing …

Her image crumbled, causing Su Xiaomeng's mood to crumble. Tears rolled down her cute cheeks …

One had to say, this round of misunderstandings was truly damaging.

Not long after Ye Xuan returned, Leng Qingcheng and the succubus returned to the Starlight Villa.

Seeing Su Xiaomeng, who was hiding on the sofa by herself and was curling up with her legs crossed while not playing any games, a trace of worry flashed across Leng Qingcheng and the Charm Demon's eyes. Leng Qingcheng even asked in concern: "Little Meng, what's wrong?"

"Sis, Ye Xuan is a hooligan, he bullied me …" "Woo woo …"

Hearing Leng Qingcheng's words, Su Xiaomeng could no longer hold her in her arms and burst into tears.


"That's impossible, my lord, he's definitely not that kind of person …"

Upon hearing these words, the countenance of Leng Qingcheng and the demoness couldn't help but change. Their faces were filled with shock as words of disbelief flowed out from their mouths.

Regardless of whether it was Leng Qingcheng or the succubus, neither of them expected Ye Xuan to do such a thing to Su Xiaomeng.

Wu wu wu … Sis, I feel so bad in my heart … I like worshipping Ye Xuan so much, but in the end … "He's actually a hooligan, a beast …"

Su Xiaomeng leaned her head on Leng Qingcheng's shoulder and spoke in pain.

The girl's tears kept rolling down her face. It made her look extremely pitiful. It made people think that she had been bullied by someone …

"Xiao Meng, what's going on? What did Ye Xuan do to you? "Tell me, I will uphold justice for you!"

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's painful expression, Leng Qingcheng and the succubi's heart sank to the bottom. Leng Qingcheng reached out her hand to pat Su Xiaomeng's back while comforting her softly.

"I... I just returned from school and found that the door to Ye Xuan's room wasn't locked, so I was about to sneak in to see if there were any secrets inside, but I didn't expect him to actually do that sort of thing inside the room … "

Su Xiaomeng said with a wronged expression.

"What kind of thing is that?"

A look of bewilderment and curiosity appeared on the faces of the bewitching demon and Leng Qingcheng.

What happened to make Su Xiaomeng cry?

"He's the naked fruit in the room …" Su Xiaomeng said as she clenched her teeth.


Shock and astonishment filled the faces of the charming demon and Leng Qingcheng as they continued to ask, "And then?"

"I saw him, and he saw me …."

Su Xiaomeng whispered.

There was no need for Su Xiaomeng to say anything else, the Succubus and Leng Qingcheng had already finished their thoughts.

"This damned bastard actually dared to treat you …" Where is he? I'll go kill him! "

In the next instant, an ice-cold and infuriated voice rang out from Leng Qingcheng's mouth.

As she spoke, she rushed into the kitchen, picked up the kitchen knife, and stormed into the bedroom.

Since when did Leng Qingcheng, who had always been indifferent, become so intrepid?

However, there was no one in Ye Xuan's bedroom. There was only a wooden bucket and a trash bin filled with leftover medicinal materials …

"Ye Xuan, where are you?" "Get the hell out here!"

Upon seeing this, an angry voice rang out from Leng Qingcheng's mouth.

Seeing Ye Xuan enter the bedroom with a kitchen knife as if he wanted to chop you to death, Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but burst out laughing. She seemed exceptionally cute and mischievous … …

She quickly walked up to Leng Qingcheng, grabbed her hand, and said, "Sis, it's not what you think. Ye Xuan didn't do anything to me …"

"I didn't do anything to you, so why did you …"

Hearing Su Xiaomeng's words, Leng Qingcheng was stunned.

"I... I just saw him eating the fruit in the room … He really didn't do anything to me. " Su Xiaomeng quickly explained.

"Phew …" "I knew sire definitely isn't that kind of person. If sire really wants that, you can find a lesser siren. A siren really wants to be with sire …"

Su Xiaomeng's words made the succubus heave a long sigh of relief as she mumbled to herself.

"Wait, what did you say he was doing in the room?"

Leng Qingcheng's eyes flashed. Thinking about the scene in Ye Xuan's room, her heart also surged with disgust …

"That's right, I saw him in that barrel. He must be doing that …"

Su Xiaomeng said affirmatively.

"Did you ask him anything after that?" Leng Qingcheng spoke in a low voice.

"He said that I misunderstood him. He is taking a bath to recover from his injuries … I don't believe it, what is he doing in a healing bath? Furthermore, there's clearly a bathtub in the bathroom, why would he use a wooden bucket … "

Su Xiaomeng's face was filled with disbelief. She said angrily, "He must be doing it on his own..."

"Wait, did you say that the lord is taking a healing bath?"

A glint flashed in her eyes as a glint of wisdom flashed in them.

"Well, that's what he said!" Su Xiaomeng nodded.

Instead, she walked over to the barrel and reached out her hand to place it in the bucket. She stirred the water for a while, then looked around, and finally landed in the trash can with the remnants of the medicinal ingredients. Her enchanting face couldn't help but reveal a bitter smile.

Her gaze fell on Su Xiaomeng and teased, "Xiao Meng, you have misunderstood our lord. He is really taking a recovery bath …. Look at the herbs in the trash, they have all been refined.

You can smell the water in the wooden bucket and smell the scent of a lot of medicinal herbs. It's clear that the lord used some kind of method to refine these medicinal herbs into medicine and poured it into the bucket to heal his wounds. He didn't lie to you. "

"Moreover, with the status and strength of an adult, how could he possibly lack women? How could he be reduced to such a pathetic state … "You are really blaming him..."

"Charm Demon isn't wrong. In medicine, there is indeed a saying that the medicinal liquid tempers the body …"

Leng Qingcheng lightly nodded her head, as she agreed. For some reason, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

"Ah?" Then … Then did I really wrongly blame Ye Xuan? "

Hearing this, Su Xiaomeng opened her mouth in shock.

"I... I... "Just now, I ruthlessly infuriated him and told him to scram …"

"Crap, he must be angry at me. How am I supposed to face him?"

In the next moment, an anxious voice was heard from her mouth …

Mei Yao laughed, teasing him as she spoke.

"He's on the night shift tonight. Why don't you send him a midnight snack later?"

"Good!" "I must make some delicious meals personally so that he can forgive me …"

Hearing the words of the charming demon, Su Xiaomeng hurriedly nodded obediently. She'd already decided to personally make a beautiful meal and ask for Ye Xuan's forgiveness ….

Eh, it seems like I don't even know how to cook!

"Big Sister Little Demon, what do we do with the Red Braised Ribs?"

The next moment, Su Xiaomeng held onto the succubus' slender waist and spoke softly ….

"Come on, I'll teach you in the kitchen!"

Charm Demon laughed, teasing him as she replied.

Ye Xuan, you bastard, prepare to submit to my delicacies!