In a luxurious room at the headquarters of the Wilddragon Society.

Ye Xuan, Dragon Lord Long, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu leisurely chatted as they drank their wine, appearing to be exceptionally relaxed and content.

After Ye Xuan's shocking identity was revealed, he killed Lord Snake of the Shadow Snakes, causing the Qian, Ye, and Feng Families to submit. Currently, the position of the Wild Dragon Association in the Star Sea was already at its peak, far surpassing that of the Star Sea's four families.

The status of Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, and Qingyu also increased.

No matter what he did, it was all done with ease, and he had the right to speak.

"Brother Xuan, ever since Lord Snake died, the Shadow Snakes seem to have dispersed. All of their territory and properties have been gradually taken over by us. "Now, in the whole Galaxy, except for the Four Great Families, there is only one other place, the Wild Dragon Society …"

"As the Raging Dragon Guild grows stronger, I have other ideas as well …"

Lord Dragon raised a cup of wine to toast Ye Xuan as he slowly spoke.

"What idea?" Tell me about it! "

A trace of astonishment flashed across Ye Xuan's eyes as he teased Lord Dragon.

Elder Long, Qing Yu, and Kuang Ba looked at each other and nodded. He gently clapped his hands and a beautiful woman came in with a document bag. She respectfully handed it over to Dragon Lord.

Master Long opened the folder and took out the documents from within. Then, he handed the documents over to Ye Xuan as he slowly spoke.

"Older brother Xuan, these few days I've been cleaning up all the industrial areas under the control of our Wild Dragon Society. Our company operates a total of 120 bars, 30 entertainment clubs, and has helped others look at nearly 80 venues. Excluding all our expenses, our monthly net profit would be around 15 million …"

"But many of our brothers in the society don't have proper jobs, not to mention social security, five insurance, one gold, and so on!

All of what we have right now are things that we brothers have risked our lives to create, so I want to integrate all the resources we have into a multi-industry company and invest some of it into making a high-end hotel. After all, most of our businesses are for entertainment purposes and we have a certain advantage in this area, so we can slowly transform and develop … "

"This way, we can also arrange a decent job for some of our brothers, and at the same time, we can pay for social security and the like … "What do you think?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile when he heard Dragon Lord's words. He stretched out his hand to pat Dragon Lord's shoulder, then smiled.

"I think your suggestion is not bad. Let go of me and do it... "However, I must make one thing clear. The yellow, the gambling, and the poison three things are absolutely not to be touched. They are also my bottom line!"

"Understood, thank you big brother Xuan!"

When they heard Ye Xuan's reply, a look of ecstasy appeared on their faces as they excitedly replied.

"Also, if you don't have enough money, remember to look for me!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, raised his wine cup to his mouth, and lightly sipped.

"Oh yeah, Brother Xuan... As the Starsea Auction is about to begin, we discovered that many forces and experts from all over the world, and even ancient sects, are pouring into our Starsea City, causing great pressure to our brothers. As the number one power in Xinghai, do you want us to invite these foreign forces, experts, and ancient sects to gather and pay our respects to the host, and also take care of our relationship? "

Master Long seemed to have thought of something and hesitated for a moment before continuing.

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. His eyes flashed with wisdom. He didn't rush to reply, but instead asked, "What other external forces and experts are there?"

"Brother Xuan, so far, we have heard about the Xu family from the southwest and the Chen family from the northeast. They are powerful people from all over the world, and their position is far above our Four Great Families."

"Other than them, there are also the Wolf School, the Ancient Sword Sect and the Aura Sect, these two ancient sects."

Qing Yu, who was sitting at the side, slowly put down the wine cup and spoke with a grave expression.

"Amongst them, the Gale Sect and the Ancient Sword Sect respectively went to the Feng and Qian Families to rest. "After all, they are the backers of the Feng and Qian Families. I'm worried that the Feng and Qian Families will join forces with the Supreme Wind and Ancient Sword Sect to harm our Kuang Long and Brother Xuan!"

"I think it's better if we defend the dike in advance."

Kuang Ba also spoke with a deep voice at this moment.

"Did Su Hai's Mad Warrior Union not send anyone?"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded with a thoughtful expression. After thinking for a moment, his gaze fell onto Qing Yu as he asked in a low voice.

"Brother Xuan, although the Star Ocean Auction happens once every three years, what kind of influence is the Wild Soldier League in China? They have unimaginable foundations, and this auction will not arouse their interest..."

"I even heard that the Star Ocean Auction is supported by the Violent Soldiers' Union."

Qing Yu smiled and teased.


Ye Xuan couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief in his heart when he heard Qingyu's reply.

After all, his current strength and position did not allow him to have the qualifications to have a conversation on equal terms with the Sovereign King Palace and the Rampage Alliance. Before having sufficient strength, he truly did not wish to interact with the Emperor Palace and the Rampage Alliance at all.

Because he did not know what the goals of these two behemoths were, he did his best to separate the two identities of the Demon Lord and the Medical Saint in his previous life so that he could transform into two different people.

After thinking for a moment, Ye Xuan said in a low voice, "For the time being, we don't need to intentionally invite those foreign forces. As for the so called friendship between the hosts, they might not give us any face or opportunity, so we don't need to invite them!"

"Tell the brothers and sisters that everything is as it used to be, and send more people to keep an eye on the Feng and Qian Family …"

"Understood, Brother Xuan!"

Elder Long, Qing Yu, and Kuang Ba hurriedly nodded and cupped their fists as they greeted him.

"Alright, it's about time. Let's drink here tonight. We'll meet again another day …"

Ye Xuan raised his head and gulped down the brandy in his cup as he teased.

"Older brother Xuan, we'll send you off!"

Master Long, Qing Yu, and Kuang Ba also finished their wine and stood up with smiles.

"Goodbye. You three can eat and drink a bit more. I'll leave myself!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head. He took out the keys to the black-edged car, then shook it at Lord Long and the others. He said with a smile, "I like this car a lot. Let's go!"

After he finished speaking, Ye Xuan walked out of the headquarters!

"Greetings to Elder Brother Xuan!"

Lord Dragon looked at Ye Xuan's departing back and spoke in a low voice!

"Take care, Brother Xuan!"

As Master Long's words fell, all the members of the Raging Dragon's headquarters simultaneously stopped what they were doing, bent over, and opened their mouths, as vigorous and orderly words came out from their mouths.

"Boom …"

Ye Xuan smiled indifferently. He looked deeply at the Raging Dragon's Association headquarters for a moment, then drove his dazzling black blade and disappeared into the night …

Feng Family was decorated in a classical, quaint, and quaint hall.

The head of the family, Feng Tian Cheng, was sitting in a chair in the middle. Looking around at the dejected core family members, he couldn't help but have a bitter smile on his face.

Two days ago, Feng Wuji, Feng Zhenye's death, and kneeling before Ye Xuan in front of everyone at the banquet all caused a huge blow to him. It caused him to lose his previously high-spirited appearance, self-confidence, and courage.

As the Patriarch of the Feng Clan, not only did he not protect his own brothers and clansmen, he even kneeled down and begged for mercy towards the culprit who killed them. This kind of blow was unbearable for him.

These days, the entire Feng Clan was engulfed by a feeling of helplessness and depression. They had long since lost their former dignity and vitality.

"Since no one has anything to report, then let's all head down. I'm tired and need some rest."

Looking at the crowd below him, Feng Tiancheng waved his hand in annoyance …

"Patriarch, people from the Divine Aura Sect have arrived …"

Many of the Feng Clan members looked at each other and prepared to leave. However, one of them spoke out in a low voice.

"What?" Why didn't you say so earlier?

Hearing the words of the clan member, Feng Tian Cheng's face was filled with surprise as he quickly spoke.

"Haha …" "There's no need to invite me. Brother Feng, I'm already here!"

Just as Feng Tian City finished speaking, a bold voice rang out at this moment …

As this outspoken voice rang out, under the excited gazes of the people of Feng Tian City, a tall and sturdy middle-aged man wearing a unique black robe walked in with a large amount of impressive disciples …

"Brother Tianxuan!" Why didn't you inform me when you came here that I would pick you up? "

Looking at the middle-aged man, Feng Tian Cheng's face was filled with ecstasy. He quickly stood up and greeted him with an excited and respectful voice …

This middle-aged man was none other than the deacon of the Aura Sect, Li Tianxuan. He cultivated the Astral Qi, and his strength was extraordinary. He was in charge of matters outside the sect.

"I knew you were busy, right? Oh right, why didn't Zhenye see him? "

Li Tian Xuan laughed. Looking around, he did not see Feng Zhen Ye's figure and could not help but to ask.

"To tell you the truth, Brother Tianxuan... He's dead! "

The smile on Feng Tian Cheng's face disappeared, and replacing it was a deep pain as he spoke in a low voice.

"What? How is that possible? Zhenzheng Ye has trained his True Divine Spirit to the Small Success level. In such a small Su Hai, who could have possibly hurt him? "(TL: Su Hao means Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi))

After hearing what Feng Tian City said, Li Tian Xuan's expression couldn't help but change as he spoke in a low voice.

"Sigh... This is a long story and involves a lot of things. Brother Tianxuan, it's better not to ask too much about it. "

Feng Tian Cheng gently sighed and helplessly said.

"I won't ask? Zhenye is a disciple of our Gale Sect, and now that he's dead, if I don't represent the Gale Sect to ask for an explanation on their behalf, what face do you have for me to return? "

"Tell me, who did this, I'll go kill him right now!"

Li Tianxuan's expression was cold as he unleashed his powerful energy, causing a fierce wind to blow in the hall as he spoke coldly.

"This... Brother Tianxuan, let's talk over at the backyard! "

The bitter smile on Feng Tian Cheng's face intensified as he brought Li Tian Xuan to the Feng Family's backyard …

There, an old man sat cross-legged under the moonlight as he cultivated …

He was the Feng ancestor!