Deep in the Qian Family's backyard, in front of an old and old thatched cottage.

Qian Yuanzhen, the Qian Family's head, was bare-chested. He was carrying a bamboo stick on his back as he respectfully kneeled in front of the small cottage. He apologized to the Qian Family's patriarch, who had long forgotten about the world, and was unwilling to get up for a long time.

"Come in!"

Only when an aged voice sounded from inside did the tightly shut door of the thatched cottage quietly open. His heavy face revealed a smile, and he let out a long sigh of relief before hurriedly standing up and walking into the thatched cottage.

The dark hut was very old. Not only were the furnishings simple, there was no electricity at all.

An old man with pale hair sat on a rattan chair. He wore thick reading glasses, and with the aid of the kerosene lamp on the table, he quietly stared at the old newspaper in his hands.

He was the Qian Family's patriarch. Currently, he was over ninety years old and had been retired for many years.

However, he was the pillar of the entire Feng Clan.

He had an extremely high authority in the entire Star Sea, and was once a disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect. His strength was extraordinary!

"Royal Elder..."

Under the dim light, Qian Yuanzhen watched the Qian Family's Qian Family's Qian Family's Qian Family's Qian Family's Qian Family's Qian Family Patriarch whose eyes were shining like stars. He respectfully greeted them with a voice filled with respect.

"Speak, what difficulties did you encounter?"

Without raising his head, the Qian Clan's Ancestor replied calmly.

"Royal Elder, our Qian Family is being bullied now … I beg of you to step out of your mountains and seek justice for us! "

Qian YuanZhen slowly narrated what happened at the banquet not long ago, as pleading words came out of his mouth.

"What?" That trash of the Ye Clan not only became a member of the Azure Emperor Pavilion, but also a successor of the Medical Saint? "

Hearing Qian Yuanzhen's words, the Qian Family's patriarch's face changed. A surprised voice came out of his mouth.

"That's right... Now, he relied on his identity, domineering, fearless, repeatedly making things difficult for our Qian family, making our Qian family lose all face … I beg of you to step out of your mountains and seek justice for us! "

Qian YuanZhen nodded slightly and pleaded again.

"He really is the successor of the Medical Saint. Are you certain?"

The Qian clan's elder's eyes lit up as he spoke with a deep tone.

"It should be absolutely true. That old bastard from the Lan family has been bedridden and seriously ill all these years. It looks like he is about to die." In the end, that brat actually managed to cure him, and is now full of vigor and vitality! "

"Isn't there also Xue Xinchen who has been suffering from hidden injuries for many years?" He has saved them, and not only has his strength recovered completely, it's even improved … "

Qian YuanZhen gritted his teeth and asked with an ugly expression.

"In that case, he really is the successor of the Medical Saint …"

With a glint in his eyes, the Qian Clan's Ancestor spoke with a deep tone.

"But the Medical Saint had already disappeared for many years. He might have already died …"

Hearing the Qian Family's Ancestor's words, Qian YuanZhen hurriedly said.

"Bastard!" The Medical Saint is skilled in medicine and can save lives from death, so how could he die? "

The Qian Family's elder said unhappily.

"Then, Ancestor, your meaning is …" A look of confusion appeared on Qian YuanZhen's face as he carefully opened his mouth.

"No matter what enmity you have with that kid, forget it all. From now on, befriend him at all costs!"

The eyes of the Qian Clan's ancestor flashed with wisdom as an unquestionable voice resounded from his mouth.

"This... Ancestor, our Qian Family has been trampled by him so many times.

Qian YuanZhen hurriedly said.

"Remember this, those who achieve great things don't care about small matters! "You guys must befriend that brat. Don't ruin my plan …"

The Qian Clan Elder replied coldly.

"But …"

"Go down!"

Qian YuanZhen wanted to say something, but the Qian Family's patriarch waved his hand impatiently.

"Yes sir!"

Qian YuanZhen had an ugly expression on his face. He could only respectfully step back …

"With that kid's personality, he definitely wouldn't listen to what I just said. He would definitely work with the Ancient Sword Sect and the other families to deal with that kid. When that happens …"

"Tsk tsk, what a great medical saint descendant. You've come at just the right time."

"Rumor has it that the Medical Saint was injured and is about to fall. If we can find out where the Medical Saint is from from that brat's mouth, that would mean … "Haha …"

After Qian Yuanzhen left, the Qian Family's ancestor revealed a face of extreme joy. He muttered to himself and started to laugh maniacally …

"Father, how is it? What did the ancestor say? "

At the entrance of the inner courtyard, Qian Mubai couldn't help but ask quickly as he watched Qian YuanZhen walk over with a disappointed expression.

Due to the timely rescue, his severed arm had been reattached, but it was still inflexible and had been wrapped in bandages.

"He wants us to try our best to befriend Ye Xuan at all costs!"

Qian YuanZhen replied with an ugly expression.

"What?" How could this be? " Qian Mubai was completely stunned as he heard these words coming out of his mouth.

"God knows what he's thinking!" Qian YuanZhen replied snappily.

"Then what should we do next? "Are we just going to let that kid off like this?" Qian Mubai said with an unwilling expression.

"He caused us to suffer such a huge loss and caused us to lose face. How could we let him off so easily? Furthermore, even if we were to let him go, how can that Black Mountain Daoist let us go? "

"Looking at the time, the people from the Ancient Sword Sect should have arrived by now, right?"

Killing intent flashed in Qian YuanZhen's eyes. He clenched his fists so tightly that they cracked, as he spoke while gnashing his teeth.

"We're already here, wait in the living room..."

Qian Mubai quickly replied.

"Let's go and fight them. This time, we must ally with the Ancient Sword Sect to kill that trash Ye Xuan!"

Qian YuanZhen asked icily.

As his words fell, he quickly brought Qian Mubai to the living room …

In the dark night, lights flashed, illuminating the huge city known as Galaxy.

Ye Xuan drove his Blackpeak Battleship slowly through the night, and it was rare for him to have a relaxed mood to enjoy the beautiful night scenery of the city.

The battleship Black Edge drove on. It crossed the Star Sea Bridge and arrived at the most bustling commercial area in the center of the city.

Even at night, it was bustling with noise and excitement. People were coming and going.

Due to the poor road conditions, the Blackpeak Warship's speed became increasingly slow. However, Ye Xuan wasn't in a hurry to relax. He sat in the carriage and observed his surroundings.

To be honest, he hadn't had a good tour around the business circles ever since he came back from his rebirth …

After waiting in the traffic jam for a long time, Ye Xuan's calm heart couldn't help but tremble from the familiar melodious sound of a song that drifted over with the cool breeze …

Fallen Leaves waved goodbye to Trees in the autumn sky. I want to know everything about you, even if I have to accompany you for three seasons, I still have to endure the split.

The familiar melodious voice was filled with indescribable pain that echoed in Ye Xuan's ears, causing his mind to involuntarily flash with the figure that blocked the fatal sword strike. His mouth muttered, "My heart?" The first part is called 'Zi Meng'; it has been changed to 'I've fallen in love with you'. "

He was very familiar with this song because she had sung it before.

Time always said goodbye!

It was once a thought that was deep and shallow!

fall in love with the silent, do not care about the past, do not tire!


Ye Xuan parked the car by the side of the road without a second thought, then got off the car and rushed in the direction of the voice.

Under the guidance of the song, Ye Xuan quickly ran through the dense crowd and arrived at the shopping plaza at the center of the business circle. He saw a beautiful face …

Her long, milky hair was tied in a ponytail, and she wore a white sports hat. She had a stunning face, and she wore a tight, grey-white sports coat that accented her curvaceous figure.

Her eyes were closed, she held the microphone in her hand, and she was lost in her own world. She tapped her toes, and from her mouth came a heart-wrenching song.

Countless people were attracted by her melodious voice. There were even people who used their cell phones to record a song on their screens to get a lot of love and praise …

Someone else took out money from their pocket and threw it into the box in front of her …

I know that from the very beginning I've been very superficial

It's just that the freedom to love is not tiresome

Always too far away, too far away

Let go of not delinquent oh, h, oh, oh, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

As he gazed at this beautiful figure, a bitter smile appeared on Ye Xuan's cold face. The fantasy in his heart quietly shattered at this moment …

She was beautiful!

However, in the end, it wasn't her!

A heart-wrenching pain filled Ye Xuan's heart. His mind flashed with the scenes of him and her together, and tears gradually blurred his vision …

Ye Xuan shook his head with a smile as he raised his head and looked at the shining stars. He didn't have any more lingering feelings as he turned around and left with large strides …

He did not want to hear this familiar song again, bringing back his unforgettable memories of pain.

Separate before

I don't have the courage to think further

Blurred profile in the dusk

A teenager who forgets his pain

risk only metamorphosis

Time always said goodbye

However, the girl still closed her eyes and continued to sing with all her might …

"Ahh …"

However, the originally pleasant voice turned into a shriek, causing Ye Xuan to stop in his tracks. His heart trembled as well …

He stopped and turned towards the source of the voice. It was a man wearing a casual black sports coat. He brought five middle-aged men in black suits to the scene and kicked over the beautiful woman's audio equipment and the microphone.

"Wife, you really made it easy for me to find you. Why did you come here so late to sing here? "Hurry and follow me home!"

"Everyone, stop recording, stop watching, hurry up and disperse …"

Before the beautiful woman could say anything, the man dressed in sportswear opened his mouth and made a hand gesture for the subordinates that he brought to chase away the bystanders …

"You … Who are you? "I don't know you …"

The beauty tried her best to maintain her calm. She blinked her unfocused eyes and asked doubtfully.

"Wife, stop messing around, let's go home …"

The man in sportswear smiled and reached out to pick up the beauty. He then led his men away.

"Ah... Let me go, what are you trying to do? Hurry up and let me go... "

"I don't even know you, let go of me … "Help …"

"Wife, don't make trouble. It was my fault that I angered you, sorry …"

"What are you all looking at? Get out of the way!"

The beautiful woman struggled fiercely and shouted for help, but was met with a smile by the man dressed in sportswear. He kept apologizing to her, causing the bystanders to think that it was just the couple arguing and not the other way round.

After all, that pretty girl was prettier than the others, and the man in sportswear was also very pretentious. He didn't seem to be lacking in money, so he should be someone from a rich family …

Only Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. His eyes flashed with a cold light.


His eyes flashed and he took a step forward. The instant he passed by the man in sportswear, he extended his hand and pointed at the man in sportswear. He easily snatched the beauty from his hands …

"Beauty, how are you? Are you alright? "

Putting the beautiful woman down, Ye Xuan looked at her stunning face and her empty eyes that didn't have a focus, lightly smiled as he asked in concern.

"I'm fine, thank you for saving me! I... I don't know them at all.

The beauty tried her best to see the man who had saved her, but her eyes were pitch black, and she couldn't see anything. Only his magnetic voice resounded in her ears, making her flustered heart feel at ease.

"Brat, what are you doing? Stealing my wife? "

With the beautiful woman in his hands stolen, the man in sportswear became malevolent and furious. He raised his head and directed his gaze onto Ye Xuan as he furiously spoke.

Ye Xuan suddenly saving this beauty from the hands of the man in sportswear could be said to have happened in a split-second. It was especially sudden, causing the surrounding people to be stunned and stunned.

What was going on?

"I will count to three. If all of you disappear from my sight in three chimes, I can pretend that nothing happened!" Otherwise … "

Ye Xuan's gaze was calm as he coldly spoke, looking at the group of people led by the man dressed in sportswear.

However, before Ye Xuan could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the sports coat wearing man's cold roar.

"F * ck, you want to die …" Kill him! Kill him! "