Seeing Cai Shenlang being thrown over like a cannonball by Ye Xuan, a cold light flashed through Lin Langtian's eyes.

Before he could say anything, an old man in a middle mountain suit, who was standing behind him, stepped forward. His shriveled hand shot out like lightning and grabbed Cai Shenlang, who was flying over, and suddenly flung him away.

The powerful force carried by Cai Shenlang was dispelled, causing his body to heavily land on the ground. He had to retreat for several steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

As for the old man, he did not move at all. It was as if he had just done something insignificant.

Ye Xuan couldn't help but narrow his eyes slightly at this scene, and his gaze towards the old man was filled with a trace of seriousness.

In his eyes, he could tell from the old man's actions that his control over his strength had reached a certain level. He knew how to reduce the force, otherwise, it would not be easy for him to catch Cai Shenlang.

"Thank you for seeking the elder to save me..."

Having been saved in time, a look of ecstasy appeared on Cai Shenlang's face. He quickly ran to the old man and respectfully cupped his fists as he thanked him.

Searching for the Elder, his life was Lin Tian Xun, an expert of the older generation in the martial arts world. When he was young, he gained great fame in the Northwest region.

His status was only second to the Leader of the Wolf School and the Young Master of the Wolf Sect, Lin Tianlang. He was a figure of the same generation as Xue Xinchen. Even the Four Great Families of Xinghai had to treat him with respect and give him face.

He raised his head and directed his gaze onto Ye Xuan as calm words came out of his mouth, "This old man can understand how young people act in a fit of rage, but brat, who gave you face by beating up a member of my wolf sect in front of all of us?"

"Kid, on account of the difficulty in cultivating martial arts, break your own arm. Kneel down and apologize!"

Hearing Lin Tian Xun's words, the corners of Ye Xuan's mouth couldn't help but raise into an arc. His gaze towards Lin Tian Xun was filled with undisguised iciness, and his face revealed a trace of a sneer.

This old fellow had a haughty attitude, completely ignoring the events and the cause of it. He actually made Ye Xuan break his own arm to kneel and apologize. This was indeed tyrannical.

"And if I don't?"

Ye Xuan replied coldly.

"Then today, this old man will break your tendons in your hands and feet for you, crippling all of your martial arts!"

An ominous glint flashed across Lin Tianchu's eyes as a powerful aura emanated from him.

"Don't... Don't hit him, this isn't his fault, he only acted to save me … "

"If you want to apologize, then let me do it. Please don't hurt him, he's a good person …"

Just as Ye Xuan was about to speak, Jiang Anya, who stood to the side, walked out in panic and spoke in an anxious manner.

Although she couldn't see clearly, she could see everything clearly in her heart.

It must be because Ye Xuan saved her and offended someone she couldn't afford to offend. They had more people, so they started to make things difficult for Ye Xuan.

"Hmm? This woman looked pretty good. She was a beauty … But why does he look like he's blind? "

Seeing Jiang Anya rush out in such a flurried manner, a trace of amazement flashed through Lin Langtian's eyes. He then frowned and spoke in a low voice.

"Young master, although she is blind, but looking at her figure, figure, and face, she is definitely one of the best of the best! Young master, you have played with beauties throughout the world, but you must have never played with such a beautiful blind person, right? "

"Furthermore, her voice is very good, her singing is very nice, even if she were to shout it in bed she would definitely be ecstatic … I was just thinking of giving her to Young Master, who would have known that this brat would suddenly charge out and ruin this good news … "

Hearing Lin Langtian's words, Cai Shenlang hurriedly rushed over to him and said with a fawning and fawning expression.

"Haha …" Hearing what you said, this matter of playing blind and beauties is quite interesting. This young master is somewhat interested in blind and beautiful women, tsk tsk... This is really outrageous! "

Cai Shenlang's words had undoubtedly piqued Lin Langtian's interest in Jiang Anya. He looked at her sexy body that was filled with undisguised passion and greed …

He had been rushing on his journey these past few days, and the bumpy weather had indeed made it so that he needed such a beauty to relax and have some fun.

"I beg of you, if you have anything against me, then it's me who is in the wrong. It's me who is in the wrong. I apologize to you all and let this good person go, alright?"

Jiang Anya's eyes scanned the surroundings, but she couldn't see anything. She kept bowing and apologizing, making people feel sorry for her.

These days, she was a victim, yet she had to bend her waist and apologize to the wicked.

Seeing Jiang Anya's lovable appearance, the smile on Lin Langtian's face became even wider, and he started to admire her beautiful figure and face even more.

He walked in front of Jiang Anya and lifted her pointed chin with his palm. Looking at her breathtaking face, he teased her, "Since you are so sincere about that brat, I can let you go. But I have a condition."

"What condition?"

Although Jiang Anya couldn't see, she could feel the aggressive gaze of the man in front of her, which made her feel extremely uncomfortable and disgusted. However, in order to not implicate the good person who had saved her, she could only muster up the courage to speak.

"I want you to obediently play with me tonight. As long as you are willing to listen to me obediently, this young master will not only let that brat who saved you go, but he will also give you a huge sum of money to treat your eyes! It's such a pity to be blind all your life, and such a waste, isn't it? "

Lin Langtian's face was filled with smiles. His gaze swept across Jiang Anya's voluptuous body, which was tightly wrapped in a white sports attire, and teasingly spoke to Jiang Anya.

Jiang Anya's face turned pale, and her body involuntarily felt a chill. She subconsciously took a few steps back and distanced herself from Lin Langtian, letting out words that were neither servile nor overbearing from her mouth.

"I... I'm blind, and my eyes can't be cured. I don't want your money, I just hope that you don't make things difficult for the kindness that saved me just now, I … "I can kneel down and apologize to you guys …"

Jiang Anya's knees softened as she spoke, but Ye Xuan reached out to support her body. He said calmly, "They were the ones who made mistakes, so they should be the ones apologizing. You don't need to apologize to them, nor do you need to kneel down and beg for forgiveness …"

"But they have the numbers advantage, and …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Jiang Anya had an anxious expression as she spoke.

"Although they have many people and an extraordinary background, you must remember that in this world, there is another saying: evil cannot be righteous. There is something called justice!"

"Stand here and wait for me!"

After saying that, Ye Xuan strode alone towards Lin Langtian and his group with boundless coldness in his steps.

"Haha …" Justice? "

"Kid, you're actually trying to talk about justice with us at this time? You're so damn ridiculous, don't tell me that he doesn't know that being strong is equal to being righteous!"

"Do you know that in this world, I am the righteous?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing his cold appearance, Lin Langtian felt as if he'd heard a heavenly joke. He couldn't help but laugh out loud as insolent words came out of his mouth.

"Haha …"

At this moment, the members of the Wolf School behind him also began to laugh loudly.

This kid dared to talk about justice with them? He was simply a stinky bastard. Pen!

"Brothers, tell that brat what justice is!"

Lin Langtian waved his hand and said boldly.

"Boom! Boom!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the numerous members of the Wolf School behind him charged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill. They were like a pack of wild wolves that'd charged out to hunt!

They were ferocious and brutal, causing the surrounding pedestrians to retreat far away from them.

Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest trace of emotion in his eyes as he looked at the many members of the Wolves Sect charging at him. All he had was an inexhaustible coldness as he fiercely charged forward and whipped his legs!

"Boom! Boom!"


In the next moment, dull sounds of collision and the sound of bones breaking rang out one after another.

As long as the attacks from the surrounding Wolf Gate members couldn't land on Ye Xuan, he would either be sent flying by his whip kick, knocked out with a single punch, or be scared unconscious by him …

Why would anyone be scared by Ye Xuan to the point of fainting?

Because Ye Xuan was really too ferocious, the force from his punches could crush the ribs of others and break their legs. He was simply too ferocious, and in order to avoid being hit by Ye Xuan's attacks, some people could only pretend to faint from fear and avoid physical pain.

From a distance, they could see Ye Xuan strolling leisurely like a handsome and elegant young master under the siege of countless members of the wolf sect. He even took out a cigarette from his pocket at a moderate pace, lit it up, and puffed out smoke from his mouth …

Some of them tried to sneak up on Ye Xuan while he was lighting a cigarette, but he simply swept them away with a kick …

His actions were elegant and cool, causing the passers-by in the distance to be extremely excited. Some of them even held their phones as they took photos and videos crazily …

If the members of the Wolf School were a pack of savage and ruthless wild wolves, then Ye Xuan was like a supreme dragon that wasn't an existence that a pack of wild wolves could offend …

In a short moment, besides Lin Langtian, Lin Xuntian, and Cai Shenlang, all of the other members of the sect were easily defeated by Ye Xuan. They lay on the ground, wailing and screaming.

He was like a king descending to the world, standing in the middle of the screaming crowd, leisurely smoking and exhaling smoke …

"Dammit, a bunch of useless trash!"

Seeing that, Lin Langtian's expression was extremely ugly. He clenched his fist so tightly that crackling sounds rang out. From his mouth, a furious voice rang out, "Looking for an elder!"

Obviously, he didn't expect Ye Xuan's methods to be so formidable!

"Don't worry, Young Lord!"

Lin Xuntian nodded lightly. He took a step forward and transformed into a streak of light as he charged towards Ye Xuan with lightning speed. In the air, he left behind numerous black afterimages that formed into a streak of black light.


Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. Without even thinking, he clenched his right fist and furiously smashed forward.

In the next moment, a muffled collision sound rang out. Ye Xuan's fist collided with Lin Xuntian's fist. A terrifying force spread out in all directions like the howling of the ocean waves, causing a violent wind to blow on the plaza …

"Tap, tap, tap …"

The two fists collided. A powerful and ferocious backlash erupted, causing the two of them to involuntarily fly backwards. They took over ten steps back in order to stabilize their bodies …

After stabilizing himself, Ye Xuan slowly raised his head and directed his gaze onto Lin Xuntian. His eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment!

This fellow's strength was comparable to Xue Xin Chen, and he was extremely extraordinary!

"Brat, you have some skills, but …" You are still lacking a bit of experience, die! "

Lin Xuntian's expression was ice-cold. His foot abruptly exerted force as he leapt forward, carrying the momentum of a dragon as he charged towards Ye Xuan.

As he neared Ye Xuan, his leg lashed out at an extremely fast speed.

Flying Crane's eight consecutive kicks!