Ye Xuan slowly took the banknotes from Third Aunt Zhao's hands and counted them for a total of fifteen hundred. He returned the extra five hundred to Third Aunt Zhao and said, "It's fortunate that you met me today. Otherwise, your leg really would have been amputated …"

"Captain Zhao, help her lie on the bed to the side!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Zhao Da Hai immediately joined the others to carry Third Aunt Zhao onto the bed.

"How is it? "Do you feel anything?"

Ye Xuan lightly knocked on Third Aunt Zhao's knee with a small hammer and asked.

"I have a feeling, I have a feeling, Godly Doctor, my leg has a feeling …"

Third Aunt Zhao carefully felt it and replied with excitement.

"Nonsense, of course I feel it! I am knocking on your leg!"

However, Ye Xuan's reply caused her to be stunned.

Ye Xuan knocked on Third Aunt Zhao's other leg with the small hammer and asked, "Do you have a feeling about this?"

"No..." Third Aunt Zhao replied dejectedly.

"And?" Ye Xuan asked again.


"So that's it?"

"Still no answer!"

… ….


"Same here!"

By the time Ye Xuan finished his inspection, Third Aunt Zhao's face had already turned ashen. She really didn't feel anything with her left leg.

"Godly Doctor, do you feel anything on my leg? What should I do? "

"It's alright if you don't feel anything. If you don't feel anything in one place, it'll be troublesome!"

Ye Xuan indifferently replied, "You've fixed quite a few side dishes on your legs and pasted quite a few ointments on them, right?"

"Yes." They all say it's rheumatoid arthritis, old cold legs... " Third Aunt Zhao said bitterly.

"Nonsense, this is the result of long-term nerve injury …" "If I'm not mistaken, two years ago you weighed more than 180 pounds, and then you used the gym to lose some weight. But now you weigh more than 100 pounds, right?"

Ye Xuan indifferently swept his gaze across Third Aunt Zhao's face as he calmly spoke.

"Godly Doctor, you … How do you know? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, a look of astonishment appeared on Third Aunt Zhao's face. An incredulous voice came from her mouth.

She was certain that this was the first time she'd met Ye Xuan, but he actually knew even this.

"Nonsense, because I'm a genius doctor! Your leg nerves are dead, and your leg bones have been worn out to varying degrees. After I treat you, take it easy. "

As Ye Xuan spoke, he took out a silver needle from his watch.

"Godly Doctor, you think my leg can be cured?" Ye Xuan's words undoubtedly caused a deep joy to surface on Third Aunt Zhao's face.

"If even this little problem of yours can't be cured, then what kind of genius doctor am I?"

Ye Xuan snappily replied.

The moment he said that, he stabbed the silver needle into Third Aunt Zhao's leg and quietly activated the thirteen heaven defying needles.

At the same time, he used a technique to help Third Aunt Zhao massage her legs, "How is it? "Do you feel anything?"

"Yes, it's warm. Big Sis, Second Sis …" "My legs really do feel it …"

Third Aunt Zhao could only feel the warmth flowing through her legs. It was extremely comfortable, causing a look of ecstasy to appear on her face.

"Alright!" "Stand up!"

A moment later, Ye Xuan put the silver needles away and lightly said.

"This... That's it? "

Third Aunt Zhao was astonished. She moved her leg in a doubtful manner and found that she was able to move freely. After taking a few steps, she said excitedly, "My leg is really healed!"

This scene caused the surrounding spectators to be shocked and amazed.

In the next moment, Third Aunt Zhao quickly walked in front of Ye Xuan and expressed her gratitude, "Thank you, Godly Doctor Ye. Thank you for saving my lower body … …" "Thank you. This money is just a token of my appreciation. Please accept it!"

"Do you think I helped you with your illness for money?"

Ye Xuan said in annoyance.

Without waiting for Third Aunt Zhao to speak, he put the money she handed over into his pocket: "Obviously not! But I know that if I don't take your money, you will definitely feel uneasy, so I will take it … "

"Who wants to see a doctor? "Next!"

Ye Xuan walked to his seat and said straightforwardly.

No one had any objections to Ye Xuan's action of collecting money. This was because they felt that it was only natural.

"Divine Doctor Ye, I beg of you, let me see. My waist has been in pain for decades …"

"Divine Doctor Ye, I beg of you, please look at me. My angina has been torturing me for a long time … …"

"Godly Doctor Ye, look at me first. I have epilepsy, my neighbors don't see me as a human …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, everyone held out their money towards him and pleaded.

After all, they'd seen how Ye Xuan had treated Third Aunt Zhao's legs.

"You all didn't believe me when I told you all to treat him! Now, they had to line up one by one... Hai Yang, help me record everything down. Each of you get one thousand yuan! "

"In addition, if there are other patients coming from behind, they are all free and given priority."

Ye Xuan lightly said as he looked at the packed crowd.

"Dahai, how long has this Godly Doctor Ye been watching for? Will you please come to us today? "

"Pan, I think you're pretty good. Xiaofang has to marry such an outstanding talent like you …" Um, can you help me ask Godly Doctor Ye when you're going to meet me? "

At this moment, the misunderstanding about Zhao Da Hai, Fatty, Little Pan, and many other relatives all changed to a warm smile …

Outside of the security lounge, there were even more orderly rows of people lined up. Zhao Da Hai, Fatty, Little Pan, and the others were responsible for maintaining order …

"Godly Doctor Ye, I have a cerebral hemorrhage, after surgery …"

A patient sat in front of Ye Xuan and bitterly said.

"Old man, don't worry, it's just a mild cerebral infarction, brain injury, hemiplegia, epilepsy …" Sit down, I'll treat you. I'll do it in three minutes! "

Before the patient could finish speaking, Ye Xuan consoled him.

Following that, he would be treated with acupuncture!

"Alright, old man, let's do something!"

A moment later, Ye Xuan put away the needle and spoke with a smile.

Under the astonished and shocked gazes of the crowd, the old man stood up by himself. He moved his hands and feet as if he was a normal person. He even walked in a circle …

"Divine Doctor Ye, I … I'm really better! Thank you. Divine Doctor Ye, thank you! "

In the next moment, the old man knelt before Ye Xuan and thanked him …

"Godly Doctor Ye, how much is it? I'll give it to you! "

"It's just a small matter, no charge. Next!"

Ye Xuan smiled warmly, lightly shook his head, and teased.

Very soon, a middle-aged woman with a nervous breakdown, who had been insomnia for a long time, walked up …

Before she could even open her mouth, Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he gave her acupuncture needles.

Her originally dispirited spirit instantly became spirited and her entire person seemed radiant. Compared to when she first arrived, she was like a completely different person, causing people to be greatly amazed by Ye Xuan's medical skills.

As the number of patients that Ye Xuan had treated increased, the number of people waiting at the entrance of the security lounge didn't decrease at all.

Because the patients that had been cured had personally experienced the magic of Ye Xuan's medical skills, they impatiently called their friends and relatives, causing the number of people that came to see the doctor to increase instead of decrease ….

The queue had moved from the security lounge to the entrance of Star Sea Hospital. It was growing rapidly …

However, it was worth mentioning that no one cut in line. Everyone was in an orderly fashion.

Many patients who were going to see a registered doctor in Xinghai Hospital were also affected and lined up behind the long line.

Slowly, more and more people arrived, and more and more people queued up. People gradually learned about Ye Xuan's past in Star Sea Hospital from the hospital's staff members …

Because of this, only a few people queued up in the outpatient clinic of Xinghai Hospital. Long lines had already lined up in the security lounge to the bus stop outside …

Ye Xuan didn't know about any of this.

He was just doing his duty as a doctor to save lives!

At the hospital's outpatient clinic, the corridor was initially packed with people. However, many doctors and nurses were busy with work, causing them to be overwhelmed and sweating profusely …

But now, other than the nurses who usually maintained order and helped with the triage, there was nothing. There were no patients at all …

This not only surprised many of the nurses, but also surprised the doctors in the consultation room.

Many doctors waited for a long time, but no one came. They couldn't sit still any longer, so they all walked out of the consultation room at the same time.

All the doctors looked at each other with bitter smiles. Some of them could not help but ask, "What's going on today? Why are there no patients?"

"Dr. Lee, you didn't receive even one patient?"

"It's more than that. Doctor Li didn't receive any patients. We haven't received a single patient since the morning!"

The doctors gathered to discuss, and could not help but complain.

"Um …" Little Wen, go and see what's going on today. "

Finally, the group of doctors turned their gazes towards a female nurse who was dozing off on the other side of the checkout table.


The nurse quickly woke up and left in a hurry …

After a while she came back in a hurry.

"How is it?"

Seeing her expression, many doctors couldn't help but ask.

"Professor Li, Director Zhang …" "I don't know what's going on outside, but all the patients have already lined up outside the security lounge. I heard that the long line of patients directly went from the security lounge to the bus stop that's 800 meters away from us …"

The nurse said with a wry smile, "I just asked around from the duty station downstairs. It seems to be the security team's Dr. Ye who is on free medical treatment …"

"What?" It's actually him? "

Many doctors could not help but be greatly shocked when they heard the female nurse's reply.

As doctors of Star Sea Hospital, they'd already heard of the security team Ye Xuan's name and deeds countless times …

However, their shock quickly turned into anger, "Although he is skilled in medicine, but he can't just scoop up all the patients by himself, so that we have nothing better to do. Why don't we sit here and drink?"

"Come on, let's go to the dean to complain to him!" If you want to be a security guard, you can just be a security guard.

"Could it be that our hospital has so many doctors and experts, but we can't even compare to one of them?"

In the next moment, many doctors angrily headed towards the principal's office …