"I'm sure most of the people here will like the next item to be auctioned, because it is a War God Token from the Western Asura World!"

When Li Qiushui's voice sounded, Ye Xuan's pupils violently constricted.

An extremely bad premonition pervaded his heart, causing ripples of Qi to appear in the depths of his heart.

"The War God's Token was crafted by the Demon Lord, one of the Five Emperors of the Asura World! It is known to all that the core expert of the Divine Demon Palace whom he established is the Three Devil and Eight Gods, who are also known as the Three Demon Kings and the Eight War Gods. "

"And this War God Token is a keepsake bestowed by the Demon Lord to the eight War Gods. It is also a symbol of the eight War Gods' status. Rumor has it that this War God's Token does not only contain secrets about the Demonic God Palace, it also contains the legacies of eight great War Gods! "

Li Qiushui slowly explained on the auction stage while holding the War God Token. Her voice was extremely seductive and tempting, causing people to feel a strong desire for the War God Token.

"Although the Demonic God Palace has been destroyed and the War God's Token has lost its value as a symbol of status and position, the heritage and secrets it possesses still exist. With it, it will have the key to become a powerful being. It is destined to be extraordinary!"

"Furthermore, everyone should be able to see the word 'Wind' on this War God Token. This means that it belongs to the former Wind God. What is contained in it should be the legacy of the Wind God that once belonged to one of the eight War Gods in the Demonic Palace …"

"The starting price of the wargod command is five hundred thousand, and each bid increase is at least fifty thousand. The bidding starts now!"

Hearing Li Qiushui's words and seeing the word "Wind" on the War God Token, Ye Xuan tried his best to maintain his calm. However, he couldn't help but tightly clench his fist.

The War God's Token was one of the supreme items in the Demonic Palace, and the Eight War Gods even carried it on their bodies and never left their bodies.

However, since the command medallion had appeared in the auction, there was only one possibility …

The Wind God had really fallen.

"Ye Xuan, that command medallion is so cool …" Why do I feel a familiar aura from it? It seems to be from my brother … "

Su Xiaomeng blankly looked at the War God Token in Li Qiushui's hands. A strange feeling inexplicably welled up in her heart. She turned around to look at Ye Xuan as she spoke her doubts.

"Do you want it?"

Ye Xuan let out a breath of air and turned around to look at the innocent Su Xiaomeng. He lightly smiled as he spoke.

Su Xiaomeng carefully sized up the War God Badge in Li Qiushui's hand, then said with a determined face, "Yes!"

"Then I'll buy it for you!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as he calmly spoke.

Even though he tried his best to control his emotions, Leng Qingcheng, who was to the side, was keenly aware of Ye Xuan's strangeness.

She wanted to extend her hand to grab hold of Ye Xuan's hand, but just as she was about to touch his hand, she withdrew her hand …

At the same time, Ye Xuan's phone vibrated. It was a message from Lan Wanting.

"Ye Xuan, how are you? Are you alright?" I look at your back and for some reason, my heart feels a little uncomfortable and worried. Are you unhappy? "

Ye Xuan lowered his head to look at Lan Wanting's message, but didn't reply.

At this time, the bidding price of the War God Token had already skyrocketed from five hundred thousand to five million, and it was still increasing.

Even Gu Tianxuan of the Ancient Sword Sect and Li Tianxuan of the Astral Energy Barrier were engaged in this intense bidding.

"20 million!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. His cold and clear voice followed.

The sudden appearance of the price caused the noisy crowd to become silent. Everyone could not help but look towards the source of the voice.

When they saw that it was Ye Xuan who bid, many of them couldn't help but give up.

Only Gu Tianxing and Li Tianxuan had ice-cold expressions. Their cold gazes descended onto Ye Xuan as undisguised killing intent flickered in their eyes.

"Young Master Xuan has bid 20 million, is there a higher bid?"

"Twenty million going once …"

"Twenty million twice …"

Li Qiushui's gaze looked around and a charming smile appeared on her face. A pleasant voice came from her mouth.

"30 million!"

However, just as she was about to say 20 million three times, a cold voice came out of Gu Tianxing's mouth.

He was extremely interested in the Wind God's inheritance inside the War God Token.

"50 million!"

Ye Xuan coldly said.

"60 million!"

Li Tianxuan said coldly.

He was determined to get this War God Token!

"One hundred million!"

Ye Xuan didn't even raise his head or blink!

"Kid, are you really going to make my Ancient Sword Sect your enemy?"

Li Tianxuan's face was so gloomy that it seemed as if it could drip out at any moment. His gaze was fixated on Ye Xuan as threatening words came out of his mouth.

"I, Ye Xuan, don't even put a mere Ancient Sword Sect in my eyes!"

However, Ye Xuan's domineering words were the answer to Li Tian Xuan's question.

"Heh heh... If you are truly arrogant, then what about my Supreme Qi Sect? "

Gu Tianxing spoke darkly at this moment.

"A bunch of trash!"

However, the reply they got was Ye Xuan's even more overbearing and arrogant words.

At this moment, Li Tian Xuan and Gu Tian Xing wished they could kill Ye Xuan on the spot!

"100 million going once!"

"100 million going twice!" "

Li Qiushui lightly smiled and continued to speak.

"One hundred million three times!"

"Congratulations to young master Xuan for winning the War God's Token!"

In the end, regardless of whether it was Li Tianxuan or Gu Tianxing, they didn't raise the price anymore. Because, even if they offered a hundred million for the War God Token, it wouldn't be worth it …

After all, a hundred million meant not only money, but countless resources to increase one's strength.

Li Qiushui's gaze flashed as she watched the atmosphere in the auction ground gradually turn cold due to the passage of time. A tempting light smile appeared on her beautiful face. She had unexpectedly danced a soul stealing dance for everyone, causing the atmosphere to once again erupt with passion …

It had to be said that this woman's control over the field was truly formidable.

The dance ended and the auction continued.

All sorts of precious items successively appeared on stage. Aside from spending ten million to purchase three medicinal pills that could strengthen the body and reconstruct the bones, Ye Xuan didn't make another move.

This pill was something he'd bought for Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu. After all, the three of them weren't able to keep up with Ye Xuan's footsteps, so they had to help them improve themselves.

Time passed by, and soon it was the final item of the final auction. The atmosphere at the auction became incomparably fiery at this moment. One by one, heated gazes landed on the auction platform.

Even Ye Xuan, Lord Dragon, and the others perked up.

It had to be known that under normal circumstances, items that could become the main selling point of an auction were definitely not ordinary items.

Furthermore, this time around, not a single bit of information had been leaked. This caused everyone to feel even more expectant.

"I guess everyone is curious about the final item of this year's Star Sea Auction, right?"

Feeling the heated gaze from the crowd, Li Qiushui reached out her white jade hand to lightly stroke the bangs on her forehead. With an alluring expression, she opened her mouth and said, "Actually … The final item to be auctioned is me! "

"Twenty million..."

"30 million..."

"Fifty million..."

However, just as Li Qiushui finished speaking, intense bidding sounds sounded continuously at this moment, causing Li Qiushui to be extremely astonished …

She quickly extended her slender jade-like hand down, signalling for everyone to quiet down as teasing words came from her mouth, "Cough cough … "Actually, I was just joking with you guys just now. I didn't think that you would be interested in me being so passionate. I'm so flattered!"

"However, I believe that everyone will be more interested in the final item! "Bring it up..."

The first half of Li Qiushui's speech had undoubtedly made many people incomparably disappointed, but very quickly, everyone's emotions were attracted by her last sentence …

Under the expectant gazes of the crowd, a sexy beauty holding onto a small white animal slowly walked out from the back of the auction.

The little white animal looked especially cute and adorable. It had two fluffy ears, a small mouth, two small round eyes and a round body. Its two golden claws shone a dazzling brilliance under the light, indicating that it was of an extraordinary breed.

However, it looked a bit dispirited and exhausted, as if it was sick and had lost part of its vitality.

"What kind of pet is this?"

"Holy shit, don't tell me that the item in this container is this small animal?"

"What are you doing? You can't be so deceitful, right?"

Looking at the fluffy little animal, the people at the scene couldn't help but open their mouths in confusion.

"Wow, so cute!"

"Too obedient!"

As for Su Xiaomeng, her eyes were shining. She was looking at the little animal with undisguised fondness.

Hearing the discussions from the auction house, Li Qiushui slowly picked up the fluffy little animal from the beautiful staff member's hands and said in a melodious voice, "As everyone has seen, the final item to be auctioned off is the little animal in my arms …"

"Damn, is it really this furry little animal?" What the heck is this! "

"Isn't this way too much!"

After hearing Li Qiushui's words, everyone present couldn't help but grumble.

Only Li Tianxuan, Gu Tianxing, Xu Xiaotian, and Chen Fan's eyes were burning with greed as they stared at the small animal with undisguised greed.

Clearly, they knew some inside information.

Li Qiushui didn't care about the reaction of the crowd. She faintly smiled, and words that were pleasant to hear came out of her mouth.

"Everyone, don't underestimate this little guy. Its origins are not ordinary, and for some reason, I can't reveal it for the time being. The only way is for its owner to personally inform it after buying it!"

"The only thing I can tell everyone is that it's called Little White, because it's really too hard to raise, even if its master was extraordinary, it would still be difficult to raise it. And its master was in a hurry to leave as well, so his master took it out to auction, and also … The person who bought this little fellow will be able to receive a favor from its owner and will be able to invite him to do anything that does not go against his life's principles! "

After hearing Li Qiushui's words, different thoughts flashed across the hearts of everyone present, and they all sank into silence and thought.

From what Li Qiushui had said, people could already guess that this Whitey Master was definitely extraordinary.

Even Ye Xuan was slightly interested in Xiao Bai.

However, just at that moment, Li Qiushui's powerful voice rang out again.

"The starting price of Little White is 100 million, each bid increase must be no less than 10 million!" "The auction starts now!"

An intense bidding began.