The sky was dark without any light. The night was as dark as ink!

Under the dark moonlight, a grand massacre was taking place.

Countless weapons wielding experts were violently attacking a cold young man with murderous intent.

Their imposing manner was like a group of fierce wild wolves that surrounded and attacked an infant dragon, forcing it to retreat bit by bit.

The massive attack that was like a tsunami completely engulfed him, leaving him with no way to retreat. He could only fight to the death!

Not only were all the top powerhouses and elite forces of Star Sea City gathered here, but there were also sects and clans from the outer regions like the Ancient Sword Sect, the Supreme Wind Sect, the Xu, and the Chen family.

If this kind of energy was gathered together, one could imagine how enormous it was.

It was enough to crush any force in Star Sea City!

However, there was only one man facing them.

His name is Ye Xuan.

Under the siege of thousands of experts, there was no trace of panic or fear on his cold face. All there was was an endless calmness and coldness.

He had experienced such a siege, such a bitter battle, such a slaughter ….

This made him think of his friends who fought together with him, his brothers who fought together, and his beauties who fought together …

However, he wasn't there at all, and Ye Xuan was the only one there …

This kind of feeling made him feel a little lonely, a little lonely, a little depressed …

But he had to live.

He had to use his flesh and blood to carve out a piece of heaven and earth. Only by doing that would he have the chance to find his lost friends and brothers …

While Ye Xuan was fighting with the experts, thirty experts with axes and sabers suddenly leaped down from the rooftops on both sides of the street. They carried incomparable killing intent as they hacked towards Ye Xuan in an attempt to kill him …

The sharp machete shone with a dazzling brilliance under the illumination of the sunlight. It was so dazzling that it was difficult to open one's eyes!

A strong sense of danger enveloped Ye Xuan and filled his heart, causing his face to go ice-cold.

Thirty-six Wind Thunder Kick!

In the next moment, Ye Xuan suddenly leaped up and kicked out with the power of wind and lightning. The thirty experts weren't able to land their axes on Ye Xuan before Ye Xuan sent them flying.

"Bang …"

"Puchi …"

The 30 experts brought along powerful forces and smashed into the crowd below. They exploded like 30 artillery shells, causing a large number of casualties and causing a lot of screams!

"Eat our spear!"

However, before Ye Xuan could even rest, sixteen spear-wielding men suddenly charged at him. The sharp spears in their hands carried a sharp killing intent as they thrust towards Ye Xuan in an attempt to pierce through his body.

"A mere firefly dares to compete against Haoyue?" "Die!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but sneer. A cold light flickered in his eyes as a large number of silver needles shot out from his hands, silently slicing through the air and piercing into the foreheads of the sixteen gunners, causing their figures to quietly freeze. They heavily smashed on the ground and died on the spot!


However, under Gu Tianxing and Ye Jianxin's praises, the crowd had long since turned bloodshot from the slaughter and had already looked down on life and death. They only wanted to take Ye Xuan's dog life, but the deaths of these people not only didn't scare them off, it even stimulated their bloodlust as they charged towards Ye Xuan without any fear of death …

Who said that wolves are the most bloodthirsty and cruel animals in the world?

It was clearly a person, okay?

It was because of the greed of human nature.

Under the stimulation of greed, the fierceness unleashed by humans was endless!

They could fight people, fight the Heavens, and fight the Earth!

As long as they coveted what they wanted, they would do everything in their power to get it.

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with an unconcealed coldness as he looked at the numerous experts that continuously rushed over, then looked at Ye Jianxin, Gu Tianxing, Qian YuanZhen, Feng Tian Cheng, Li Tian Xuan, and the others who stood at the peak watching everything unfold.

Do you think you can bully me just by having more people?

Then, you are completely wrong!

Today, this sovereign will let you all broaden your horizons!

Under the stunned gazes of Ye Jianxin, Gu Tianxing, and Qian YuanZhen, as the countless experts charged towards him, Ye Xuan actually slowly opened his arms and closed his eyes. It was as if he'd prepared himself for death …

When this scene appeared in the eyes of Li Qiushui, who was standing on the rooftop of the auction building, and the maid beside her, she couldn't help but tightly frown.

The maid beside her could not help but speak up, "Director Qiu, are we really not sending people to help? If he really is the successor of the Medical Saint, then even if he dies, we won't be able to find the way to report him to the higher ups … "

"If he is really the successor of the Medical Saint, how could he be at such a level? Furthermore, if he is only at this level, then his identity as the successor of the Medical Saint is fake.

There was not the slightest ripple on Li Qiushui's exquisite and beautiful face, and her cold and indifferent words came out of her mouth.

When Ye Xuan's performance fell into Ye Jianxin's eyes, Gu Tianxing and the others became extremely excited. They became incomparably excited and their mouths started to speak playfully.

"Haha, you finally feel despair and give up on resisting?"

"This guy is quite smart. In order not to suffer the torture before death, he actually chose to obediently accept his death!"

"This time, we have finally eliminated this thorn in our hearts!"

"His physical strength has already been exhausted. He no longer has the strength to resist. Now, kill him!"

Following Gu Tianxing, Ye Jianxin, Feng Tian City, and the others' words, the experts beneath them all roared in unison, then madly rushed towards Ye Xuan with bloodthirsty killing intent …

Ye Xuan's eyes were still tightly shut, but if one were to look closely, they would notice a black dragon cage formed from the center of his brows.

Not only that, there was also an endless amount of demonic energy being poured into the ground from Ye Xuan's feet. It was as if there were black devilish dragons soundlessly traversing the ground …

Just as the numerous weapons were about to chop down on Ye Xuan's body, his tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. A dazzling blood python burst out, and a bone-chilling voice came out from his mouth.

"Slaughter him, the Great Devil Realm!"


As Ye Xuan's bone-chilling voice sounded out, an endless chill arose in the hearts of everyone present.

Terrifying black devilish auras unreservedly emitted from Ye Xuan's body, turning into black devilish dragons that surged out from the ground and devoured all of the people that were attacking Ye Xuan in front of Gu Tianxing and the others.

"Baji, baji …"

"Crack …" "Ah …"

"Ah... My hand, my body … "

From afar, the three hundred meter radius around Ye Xuan was completely filled with black demonic energy. The monstrous demonic energy transformed into a pitch black demonic dragon that formed a huge cage from the ground, trapping all of the experts within it and continuously devouring them …

The sound of the demonic dragon eating, the sound of its bones breaking, and the miserable screams of its people resounding throughout the cage …

The people inside the cage wanted to escape frantically, but they couldn't. They were enveloped by the demon qi, and under the horrified gazes of the people outside, their bodies were slowly being devoured by the demon qi, bit by bit, and the flesh on the surface disappeared bit by bit, eventually turning into ashes that strangely disappeared …

"This... Is this a cultivation technique? "

"What martial skill is this?"

"Too terrifying, too horrifying …"

"Is that guy a devil?"

"Devil, that fellow is a devil …"

Looking at the men who were still struggling and screaming inside the Demonic Energy prison, the faces of Gu Tianxing, Ye Jianxin, Li Tianxuan, Feng Tiancheng, and the Ye Family's old man changed drastically as they gasped in shock …

They originally thought that Ye Xuan had given up on defending and was waiting for death to come. They didn't think that he would go crazy and use such an abnormal skill …

"This method is too brutal, I've never seen it before …"

Even Li Qiushui, who had seen a lot of things, was staring with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. His face was filled with shock and loss of control.

"Li... Boss Li, you said that he … Is he still human? "

The maid beside Li Qiushui was even more terrified as she looked at the gigantic demonic energy cage, watching the people inside constantly struggling to die. Words of fear and trembling came out of her mouth …

"Ahh …"

"Save me …"

"Patriarch, save me …"

What answered her was the miserable shrieks of the people in the Demonic Qi Cage …

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a bloody light, and his windbreaker was wrapped in an even more imposing demonic aura. The Absolute Soul Saber in his hand had already turned into a Soul Breaking Sword in his hand, causing him to look like a demon that ruled over the world.

He expressionlessly looked at the enemy who was constantly screaming in pain inside the Demonic Qi Prison. His eyes showed no mercy as he coldly said, "Stupid!"

Wu wu wu wu …

As his words fell, billowing waves of demonic qi formed into devil hands that covered the mouths of the screaming people, making them widen their eyes and struggle in fear. In the end, they gradually died under the devouring of the demonic qi …

At this moment, there was no emotion in Ye Xuan's eyes!

There was no expression on his face, not even the slightest ripple. There was only endless loneliness and indifference.

Wielding the Broken Soul Sword, he stood alone in the center of the Great Devil Realm.

He habitually swept his eyes over the many beauties that belonged to him, belonging to the Three Demons, Eight Gods, his group of brothers, and the position of the woman that he loved …

However, he discovered that it was empty. An unprecedented feeling of loneliness filled his heart …

Today, in a fit of rage, he reopened the great devil realm.

However, at his side …

She no longer had a beautiful woman who had once been through thick and thin.

There were no longer any of the Three Great Demons or Eight Great Wargods in the Demonic Palace.

There were no longer any brothers who risked their lives in this world.

He no longer had that woman he loved the most!

Only he …