The Great Devil Realm was one of the strongest techniques created when the Demon Lord Ye Xuan was at his peak. It relied on his own demonic energy to envelop the world.

In this demon world, weak enemies were directly devoured by the demon qi. Even the most powerful ones would be weakened because of resisting the demon qi's erosion.

The negative emotions from the dead enemies would feed back to Ye Xuan, causing his devil intent to become denser and his devil aura to grow stronger. It became the source of his energy and replenished his strength.

In the Great Devil Realm that Ye Xuan had opened, whether it was his former soulmate, the Demonic Palace's Three Devils and Eight Gods, or his brothers, all of their loved ones had their own special spots that allowed them to form a killing formation.

However, because Ye Xuan had been betrayed by the Sword God, killed by the four emperors, annihilated the Demonic Palace, lost his soulmate, lost his brotherly woman, died, and disappeared …

This caused Ye Xuan to reopen the Great Devil Realm. He was the only person left.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

The crisp sound of footsteps came from the cage in front of them. When it entered the ears of the people around them, they couldn't help but shiver. Their eyes revealed a strong sense of fear as they subconsciously took a few steps back …

After all, there were simply too many people besieging Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan's strength wasn't even twenty to ten percent of his peak strength, so even if he opened up the Devil Realm to kill, he could only deal with the enemies within a three hundred meter radius.

Of course, the number of fish that escaped the net was less than one fifth of the previous total.

In other words, Ye Xuan's Great Devil World had instantly killed nearly 80% of the enemies.

Hearing the rustling footsteps coming from the demon realm and sensing the cold and bloodthirsty killing intent, Gu Tianxing, Ye Jianxin, Qian YuanZhen, Qian Mubai, and the others all had ashen faces. Their gazes towards the demon realm were filled with undisguised fear and solemnity.

They knew that Ye Xuan wasn't dead!

Under their resentful and ugly gazes, the Great Devil Realm gradually disappeared and Ye Xuan's figure slowly appeared in their line of sight …

His cold face didn't have the slightest expression, and his eyes that were as deep as ice were filled with endless indifference. His thin body was wrapped in a black cloak, and his right hand was holding the Broken Soul Sword. His arm was entangled with the Soul Breaking Sword Chains, and the roiling demon energy turned into a demonic dragon that surrounded him.

The cold wind blew and his windbreaker fluttered, causing him to be even more cold and imposing …

Under the deterrence of him using the Great Devil Realm just now to kill thousands of strong enemies, it caused him to look like a peerless god or devil that had barged out from hell …


"Tap, tap, tap …"

Seeing Ye Xuan slowly walk out with killing intent that filled the sky, everyone couldn't help but retreat ….

Ye Jianxin, Feng Tian Cheng, Gu Tian Xing, Li Tian Xuan, Qian Yuan Zhen, and the others all had ice-cold expressions on their faces. Their fists were clenched so tight that it made 'ka ka' sounds.

"What are you all standing there for?" Hurry up and kill him! "

Now that things had come to this point, Fang Shuang no longer had any room for reconciliation. Everything was in vain. He could only fight to the death!

Hearing the furious roars of Ye Jianxin and the others, many of their subordinates and clansmen glanced at each other, then looked at Ye Xuan, who was slowly walking over with the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand. Their eyes were filled with deep hesitation and fear.

"Why is it that even our words don't work?"

"If you do not kill him, he will kill you! "What are you waiting for? Attack together and kill him!"

Upon seeing this, Gu Tianxing, Ye Jianxin, Feng Tian Cheng, and the others roared!



In the next moment, their subordinates finally overcame their fear and steeled their resolve. They gripped their weapons as they charged towards Ye Xuan at extreme speed.

A cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the enemies that were attacking him once again. He abruptly slashed out with the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand.

"Swish …"

Resplendent rays of saber light bloomed as dozens of heads flew into the air …

Ye Xuan didn't stop after killing dozens of people with a single sword strike. Instead, he transformed into a ray of light and charged into the crowd, mercilessly slaughtering them.

Enemies continued to fall under his sword, making the demonic aura on his body even thicker and his killing intent even more intense.

Under Gu Tianxing, Li Tianxuan, Ye Jianxin, and the others' incomparably ugly gazes, it didn't take long for all of their subordinates to fall under Ye Xuan's sword.

"Drip, drip, drip …"

Bright red blood dyed the Soul Breaking Sword red, dripping down along the sword's tip, causing people to feel an incomparable chill …

"Your subordinates are all dead, now it's your turn!"

"You bunch of trash, come at me together!"

Ye Xuan slowly raised the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand and pointed it at Li Tianxuan, Gu Tianxing, and the others as he mercilessly spoke.

"Ye Xuan, you're courting death!"

"Let's attack together and kill him!"

Upon hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing Ye Xuan's incomparably arrogant appearance, an enraged voice sounded out from the mouths of Ye Jianxin, Gu Tianxing, Li Tianxuan, and the others.

"Boom! Boom!"

As their words fell, Gu Tianxing and Li Tianxuan were the first to rush towards Ye Xuan.

Both of them were from the sect, so their strengths were extraordinary. As they attacked, their auras flew out horizontally, and they appeared beside Ye Xuan like two bolts of lightning in the blink of an eye.

Gu Tian Xing's long sword silently unsheathed itself and shot towards Ye Xuan's throat.

The saber in Li Tianxuan's hand flashed as he directly slashed it towards Ye Xuan's head.

The sharp sword aura and resplendent saber light reflected in Ye Xuan's left and right eyes, illuminating them.

One slash from Ling Tian!

Shadow Slash!

A dense killing intent revolved around Ye Xuan.

Li Tianxuan and Gu Tianxing had unhesitatingly displayed their special skills in this one slash and one slash.

As he gazed at the longsword and treasured blade that carried a sharp killing intent towards him, Ye Xuan's cold and merciless face couldn't help but reveal a trace of a sneer. He fiercely slashed out with the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand!

A sword came out of Mount Hua and went straight for Mount Kunlun!


A crisp sound of metal clashing was heard as the sword and light clashed against each other.

It was Ye Xuan's Absolute Soul Sword that collided with Li Tian Xuan's and Gu Tian Xing's weapons. A terrifying force was released, directly sending Li Tian Xuan and Gu Tian Xing flying …

"Go to hell, Ye Xuan!" "Shattered Bone Devouring Heart Fist!"

"Ye Xuan, go to hell! You're enraged!"

Ye Xuan had just forced Li Tianxuan and Gu Tianxing to retreat and hadn't even gotten a chance to catch his breath when a furious voice resounded beside his ears, causing him to frown.

It was Qian YuanZhen and Feng Tiancheng who'd appeared behind Ye Xuan and launched a sneak attack on him.

Their fists filled with berserk energy and boundless killing intent whistled as they smashed towards the back of Ye Xuan's head, seeking to shatter it.

"Chi! Chi!"

Ye Xuan didn't even look at it as he moved to the side and slashed out with his Absolute Soul Sword.

"Ahh …"

Resplendent sword lights bloomed as a miserable shriek sounded out. Qian Yuanzhen and Feng Tiancheng's arms were cut off by Ye Xuan's sword on the spot …

Bright red blood spurted out from the severed part of their arms!


At the same time, Ye Xuan's whip kick whizzed onto their faces.

"Puchi …"

Dull sounds of impact and blood spitting rang out at the same time. Qian Yuanzhen and Feng Tiancheng were like two cannonballs that were fired out, smashing into a far corner of the wall. No one knew if they were still alive …

"Die, you bastard!"

At this moment, Wu Wen Manor and Guan Lu Ping silently charged to Ye Xuan's side. A large amount of ash suddenly sprayed out from Wu Wen Manor's hands and enveloped Ye Xuan's eyes.

At the same time, a sharp short knife appeared in his hand and fiercely pierced towards Ye Xuan's heart.

Guan Lu Ping also quietly made his move at this moment. His concealed shoe blade shot out, and he swung his leg as he slashed at Ye Xuan's throat …

A despicable and shameless sneak attack!

"Swish …"

However, their movements were too slow in the eyes of Ye Xuan, who was in an enchanted state.

In the instant that the dust settled, the wind and lightning beneath Ye Xuan's feet surged, and he silently activated Lightning Flash. He left behind an afterimage as he vanished from his original location, then slashed out with the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand …

The sound of a sword slicing through the throat resounded. Guan Lu and Wu Wenfu separated their bodies and heads. Fresh red blood spurted out from their necks …

"Elder Wu …"

"Elder Guan..."

Under Xu Xiaotian and Chen Fan's horrified gazes and loud screams, Guan Lu and Wu Wen Manor fell to the ground, dead...


An earth-shattering collision sound rang out. It was the Ye family's old man who silently hid behind Guan Lu and Wu Wen Manor. The instant Ye Xuan killed them, he suddenly exploded forth with an explosive force.

A domineering force charged into Ye Xuan's body from Old Man Ye's fist and started destroying him.

However, Ye Xuan's body didn't move at all. It was as if Old Man Ye's fist hadn't hit his body at all.

"How is this possible?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was completely unharmed, the Ye family's old man's expression changed drastically as he lost control of his emotions and spoke in shock.

"Old thing, since you want to kill me so much … Then don't blame me! "

Looking at the shocked Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan coldly spoke.



"Puchi …"

As his words fell, his waist straightened and his spine shook like a huge dragon swinging its tail. A tremendous force spread out from his body …

The Demon Dragon, which was surrounded by demonic energy, let out an angry roar. Under the terrified gaze of the Ye family's old man, it charged into his body, causing him to feel as if he'd been struck by lightning. Large amounts of blood spurted out of his mouth.

"Father …"

As he looked at the Ye family's old man that had crashed to the side, Ye Jianxin's expression couldn't help but change, as he let out an anxious cry ….

"Cough cough …" All the tendons in my body were broken, and I was crippled. That little bastard's strength is astonishing, even if Li Tian Xuan joined hands with Gu Tian Xing and his men, he would still be defeated! "

"We are so heartless to him, he will definitely not show us any mercy. Let's take advantage of the situation and tie that little bastard up, then quickly escape with me …"

Seeing Ye Jianxin's terrified expression, the Ye family's old man violently coughed, a hoarse voice coming out from his mouth.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

He never thought that the situation would be so dangerous. Under the astonished gaze of the Ye family's old man, he ran without caring about whether he was dead or alive, which made him stunned for a moment …

It was evident that he did not expect Ye Jianxin to abandon him at such a crucial moment.

Ye Jianxin's running speed was much faster than the Ye family's old man had imagined. He had already ran a hundred meters away … …

"Want to leave?" Is that possible? "

As he watched Ye Jianxin rapidly flee, Ye Xuan, who was battling Li Tianxuan and the others in the distance, felt a chill in his eyes as he coldly spoke.


As his words fell, he abruptly flung the Absolute Soul Sword in his hand out …

"Ahh …"

A mournful scream rang out.

Under the miserable gaze of the Ye family's old man, the sharp Absolute Soul Sword instantly shot out and caught up to Ye Jianxin. It pierced through the old man's head and pierced through his forehead …

"Puchi …"

Ye Xuan pulled on the chain, and the Soul Breaking Sword whistled as it flew back …

A large amount of blood sprayed out from Ye Jianxin's mouth, and he died on the spot.

However, while Ye Xuan was distracted and killing Ye Jianxin, a furious voice came out of Li Tianxuan and Gu Tianxing's mouths.

"Now, use your strongest martial skill together and kill him!"