"Plop …"

Under the furious gazes of the Feng ancestor and Qian Family elder, the corpses of Feng Tian City and Qian YuanZhen fell into the pool of blood, making muffled sounds …

The bright red blood dyed the ground red.

"Brat, you're courting death!"

Looking at the two people who died on the spot, the Feng Tiancheng and Qian Yuanzhen's angry roars came from their mouths.


As their words fell, the two of them charged towards Ye Xuan with boundless fury and boundless killing intent.

Before he even got close, the wind pressure from their terrifying speed whistled over, causing a violent gust of wind that caused Ye Xuan's robe to flutter …

At this moment, the ancestor of the Feng Clan and the Qian Clan were on the verge of going berserk.

The Feng ancestor turned into a black hurricane as he charged to the left of Ye Xuan. Violent energy surged from his palm, forming a black palm print that fiercely slammed down towards Ye Xuan.

"Black Wind Palm!"

The Qian Family's Ancestor turned into a black beam of light and appeared to the right of Ye Xuan like lightning. The terrifying force within his body was wildly poured into his palm, causing it to become transparent as he pressed it towards Ye Xuan's chest.

"Heartcrush Palm!"

When strong forces joined forces, a monstrous killing intent pierced the heavens, causing everyone to feel a chill down their spine.

However, Ye Xuan didn't dodge the attacks of the Feng and Qian Family Patriarchs. Instead, he straightened his waist and poured the demonic energy in his body into his fists. Then, without any fear of death, he smashed his fists against the hands of the Feng and Qian Family Patriarchs!

Devil Dragon's Strength!

The Demon Dragon was enraged!

Under the influence of Ye Xuan's Bedevilment state and the demonic energy within his body, the destructive Dragon's Strength surged into Ye Xuan's fist, causing it to transform into two black dragons that roared and flew out from his fist.

At the same time, there was also a faint Demon Dragon's hidden force that howled out from Ye Xuan's fist.


An earth-shaking collision echoed throughout the area.

Ye Xuan's fist carried a demonic dragon's aura and fury as it violently smashed onto the Feng and Qian Family Patriarchs fists.

It was as if time had frozen at that very moment. Only the tyrannical power was like a torrential flood that spread out from the three of them, sweeping in all directions and causing a terrifying gust of wind to rise in this place …

Sand flew and rocks flew, like a sandstorm approaching!

This was the supreme power of Galaxy.

The strength of the Feng ancestor and the Qian ancestor were a bit stronger than Gu Tianxing's. Even Xue Xinchen was a bit weaker.

"Kid, is that all you can do?"

As their palms and fists collided, Ye Xuan's attack was completely blocked by the Feng and Qian Family Patriarchs. A sinister voice came from their mouths.

"If you only have this little bit of power, then go obediently to hell for this old man!"

As soon as their words fell, they slowly raised their other hands. The force from their bodies surged as they poured into it, then fiercely slapped Ye Xuan's head.

Two fists was no match for four hands!

Both of his hands had blocked the palm attacks of the Feng and Qian Family Patriarchs. Facing their other palm attacks, Ye Xuan had no way to defend or defend himself.

A strong sense of danger enveloped Ye Xuan.

However, he didn't care at all. Instead, he smiled coldly and said coldly, "I should be the one giving these words to you …" You didn't even notice the Demon Dragon's hidden strength entering your body, so at most, you're just soy sauce and takeaway food! "


As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell, he began to speak. Without the slightest hesitation, he activated the demonic dragon's hidden energy that had invaded the Feng and Qian Family's ancestor's bodies.

"Puchi …"

The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, the Feng and Qian Family Patriarchs' expressions changed. A muffled explosion sounded out from their bodies, making them feel as if they had suffered a heavy blow. Their mouths sprayed out large amounts of blood.

"The wrath of the Wind God!"

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he whipped his leg out!

"Boom! Boom!"

Looking at Ye Xuan's whipping leg, the Feng ancestor and the Qian family's ancestor had extremely ugly expressions. Enduring the pain in their bodies, they gritted their teeth and put their arms in front of their bodies …

Muffled collision sounds rang out as they were sent flying by Ye Xuan's whip kick. Large amounts of blood flowed out from the corners of their mouths …

However, Ye Xuan's attack didn't stop there. He took a quick step forward and appeared in front of the Feng ancestor like a worm. A fierce force exploded from his whip-like leg, covering the sky and enveloping the Feng ancestor.

Thirty-six Wind Thunder Kick!

"Bang, bang, bang …"

"Kacha, kacha, kacha …"

The dull sound of the collision and the sound of bones breaking rang out.

Under Li Qiushui's horrified gaze, Ye Xuan dove down from heaven and earth and continuously kicked the Feng ancestor's body, causing all of the bones in his body to be broken one by one. His breastbone was caved in, and he continuously spat out blood …


When Ye Xuan's final kick ended, the Feng ancestor was like a rocket launcher as he heavily smashed into the auction building, emitting a deafening sound that caused Li Qiushui to feel as if the entire building was trembling …


After severely injuring the Feng ancestor, killing intent surged within Ye Xuan's eyes. He abruptly swung his right arm that was wrapped around the Soul Breaking Sword Chains, causing the Soul Breaking Sword to transform into a bright stream of light that charged towards the Feng ancestor, wanting to nail him to the wall!

"Be careful!"

Upon seeing this sight, the Qian Family's Ancestor's complexion changed. He wanted to save the other party, but it was too late. He could only cry out anxiously …

"Cough cough …"

All of the bones in the Feng ancestor's body had been broken. He was severely injured and coughing violently. Only after hearing the Qian Family's ancestor's shout did he raise his head.

What appeared within his line of sight was a scene that caused him to feel fear and despair.

The Absolute Soul Sword was like a long hair that was thrown out, slicing through the air as it charged at him. His pupils continued to dilate, causing intense fear and despair to appear on his aged face. A miserable shriek came from his mouth …

"No …."

In the next moment, the Feng ancestor's screams stopped.

With a "chi la" sound, the sharp Soul Breaking Sword penetrated his body and nailed him to the wall, causing him to die, unable to die anymore!

"Son, die!"

The instant Ye Xuan killed the Feng ancestor, the Qian clan ancestor turned into a ray of light and appeared behind Ye Xuan, a long sword in his hand.

Sword light flashed, bringing along sword images that covered the sky as it enveloped Ye Xuan!

Ancient Sword Technique: Ten Thousand Swords Piercing Heart!

Dazzling sword light enveloped Ye Xuan, causing a strong sense of danger to permeate his heart, causing his expression to turn icy. Obviously, he didn't expect the Qian Family's Ancestor to have such a move.

If he thought about it carefully, he would understand that the Qian family had an extraordinary relationship with the Ancient Sword Sect. Maybe the Qian family's ancestor was once a disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect.

Furthermore, this fellow's understanding and mastery of sword arts far exceeded Gu Tianxing's.

As the ten thousand swords pierced his heart, they not only covered the sky with sword lights that enveloped Ye Xuan, but also made him feel as if he couldn't avoid them at the bottom of his heart.

Furthermore, the Absolute Soul Sword was thrown out by him to kill the Feng ancestor. Even though he still had the shackles to control the Absolute Soul Sword, it was impossible for him to use the Absolute Soul Sword to defend.

Not only did this sword cut off all of Ye Xuan's escape routes, it even hit!

This was the killing blow of the Qian Family's patriarch!

The ten thousand swords would pierce through his heart, and this sword would surely pierce through his heart.

With this sword strike, the Qian Family's Ancestor wanted Ye Xuan dead!

A thick sense of life-and-death danger filled Ye Xuan's heart. He still couldn't dodge this move of the Qian Family's ancestor's!

What should he do?

Pull up your sleeves and do it!


The instant the Qian Family's Ancestor stabbed out, Ye Xuan ignored the sword shadows that filled the sky. Instead, he grabbed the chain that wrapped around his right arm and placed it in front of him.

The sound of metal clashing against metal was heard, along with the sound of clothes being torn apart.

"Swish …"

During times of crisis, Ye Xuan's chains precisely blocked the Qian Family's ancestor's longsword, causing the longsword to be unable to penetrate any further into the shackles.

Even so, the sword images that filled the sky still descended onto Ye Xuan's body, tearing his windbreaker and leaving eye-catching wounds on his body.

Ye Xuan had used the smallest price to block the Qian Family's Ancestor's fatal sword strike.

"Brat, you won't be able to block this strike! "Go to hell!"

After being blocked by Ye Xuan in such a manner, even the Qian Family's Ancestor was shocked. His gaze was fixated on Ye Xuan, whose clothes had been torn to shreds and there were eye-catching wounds on his body. An ear-piercing voice came from his mouth.


As soon as he finished speaking, his hand that was holding onto the longsword fiercely spun, causing the longsword to spin at high speeds. The friction caused beautiful sparks to fly off the chains, and he aimed to pierce towards Ye Xuan's heart with the intent to kill …

The Qian Family's ancestor instantly released a powerful force that even Ye Xuan found difficult to withstand.

"Damn it!"

In the face of danger, Ye Xuan cursed as he abruptly leaned backwards, causing the heart-piercing slash of the Qian Family's ancestor to graze across his cheek. At the same time, he viciously flung his hand that was holding the chain …


As he was about to change his move, the Soul Breaking Sword, under the control of Ye Xuan's chains, flew towards him like a flying sword controlled by a deity, causing him to only be able to block the sword in his hand in front of his body …

"Hua …"

The sharp Soul Breaking Sword stabbed into the sword of the Qian Family's ancestor. The powerful force caused his body to lose control. Under the force of that powerful force, his body continuously glided backwards …

Only after retreating a hundred meters back did the Qian Family's Ancestor stabilize his body.

"Old dog, die!"

However, Ye Xuan had already taken the opportunity to catch his breath.

With a leap, he flew five meters into the air. The chains in his hands whistled as he controlled the Soul Breaking Sword to attack the Qian Family's Patriarch.

This strike …

Heaven and Earth …

Piercing through all directions!