The sword was like a rainbow, crowning the heavens!

Under Li Qiushui's shocked gaze, the Absolute Soul Sword turned into a resplendent sword light and shot towards the Qian Family's Ancestor.

Even though she was far away, she could feel the dense killing intent on the sword.

"Damn it..."

The Qian Family's ancestor looked like a cold ray of light behind his back. Seeing the Soul Breaking Sword shooting towards him, he let out an angry curse. He didn't even think about using his movement technique to move to the side.

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, a mournful scream resounded through the sky.

Even though the Qian Family's ancestor had reacted instantly by dodging the Sword Breaking Sword Qi attack, the Sword Breaking Sword Qi still managed to injure him.

One of his arms was forcefully torn off by the sword qi.

With his arm broken, bright red blood spurted out from his severed arm. The Qian Family's ancestor lost his balance and fell heavily to the ground.


After cutting off the Qian Family's ancestor's arm, Ye Xuan's Absolute Soul Sword continued to stab into the wall of the faraway house without slowing down at all. It exploded a hole in the wall and disappeared into the load carrying pillar inside the house.

Ye Xuan's arm exerted force and the Soul Breaking Sword's chain began to contract strangely. He pulled Ye Xuan's body toward the Qian Family's Ancestor at an extremely fast speed …


Looking at Ye Xuan's oncoming attack, the Qian Family's Ancestor had already lost the courage to continue fighting after losing an arm. He endured the pain from his body and flew off at an extremely fast speed.


Ye Xuan borrowed the strength of the Soul Breaking Sword's chain to increase his speed and caught up to the Qian Family Patriarch in an instant. His right leg carried the force of shattering rocks as he ruthlessly kicked the Qian Family's back.

"Puchi …"

Dull collision sounds rang out. The Qian Family's Ancestor spat out a large amount of blood. Borrowing the strength of Ye Xuan's kick, he used all of his strength to flee into the distance.

He clearly knew that he'd underestimated Ye Xuan's strength.

His original plan was to enrage Qian Yuanzhen, so he had Qian Yuanzhen join Li Tianxuan and the others to encircle Ye Xuan, and when both sides were heavily wounded, he would appear and act as a peacemaker to obtain Ye Xuan's good opinion. Afterwards, he would find out from Ye Xuan the whereabouts of the Medical Saint and seize his treasures and inheritance …

However, he didn't expect that even if Qian Yuanzhen and the others joined forces, they still wouldn't be able to contend against Ye Xuan.

From his point of view, it was good to attack at this time. After all, Ye Xuan had consumed a lot of energy from the battle before. With his and the Feng ancestor's strength, they were confident that they could take Ye Xuan down.

After capturing him, they would torture him to death, obtain news of the Medical Saint from him, and proceed with their next plan …

However, Ye Xuan was actually so powerful. He'd instantly killed the Feng ancestor and even heavily injured him …

Now that he had no other choice, he could only madly flee.

As long as he escaped into the Ancient Sword Sect, he would be able to bring many experts from the Ancient Sword Sect here for revenge …

Therefore, the Qian Family's Ancestor didn't hesitate to use the movement technique that would consume a large amount of his lifespan to escape without a care for his life. He allowed his speed to reach the pinnacle of his life, even when Ye Xuan was chasing after him with all his strength.

The distance between them was constantly increasing.

"In front of us is the downtown area, a place where the population is concentrated. As long as we escape into that place, we can escape … When I get back to the Ancient Sword Sect and recuperate from my injuries, Ye Xuan is definitely going to die! "

Looking at the tall buildings and the dense neon lights, the Qian Family's ancestor coughed out a large amount of blood. He spat out vicious words as he charged out at an even faster speed.

At that moment, a sexy and awe-inspiring golden figure appeared in the Qian Family's ancestor's line of sight. He slowly walked towards Ye Xuan's direction with graceful steps …

The golden figure walked straight ahead, looking at Qian YuanZhen who was rushing over. He had no intention of giving way, but he walked over unhurriedly, causing the Qian Family's Ancestor's face to turn extremely ugly.

If this continued, with the Qian Family's ancestor's incredible speed, the two of them would soon collide.


The Qian Family's ancestor shouted angrily at the golden figure.

At the same time, he threw a sharp dagger that he carried with him towards the golden figure.

If she didn't give up, then the only way out was death!


Watching as the sharp dagger that had turned into a ray of light was about to pierce through the beautiful golden figure, an authoritative cold voice rang out quietly.

Under the Qian Family's elder's horrified gaze, the dagger that was about to enter her body stopped right in front of her …

"This... How is that possible? "

This scene caused the Qian Family's ancestor's pupils to constrict as he uttered astonished words.


In the next moment, the golden figure ferociously swung out his sleeve, and the sharp dagger suddenly changed direction, shooting towards the Qian Family's Ancestor at a speed that was three times faster than before …

"Chi! Chi!"

Before the Qian Family's ancestor could react, the sharp dagger had already pierced through his forehead and through his head, causing his body to quietly freeze as he widened his eyes …

Large amounts of blood flowed from between his eyebrows, and his life force was extinguished as he fell to the ground …

Seeing the Qian Family's ancestor suddenly fall to the ground, Ye Xuan couldn't help but be slightly stunned. A dense sense of danger filled his heart, causing his face to change drastically. He quickly blocked the Soul Breaking Sword in front of him.


Chi chi chi …

In the next moment, the sound of metal clashing rang out. The dagger that had pierced the Qian Family's Ancestor's forehead didn't slow down in the slightest as it struck towards Ye Xuan's Absolute Soul Sword.

"Puchi …"

The powerful force from the dagger passed through the Soul Breaking Sword and onto Ye Xuan's body, causing him to turn grim. He spat out a mouthful of blood, then uncontrollably retreated, continuously gliding towards the back.

After gliding for a hundred meters, the dagger finally exhausted its strength and fell to the ground.

"Huff, puff …"

Ye Xuan's entire body was drenched in sweat, his arms were numb, and he was gasping for air …

Steadying his body, he raised his head to look in the direction of the dagger. A beautiful golden figure appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight, causing his eyes to narrow and his expression to turn serious.

Obviously, she was the one who threw out the sharp dagger. After killing the Qian Family's Ancestor in an instant, she continued to attack Ye Xuan.

This was an incomparably beautiful and imposing beauty. She wore a phoenix coronet, and had a perfect face that could topple nations. Her mature and graceful figure was wrapped in a golden phoenix robe that could measure up to the era.

The shoulders on both sides of the golden robe were very tall, and the neckline was a V shape.

At the same time, the skirt on the right side of the golden robe parted, and as she moved, her snow-white slender legs were revealed.

She was barefoot, her feet in the air fifteen centimeters above the ground. On her long, straight legs was a golden anklet engraved with not only ancient and mysterious characters, but also three exquisite bells, which made her walk with a clear and melodious sound.

"Ding ding ding ding ding …"

As she neared, the sound of the bell became clearer and clearer. When it entered Ye Xuan's ears, it caused his expression to change drastically, and the demonic qi in his eyes surged. The demonic qi in his body boiled uncontrollably, as if it was about to break out from his body.

ji ji ji … *

Lil 'White, who was originally standing silently on Ye Xuan's shoulder, suddenly felt the danger and cried out in extreme unease …

Looking at the woman in front of him who looked like the supreme empress as she approached, Ye Xuan's heart surged with waves that he had never experienced before.

What a terrifying woman!

What a strong woman!

Even Ye Xuan, who was used to seeing countless experts, couldn't help but feel a surge of fear, unease, and despair when he saw her.

This woman was definitely even more terrifying and stronger than Ye Xuan when he was the Devil King!

Could she be one of the three emperors of the Western Asura World?

After all, the three emperors above the Five Emperors in the Western Asura World had always been strange and mysterious.

Only a figure like the Three Emperors could give him such a sense of danger!

But if she was one of the three emperors, then why would she appear in the sea of stars?

Moreover, he had never met her, so why would she look for him?

Could it be because he handed Little White over to his man?

What should he do now?

Flee? There was no way to escape!

But if he didn't run away …

At this moment, too many thoughts flashed through Ye Xuan's mind.

Sweat uncontrollably flowed down Ye Xuan's face.

He had never been so flustered before …

Damn, why do I feel like my bladder is so swollen?

Stabilize, stabilize, act according to the circumstances …

No matter what, I was once a top figure.

ji ji ji … *

As if it felt Ye Xuan's mood, Xiao Bai on his shoulder cried out even louder.

If Ye Xuan were to turn around and look, he would be shocked to find that Li Qiushui and her servant, who were standing on the rooftop of the auction building, seemed to have been immobilized and had become two statues …

As for the heavily injured Ye family's old man, he was already severely injured. Under this mysterious girl's pressure, he stopped breathing and died on the spot...

"Ding ding ding ding ding …"

The crisp bell sound was getting closer.

Under Ye Xuan's dumbstruck gaze, she finally took a step forward and twisted her slim and provocative waist as she arrived beside Ye Xuan …

She extended her slender, pure white hand and gently lifted Ye Xuan's chin. As she looked at his cold face, incomparably cold words came out of her mouth.

"Kid, I've been looking for you for so long, and I've finally found you!"

The voice was soul-stirring, but the words it spoke were incomparably cold!