"Kid, I've been looking for you for so long, and I've finally found you!"

As the voice sounded out, Ye Xuan was horrified to find that he'd lost control of his own body. Layers of ice began to spread out from the soles of his feet, causing his body to be gradually frozen …

A strong sense of death pervaded every corner of Ye Xuan's body and filled the depths of his heart, causing his expression to change drastically as he felt a wave of fear and trembling that came from his soul.

This was a threat from death!

It was as if his soul was about to collapse at this moment.

This feeling …

This sort of crisis originated from the soul.

The fear that comes from the soul,

Ye Xuan had never experienced it before.

Even if he died or perished in his previous life, it would only last for an instant. There was never such a feeling of his bones sinking deep into his bones, or even his soul.

ji ji ji … *

Feeling Ye Xuan's life force fading away, Little White, who was on its shoulder, squeaked. Finally, it leaped towards the mysterious empress …

"Little guy, you're quite naughty!" If you were to reach the peak of your growth, you would still have the strength to battle me … "

"As for now, you just have to stand by the side and watch …"

A faint smile involuntarily surfaced on the mysterious Queen's beautiful flawless face when she saw this. She extended her pure white hand and gently pointed with her finger.

A golden cage was quietly formed, trapping Little White in midair.

No matter how much Whitey struggled in the cage, it was to no avail.

"Se... Senior... We have never met each other before, so why did you kill me? "

Looking at his body that was continuously being frozen by the ice, Ye Xuan suddenly clenched his teeth as hoarse words came out of his mouth.

"Without enmity?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the mysterious empress's beautiful face couldn't help but reveal a sneer. "If you hadn't destroyed my Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python and disturbed my cultivation, why would I have come looking for you for no reason?"

"Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python?"

A hint of understanding appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he gazed at the beautiful face that was within reach. He couldn't help but sneer as he spoke in a neither humble nor arrogant manner.

"If the Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python that senior spoke of is an evil spirit that has been refined by someone and then used a spell to stay in their body, relying on absorbing their life force and soul to grow, then I will admit defeat!"

"However, with Senior's bearing and strength, you don't seem like the type of person who would use such malicious methods, do you?" Of course, if Senior truly is that kind of person, then just assume that Junior has misjudged you and consider yourself unlucky! "

Seeing Ye Xuan's calm appearance and hearing his words, the mysterious empress couldn't help but be stunned.

How many years had it been since anyone had dared to speak to her in such a tone?

"What do you mean?"

She gazed into Ye Xuan's deep eyes as she coldly spoke.

Although she didn't let go of Ye Xuan, the pressure on his body weakened significantly, allowing him to breathe freely.

"It seems like there is nothing wrong with my eyes. Senior is definitely not a vicious and cruel person! "What I mean is that your Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python has long since been refined into an evil spirit that can cast spells and become a tool to kill and gain power from others …"

Ye Xuan hastily explained.

"I saved a person before, and that person was poisoned by the Gu poison, causing the evil spirits to enter his body and continuously consume his life force …."

"In order to save him, I expended a great deal of effort and energy to expel your Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python that had been refined into an Evil Spirit from his body, saving his life … If Senior doesn't believe me, I can bring you to that patient and there are other people who can testify to what I have said! "

"Your Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python was not killed by me. It had long since been refined into an evil being and became an evil spirit!"

After hearing what Ye Xuan said, the mysterious empress couldn't help but fall into silence and ponder.

The only person who could refine her Black Whale Soul Swallowing Python without her noticing was that woman!

From the looks of it, she had woken up earlier than him.

"Senior, can you let me go now?"

Looking at the peerless beauty in front of him, who had sunk into silent contemplation, smelling the unique fragrance on his body, and feeling her terror and power, Ye Xuan hurriedly opened his mouth and said …

He did not dare to look down at the seductive beauty that was revealed beneath her white, jade-like neck.

After all, his life was more important!

Only after hearing Ye Xuan's words did the mysterious empress lightly nod her head before releasing her jade-like hand that was holding onto Ye Xuan's chin.

Ye Xuan only felt the pressure on his entire body abruptly disappear, and the ice seal on his body gradually receded. Very quickly, he recovered his freedom …

At the same time, the golden cage that trapped Little White also disappeared, allowing it to regain its freedom. With a leap, it landed on Ye Xuan's shoulder.

"Elder, if there is nothing else, this junior will be taking his leave first …"

After stretching his limbs and realizing that there weren't any major problems, Ye Xuan secretly let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

Although this woman in front of him was devastatingly beautiful and borderless, Ye Xuan clearly knew in his heart that she was an old monster that had lived for countless years …

He didn't want to have anything to do with this woman.

Seeing that the mysterious empress didn't reply, Ye Xuan carefully retreated, silently pulling away from her.

"Ding ding ding ding ding …"

However, the crisp sound of a bell once again rang out.

Ye Xuan only saw a blur before his eyes as the mysterious empress appeared in front of him, causing a bitter smile to appear on his cold face.

He swallowed hard and asked carefully, "Does Senior have any other instructions?"

The mysterious empress didn't say anything. Instead, her gaze fell onto Ye Xuan's lower body. She spoke in an unquestionable tone, "Take it out?"

"Pfft …"

Ye Xuan almost spat out a mouthful of blood when he felt the gaze of the mysterious empress on his lower body and heard his words.

Dig … Take it out?

F * ck, where did this old monster come from?

How hungry are you for me, to be interested in me so quickly, and you still want me …

Dig … Take it out.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's heart was in chaos.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter Senior, don't be like this, I'm just a little Meng Xin.

Seeing that Ye Xuan didn't move, the mysterious empress spoke again, "Hand it over!"

His tone was even colder, and no one dared to disobey him.

"Se... Senior, what are you talking about? I... I don't get it! "

Ye Xuan said timidly.

What if the old demon were to eat it in one gulp?

"I told you to hurry up and take it out!"

The mysterious Queen looked at Ye Xuan with an ice-cold gaze. Ye Xuan clearly felt the surrounding temperature drop.

Could it be that as the Demon Lord, his innocence will be ruined by this old witch's mouth?

Would she be cruel?

Would she be rough?

Am I going to hurt?

Ye Xuan's gaze sized up the mysterious empress's sexy and flirtatious mouth as too many thoughts flashed through his mind.

"Senior, look at the many people around us. The environment is really too …" Why don't we change locations? "

A thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind as he gritted his teeth and spoke.

However, the response Ye Xuan gave was a resplendent golden light.

"What the f * ck..."

Ye Xuan's expression changed drastically as he cursed. Without even thinking, he moved to the side like lightning …

Although Ye Xuan reacted quickly, the side of his pants still had a cut.

"Senior, don't be rough!" I'll dig... Can't I just dig it out! "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan hurriedly said.

He had no choice. His skills were inferior to others, and he was doing it for the sake of survival...

Under the mysterious empress's icy gaze, Ye Xuan could only obediently reach into his pocket …

"What are you doing?"

Seeing Ye Xuan's actions, the mysterious queen coldly spoke.

"Senior, you … Didn't you tell me to take it out? "

Ye Xuan stopped moving and looked at the mysterious empress in confusion.


"I asked you to take out the thing in your pocket!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the mysterious empress's face went ice-cold. A golden whip appeared in her hand as she whipped it towards Ye Xuan with great force.

"F * ck!"

Ye Xuan cursed in rage and activated Lightning Flash under his feet, dodging the attack just in time.

My dear lady, why don't you explain yourself earlier?

Do you have to be so dirty? Are you the Corrupted Devil King?

"Senior, don't … I'll take it out immediately and show you right now! "

Seeing the mysterious Queen brandishing her whip towards him, Ye Xuan hurriedly explained.

As he spoke, Ye Xuan quickly fished out the items from his pocket …

The mysterious empress's gaze slowly swept through the items in Ye Xuan's pocket. In the end, her gaze fell onto the worn-out, ancient medallion that the one-armed man had tossed to her.

She waved her hand and the worn-out command medallion flew into her own hands. Her gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with endless coldness as she spoke with an unquestionable tone, "What is your relationship with him?"

The reason she had Ye Xuan take it out was because she felt a familiar aura from his body. This aura naturally came from the token in his hand …

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the mysterious empress with a cold expression. Many thoughts flashed through his mind.

Judging from this woman's current attitude, she should know the owner of this token, which was the one-armed man. Moreover, there was no conflict between the two, otherwise, she wouldn't have asked …

However, Ye Xuan didn't dare to lie to her and could only answer truthfully, "Senior, I don't even know him by name. I've only met him once. And this is because he wants me to take care of this little thing for him … "

ji ji ji … *

At this moment, Lil 'White, who was on Ye Xuan's shoulder, nodded like a human …

"What did he tell you?"

the mysterious empress asked again.

"He seems to be going somewhere, telling me before he left that if I run into any trouble I can't solve, I'll give him his name. Unfortunately, I don't even know his name, so tell me, how do you want me to say his name? "

Ye Xuan retorted angrily.


The mysterious empress didn't say anything and only coldly glanced at Ye Xuan before tossing the token over to him.

After that, he took large strides and left. With a few flashes, he disappeared into the night, causing Ye Xuan to heave a sigh of relief …