In the meeting room of the Lan family compound.

The Lan family's old man sat quietly to one side, watching Lan Wanting, who sat at the head of the conference table and presided over the family meeting. He nodded with satisfaction as he admired her greatly.

Lan Tian Hen and Lan Tian Wang sat on either side of Lan Wan Ting at the conference table. They didn't have any objections to her plans and plans for the development of the family, but they spoke with approval.

"Wan Ting, your plan is perfect. Not only can it allow the family business to keep rising and stabilising, it also has future prospects and plans. It is amazing!"

"That's right. I suggest that we follow Wanting's lead in the future!"

The others also nodded in agreement when they saw that Lan Tianhen and Lan Tianyu had expressed their opinions. This made it easy for Lan Wanting to customize the development of the family business.

"Oh right, the Ye Group, the Feng Group, and the Qian Group haven't made any movements in the last few days. Did something happen?"

Someone below seemed to have thought of something, and asked doubtfully.

"That's right. I don't think I've seen any movement or movement between these three families recently. This is a bit unusual. Are the three families joining forces to cause trouble?" We have to be on guard! "

Hearing the words of that person, the others also spoke with worried expressions.

After all, since they supported Ye Xuan, the Lan family, Qian family, Feng family, and Ye family had become mortal enemies. If the Qian, Feng, and Ye family combined forces to cause trouble, then the Lan family wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Even Lan Wanting's eyebrows were tightly knitted. A trace of worry appeared on her face. After a moment of silence, she said in a deep voice, "Send someone to infiltrate these three companies and investigate. Everyone, prepare for a trade war!"

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Right at this moment, the crisp sound of a knock on the door could be heard.

Soon after, the door to the meeting room quietly opened. Xue Xinchen quickly walked into the meeting room and whispered into the ear of the Lan family's old man.

"What did you say?" Is this news reliable? "

Under the astonished gazes of the surrounding people, the usually calm old man of the Lan family suddenly stood up, his mouth letting out words of shock.

"The news came from Li Qiushui, it's definitely true!"

Xue Xin Chen said solemnly.

"Grandfather, what happened?"

"Just what has caused you to lose your composure like that?"

Seeing this, Lan Wanting, Lan Tianyin, Lan Tianheng, and the others could not help but ask in confusion.

After the auction ended, the Ye Family, Qian Family, Feng Family, and Xu Xiaotian from the Xu Family from the southwest, Chen Fan from the Chen Family from the northeast, Gu Tianxing from the Ancient Sword Sect, and Li Tianxuan from the Astral Energy Sect all sent their men to surround and annihilate Ye Xuan.

The Lan family's old man said with a shocked expression.


Hearing the Lan family's old man's words, the Lan family members' expressions changed. If Ye Xuan died, then wouldn't the Lan family be finished?

At this moment, everyone in the Lan family felt a chill in their hearts. No wonder the Lan family's old man had lost his composure like this …

They already had a premonition that their Lan family would be annihilated by the alliance between the Ye, Feng, and Qian families.

"Then what's the situation with Ye Xuan?"

Lan Wanting's heart trembled. She felt a pain in her chest and couldn't wait to speak.

"Haha …" What kind of person was Young Master Xuan, how could something happen to him? He alone will destroy the Feng Clan, the Ye Clan, the Qian Clan, the Ancient Sword Sect, the Supreme Wind Sect, the Xu Clan, and the Chen Clan! "

"Even the Feng ancestor and Qian Family's old ghost is dead!" "Now, we're the only family left in the Four Great Families of Xinghai, ha-ha..."

Lan Wanting was the old man from the Lan family. He laughed in a carefree and carefree manner.


"The ancestor of the Feng Clan, the old ghost of the Qian Clan, and the others are all dead?" Ye Xuan annihilated them all by himself?

Hearing the words of the Lan family's old man, everyone's eyes were wide open and their mouths wide open. Their faces revealed expressions of shock and loss of control as they let out astonished words.

When they saw the Lan family's old man lose his composure, they originally thought that Ye Xuan was finished. They didn't think that the result would be like this. It was really hard for them to imagine or understand …

Ye Xuan had actually relied on just a single person to annihilate the elites of the Qian, Feng, and Ye Families.

No wonder there were no movements from the companies under the three families. So that was the case!

It was likely that the three families were already in chaos …

At that moment, the Lan family's old man unhesitatingly said, "Wan Ting, bring a bunch of gifts to see Ye Xuan …"

As if he felt it was inappropriate, the Lan family's old man changed his words on the spot. "No, I'll go with you personally …"

"Men, hurry up and prepare the gifts, prepare the carriage!"

As soon as the Lan family's old man finished speaking, he brought Lan Wanting and Xue Xin Chen out of the meeting room …

They didn't even know that such a huge thing had happened.

Even worse was that when the Qian, Ye, and Feng Families attacked Ye Xuan, they didn't know, nor did they lend a hand. This undoubtedly made the Lan family's old man regret to the point that he had missed a good opportunity.

After all, icing on the cake was not as touching as providing coal during a snowstorm!

Why didn't they notice what those guys were up to?

With deep remorse, the Lan family's old patriarch brought Lan Wanting and the others to prepare their gifts and rushed back to the Starlight Villa.

Berserk Dragon Society Headquarters.

Master Long, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu were discussing how to help Ye Xuan. They measured the strength of the Ye, Feng, and Qian Families and compared them.

After all, after the Raging Dragon's annexation of the Shadow Snakes, its overall strength had once again expanded. The total number of guild members exceeded five thousand, and it was fully deserving of being the Underground Autarch of the entire Galaxy.

Even if it was the Ye Clan, Feng Clan, or Qian Clan, they still had the strength to fight!

However, it had a certain weakness, which was that it lacked a central force. Moreover, the strength of Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba and Qing Yu was still lacking when compared to the top experts of the three great clans.

Fortunately, Ye Xuan had given them medicinal pills to refine their bodies, causing their strength to rise once recently. This caused them to be unafraid even when facing the top experts of the three great families.

Just as Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu were discussing how to make the plans, a lackey hurriedly ran in and said respectfully, "Boss, Director Li Qiushui of the Modern House is here …"

"Invite him in quickly!"

Old Dragon, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu could not help but be shocked when they heard the report from their little brother. They exchanged glances and were able to see the doubt in each other's eyes as they hurriedly opened their mouths to reply.

Clearly, they didn't understand why Li Qiushui would personally visit the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Association. This was simply a rare guest. After all, the power behind Li Qiushui was not ordinary.

"Boss Li, long time no see! You are getting more and more beautiful! What brings you here? Sit here! "

Seeing Li Qiushui walk in under the lead of his little brother, Master Long stood up and greeted her with a smile.

"What? If there's no wind outside, I can't come?"

Seeing this, Li Qiushui couldn't help but smile, shake hands with Master Long, and then sat down on the sofa to the side.

"Haha …" What kind of words are you saying, Boss Li? As long as you come, I, Kuang Long, will open the gates and welcome you! "

Master Long laughed heartily and straightforwardly opened his mouth. He then changed the subject and asked doubtfully, "I wonder why Director Li is here this time?"

"I heard that you were planning to open a hotel not long ago. Have you found a good place to stay?"

Li Qiushui lightly smiled and teased.

Master Long's gaze turned cold, a bad premonition flashing through his heart. Could it be that Li Qiushui came over to beat him up because he knew that his Kuang Long wanted to do business at a hotel?

"What is Director Qiu saying …" It's not like you don't know it's not a good business these days. You can't possibly have so many of your brothers following us around and drinking like the wind in the west, can you? "So we discussed with Young Master Xuan about registering for a company, opening a hotel …"

Master Long's eyes were filled with wisdom as he politely half-joked, "What, Boss Li couldn't have deliberately come over to beat us up after knowing that we wanted to open a hotel, right?"

"What are you saying, Master Long? How could I dare to beat you up!?" I came here personally to give you a present! "

Li Qiushui stretched out her pure white hand, gently stroking the bangs on her forehead, and then handed a document to Master Long. She then spoke in a melodious voice, "This is a piece of land that I took down previously, I was planning to open another modern hotel chain, but I heard that you were looking for a place, so I gave it to you for free!"

"As long as you sign your name, this land will be yours!" "You can open a hotel here. I've cleaned this place and it's near your bar. The location is very good and this place is safe!"

After hearing Li Qiushui's words and seeing the contract she handed over, astonishment appeared on the faces of Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu. They clearly didn't understand why Li Qiushui would do such a thing.

This made it difficult for them to see through him!

"To be honest, I took this land out to give you guys completely out of respect for Young Master Xuan! "Perhaps it's because I've sealed off the news, but you all still didn't know that after the auction, he completely annihilated the Qian Family, the Feng Family, the Ye Family, the Ancient Sword Sect, and the Aura Sect …"

"Back then, I was unable to help you for various reasons, which is why I'm here with this contract!" You are Young Master Xuan's people, and the Wild Dragon Association is Young Master Xuan's Wild Dragon Society … I have transferred this land to you all for free because I want Young Master Xuan to remember this favor! "

Seeing the puzzled look on Master Long's face, Li Qiushui explained the purpose of this visit.

"What?" Young Master Xuan has already exterminated the Feng, Ye, and Qian Families? "

Hearing Li Qiushui's words, the pupils of Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu shrunk to the size of a needle. Shocked and shocked words came out from their mouths.

"That's right, not only the Qian Family's ancestor and Feng Family's ancestor were also killed by him! Thus … Do you understand why I'm here now? "

Li Qiushui nodded her head, "I assume that the Feng, Ye, and Qian Family have already left their own businesses behind! If you have no other doubts, you can sign it, right? "

"Thank you, Director Li. I will honestly pass on your favor to Young Master Xuan!"

A look of understanding surfaced on Master Long's face as he cupped his fists towards Li Qiushui and spoke with a serious expression.

After saying that, he picked up a pen and signed the contract.

"Then, Qiushui will take my leave first!"

Li Qiushui lightly smiled. She stood up to bid farewell to Master Long and the others before turning around and walking out of the headquarters …

"Oh right, Young Master Xuan's injuries are quite severe. He treats you three brothers well, hurry up and bring your gifts over to take a look!"

As if she had thought of something, Li Qiushui's footsteps suddenly stopped. She turned her head and smiled.

With that, she gracefully left …

These last words were undoubtedly sold to the three of them for a favor.

This woman really knew how to conduct herself!

"Prepare a gift, let's go to Starlight Villa!"

When Li Qiushui left, Master Long stood up and spoke without any hesitation …

After his words, everyone quickly went to prepare the gifts and rushed to the Starlight Villa...