At the Feng Residence.

Following the death of the Feng ancestor, Feng Tian City, and many other high ranking members and elites, the large courtyard had long since lost its original flavor. It was no longer bustling with activity, and it was no longer bustling with activity.

Originally, there was a huge martial arts training field in the courtyard. Every day, there would be Feng Clan disciples training on the martial arts training ground, but now, there wasn't a single person …

Even if there were still people from the Feng Clan in the mansion, they were all in a hurry. Some of them were packing their luggage, some of them stealing items while the situation was chaotic, and some of them had secretly escaped from the Feng Clan …

After all, they didn't know if the broken Feng Clan would suffer a deeper blow from Ye Xuan.

The hearts of the entire Feng Clan were in disarray; it was as if they were all running away from each other …

Feng Lin Qing was the Young Master of the Feng Clan, one of Xinghai's four heroes, the biological son of Feng Tian City.

He had a head full of capable short hair, and his rough face held a hint of coldness. He wore a tight black vest and camouflage pants, revealing his robust and straight body, giving off an extraordinary aura.

Following the death of the Feng ancestor and Feng Tian Cheng, he had become the new clan head of the Feng Clan.

"Master, say something! What do we do now? "

"That's right, Patriarch, please come up with an idea, take a look …" "The people of the Feng Clan can run and run. If this goes on, our Feng Clan will be finished!"

"Patriarch, tell us what we should do!"

Seeing the silent Feng Lin Qing who was sitting at the head of the hall, the remaining members of the upper echelons and those who had decided to follow him all the way had long since become anxious like ants on a hot pan. They paced back and forth in the hall, and could not help but open their mouths to speak.

"Any movements from the Qian and Ye Families?"

Feng Lin Qing still maintained his indifferent expression. He lifted his wine cup and slowly drank all of the wine in it, as a calm voice came from his mouth.

"The Qian family is in a mess like us. The Qian family's members are either running away or running away. They are no longer what they used to be …" "After all, we still have you, the Patriarch, to take charge of the situation. However, there isn't a single person who can talk on their side. Qian Mubai is dead …"

Hearing Feng Lin Qing's question, one of the Feng Family members respectfully replied.

"Really?" What about the Ye Family? "

Feng Lin Qing paused, and continued to ask.

"The Ye Family has experienced a great disturbance and is no different from the past. After all, the one in charge of the current situation is Ye Xuan's aunt, Yun Yan. Not only did she not participate in the encirclement against Ye Xuan, she has a good relationship with him. Furthermore, her ability and strength are both at the peak.

The other clansman replied respectfully.

Hearing their reply, Feng Lin Qing's brows tightly knitted together. A thick trace of wisdom flashed in his eyes as he asked, "Then did they send someone to Ye Xuan's residence?"

"No one seems to have gone there …"

Someone answered respectfully.

"Since that's the case, now is the time for our Feng family to show our loyalty …"

"Men, immediately draft a contract and give away half of our Feng family's property. In addition, prepare some gifts to go with me to Starlight Villa and personally ask Young Master Xuan for forgiveness!"

Immediately, Feng Lin Qing quickly made a decision.

"What?" Cut off half of our Feng family's property and prepare a generous gift to go to the Starlight Villa to beg for Ye Xuan's forgiveness? Patriarch, this … Is there a mistake? "

Feng Lin Qing's words undoubtedly caused everyone present to be greatly shocked, and incomparably stunned words came out from their mouths.

It was evident that he did not expect Feng Lin Qing to make such a decision at this critical moment.

"Of course I'm not mistaken! Before Ye Xuan and the others make a move against the Feng Clan, we'll take the initiative to go over and beg for forgiveness. On the surface, we might even get his forgiveness! Otherwise, our Feng Family will be finished sooner or later! "

Feng Lin Qing coldly replied.

"But Patriarch, he even killed the young masters of the Chen and Xu Families … Why don't we send the message over and hug them? In that case, even if Ye Xuan does, he won't dare to do anything to us? "

Someone had come up with another idea!

"He dares to kill Chen Fan and Xu Xiaotian, do you think he will be afraid of the Xu and Chen family?" Furthermore, the far water won't be able to save us from imminent disaster. Perhaps before the fury of the Xu and Chen families arrives, Ye Xuan's fury will descend upon us, and we'll be finished! "

"If a true man can yield, ten years is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge!" I, Feng Lin Qing, will remember today's grudge in my heart! Before the Qian and Ye Families can come to their senses, order their men to do as I say! "

Immediately, Feng Lin Qing's expression turned cold as unquestionable words came out from his mouth!

"Yes sir!"

As Feng Lin Qing's words fell, everyone hurriedly went down to prepare!

At the gate of Starlight Villa.

He had long since lost his former tranquility.

When Feng Lin Qing rushed over with his gifts and people in a flurry, he discovered that there were already many extraordinary luxury cars parked at the villa's entrance, forming a long line.

At the front of the group were Lan Langlang, Lan Wanting, and the rest of the Lan family, followed by Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu of the Rampage …

Below them were the many merchant guilds and some clans of Star Sea City.

They were densely packed in a row, surrounding the Starlight Villa's gate so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out.

"Dammit, why are there so many people? "Seems like I am still too late..."

Looking at the bustling crowd in front of him, Feng Lin Qing's expression was extremely ugly. He clenched his fist until it was crackling, while incomparably angry words came from his mouth.

"Come with me!"

As soon as his words fell, he led his subordinates and quickly headed towards the villa's entrance. He then interrupted the team of the intermediate level Star Sea cultivators behind Qing Yu and the others. "Hualala!" "Hualhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Unfortunately, he was not allowed to do so. Instead, he had a mocking and playful look on his face as he teased: "Yo, isn't this the young master of the Feng Clan, Feng Lin Qing? If your father is dead, why don't you take care of his affairs at home, take care of the family matters, and then come over to me and cut the queue?

Normally, if Feng Lin Qing wanted to cut in line, they would naturally not dare to refute. However, right now, the Feng Family was about to be done for and it had long since lost its former glory, so they did not need to give face to Feng Lin Qing.

Following the appearance of this voice, the eyes of everyone present spontaneously landed on Feng Lin Qing's body, causing their faces to appear especially green and ugly.

"What is it? Feng Lin Qing, don't look at me with such a gaze, I am only speaking the truth! "It won't be that easy to see Young Master Xuan again. Go to the back and obediently line up. Everyone is waiting …"

That person did not have the slightest fear in the face of Feng Lin Qing's murderous gaze. After all, Lord Dragon, Qing Yu and the rest were beside them. They once again mocked him.

Upon hearing these words, the old man from the Lan family, Old Master Long and the others in front could not help but place their gazes on Feng Lin Qing. Clearly, they did not expect that this boy would actually rush over.

With such a huge incident happening to the family and his father even dead, not only did he not stay in the family to deal with the rest of the matters, but he even rushed over to see Ye Xuan with a gift. One can imagine just how shrewd this guy was.

This ability to endure caused them to be on their guard.

"Let's go!"

Under everyone's gaze, in the end, Feng Lin Qing still brought his men to obediently line up at the back …

In the Starlight Villa, Leng Qingcheng was still in her study, planning and writing. Meanwhile, Su Xiaomeng had just walked down from her upstairs room after playing a game in the Demonic Palace …

"Big sister demon, why are there so many people outside?"

Looking at the long line outside, Su Xiaomeng furrowed her brows. Her gaze fell on the succubus sitting on the sofa as she asked in a puzzled tone.

"They have all come to see the lord, but the lord is in closed-door training. I'm afraid that if they come in, they will disturb the lord and your rest and let them leave. However, I never would have thought that not only did they not leave, they were even waiting outside …"

Dense helplessness surfaced on the succubus' exquisite and alluring face as she spoke with a bitter smile.

"I'll just ask them to leave!"

As she spoke, she slowly stood up and strode out of the villa.

Looking at the succubus that walked out of the villa, everyone present was struck with amazement. After all, the charming technique of the charming demon had matured, and her appearance and temperament had changed once again. Her every gesture was filled with a tempting power …

"Everyone, please go back for now!" Master is currently in closed door cultivation, and is unable to come out to receive guests! Everyone has been standing outside for a long time. Let's go back and rest! "

Charm Demon's eyes slowly swept across the crowd with a complicated look in her eyes!

In the past, when she faced the Lan family's old man in the Evil Wolf Gang, she had to treat him with respect. But now, her status was not even close to theirs. It was even far above theirs.

She was deeply moved by this feeling, and it was all because she'd followed Ye Xuan.

He shook his head and cast aside his chaotic thoughts, as an apologetic voice came out of the Enchantress' mouth, "Everyone, it's better if you leave for the time being! Master is currently in closed door cultivation, and is unable to come out to receive guests! Everyone has been standing outside for a long time. Let's go back and rest! "

However, no one moved as they waited in line.

"Master Lan, sister Wan Ting... Dragon Lord, Kuang Ba, Qing Yu … Please take a seat inside! "

Seeing this, the helplessness on Mei Yao's face grew even more intense. Seeing the tired Lan family's old man, Lan Wanting and the rest of Master Long's group, she hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

"Thank you very much, Miss Lizzy!"

Hearing the words of the charming demon, the Lan family's old man and the Long family quickly thanked him and entered the villa under her lead.

As for the others, they continued to wait quietly outside. Even though the scorching sun was in front of them, they didn't complain at all from the bottom of their hearts.

After entering the villa, under the arrangements of the Demon Chaser, the Lan family's old man and the others all sat down on the living room's sofa. The Demon Chaser smiled and chatted with them, while Su Xiaomeng didn't like the atmosphere upstairs playing games.

"Miss Li Ji, is Young Master Xuan seriously injured?"

The Lan family's old man hesitated for a while before asking with concern.

Lan Wanting, Master Long and the rest all looked worriedly at Mei Yao …

"Thank you for your concern. My lord only suffered some superficial wounds. He will recover completely after his closed door training …"

The charming demon said with a smile.


However, her words had just sounded when a loud and clear dragon roar was suddenly emitted from the basement of the villa. The sound reverberated over this entire place, causing everyone to involuntarily tremble. A trace of shock flashed across their eyes.

Could it be that the basement of this villa has a True Dragon?

As the dragon cry rang out, the black and white dragons formed by Ye Xuan's Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique continuously entered his body and were absorbed by him …

Ye Xuan, who originally had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them at this moment! "

"Boom! Boom!"

The instant Ye Xuan opened his eyes, the image of a devil dragon flashed across his eyes. A terrifying aura uncontrollably spread out from his body in all directions, shattering the wooden barrel into powder …

Lower limb Bone Tempering, done!