Green Wolf was one of the five most powerful experts of the Evil Wolf Gang. Not only did he have extremely powerful strength, but he also had extremely fast speed. Even in the entire Star Sea, his strength was still above average.

Not only did he possess the ruthlessness and brutality of a wolf, but he also had the sharp sense of smell of a wolf, making him an extremely powerful fighter.

The instant he leaped down from the second floor, his entire body's center of gravity quietly shifted to his legs. Using the force of gravity, he swung his leg around like a war axe and chopped down at Ye Xuan's head.

This was one of Green Wolf's trump cards: the War Wolf Axe!

This move was precise, swift, brave, and powerful. Even if it were a thick brick, it would still be smashed into smithereens by him. One could imagine just how powerful this strength was!


Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed and a cold light flashed within. Su Xiaomeng stood behind him. If he dodged, Su Xiaomeng would definitely be injured!

He could only grit his teeth and cross his arms over his head.

"Kacha …."

The leg whip of the cyan wolf collided with Ye Xuange's arms, causing a dull thud. The hard floor beneath Ye Xuan's feet couldn't withstand the terrifying force and had cracks as thick as a hand.


"Well done!"

"Lord Green Wolf is mighty!"

Seeing this scene, many of the members of the Evil Wolf Gang were in high spirits, and they excitedly shouted out loud.

"Ye Xuan, how are you?" Are you alright, Ye Xuan? "

Su Xiaomeng's expression changed as she spoke anxiously...

"Su Xiaomeng, move back a bit. Otherwise, I won't be able to use it!"

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he turned to Su Xiaomeng.

"There's no way to use it?" Kid, do you still have the chance and space to display it? "Second Order War Axe Cut!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, a hint of a cold smile appeared on Green Wolf's face as he spoke bloodthirsty words.


As soon as he finished speaking, the whip leg he'd struck Ye Xuan's arms bounced off, while his body spun in midair. Afterwards, he raised the whip leg and swung it towards Ye Xuan once again.

This attack was even fiercer and more powerful!

"Not bad leg technique, but... In front of this sovereign, you are nothing more than a joke! "

Ye Xuan sneered coldly when he saw this, and cold words came out of his mouth.

Let alone comparing Blue Wolf's leg technique to Ye Xuan's, even Feng Shen, who specializes in leg techniques, was 108,000 times weaker than him. That brat's leg whip attack had long since surpassed the limit of a human's strength, it was enough to break a steel plate!

The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, he stopped defending himself. He stomped with his left foot, pushed off the ground with the tip of his foot, spun his right leg, and ferociously kicked upwards!

The Wind God was enraged!


"Kacha …."

In the next moment, the dull sound of bones colliding together and the sound of bones breaking echoed out. It was Ye Xuan's whip kick that collided with the green wolf's whip kick.

Under the incomparably shocked and shocked gazes of the members of the Evil Wolf Gang, the powerful Lord Green Wolf in their hearts spat out a mouthful of black blood. Like a cannonball, he flew backwards, smashing heavily into the wall and turning into a mural.

"Cough cough …"

Streams of black blood flowed from the corners of Green Wolf's mouth. At this moment, his originally powerful aura became incredibly weak.

The whip leg he was proud of not only broke into pieces from the impact, but the formidable force also rudely rushed into his body, causing great damage to his internal organs, causing him to be in an absolutely serious condition.

As for Ye Xuan, he stood there gracefully without a single scratch.

Her heroic demeanor was like that of a prince in a fairy tale, mesmerizing!

"Hiss …" "It hurts, damn it …"

However, Ye Xuan's gentleman image vanished in the next moment. He touched his right leg with his palm and jumped up. Angry curses came out of his mouth, making him seem extremely comical …

The leg technique he used just now was one of the leg techniques he used to take on one of the eight gods, the Wind God's Fury!

Not only did this move require a strong physical body to support it, it also required an extremely high balance. Only by being able to move one's center of gravity at will would one be able to display such great power …

In his current state, Ye Xuan was only barely able to utilize it. Its might wasn't even a tenth of that of the Wind God's.

"Ye Xuan, how are you?" Are you alright? "

Upon seeing this, Su Xiaomeng hurriedly ran over to Ye Xuan and asked with a face full of concern.

After all, it was all because of her and Ye Xuan was injured to save her.

"It's nothing, it's just a small injury …"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan immediately maintained his smile and spoke in a refined manner. He muttered in his heart, "Damn, it really hurts!"

Ye Xuan's kick deeply shocked everyone present. Their faces were filled with disbelief as they looked at Ye Xuan as if they'd seen a ghost, their eyes filled with unconcealable shock!

"Hiss …"

"Goo …"

There was complete silence. The sound of a pin dropping could be heard, and only the sound of someone inhaling and swallowing saliva could be heard.

"Lord Green Wolf!"

"Master Green Wolf, are you alright?"

A gust of cold wind blew past. Their bodies suddenly trembled. Finally, they turned around and ran to the side of the mastiff. Words of concern came out of their mouths.

"What the f * ck are you still standing there for? Hurry up and get laozi out of here …"

Green Wolf was angry and angry. He endured the pain in his body and roared angrily.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As the sound of his voice faded, the spectators had to expend a huge amount of effort before being able to pull him out from the wall.

"Huff, puff …"

They were gasping for breath, but Ye Xuan had already walked up to them, causing their expressions to change slightly. They subconsciously took a few steps back and looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised fear.

"You … What do you want? "

Green Wolf was also trying his best to endure the pain in his body and the shock and fear in his heart as he spoke in a trembling, hoarse voice.

Ye Xuan's anger from the Wind God had shattered his confidence.

"Go, get that so-called young master Lang to come out and apologize to me!"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he looked down at Green Wolf, his voice filled with unquestionable words.

As Ye Xuan finished speaking, a formless killing intent and pressure spread out from his body without any warning, crushing towards the mastiff …

At this moment, the mastiff had the illusion that the Ye Xuan in front of it wasn't a person at all, but rather a Devil King sitting on a throne above all living things. Beneath his feet were innumerable corpses, mountains, and seas of blood.

This was what Green Wolf saw as Ye Xuan's road to becoming a King in his previous life!

The illusion that Green Wolf gave birth to was that Ye Xuan had killed countless powerful enemies in his previous life, and the killing intent and pressure that he'd created!

This was an aura that belonged solely to him, it did not disappear with his death!


At this moment, how could Green Wolf dare to disobey? He responded with a shaky voice.

"What are you all standing there for?" Hurry up and get the young master Lang to come! "

Since the mastiff's leg was broken by Ye Xuan, it had lost its ability to move. It could only roar at its subordinates behind it.

Following his roar, one of his subordinates hurriedly ran up to the room like he was running for his life, disappearing from Ye Xuan's sight.

Upstairs, in the most luxurious royal box!

An especially handsome, white-haired youth was sitting on a leather sofa as he leisurely caressed the beauty in his arms while enjoying the massage of the beautiful woman behind him. It could be said that he was extremely dashing.

He was the owner of this bar, the young master of the Evil Wolf Gang, the young master of the wolves that Green Wolf and the others spoke of.

Beside the young master of the wolf cub sat a middle-aged man in his thirties. He wore a flaxen windbreaker with a scorpion tattoo on the left side of his face.

If anyone from the world of assassins saw him, they would definitely recognize him. This was because he was one of the most famous figures in the world of assassins, the Ghost Scorpion.

As the young master of the Evil Wolf Gang, the Wolf Young Master's network was naturally very wide, and the Ghost Scorpion was one of his best friends.

The Ghost Scorpions were usually out in the world and rarely came to the Star Sea. The reason why he came to the Star Sea this time was to accept a good deal.

He wanted to kill someone!

"Brother Ghost Scorpion, you said that you've come to Galaxy to kill a bastard, Ye Xuan?"

Hearing the Ghost Scorpion's words, Wolf Young Master asked in surprise.

"That's right, I came here to ask Young Master Lang for his whereabouts!" The Ghost Scorpion nodded its head lightly, sipped a mouthful of tea, and said in a deep voice.

"Damn. Are you kidding me? It's only killing a piece of trash, yet you still have to do it yourself, Big Brother Ghost Scorpion?" Young Master Lang could not help but tease.

"What is it? Could it be that Young Master Lang knows that kid? " The Ghost Scorpion asked curiously.

"Of course I know him. He's just a piece of trash who was kicked out of the Ye Family. As far as I know, this guy is already a vegetable and is still lying in the hospital …" If Ghost Scorpion Bro really wants to kill him, then just sit here and drink with me. I have a lot of elites under my command, so I can send someone to help you deal with it. " The wolf young master was full of smiles, it could be said that he was full of heroic spirit.

"Then I'll thank Young Master Lang!"

A smile appeared on the Ghost Scorpion's face as it cupped its fists and spoke.

Since Young Master Lang had said so, he was naturally happy to be free!

"Come... Let's toast first. I think Green Wolf should have brought that soft loli over. Tsk tsk … That's really the best, enough for us two brothers to have some fun! "

The wolf young master laughed and said.

"Young Master Lang, this is bad..."

However, just as he finished speaking, the private room's door was smashed open. A lackey ran in frantically and opened his mouth …

"What do you mean you don't know the rules and are making a fuss about nothing?" The wolf young master's gaze turned cold as he coldly spoke.

"Young Master Lang, Lord Green Wolf and the others were taken care of …"

That lackey respectfully and tremblingly spoke.

Hearing this, the young master's expression couldn't help but change. "Swish!" He stood up and words that seemed to have lost control came out of his mouth …