At the Ye Family's gate.

After going through a few heavy blows and twists and turns, the entire Ye Family had long since lost its vitality.

Although this gate was still grand and imposing, it lacked the majesty it had in the past. It was no longer as unreachable and could only be seen from afar.

There was basically no one coming in or out of the door. The door was shut tight and a few security guards were standing at the door, dozing off in boredom.

"Creak …"

They were only woken up when the sound of brakes sounded.

Raising their heads to look at the Blackedge Battleship parked at the entrance, their eyes flashed with undisguised astonishment.

Under their bewildered gazes, the car door slowly opened and Ye Xuan walked out.

"It's actually him, Ye Xuan?"

When they saw Ye Xuan walk out of the car, their expressions froze and their hearts couldn't help but jump. The captain of the security guards was sweating profusely.

He still remembered clearly that Ye Xuan had just woken up and the Ye Family had been troubled by him and Ye Xiaoli, the siblings …

"Captain, Ye Xuan is back, I …" What should we do? "

The other two security guards also had frightened expressions as they looked at the captain of the security team. Trembling words came out of their mouths.

That time, they similarly participated in the attack on Ye Xuan, but in the end, the ones that were beaten up weren't Ye Xuan, but them.

The last time Ye Xuan killed his way into the Ye Clan's courtyard and cut off Ye Wen Feng's arm, they'd all taken the time to recuperate. They'd avoided this calamity, but didn't expect to bump into Ye Xuan again …

Cold sweat broke out on the security guards' foreheads. Their palms were also sweating. Their hearts were already filled with fear.

By now, the news of Ye Xuan's deeds had spread. They knew very well that the current Ye Xuan wasn't like how he used to be. He wasn't someone they could offend. Even their Ye Family was nothing in front of him …

"If you ask me, how would I know?"

The security squad leader was extremely anxious as he fiercely glared at his colleagues.

Seeing that Ye Xuan was getting closer, he couldn't hold back anymore. He stretched out his hand and ruthlessly tugged at the corner of the clothes of the person beside him. He suddenly gritted his teeth, took the lead, and walked over to greet Ye Xuan.

"Young Master Xuan, what … What brings you here? "

When he spoke, the captain's tongue was trembling.

Ye Xuan coldly swept a glance at him, but didn't say anything as he continued to stride forward.

At his current stage, he no longer had the mood to bother about the matters of the past with the security guards.

The ones who were beaten up were them and not Ye Xuan.

"Are you all blind?" What were they still standing there for? Hurry up and open the door for young master Xuan … "

Upon seeing this, the captain of the security team shouted at his colleague from the side …

"Young Master Xuan, this way please!"

Then, he made a gesture of invitation towards Ye Xuan with a face full of flattery.

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless as he entered the Ye Family's mansion without any obstruction. It was the complete opposite of the situation when he first arrived here.

The chief's attitude had undergone a tremendous change.

This was the change in status brought about by strength.

A change in the attitude of others as a result of a change in status.

When you are helpless and in dire straits, no one dares to look down on you, everyone will despise you!

When you are successful in your glory, everyone is looking up at you. Everyone wants to befriend you...

How realistic all this was.

After Ye Xuan left, the Security Captain and numerous guards all let out a long sigh of relief.

"Motherf * cker, you scared me to death. I thought young master Xuan would find us to settle our scores!" A security guard whose clothes were drenched in cold sweat spoke up with a wry smile.

"I also thought so. I didn't think that Young Master Xuan would actually ignore us …" The other security guard also spoke up after surviving a calamity.

"Nonsense, what kind of person is Young Master Xuan right now, why would he bother with us little security guards? "In the future, everyone will work hard for me. They will polish my eyes and be more quick-witted."

The leader glared at them and said angrily.

Ye Xuan walked into the Ye family's courtyard. His gaze swept across the cold courtyard, but there wasn't a single trace of emotion on his face. However, his state of mind was completely different from when he had entered the Ye family's courtyard.

"Xuan... Young Master Xuan! "

"Greetings, Young Master Xuan!"

The people of the Ye Clan no longer provoked him. Instead, they looked at him with reverence and even fear, respectfully greeting him with trembling hands.

He no longer had to worry about the Ye Family's background and experts, like when he attacked the Ye Family and crippled Ye Wen Feng's arm. He was worried that it would be difficult for him to get out of this courtyard …

All of this was because Ye Xuan had sufficient strength, capital, and confidence.

"I need to become stronger!"

Ye Xuan silently reminded himself.

Only by becoming stronger would he be able to slaughter his way back into the Western Asura World and take back everything that belonged to him.

"Ye Xuan, why are you here?"

While Ye Xuan was wandering around the Ye Clan's courtyard, Ye Xiaoli and Ye Xiaoli coincidentally walked out from the courtyard. When they saw Ye Xuan, it was as if they'd seen a ghost.


"Bastard, call me young master Xuan!"

However, just as Ye Xiaokang finished his sentence, Ye Xiaoli slapped him hard on the face with angry words coming out of her mouth.

"Young Master Xuan, why have you come?"

"Young Master Xuan, we siblings have often clashed in the past and have offended you. I hope that you can be magnanimous and not hold grudges against us!"

Afterwards, Ye Xiaoli even ran over to Ye Xuan and knelt down. She kowtowed to Ye Xuan as she begged for his forgiveness in a low voice.

"Young Master Xuan, we were in the wrong in the past. We shouldn't have deliberately made things difficult for you. Since you're so magnanimous, please spare us!"

Ye Xiao Kang quickly recovered from Ye Xiaoli's slap and knelt in front of Ye Xuan, also kowtowing and begging for mercy. He didn't dare to have the slightest bit of disrespect!

Ever since they saw Ye Xuan cripple Ye Wenfeng's arm with their own two eyes, they'd been afraid of him and didn't dare to provoke him.

Now that Ye Xuan had destroyed even Ye Jianxin, they'd long since been scared to death by him. So naturally, when they saw him now, they could only kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness.

"I beg of you, young master Xuan, please spare us siblings!"

"Young Master Xuan, please be merciful and spare us!" "We would be willing to be your slave even if we had to do something for you …"

Seeing Ye Xuan remain silent for a long time, Ye Xiaokang and Ye Xiaoli kowtowed even harder. Their foreheads were cracked, and blood dripped from the floor …

Ye Xuan only coldly glanced at them before walking past them.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

However, Ye Xiao Kang and Ye Xiaoli didn't stop and kept kowtowing to each other...

When Ye Xuan had walked far away and gradually disappeared from their line of sight, they all let out a long sigh of relief, then stopped their actions and hurriedly stood up to leave …

"Brat, why didn't you tell me when you came?"

Just as Ye Xuan was strolling around the Ye Clan's courtyard, a clear and pleasant sound rang out.

Following the sound of this voice, a mature and well-developed figure with a unique charm appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

Her long hair was loose, and she had a round, flawless, and beautiful face. Even the casual white ladies' suit she wore couldn't cover her mature and plump figure, revealing her breathtaking curves, towering breasts, and perky figure. The butt could be said to be eye-catching, making people want to stretch out their hands and pinch it.

She was currently the head of the Qian Family, Ye Xuan's aunt, Yun Yan.

With the death of the Ye family's old patriarch, Ye Jianxin, as well as many of the Ye family's elites and higher-ups, she had already become the head of the Ye family, and everything was up to her.

She didn't seem to be angry at the fact that Ye Xuan had annihilated the Ye family's old man, Ye Jianxin, and many of the Ye Family's elites and clansmen.

After all, she was not a member of the Ye Family and did not have the blood of the Ye Family on her.

Moreover, she had always disagreed with the actions of the Ye family's old man and Ye Jianxin.

She'd been cared for by Ye Xuan's father when she was young, so she had a good impression of Ye Xuan. She was on Ye Xuan's side.

Thus, after the auction ended, when Ye Jianxin and the others were discussing how to deal with Ye Xuan, she left by herself and secretly sent a message to warn Ye Xuan …

"You don't hate me?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but bitterly smile as he watched Yun Yan arrive.

"Why should I hate you?"

Yun Yan smiled moving smiles as she walked over to Ye Xuan's side and patted his shoulder.

Before Ye Xuan could reply, she continued, "Because you killed them? But, wasn't all of this caused by themselves? "

"If they didn't want to get rid of you, how could they have fallen to such a state? Furthermore, the ones who took care of me when I was young weren't them, but your father. "

Yun Yan carefully examined Ye Xuan. After pausing for a moment, she continued, "Since you're able to achieve such an achievement, I should be happy for you. At the very least … That way, I will be able to live up to your dead father! Even though I didn't do anything! "

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile when he heard Yun Yan's words, and couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

It was obvious that he did not expect this woman to say such words. Furthermore, she was so open and straightforward, causing him to look at her in a new light.

"By the way, what are you going to do with this place?"

Seeming to have thought of something, Yun Yan teased and asked.

"I don't know." Ye Xuan lightly shook his head.

After which his gaze landed on Yun Yan, his gaze subconsciously swept across her perky breasts, and teasingly said: "Why don't you … "You want me to let you manage this place?"

"I don't have that kind of leisure! The world is so vast, let me take a look … " Yun Yan shook her head.

"Whatever, I'll leave this place to you!" If you ever really want to go out and take a look, remember to call me! "

Ye Xuan teased.

It would be a little too much if the Ye Family were to be disbanded. After all, there was a trace of this family blood in his body. Fortunately, he would be better left to Yun Yan to take care of it.

"Kid, you gave me another question?" Yun Yan glared at Ye Xuan in displeasure.

That bitter gaze combined with her trembling chest caused Ye Xuan to spit out a mouthful of blood …

This was an attractive crime, it was hard to resist...

"Come on, my aunt. This is settled! " Ye Xuan smiled.

"Aunt?" Tell me again? " Yun Yan's gaze went cold as she fiercely glared at Ye Xuan …

"Sister Yun!" Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile helplessly.

"That's more like it... "Let's go, Sister Yun will take you out to eat hotpot!"

Yun Yan waved her hand and pulled Ye Xuan's arm as they walked out of the Ye family mansion …

Completely unaware of her actions, Ye Xuan's arms began to feel a friction that would cause one to sink in, due to her chest being far too grand and magnificent.