In the personnel department's luxurious office.

A handsome young man was lying on the sofa, having sex with a thirty year old female employee who had long been married to everyone.

Waves of unique pleasures emitted from his body, causing the young man to be enjoying it.

He was the Director Xu that the security manager had mentioned, the manager of the HR department of the Qian Group, Xu Yang!

As for this married woman, she was Yang Mei, the director of the sales department of the Qian Group. If nothing happened to the Qian Group, she would be able to be promoted to vice manager of the sales department by means of outstanding communication skills and connections.

Now that the Qian Group had changed its name to Godly Medicine, the chairman of the company and the chairman of the company were surrounded by people. As the new chairman of the company and the chairman of the company took up his position, news of the company being downsized spread …

Without a doubt, this made the HR department's leading executives a hot topic for the company. In order to protect their jobs, some of the people in the company gave gifts while others served as liaisons for the company. Sleep and so on were chaotic beyond belief.

There were many women like Yang Mei.

"Director Xu, you've told me before, as long as I serve you well, you can protect me!"

Yang Mei said coquettishly as she looked at Xu Yang, who was lying on the sofa enjoying himself.

"Of course, I'm the HR manager, so even if I'm the new chairman and CEO, I still have to listen to my opinions on how to cut jobs, right? What's more, the HR Director and I are good buddies … "

Xu Yang had an expression of enjoyment on his face as he opened his mouth slowly and confidently, "As long as you serve Boss Xu well, there's no need to wait for next year. Today, the position of General Manager of the Sales Department will belong to you!"

"Hehe …" Then we'll have to rely on Director Xu and the others! "

Hearing Xu Yang's words, Yang Mei behaved even better, her actions becoming faster and full of tenderness.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

At this moment, a hurried knock on the door sounded out, making Xu Yang and Yang Mei's expressions turn extremely ugly. Xu Yang even asked in a deep voice, "Who is it?"

"Uncle, it's me … Zhang De Nong... "Ouch …"

A pained cry came from outside the door.

Xu Yang frowned, looking at the Yang Mei on his body, indicating for her to move faster.

Only when he was done did he slowly put on his clothes and open the locked office door.

When he saw Zhang De Nong's swollen face and his sorry state, his eyes couldn't help but go cold, "Brother-in-law, what happened to you? Who the hell is so blind? Who did this? "

"Brother-in-law, don't say anything, I was beaten up. Go get revenge for me, call those two bodyguards of yours who are good at fighting!" Zhang De could only endure the pain coming from his body as he said this in a flustered manner.

"Supervisor Yang, call my bodyguard over and come with me …"

"F * ck his sister, he dares to touch my people, he doesn't want to live anymore!" "Let's go, screw him …"

Soon after, Xu Yang angrily took Zhang De Neng downstairs to the hall...

In the hall downstairs, Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng were sitting on the sofa, leisurely looking at the personnel list and documents in their hands.

This list of personnel was arranged by Xue Xinchen. It was filled with introductions of the Qian Group's executives. Some of the names were specially marked.

Some of the names had a "X" next to them, while some of the names had a "X" next to them, representing dismissal and promotion.

As Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng were carefully sizing up the list, the security manager, Zhang De, had already rushed over with Xu Yang, Yang Mei, and the two extremely extraordinary bodyguards …

"Kid, it was you who beat up my brother-in-law and acted so impudently in my Qian Group?"

Looking at Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng who sat on the sofa, Xu Yang's expression was ice-cold as he angrily spoke.

"You count as..."

Just as the Charm Demon was about to speak, he was interrupted by Ye Xuan's wave of his hand. He looked with interest at the menacing Xu Yang as he calmly said, "That's right, it's me!"

"F * ck, you dare to be so arrogant in front of me? What are you two doing just standing there?" Chop this unsightly thing into minced meat and feed it to the dogs! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's answer and seeing how leisurely he was, Xu Yang spoke with a face full of anger.

"Yes!" Director Xu! "

As soon as Xu Yang finished speaking, the two extraordinary bodyguards stepped out from behind him. They played with the military knives in their hands as they walked towards Ye Xuan with ice-cold steps and a chilling aura, and playful and playful words came out of their mouths:

"Brat, you really do have some ability to beat up our security team. Unfortunately, you ran into our Wolf Lion brothers, and what's even more unfortunate is that you actually didn't open your eyes and dared to offend Director Xu …"

Judging from their sloppy attitude, it was obvious that they didn't place Ye Xuan in their eyes.

"Therefore, sit still and be chopped up like a meat bun!"

As the two bodyguards finished speaking, their movements suddenly became incomparably swift. They brandished their sharp military blades as they stabbed towards Ye Xuan's throat and heart with lightning speed.


Just as the sharp blade was about to pierce Ye Xuan's throat and pierce his heart, an angered and dignified voice quietly sounded out.

However, not only did the two bodyguards not stop, their actions were even quicker, causing a strong sense of satisfaction and ridicule to appear on the faces of Xu Yang and the security manager, Zhang De Neng.

"As expected of Director Xu, your two bodyguards are so cold..."

Yang Mei, who was beside him, held onto Xu Yang's arm and pressed it against his soft body as she charmingly said.

"That's only natural. They are the ones that I …"

Xu Yang said proudly.

"Boom! Boom!"

However, before he could finish his words, a muffled collision sound rang out.

Under their shocked and astonished gazes, the two security guards that were charging towards Ye Xuan spat out large amounts of blood from their mouths. They flew out like two cannonballs, wanting to smash them …

"Ahh …"

A scream of terror came out of Yang Mei's mouth as she pulled Xu Yang away …

"Puchi …"

The bodies of the two bodyguards heavily crashed into the ground beside them. They coughed violently as large amounts of blood sprayed out from their mouths. They were severely injured and were unable to get back up …

"This... How could this be? "

"What happened just now? Why did my bodyguard suddenly fly backwards?"

"Who can tell me what exactly happened?"

In the next moment, a roar of rage came out from Xu Yang's mouth.

Yang Mei and the gathered crowd were also stupefied. They saw two bodyguards charge towards Ye Xuan, but Ye Xuan didn't even move from his position. The two bodyguards seemed to have suffered a heavy blow to their bodies, causing them to be puzzled.

Only the succubi standing nearby looked at Ye Xuan with a gaze filled with fanaticism and reverence. In that instant, she saw Ye Xuan whip his leg out like lightning and strike the two bodyguards, causing such a situation …

However, Ye Xuan's kick was too fast. Even she could only see a blurry shadow, let alone the surrounding people.

This was the enormous change that Ye Xuan's lower limb tempering had brought about …

"F * ck, you damn bastard, what did you do to my bodyguard?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was calmly sitting there, a furious roar came out of Xu Yang's mouth.

He even swung his fist towards Ye Xuan ….

"Xu Yang, are you crazy? Stop!"

However, at this time, a middle-aged man rushed over and grabbed Xu Yang's hand, speaking angrily.

"Sun Yu, you bastard, scram …"

As he looked at the grandson who was grabbing him, Xu Yang pushed him away.

"Xu Yang, you …"

"F * ck!"

Sun Yu was about to speak, but Xu Yang slapped his face, leaving five streaks of blood on his face and pointed at his nose as he spoke.

"Sun Xin, you're so f * cking bold, aren't you? You're just a personnel director, yet you dare to meddle in this daddy's business? I'll give you a f * cking face, won't I?"

"What is it? After being suppressed by me for so many years, you're going to explode today? I'm telling you, even if you're not f * cking happy, I still have to suppress it, unless you don't want to! "

Being scolded by Xu Yang, Sun Yu wasn't angry, but said calmly, "Xu Yang, I know that you have the backing of the Director. You two have been calling each other brother for so many years, and that has tarnished the company's spirit.

"But you don't know yet? A new chairman and a new chairman are about to take office. Do you think you two brothers will be able to run wild for a long time? "

"That's right. I've worked hard at the company for 20 years, but I've been working hard as the HR Department's supervisor for 15 years. Even if I don't have any credit, I've still had to work hard!"

"And you? In the past, he was a hoodlum who relied on his relationship with the Chief of Personnel to enter the company. In less than two years, he was directly promoted to the manager of the personnel department, and then you arranged for all the relatives of your brother-in-law to enter the company! Do you think this company is yours? "

"When the new chairman takes office, I will definitely expose you!"

As he said this, Sun Xin glanced at Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng.

"Haha …" To expose me? Just you, a lousy personnel manager? Do you think they will listen to me and Director Liu, or to you? "

"Do you believe that I can get you to scram right now?"

Hearing Sun Yu's words, Xu Yang acted as if he had heard a great joke and couldn't help but laugh out loud. He looked at Sun Yu as if he was looking at a retard.

"Hmph, Xu Yang, don't be too arrogant. The new chairman and chief are coming soon. Your good days are coming to an end! If they really are wise and intelligent people, they will definitely listen to me and expel you bunch of worms! "

Sun Yu clenched his teeth and asked.

Before this, he received a message from a friend informing him that the new chairman and chief had arrived. Furthermore, after seeing Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng, he was even more certain that they were the leaders of the new team.

That was the correct bet! He would be able to achieve great heights in the future!

If the poison was wrong, then there was nothing!

However, he noticed that neither Ye Xuan nor Leng Qingcheng were moved by this scene. They only quietly looked at the documents in their hands, causing his heart to sink …

"Moth? Sun Yu, who are you calling a worm? "

However, just as Sun Qian finished his sentence, a cold voice quietly rang out.

Along with the voice, a bald middle-aged man swaggered over with a group of company executives …

This bald middle-aged man was actually the head of the HR Department, Liu Dongdong!

Liu Dongdong was very angry, and the consequences would be very serious!