As the executive officer of the company, as well as the director of personnel department, Liu Dongdong had immense power and connections within the company. Many things concerning personnel changes within the company could only be carried out with the approval of Liu Dongdong.

Even many of the company's department managers treated him with respect.

Today, he had received news that the new chairman and CEO of the company was about to come to investigate in secret, so he had brought the company's management to welcome him. However, he did not expect that just as he walked out of here, he would hear a subordinate spreading rumors that he was a vermin.

How could Liu Dongdong not be angry?

If this matter were to spread to the new chairman and CEO, it would inevitably have a great impact on his position and image in their hearts, and if it became serious, it might even ruin his future prospects.

At this moment, the way Liu Xiangdong looked at Sun Ju was as if he was a tiger that was about to devour him.

He was angry, he was angry!

"Sun Qian, I ask you, who exactly is a worm? I'll have to trouble you to repeat yourself once more! "

He glared furiously at Sun Yu and pointed at Sun Yu's nose with his finger.

"Liu Dong, don't think that I'm afraid of you … Let me tell you, you and Xu Yang are done for. The new CEO and chairman of the company will be taking office soon, and not only will you guys eat and drink to your heart's content, you'll even form gangs and gangs up on each other … When the new director comes, I'll go ahead and expose all of you … "

Facing Liu Dong's threatening and questioning gaze, Sun Qian could be said to be extremely angry as he loudly shouted.

"Heh heh... To expose us? Sun Tzu, you think you can wait for the new chairman and CEO to arrive? You're too naive! "

"Now, in my capacity as Director of Personnel, I'm telling you that you've been fired! "Now, hurry up and get lost!"

Liu Xiangdong looked coldly at Sun Tzu, his cold, mocking words coming out of his mouth.

"What are you all still standing there for? Why don't you hurry up and throw him out? Isn't staying here embarrassing enough? Wouldn't it be a joke if the chairman came and let them see it? "

Xu Yang shouted at the injured guards beside him.

"Yes sir!"

Even though many of the security guards were wounded and had difficulty moving, they could only brace themselves in front of Liu Dongdong's group.

After all, with their leader here, if they did not behave well, would they even have anything to eat?

"Haha …" Expel me? What can you do if you fire me? There's more than one person in the company like me. If you kick me out, there will be countless more who will stand up for me! Xu Yang, Liu Dongdong … "Let me tell you, if people do what the heavens do, you will be punished sooner or later!"

Sun Yu was dragged out of the lobby by a few security guards as furious and crazed words came out of his mouth.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's brows furrowed without a trace. He picked up the pen and wrote the name 'Sun Yu' on the list of members, and the names' Xu Yang 'and' Liu Dong 'on the list of members.

"Everyone stop!"

Just as he was about to open his mouth to stop Liu Dongdong from committing such an atrocious act towards Sun Tung, an angry voice rang out quietly at this moment.

Following the appearance of this voice, a fashionable dressed middle-aged woman, whose entire body exuded a noble aura, hurried over from outside the door.


Looking at Sun Yu who was being dragged by the security guards, a thick layer of anger appeared on her face. She pushed away the security guards and helped Sun Qian up. Manager Sun, are you alright! "

"I'm fine, thank you, Sister Hong!"

Sun Qian stood up with the support of the middle-aged woman as he smiled wryly and shook his head.

Elder Sister Hong, her real name is Liu Hong, the Deputy Manager of the HR Department has worked hard at the company for 20 years. If it wasn't for Xu Yang and Liu Dongdong's cliques and obstacles, she would be the second in command of the HR Department, the Deputy Director!

Unfortunately, he was still the vice manager of the HR Department. Not only did he not get any support, he had even made his way up.

Liu Hong nodded slightly, and then looked at Xu Yang, Liu Dong, and the others. Angry words came out of her mouth: "CEO Xu, CEO Liu … What are you doing? To persecute the staff? "

"Persecution of employees? Vice Manager Liu, don't use such harsh words. We are only following the normal procedures to expel a trash employee who doesn't follow the company's rules and regulations. He was fired with the consent of the senior executives of the various departments we sit in. Am I right, gentlemen? "

Faced with Liu Hong's questioning, Liu Dong smiled indifferently. His gaze landed on the upper echelons of the various companies beside him as he teased them.

"Boss Liu is right …" Sun Qiang openly slandered his superior. If we agree to it, we will expel him! "

"That's right. If a useless person like him stays in the company, he will only sully the company's name. We will expel him and remove all harm from the company!"

Hearing Liu Dongdong's words, Xu Yang and the other executives behind him all echoed his words.

They were a gang, of course, a united front.

"You … "You all..."

Liu Hong was angry and angry at the same time. She was about to say something, but was interrupted by Liu Dong's bland words: "Besides, what are we going to do? Is it up to a vice manager of the HR department to ask?"

"You all are simply a bunch of scoundrels … Sun salary, he worked hard for the company for more than 10 years, no credit and hard work, you want to expel him I firmly disagree! I will definitely explain this situation to the chairman and let him decide for himself! "

Liu Hong said angrily. She was looking forward to seeing the new chairman.

"Do you think the chairman will listen to you, a small assistant manager? Don't even mention listening, you don't even qualify to meet someone like him! "

"Moreover... I'm telling you very clearly! Liu Hong, you don't even have the chance to meet with the new chairman! "I'm sorry, but you were fired by the company just like Sun's salary!"

Liu Xiangdong looked at Liu Hong with eyes full of undisguised mockery and playfulness.

This old woman was in her forties, but she was well-maintained. She had a full body and was still attractive, which interested him. He had hinted at her several times during this period, but she pretended not to know anything …

He deserved to stay in the position of Deputy Manager of the Personnel Department for the rest of his life.

Now that she dared to contradict him and protect her grandson's salary, Liu Dong naturally wouldn't be merciful to her in the slightest.

"You all..."

Liu Hong was angry and furious. Who would have thought that Liu Dong would be so brazen that he would even fire her.

"What about us? "We are only thinking for the benefit of the company. Leaving you behind is just a disaster for the company …"

"Of course, if you still want to continue working in the company, it's not impossible. Tonight, we have a private room at the KTV Entertainment Club. I think you can come over here and drink with us. After all, I heard they say that your alcohol capacity is quite good. "

Seeing Liu Hong's angry expression, looking at her chest that was rising and falling due to her anger, Liu Dong teased her with greed, "I believe that after everyone understands your ability, they will definitely retract the punishment for your expulsion, am I right?"

"Haha, Director Liu is right!"

"Indeed, it is a good idea to prove the value of Liu Hong, and Chief Liu is wise after all!"

A large group of people were flattering Liu Dongdong, causing him to feel extremely good.

As for Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng, they narrowed their eyes, a trace of coldness emitting from them.

However, they did not interfere at this time. After all, this time they were only here to observe the situation of the mining company.

If he directly revealed his identity, he would not be able to see this good show, nor the ugly side of the company's management.

Furthermore, even if they revealed their identities now, no one would believe them. After all, they had already revealed this to the security guards from the very beginning.

In the end, he was treated as a devil. Pen!

Ye Xuan decided to wait and see. He would wait for the next step in the matter and see if it would involve any more management or high-level personnel of the company.

On the other hand, Leng Qingcheng took out her phone and typed out a message to a certain person in the company.

"You guys are a bunch of scoundrels! A bunch of scoundrels!"

Seeing the playful and mocking expressions on the faces of Liu Xiangyang's group, Liu Hong angrily said, "You …"

"Sister Hong, there's no need to fight with them. They have the numbers advantage to form a team with. We can't beat them. Let's leave first and wait for the chairman to come!"

Sun Te looked deeply at Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng, who sat on the sofa and had nothing to do with him. He felt incomparably dejected.

He felt that he must have been mistaken. They weren't the new chairman or CEO at all. Otherwise, why would they sit on the sidelines and watch silently while remaining indifferent?

The old friend who sent him the message must have made a mistake or toyed with him.

However, having known him for so many years, he probably wouldn't play with him.

Presumably, the real chairman and CEO hadn't come yet!

At this moment, too many thoughts flashed through Sun Xin's mind.


Hearing Sun Qian's words, Liu Hong nodded her head lightly.

The two of them walked towards the exit of the company's main hall.

"If you want to leave, that's fine. But first, you have to sign on this separation letter before you leave!"

However, Liu Dongdong blocked their path, and cold words came out of his mouth.

As his words faded, his secretary passed the report of his recent departure to Sun Tzu and Liu Hong ….

They were forcefully forcing Sun Yu and Liu Hong to leave!

"Liu Dong, we will not sign this resignation letter. Stop dreaming, when the chairman arrives, we will …"

Liu Hong said angrily.

She knew very well that once she signed the departure report, the matter of the company would no longer have anything to do with them. At that time, they would no longer have any qualifications to trust the chairman …

"Heh heh... Whether you sign or not is not up to you! What were they still standing there for? I'll have the two of them sign the separation report! "

Liu Xiangdong looked at Liu Hong and Sun Yu with even colder eyes, and words of anger came from his mouth.

As his words fell, the security guards immediately went up to Liu Dong and Liu Hong to sign their names …

He was simply overbearing and lawless!

At this moment, a dignified voice resounded.

"Liu Dong, you are really lawless now!"

Another big shot of the company had arrived.

The good show became more and more intense!