Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng had taken care of Liu Xiangyang, Xu Yang, and a large number of others, and had promoted Li Wenyuan, Liu Hong, and Sun Wenyuan, who were always being suppressed, to their position. Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng had undoubtedly established sufficient prestige within the company.

After all, the son of the company's second-largest shareholder, COO - Wen Tianxiong, was also expelled from the company and was never hired.

He believed that in the near future, the Divine Medicine Conglomerate would be led on the right track by Leng Qingcheng.

As for Ye Xuan, he was only responsible for branding the soy sauce as a shopkeeper.

After Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng gathered all of the company's existing executives for a meeting and announced the company's future plans, it was already six in the afternoon.

Ye Xuan sat in his luxurious chairman's office, looking at the beautiful scenery under the setting sun outside his window. He couldn't help but sink into depressing thoughts.

A moment later, as if he had thought of something, he took out his phone and dialed the number of the Security Captain, Zhao Da Hai.

On the wet and slippery construction site after the heavy rain, the former captain of the security team, Zhao Da Hai, was standing in front of a muddy well, wearing a dust and mud uniform, wearing a hard hat.

The water in the well was no longer turbid.

It wasn't so much water as mud!

And Zhao Da Hai's job was to jump into the well and place the probing tool into the designated location.

His body was covered with mud, and one could only see the face of Little Wu, who was holding onto the rope tied around Zhao Da Hai's body.

"Captain, how about we forget about it?" "It's too dangerous. Sister-in-law is expecting you at home."

Looking at the muddy water boiling in the well, and looking at the nervous Zhao Da Hai, the former security guard, Xiao Wu, couldn't help but ask.

"Don't worry, that won't be a problem!"

Zhao Da Hai turned his head and gave Xiao Wu a peaceful smile. He said with a smile: "Get ready, I'm going to jump, hold tight to this rope, my life is in your hands..."

"Get ready, jump!"

In the next moment, Zhao Da Hai used a measuring tool and dove into the muddy water well.

Little Wu grasped the rope tightly with both hands, panicking rhythmically …


After about a dozen seconds, Xiao Wu let out an angry roar. He grabbed the rope with both of his hands and pulled Zhao Da Hai out from the well with the help of the worker on the side …

"Cough cough …"

At this moment, Zhao Da Hai's entire body was wet by the mud, he looked like a clay figurine, lying on the ground with his body curled up, his hands covering his chest while coughing violently, as if he was suffering from great pain …

All that came out of his mouth was mud, causing him to feel heartache.

"Captain, how are you?" "Captain!"

Seeing this, Xiao Wu quickly ran to Zhao Da Hai and helped him up, patting his back and saying words of concern.

"Cough cough …" I... I'm fine, did you get the money? "

Zhao Da Hai coughed for a while before asking.

"Well... Your wages, well done, next time there is such a job at the construction site, I'll look for you! "

Just as Zhao Da Hai finished speaking, the foreman passed a stack of bills in front of Zhao Da Hai.

"Thank you, boss!"

Zhao Da Hai extended his hand in an attempt to take the money, but he realized that his hand was covered in mud, so he gave Little Wu a meaningful look.

"Is that right?"

Zhao Da Hai asked as he looked at Xiao Wu, who was counting the money.

"Captain, here's a thousand dollars!" Xiao Wu handed the money to Zhao Da Hai.

"Take it first. Give me five hundred of them in a while, and the remaining five hundred will be yours!"

Zhao Da Hai struggled to stand up, opening his arms and greedily sucking in the air that was tens of thousands of times more comfortable than the air in a muddy well.

He was very glad that he was still alive after jumping down.

"Captain, how can we …" They said that I'll kill you! " Little Wu was adamant in his opposition.

"Without you, how would I be able to come out from that dark well … "Just listen to me. I know that your sister is about to start paying tuition fees …"

Zhao Da Hai gently shook his head.

"But sister-in-law is going to get pregnant soon, you need money more than me …" Little Wu still shook his head, unwilling to accept it.

Last time, in order to protect Ye Xuan, they fought with security personnel. Although they weren't injured, they lost their jobs, and they didn't get any pay …

It took days of hard work, tight finances, and a desperate need for money to get them to work like they did today.

Even though it was extremely dangerous, he could make money.

Although it was possible to earn a thousand in just a few minutes, but who could understand the dangers involved?

If it weren't for the heavy burden and responsibility they carried, who would have been so foolish as to risk their lives just to exchange for money like that?

"Go!" Let's go to the next construction site! "

At this moment, Zhao Da Hai waved his hand and brought Little Wu to the next construction site.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

At this moment, Zhao Da Hai's phone rang.

"It's big brother Xuan?"

Looking at the contact number displayed on the screen, Zhao Da Hai and Xiao Wu were very surprised and quickly pressed the answer button.

"Older brother Xuan, why did you think of calling me?" Zhao Da Hai asked with an honest smile on his face.

"Captain, how have you been?" Ye Xuanlai's warm words came out of the phone.

"I have a good life. After leaving the security team, I found a good job again! Brother Xuan, what about you? " Zhao Da Hai looked at the muddy construction site in front of him and answered with a smile.

"I'm fine too! Is everyone okay? "

"Everyone is fine, Brother Xuan …" You are someone who does great things, don't worry about us. "

Hearing Zhao Da Hai's words, Ye Xuan couldn't help but shake his head slightly. "You bastard, stop lying to me. I just called Manager Wang and asked him if you guys found any work to do …."

"Come on, big brother Xuan, don't listen to that bastard Wang Da Chun's nonsense. He hasn't found a job, and is constantly being shouted at by his wife. He still has the nerve to say that to me. At least I'm working at the construction site with Little Wu …" Zhao Da Hai said angrily.

Ye Xuan didn't call Wang Da Chun, he just wanted to swindle Zhao Da Hai and the rest.

At that moment, Ye Xuan said without the slightest hesitation, "That's enough, Captain …" I need your help in calling my former brothers and fellow workers to come find me in the Divine Medicine industry. "If you don't come, I'll just wait …"

Ye Xuan hung up the phone.

"This... Captain, what should we do now? Are we going to the next construction site? "

Looking at Zhao Da Hai who hung up the phone, Little Wu asked in confusion.

"To hell with the construction site. Didn't you hear that older brother Xuan needed our help?" Call for someone, let's go to the Divine Medicine industry! "

Zhao Da Hai said with a heroic face.

Two hours later, at the entrance of the Divine Medicine industry.

Zhao Da Hai, Xiao Wu, Wang Da Chun, Fatty Xiao Pan, and other security guards that were once colleagues of Ye Xuan at Star Sea Hospital all gathered here.

There were sixteen of them in total.

Some of them were wearing outfits, some of them were wearing construction uniforms and were covered in dust and dirt, while some of them were wearing sanitation uniforms. They gathered together and were discussing amongst themselves …

"Captain Zhao, why did you call everyone here so urgently?"

"That's right, it's a big business with one look. We can't just stand at the door. Will anyone come and help us drive them away?"

"How about we go far away and wait. Look at how dirty our clothes are, we'll get our land dirty in a moment …"

Everyone was talking at random as they gathered together.

"Is everyone here?"

Just as they were about to go to a distant empty area to wait, a voice filled with magnetism suddenly rang out.

Following the sound of this voice, Ye Xuan walked out of the Divine Medicine Industry.

"Older brother Xuan …"

Everyone looked at Ye Xuan with faces full of surprise and surprise.

"Come on, let's talk in my office."

Looking at the neat rows of people, Ye Xuan walked over to Zhao Da Hai and Wang Da Chun's side, extended his hand and patted them on the shoulders as he smiled.

"This... Big Brother Xuan, look at how dirty we are. It's fine if we walk in and dirty the floor, but we still have to embarrass you. If there's anything you want to tell us outside! "

Everyone looked at each other and hesitated for a moment.

"Don't be so long-winded, just come with me …"

Ye Xuan fiercely glared at everyone, then swaggered them into the Divine Medicine Industry Building.

"Chairman's office?"

"Wow, big brother Xuan, so you're the chairman of the Divine Medicine industry?"

"This godly medical industry was opened by you, Brother Xuan?"

When Ye Xuan brought Zhao Da Hai and the rest to his office, exclamations of surprise instantly came from Zhao Da Hai, Wang Da Chun, and the rest.

"Cough cough …" It just opened! " Ye Xuan coughed twice and pretended to be serious. "I gathered everyone here today to ask for a favor!"

"Everyone must have seen it when they came in. The company doesn't have security, and the order is chaotic and property is not safe either! "The reason I gathered everyone here today is to ask everyone to help me manage the company's finances, maintain the company's order, and act as the company's security …"

"As for the salary, according to everyone's original salary, five times the original salary, I'll enjoy the company's manager's treatment....."

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Zhao Da Hai, Wang Da Chun and the rest were shocked and immediately opened their mouths, "This … Brother Xuan, you're not asking us to help you out. You're clearly finding an excuse to help us arrange our work! "

"That's right, big brother Xuan, giving us a job is already a huge gift, how can you calculate our salary five times from before and enjoy the company's manager treatment? "That won't do. At most, we will only accept the original salary. Any more and we definitely won't."

"That's right, we originally had a company of more than four thousand, but your company increased it by five times. Each person increased it by twenty thousand for a month, and each person earned about two hundred and fifty thousand for a year. "How will you run your company if that happens?"

"Absolutely not. If you make us security guards pay so much, what about the other employees of the company? How can we be at ease? "

Hearing Zhao Da Hai, Wang Da Chun, Xiao Wu, and Fatty Pan's simple and honest words, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile. "Forget about it, at least my goal of opening the Divine Medicine Industry Group is to enter the top three existences in the world. If I can't even afford to pay the ten over security guards, then what am I playing for?"

Seeing that Zhao Da Hai and the others wanted to say more, Ye Xuan didn't even give them a chance to speak. "Alright, you guys can stop talking. "I'll inform them that tomorrow, you guys should go to the HR Department to report. On the way, everyone should first pay an advance of one month's worth of salary …"

"The security plan is to have 100 people. Besides the 16 of you, I will also gather a group of people. When the time comes, you should get along well!" Let's leave it at that for now. Everyone, let's head back first. I still have a few matters to take care of … "

"Thank you, Brother Xuan!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Zhao Da Hai, Wang Da Chun, and the others looked at each other and immediately expressed their thanks …

Why didn't they understand that Ye Xuan was helping them!

They were unable to repay this kindness, and would only be able to remember it from the bottom of their hearts!

After Zhao Da Hai and the others left, Ye Xuan took out his phone and dialed Lord Dragon's number.

"Older brother Xuan!" Master Long's respectful words came through the phone.

However, his voice was somewhat hoarse and he sounded somewhat anxious.

"Are you sick, or is something wrong?" Ye Xuan's eyes flickered as he asked in a low voice.

After a long while, Master Long's low voice finally came through the phone, "Brother Xuan, we might be in trouble …"

"Wait for me at the headquarters. Tell me face to face!"

Ye Xuan hung up the phone and headed to the headquarters without any hesitation.