Starlight Villa, the lobby of the second floor.

"Huff, puff …"

Ye Xuan took off the simulator. His entire body was dripping with sweat as he lay on the sofa, gasping for breath. Drops of sweat continuously dripped down his face.

Although he had killed Stark in the game world, the price was huge. The powerful backlash had completely surpassed his body's endurance, causing him to die.

The pain of the backlash also made him feel the same, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Ye Xuan, how are you?" "Are you alright? Drink some water?"

Seeing Ye Xuan's frightening appearance, Su Xiaomeng immediately placed a cup of warm water in front of Ye Xuan, expressing her concern.

"Coo, coo..."

Ye Xuan took the cup of water and gulped down a few mouthfuls before feeling slightly better.

He rested for a moment before returning to normal.

Although he had died from the backlash and was far from being as helpless and despairing as when he was killed by others, that feeling was still very uncomfortable.

However, entering the game world this time made Ye Xuan's gains particularly great. After all, he'd completed a breakthrough in the game world and entered the Thunderclap state. This feeling made Ye Xuan feel very good.

As long as he practiced according to this feeling in the real world, he would definitely be able to unleash his potential and enter the Thunderclap state, allowing him to break through.

This was the reason why this game was so popular. There were many players and even experts who were willing to enter the game!

This was because the game world was full of opportunities to become stronger, and it could also help him in real life to gain insights and break through.

As for activating the Thunderclap state, Ye Xuan temporarily tossed the idea of casting a martial skill into his mind. This was because he had already tested it in the game.

Although it would allow him to obtain an incomparably powerful strength, or even allow him to cross ranks to fight, the backlash was not something that his body could endure. In the end, he could only end up exploding and dying.

Ye Xuan already had some plans for his next increase in strength. He wanted to find the feeling of activating the Thunderclap state, as well as the time needed to temper the Thunderclap state, and so on …

However, after killing Stark in rage, Ye Xuan had another question to worry about. He was afraid that Stark, the God of Burying Love, would sense his final technique and the Path of Enchantment …

"Ye Xuan, are you alright?"

Even after Ye Xuan had rested for quite a while, Su Xiaomeng was still worried and asked in concern.

"Don't worry, I'm fine..." Ye Xuan extended his hand to rub Su Xiaomeng's small head as he smiled and shook his head.

"Then why don't you look good? "That guy Stark …"

Su Xiaomeng poured another cup of water for Ye Xuan and said in a low voice.

"I killed Stark, but I also died due to the backlash. That's why I'm in such a sorry state …"

Ye Xuan yawned, stood up, and lazily stretched as he slowly spoke.

"Is that so?" Only after hearing Ye Xuan's reply did Su Xiaomeng relax.

"Look at me, I'm covered in sweat. Go wait for me downstairs, I'm going to take a shower first. I'll take you out to eat later …"

Ye Xuan strode towards the bathroom at the side …

After a moment, Ye Xuan finished washing up. He changed into a new set of clothes and felt refreshed. Then, he walked downstairs with Su Xiaomeng and headed outside ….

Outside, the sky darkened, and rows of neon lights lit up the roadside.

"Student Xiao Meng, what do you want to eat tonight?"

Looking at the pitch-black night, Ye Xuan turned around and said to Su Xiaomeng, who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

"Why don't we go eat grilled fish on paper? I know of a fish shop that tastes good. "

Su Xiaomeng looked cute as she dragged her chin and spoke with a smile.

"Alright, you navigate. Let's go!"

Ye Xuan nodded his head lightly. He started up the car and drove the Blackpeak Warship into the distance, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Half an hour later, Su Xiaomeng brought Ye Xuan to a very small and old fish shop.

The two of them ordered a grilled fish with garlic, Mongol beef and many other ingredients before waiting for the boss to serve them …

The speed at which the dishes were served was extremely fast. After ten minutes, the two of them started to eat with relish. The unique flavor made the two of them seem extremely satisfied.

The flavor of this shop was indeed quite good.

Just when the two of them were enjoying themselves, Ye Xuan's phone rang. It was Kuang Tie.

"Brother Xuan, something's happened …" The headquarters was under siege from many strong enemies, while the Dragon Lord and Qing Yu were unable to contact them from the outside. Only Big Brother Kuang Ba is bitterly supporting us at the headquarters, and we, the brothers of the Wild Dragon Association have suffered heavy losses, I hope that Big Brother Xuan can go and support us, I am currently leading a few men to rush back … "

Mang Tie's anxious voice came over the phone.

"I'll be right there. Hold on, wait for me!"

Hearing the voice on the phone, Ye Xuan's face went cold as he quickly hung up.

"Xiao Meng, I have something to do so I'll be leaving first. I'll call the Little Demon and the others to come pick you up!"

Ye Xuan instructed Su Xiaomeng to make a call to the succubus before quickly leaving on his Black-Edge Battleship.

After all, he knew very well that he was going to face a bloody battle and a massacre. Su Xiaomeng wasn't suitable for such a situation.

At the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Committee, an intense battle was going on.

A large number of members of the Raging Dragon's guild were lying on the ground, heavily injured, screaming and wailing.

Not only that, but a large number of members of the Raging Dragon's Association were fighting to the death with hundreds of assassins in black clothes in the garden outside the headquarters.

Although they had the advantage in numbers, they were not a match for one move from the dozen assassins.

It could be said that they were drenched in blood, causing the entire Raging Dragon Guild to lose all of their previous grandeur and elegance.

However, this was only the outbreak of a battle at the periphery of the Raging Dragon's Association!

The battles in the main hall of the Wilddragons' headquarters were even more intense and bloody.

Many corpses of the members of the Raging Dragon Club were already lying around the clean and tidy hall. A large number of the members of the Raging Dragon Club were lying in pools of blood after being heavily injured.

The originally clean and tidy hall floor was dyed red with fresh blood. It was a shocking sight to behold.

Kuang Ba's entire body was covered with injuries as he led many members of the Raging Dragon Association with serious injuries to the end of the hall. Their eyes were ice-cold as they stared at the eight black-colored figures in front of them that were emitting a strong killing intent.

With his current strength, he could barely handle the weakest of them!

However, they couldn't do anything as they were dealing with eight people, and the leader of the group, a man with a dark expression, was even more ridiculously strong. They were simply not his match in a single move!

"Tsk tsk … I didn't expect that there would be such a master like you in this small sea of stars. "Brat, obediently tell us where Ye Xuan is. We can give you a quick death and let you die a thorough death!"

"Otherwise, I will make you beg for death!"

The leader of the eight, a dark man with thick glasses said coldly as he looked at the battered and exhausted Kuang Ba.

"You trash want to find our big brother Xuan? Stop joking around, aren't you afraid of making people laugh their heads off?"

"If you have the guts, then come f * cking for your father!"

After hearing the man's words, Kuang Ba angrily said.

"With just you? "I just touched a bit of trash that can refine the skin of the Dao, I can squash you with my bare hands!"

However, the reply to the berserk man's arrogant words was actually a dark shadow's.



As his words fell, his feet instantly moved. His body was like a ghost as he instantly appeared beside Kuang Ba, his palm pressed down on his chest as fast as lightning.

As the force was released, Kuang Ba's chest was immediately caved in. A mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth. He was like a cannonball as he heavily smashed into the crowd behind him, causing a large number of casualties.

"Brother Kuang!"

"Brother Kuang, are you alright, Brother Kuang!"

This horrifying scene caused the severely injured member of the Raging Dragon's Association to have a drastic change in expression. He hurriedly rushed in front of Rampage and helped him up while speaking words of concern.

"Cough cough …"

Kuang Ba's breastbone was shattered by the dark man, he was injured, he was on the verge of death, his entire face was pale, and he was coughing violently. He wanted to speak, but his throat was filled with blood, and he was unable to utter a single word.

His injuries were truly too severe.

"Brother Kuang, how are you? Say something, Brother Kuang! "

"Brother Kuang, you have to hold on. Brother Xuan, Master Long, and the others will be here soon …"

Seeing this, many of the brothers of the Raging Dragon Society anxiously shouted …

Kuang Ba blankly looked at his brothers who had anxious expressions on their pale faces. A bitter smile appeared on his pale face as he struggled to move his mouth …

However, there was not a single sound that could be heard, not a single word.

But all the brothers of the Wild Dragon Society could understand his accent!

He said, Brothers, I'm sorry. It was I who failed to protect you.

I... I... I can't keep you company any longer.

To. To. Tell Master Long and Brother Xuan for me... Speak... Say sorry.

After saying that, Kuang Ba's body trembled, and he closed his domineering and arrogant eyes forever …

"Brother Kuang!"

Looking at the completely lifeless Kuang Ba, miserable wails came out from the mouths of many of the brothers from the Raging Dragon Society.

"Tell me, where is Ye Xuan!?" Otherwise, he will be your ending and your role model! "

The dark skinned man's gaze was cold and detached as he looked at the two Raging Dragon's brothers who were howling in pain. From his mouth, he spoke in a condescending manner.

"Dammit, kill them! Fight them to the death and avenge Brother Kuang!"

"Kill!" Kill them all and take revenge for Brother Kuang! "

"Take revenge for Brother Kuang!"

However, the only response he got was that the Berserker Dragon Clan's brothers, who looked like they were about to lose their minds, madly rushed towards them with determined looks on their faces.

"Leave no one alive!"

Seeing this, the dark faced man's face became ice-cold, and ruthless words came out from his mouth!

"Yes sir!"

Following the end of his words, the seven subordinates behind him all turned into seven rays of light and charged toward the Raging Dragon Society brothers.

And for them,

This was a merciless massacre!

After tonight …

The Raging Dragon will no longer exist!