In the conference hall of the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Committee!

Ye Xuan sat on the sofa while Lord Dragon, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu stood respectfully in front of him.

"What's the matter, sit down and let's talk!"

Ye Xuan waved his hand as he looked at the apologetic faces of the three of them.

Only then did Master Long, Kuang Ba and Qing Yu sit down.

Ye Xuan looked at Ye Xuan with reverence as his deep voice came out of Dragon Lord's mouth, "Brother Xuan, Long Er has done something bad and failed Brother Xuan's nurturing and trust. He let Feng Lin Qing go, I beg Brother Xuan's punishment!"

"They let Feng Lin Qing go?"

Ye Xuan's gaze flashed. He looked at Dragon Lord and coldly said, "Are you joking with me?"

"If you really let Feng Lin Qing go, then you have indeed disappointed my expectations for you! What was going on? I need a reasonable explanation. "

Cold sweat dripped down Dragon Lord's forehead as he felt Ye Xuan's gaze and heard his words. He quickly recounted what had happened, "Feng Lin Qing tried to escape from Xinghai, but I managed to block him off on the bridge. There was originally a dead end, but he finally drove his car into the river."

"River water. It was very deep and extremely fast. If an ordinary person were to jump in, they would definitely die! "I'm not worried at all. Even if I send out all of my brothers from the Wild Dragon Guild to search along the river, there won't be any results …"

"Furthermore, many of our brothers have also disappeared without reason, cutting off all contact with our headquarters!" "In the end, we received news that there was a lady dressed in red and a black dragon hiding in the middle of the river. The missing brother was swallowed by her black dragon …"

"And Feng Lin Qing who had jumped into the river was saved by her! If there are no surprises, we are already on our way to the Chen family in the northeast, I have already sent my brothers to intercept and kill them! However, that girl dressed in red and the black dragon in the middle of the river have killed so many of our brothers from the Raging Dragon's Association … "

Hearing Lord Dragon's words, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with a cold light. His face revealed an expression of interest. He obviously didn't expect such a thing to happen.

A red married woman in the middle of the river and a black dragon hiding in the middle of the river?

It was undoubtedly filled with a strange smell.

At that moment, Ye Xuan spoke in a low voice, "How strong is that woman?"

"We sent an armed team of brothers to kill her, but the bullets couldn't do anything to her. Furthermore, the soldiers that shot her were completely annihilated!"

He paused for a moment before continuing, "However, for some unknown reason, she seems unable to leave that river. Otherwise, with her strength, she would have arrived at the headquarters long ago."

"Interesting! Is that woman still here? "

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered as he continued to ask.

"In order to not cause the necessary casualties, we have withdrawn all our brothers, leaving only one person observing her from afar. We just received news that the woman is still in the mountains …"

Master Long quickly replied!

"Let's go. Bring me there to take a look!"

With a wave of his hand, Ye Xuan was led out of the hall by Lord Long and the others …

At 10: 30 in the evening, on the south coast road, by the river!

When Lord Dragon and the others arrived with Ye Xuan, Kuang Tie was looking at the red-clothed girl sitting cross-legged in the middle of the river through a telescope. His brows were tightly knitted together.

"Big brother Xuan, big brother …"

When Kuang Tie saw Ye Xuan and Lord Long arrive, he hurriedly went forward and respectfully greeted them.

"What's the situation like?" Master Long asked with a deep voice.

"There are no changes. That woman has been sitting cross-legged on the surface of the river …"

Kuang Tie handed the binoculars over to Ye Xuan and respectfully said, "Brother Xuan, look, it's over there …."

Ye Xuan held the binoculars and observed carefully. An extremely strange scene appeared in his line of sight.

On the surface of the flowing river, a woman with long hair and a beautiful face that could topple cities sat cross-legged on the surface of the river in a red bridal gown. Her eyes were tightly shut, and even though the torrent of water was flowing freely, her body didn't move at all …

A cold river breeze blew. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, revealing her exquisite face that was filled with a cold aura. She was just like an immortal in a painting!

Ye Xuan looked carefully and was shocked to find that her body was suspended in the air. She wasn't sitting in the river, but rather at least five centimeters away from the surging river water …

Sitting in the air?

Ye Xuan's eyes were full of undisguised seriousness.

With a leap, he landed on a large tree to the side. He used a telescope to look at the flowing river beneath her. Borrowing the moonlight pouring down from the sky, he was able to see a huge black shadow beneath her …

And this black shadow is the black dragon hiding in the river that Master Long and the others talked about …

When this scene entered Ye Xuan's eyes, his expression turned ugly and grave.

Even from far away, he could feel the danger that the woman was in.

This woman's strength was undoubtedly particularly formidable. She was absolutely not someone that the current Ye Xuan could afford to offend and deal with.

In fact, according to Ye Xuan's estimation, this woman's strength and aura shouldn't be any weaker than the mysterious empress that appeared last time.

"Let's go, don't disturb her, we can't provoke this girl!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed, and he quickly made a decision. He hurriedly left with Lord Dragon, Kuang Tie, and the others.

Not long after Ye Xuan left, the girl that was originally sitting cross-legged quietly opened her eyes. An ice-cold voice came out of her mouth, "Senior Sister, I've waited for you here for so long. You're finally willing to come …"

"Ding ling ling, Ding ling ling …"

Following the ice-cold voice of the married woman, a clear sound of a bell rang out from far away and close to the ground.

A sexy and noble yet dignified mysterious woman, who was like a high and mighty empress, stepped on the waves with elegant steps …

She was the mysterious empress that Ye Xuan had met before.

A shocking battle unfolded on the surface of the river, but no one was watching.

The next morning, when the morning sun shone down from the sky, Ye Xuan had already completed his morning practice.

After washing up and eating breakfast, it was already 9 in the morning.

After looking through the information for a while, Ye Xuan drove over to the Divine Medicine Industry Corporation. As for Leng Qingcheng and the succubus, they rushed over early in the morning.

After all, the company wasn't officially on the right track, and there were a lot of things she needed to do.

However, this was the first time Ye Xuan had met someone so desperate for Leng Qingcheng.

If he hadn't seen wrongly, the lights in Leng Qingcheng's bedroom had been extinguished at two in the morning last night. She had woken up at six this morning …

If this continued, this woman's body would definitely collapse …

Thinking about this, Ye Xuan drove his car to the city center's biggest aquatic supermarket.

In view of the diligent and dedicated performance of Leng Qingcheng and the demoness, he decided to make a big meal for them at noon to supplement the meal.

By the time Ye Xuan had bought the ingredients and arrived at the company, it was already 10: 30 AM. He didn't stop and directly carried them to the kitchen of the cafeteria.

"Ye Donghai!"

"Mr. Ye, why are you here?"

Seeing Ye Xuan carrying the ingredients to the dining hall's kitchen, many chefs couldn't help but be shocked and immediately speak respectfully.

The head chef even quickly walked over and looked at the ingredients in Ye Xuan's hand and enthusiastically said, "Chairman Ye, how do we deal with your ingredients? What do you want us to do with them? Just tell me what you want! "

"There's no need to trouble yourself. You guys just go ahead and do your own stuff. There are so many employees waiting to eat. Don't worry about me!" "Just leave a stove for me and I'll handle it myself …"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he politely spoke.

Following that, he carried the ingredients and walked to the side. Under the astonished gazes of the chefs and chefs, he personally dealt with it cleanly …

The ingredients that Ye Xuan prepared included fresh autumn swordfish, squid, base surrounded shrimp, and so on. These ingredients were all processed cleanly under his unique technique …

After he finished preparing all of the ingredients, Ye Xuan started a fire to start making the ingredients …

He first poured the oil into the wok and used the fire to burn it. Then, he poured the prepared garlic, ginger, dried sea pepper, pepper, star anise, and other ingredients into the wok for stir-frying. Then, he poured the grayish-white foundation prawns into the wok for stir-frying.

Following which, he chopped up the steamed squid into strips and then poured them into the boiling oil pot to fry, causing a unique fragrance to permeate through the entire kitchen …

However, Ye Xuan's movements didn't stop there. He waited until the squid, foundation surrounding prawns, and other ingredients had been processed.

Under the stupefied gazes of the chefs at the side, Ye Xuan placed the entire processed Qiu Dao Fish into the boiling oil pot. He fried it back and forth, adding various seasonings and side dishes.

Ye Xuan scooped up the entire autumn swordfish from the pot.

When the many chefs in the cafeteria thought that Ye Xuan would combine the decapitated autumn swordfish with the Foundation Prawns and Squid, Ye Xuan poured the rice noodles that he'd prepared into a wok, added 800 ml of water, and added seasonings …

Following which, he threw the autumn swordfish into the pot and boiled it...

The chefs were surprised to find that the fragrance in the kitchen had suddenly increased by tens of times, and it was filled with an aroma that made one's appetite open. It made them feel refreshed just by smelling it …

Looking at the rice noodles and the decapitated fishes in the pot, they couldn't help but swallow their saliva. They wanted to go up and have a taste.

Not only was the kitchen filled with a fragrant aroma, this fragrant aroma drifted outside and lifted the spirits of the staff who were working, causing them to salivate and wish they could run towards the cafeteria …

However, Ye Xuan didn't stop. He added the vegetarian food that he'd prepared into the pot, then cooked it and scooped it up …

He then put the rice wire into a pot and spread the autumn swordfish on top of it, followed by the prawns and squid. Then, he added the ingredients that seemed to be of great appetite. Finally, he sprinkled the soup on top of the pot …

With a 'chi la' sound, the entire soup pot was covered in mist and was surrounded by immortal qi. The fragrance was very tempting!

A "Dream into the Immortal Realm" was completed. It was a scene that made one's appetite rise and one's spirit rise.

Ye Xuan carried the completed 'dream into the fairyland' and left hurriedly under the dumbstruck gazes of the chefs …

Recently, he felt an excruciating pain in the center of his chest when he was swallowing. He had no appetite and was feeling very uncomfortable. He had even cooked a dish for himself to taste...

Also, friends who want to eat this dish welcome to bring the ingredients to Chongqing to find me, personally make it for you, is there? I used to be a chef, do you believe me?