Under the pitch-black night, a merciless slaughter quietly took place.

Under Ye Xuan's merciless slaughter, the enormous death legion had long since been utterly defeated and suffered disastrous losses!

The four hundred men of the Death Legion now only had less than thirty survivors, causing the expression of the vice-captain to become extremely ugly. He completely lost his haughty attitude from before and an angry roar came from his mouth, "A bunch of useless trash, retreat!"

His words made the surviving members of the death legion feel as if they had been granted amnesty. They scrambled to retreat behind him, gasping for breath.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

As for Ye Xuan, he wasn't injured in the slightest. He held the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand as he emotionlessly walked over. The monstrous demonic aura gathered in front of him like a black dragon, causing him to be filled with an intimidating demonic aura.

"Let's attack together and kill him!"

In the next moment, the scissoring of his feet exerted strength. A fierce and powerful force exploded from the soles of his feet, pushing his body to transform into a raging bull as he charged towards Ye Xuan.

At the same time, seven figures that had been silently standing behind him emitted powerful auras as they charged out together, surrounding Ye Xuan.

Their attack angles and positions were extremely crafty, and they were even able to cut off all of Ye Xuan's escape routes. Terrifying strength exploded out from their fists as they smashed towards Ye Xuan. Cold roars came out of their mouths.

"Seven Injury Fist!"

The fact that these seven were proficient in the Karakorum's Seven Injury Fists exceeded Ye Xuan's expectations.

This fist technique's lethality was extremely terrifying and powerful. It was enough to kill the enemy by itself, but the seven of them didn't pay it any mind and continued to attack Ye Xuan.

This was the tempo of killing Ye Xuan completely, causing Ye Xuan's expression to turn icy cold!

The seven iron fists brought with them a terrifying and powerful strength as they whistled through the air. Wherever they passed, the air exploded, spreading out in ripples, causing people to feel an inexplicable pressure, and even a sense of suffocation.

Even Ye Xuan felt an intense sense of danger, but at this moment, he had no way to dodge it!

Since he couldn't dodge, then he would have to wait and see who had the ability to!

Killing intent filled Ye Xuan's eyes as he instantly made his decision!

At the moment when the seven fists that carried a strong killing intent landed on him, his body suddenly spun, and demonic energy spread out in both of his legs. He whipped his legs and lashed them out with a whistling sound.

Thirty-six Wind Thunder Kick!

"Boom! Boom!"

In the next moment, a muffled sound of impact echoed out. The cadaver that attacked Ye Xuan with the Seven Injury Fist was whipped by Ye Xuan's whip leg like lightning. A large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth as he was sent flying!

"Swish …"

The instant their bodies were sent flying, Ye Xuan suddenly flung the Soul Breaking Sword in his hand away. The Soul Breaking Sword in his hand abruptly swung, causing the Soul Breaking Sword to spin and slash horizontally.

The sound of a sword slicing through flesh and tearing through throat echoed out.

The skulls of the seven legion members flew into the air as bright red blood spurted out from their severed necks.

"Bastard, die!"

It was obvious that he didn't expect him to intentionally slow down so his seven subordinates could take the lead. He seized the opportunity from the side to give Ye Xuan a fatal blow, but in the instant that Ye Xuan killed his seven subordinates, he became extremely furious.

He was like a raging lion whose entire body was burning with flames as he appeared behind Ye Xuan. A sharp longsword appeared in his hand as he chopped down at Ye Xuan's head with a resplendent glow, emitting a furious roar.

"Kill them all!"

The speed of this cut was simply too fast. Its power was simply too great.

The long blade hadn't descended yet, but the terrifying pressure it gave rise to tore open a hole in Ye Xuan's clothes, giving him a sense of danger.

The strength of this scissor was truly formidable, far beyond that of Old Master Xue Xin!


In the face of danger, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold when he saw the sharp blade was about to land on Ye Xuan. He spun his body, causing the sharp blade to cut across his face and onto the ground, creating a gully.


At the same time, Ye Xuan fiercely swung the pitch-black chain in his hand and explosively retreated. He acted as if he couldn't defeat his opponent and wanted to pull apart the distance between him and the scissors!

"Want to run?" Is that possible? "

As he chased after Ye Xuan like a fierce tiger pouncing on its prey, he didn't notice that the Absolute Soul Sword that had just been sent flying by Ye Xuan and had seven of his underlings killed. Under Ye Xuan's control of the chains, the sword stabbed towards Ye Xuan's back.

Ye Xuan consecutively retreated dozens of meters before he was forced into a corner by the sniper. He had no choice but to stop as he watched the sniper swing his sword towards his head with a complacent expression on his face.

"There's no way to escape, right? Boy! Since that's the case, then go to hell for me! "

Seeing that Ye Xuan had no way out, a thick sense of ecstasy and bloodlust appeared on his face. He gripped his saber with both hands and slashed at Ye Xuan with an even faster speed!

"Swish …"

Seeing his long blade about to land on Ye Xuan's head, the originally desperate and panicked Ye Xuan suddenly revealed a smile towards him.

In the next moment, Yi Chuan's body froze all of a sudden.

The sharp Soul Breaking Sword pierced his back and chest, causing him to freeze on the spot. However, he didn't feel any pain at all …

What's wrong?

Why can't I cut it down?

Why did he laugh?

At this moment, many thoughts surfaced in his mind.

"Puchi …"

Only when his body violently trembled and a mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth did he gradually regain his senses and feel the pain coming from his chest …

He lowered his head with great difficulty and looked at his chest. What appeared before him was a sharp longsword that had bound his body, causing his pupils to suddenly shrink to the size of a needle …

How … How could this be?

When did this sword pierce into my body?

I... Am I going to die?

With endless doubts and unwillingness, the soles of his feet went soft. His body plopped heavily on the ground, and he died on the spot.

"Vice Guild Leader!"

Looking at the fallen scissor, the face of the other members of the Death Legion who survived by luck couldn't help but change. They let out a mournful cry...

However, he did not receive any response!

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan pulled the Absolute Soul Sword out of Crooked Soul's body and expressionlessly walked towards the surviving members of the Death Legion.

"Swish …"

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, the sound of a sword slicing through flesh and a miserable scream rang out.

Moments later, the screams came to an end!

All the members of the death legion that were involved in the siege of the Wild Dragon Society headquarters had died.

After exterminating all of them, Ye Xuan turned around and walked towards the heavily injured Kuang Tie. He used 13 heaven defying needles to treat his injuries, then the two of them successively rescued the members of the Raging Dragon's Association who were lucky to have survived and were trapped in serious injuries …

However, at this moment, a mocking voice quietly sounded out from outside the entrance of the Raging Dragon Club's headquarters, causing Ye Xuan and Kuang Tie to shiver. Their eyes were filled with dense coldness.

"This is the Dragon's Garbage Association?"

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