"Didn't you guys want to find me? I'm coming, you guys come at me together! "

Seeing Ye Xuan slowly raise his Soul Breaking Sword and point it towards the crowd, and hearing his words, the expressions of Jian Chen, Nightmare Spirit, Li Tian Jue, Heavenly Net, and Jian Xin all became unsightly to the extreme. Killing intent seemed to surge from their eyes.

Waves of dragon like awakening energy spread from their bodies and stirred waves of bone-chilling wind in the main courtyard of the Raging Dragon Association.

"Older brother Xuan!"

"Older brother Xuan …"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was standing on the stage, the bodies of Dragon Lord and Qing Yu couldn't help but tremble.

But the excitement and excitement on their faces was quickly replaced by sadness.

This was because their brother Kuang Ba was already gone.

"Older brother Xuan, crazy tyrant he …"

After hesitating for a moment, Master Long and Qing Yu couldn't help but speak up.

Hearing their voices, Ye Xuan's heart couldn't help but tremble. He interrupted them and said, "I know what happened. Don't worry, I will definitely avenge them!"

"When I destroy this group of trash in front of me, I will definitely bring you to massacre the Xu family in the southwest, the Chen family in the northeast, the ancient sword sect, and the Astral Qi sect. I will use them to comfort the spirits of heaven!"

Ye Xuan's voice was as cold as ice, filled with determination.

"Haha …" You dare to speak so arrogantly with that appearance of yours? Aren't you afraid of losing your tongue? "

"Destroying our Chen family in the northeast, do you think you alone are qualified?"

"How dare an ant act so arrogantly? If you're afraid of death, you don't even know how you'll die!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Nightmare Spirit, members of the Heavenly Sword Sect, Li Tian Jue, and many other experts burst out laughing as if they'd heard the world's funniest joke.

Although Ye Xuan had just killed Jian Chen with a single sword strike, none of them were arrogant and didn't place any importance on Ye Xuan!

"You guys stay at the side. I'll handle this!"

Ye Xuan paid no attention to the laughing Nightmare Spirit and the others. Instead, his gaze descended upon Dragon Lord and Qingyu.

"Older brother Xuan, there are some things that can't be done by yourself. We can't let you take revenge for being a tyrant, so we have to count it as us brothers …"

However, Dragon Lord and Qing Yu lightly shook their heads. They walked over to Ye Xuan's side as firm words came out of their mouths.

"You have to count me in as well!"

Mang Tie's entire body was covered in blood. When he saw this scene, he slowly walked out from behind the tree and spoke in a deep voice.

"Kuang Tie, why are you here? "The wounds on your body …"

Seeing Kuang Tie walk out from behind the tree, Lord Dragon and Qing Yu's expressions changed, and they asked with concern.

"My body's injuries have been healed by Brother Xuan, so there's no problem. Boss, don't worry. Big Brother Kuang Ba's enmity will not be avenged!" Kuang Tie resolutely stared at the tiger like Nightmare Spirit, Waving Slowly, and the others as he resolutely spoke.

"Good brother!"

Hearing Kuang Tie's words, Dragon Lord and Qing Yu couldn't help but reach out their hands to pat him on the shoulder. After which, their gazes fell onto the two remaining Heavenly Sword Sect members as cold words came out of their mouths.

"Older brother Xuan, let me take care of those two Ancient Sword Sect bastards …" I'll leave the rest to you! "

"If you can't beat him, don't try to be brave!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as he warned her with deep concern.

Whether it's the Nightmare Spirit, Li Tian Jue, or the members of the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Heavenly Sword Sect, everyone's strength was extremely difficult to deal with. Even Ye Xuan would find it difficult to deal with them.

"The friendship between the two of you is quite touching, and we can't bear to do anything to you! However, even you veterans dream of fighting us, you really do not know your place! "

The Nightmare Spirit coldly looked at Ye Xuan, Kuang Ba, and the others, and a playful voice came out of its mouth.

"Cut the crap, let's attack together and kill them all!"

As for Heavenly Sword's Member, Jian Xin and his Junior Brother, they transformed into two dazzling sword lights as they charged towards Ye Xuan. They wanted to take revenge for their Junior Brother's death!


Qing Yu, Kuang Tie, and Lord Long's expressions turned cold as they all let out angry roars. Without fear of death, they charged at Jian Xin and the others, blocking their attacks and clashing fiercely.

Ye Xuan indifferently swept his eyes over their battle circle. Only after seeing that there weren't too many problems with Qingyu and Master Long's group did he feel relieved. He raised his head and directed his gaze toward the Nightmare Spirit group as ruthless words came out of his mouth.

"All of you, attack together!"

"How reckless!"

The Spider Emperor's expression was icy cold. With a wave of its hand, a gust of wind appeared beneath its feet. The wind brought along the strong killing intent as it charged towards Ye Xuan …


The moment they neared Ye Xuan, they suddenly split up and stood in different directions, forming a spider web that enveloped Ye Xuan's body. Purplish black airflow spread out from their bodies, forming an illusionary gigantic poisonous spider.

The poisonous spider had a pair of sharp pincers and eight legs. When it stepped on the ground, purple and black threads came out of its mouth, giving it a creepy and gloomy look.

From afar, Ye Xuan looked like a puppet that was caught within its web.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was like he'd been placed in an invisible net. The energy flowing in his body was weakening, and the circulation of his force was slowing down as well. An invisible pressure permeated his body, as if his hands and feet were bound by invisible threads, causing his expression to turn icy cold.

"Heaven's Net Demon Subduing Formation!"

As the ice-cold voice echoed out from the Sky Net Spider leader's mouth, Ye Xuan felt the pressure suddenly increase within the web, causing the feeling of being bound to him to become even stronger.

Not only that, the large, illusory spider even brandished its sharp pincers and long legs as it attacked Ye Xuan.

At the same time, the eleven members of Heaven's Net Sect charged like lightning from the center of the formation and quickly attacked Ye Xuan.

Sparks flew in all directions as the light and shadows from the swords continuously spread out from the center of the array, creating gusts of cold wind.

Heaven's Net Demon Subduing Formation, the famous hunting formation within the Heaven's Net Organisation. Its lethality was extremely terrifying and powerful. It had once killed the king killer, which was why it was named as such.

"This is the Heaven's Net Demon Subduing Formation? "It looks really strange and difficult to deal with. I wonder what kind of experience the prey in the web will experience?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was trapped in the center of the Heaven's Net Demon Subduing Formation and besieged by the crowd, the Nightmare Spirit standing nearby had a trace of surprise in her eyes as she praised.

"Rumor has it that not only will one be restricted by the invisible spider web, even their senses will be stripped of their strength, causing their reaction speed to become slower, but they will also be bewitched by the seven-colored poisonous spider's psychic attack. If one is hit by the seven-colored poisonous spider, one will be poisoned by the seven-colored poison, and one will die from the blood from the seven orifices!"

"And the members of Waving Slowly were on their own inside the formation, their auras became thicker and stronger, their attacks became stronger, and their movements became even faster and faster! Under their berserk attacks, that brat, Ye Xuan, will definitely die a miserable death. He doesn't even need us to act. "

Li Tian Jue seemed to be extremely knowledgeable about the Heaven's Net Demon Subduing Formation. His eyes calmly watched everything as he spoke.

"Since you're here, isn't it too late to not make a move? Let me give them a hand! "

Hearing Li Tian Jue's words, a sneer appeared on the Nightmare Spirit's face. It extended both of its hands and fiercely formed hand seals. Its entire body was surrounded by a green light as it fiercely pressed down on the ground. Its mouth emitted ice-cold words.

"Nightmare Soul Devouring Formation!"


As the Nightmare Spirit's voice faded, his palm pressed onto the ground. Dazzling green light and energy enveloped Ye Xuan, perfectly superimposing together with the Heaven's Net Demon Subduing Formation.

Ye Xuan, who was originally within the Heavennet Concealment Formation, felt his vision blur as his surroundings abruptly changed. It was as if he'd entered a lush forest.

A large number of emerald green poisonous snakes continuously rushed out from the ground to bite him, and the 11 of them from the sky net came out of the forest like lightning, launching surprise attacks and besieging him. The enormous Seven-Colored Poisonous Spider that covered the sky also waved its sharp blades and began to attack him crazily …

His entire body was covered by invisible threads. He felt like a puppet being toyed with by a seven-colored poisonous spider.

Even his mind was affected by the Nightmare Force, and all sorts of fragments of energy flashed in his mind.

This kind of feeling made Ye Xuan feel extremely uncomfortable.

It was obvious that he did not expect the group of Heavenly Net members and the Nightmare Spirit's group to be so difficult to deal with. They knew how to combine their attacks and formations.

Chi chi chi …

The sound of the sword tearing through his clothes continuously sounded out. The eleven Heaven's Net members took advantage of the opening that Ye Xuan exposed and fiercely attacked him. The long sword tore through his clothes, leaving eye-catching streaks of blood on his body …

From afar, Ye Xuan seemed to be enveloped in a cage formed by a green light. Inside the cage, not only were there enormous seven-colored poisonous spiders that attacked him, there was also an invisible nightmare demon that possessed his body and controlled his soul!

The eleven members of the Waving Slowly Sect were expressionless. They transformed into eleven black sword rays that rapidly pierced through the cage and attacked Ye Xuan. Their terrifying speed prevented anyone from seeing their movements.

In the face of such a situation, Ye Xuan didn't even have the strength to fight back. He could only passively defend while constantly dodging, and bloody scars appeared on his body.

"Tsk tsk … That brat's pitiful appearance is really terrible to look at. I can't bear to watch it! In that case, let me help him escape! "

Li Tian Jue coldly smiled as he looked at Ye Xuan, who was being continuously attacked.


Following the end of his words, golden astral energy coursed through his entire body as if he'd transformed into a golden arhat. He rushed into the formation as fast as lightning, and smashed his fists towards Ye Xuan's back with lightning speed!

"Vajra Subduing Fist!"

Dense danger permeated Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become extremely cold and ugly. The berserk energy within his body rampaged about, unexpectedly slowly closing his eyes at this moment, as if he was sensing something.

"Swish …"

In the next moment, a spark appeared beneath his feet. Following that, a large amount of golden lightning appeared and wrapped around his body, causing Ye Xuan's hair to stand on end.

At this moment, Ye Xuan finally comprehended the state of Lightning in the game world!


The instant Li Tian Jue's fist smashed down, a golden bolt of lightning streaked past. Ye Xuan's body suddenly disappeared from where he stood, causing Li Tian Jue's attack to miss.

The ground collapsed, and fissures as thick as a person's hand spread out in all directions, stirring up countless dust.


"Puchi …"

Just as he was about to make a move, resplendent rays of golden lightning blossomed in front of his eyes. It was Ye Xuan's right knee that was entangled with golden lightning that struck Li Tian Jue's chest with a destructive force.

The terrifying power instantly caused Li Tian Jue's chest to cave in, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, like a cannonball, he flew out of the array and smashed into the bodies of the Heavenly Sword Sect members, causing him to spurt out black blood, he was severely injured, and had completely lost his ability to fight … …

The power of thunder appeared once again and Ye Xuan's counterattack began!